Clinton, El Nino, Pfiesteria ...are the signs of times, all had been prophesied long ago. The Consequence that Abortion brings is WORLD WAR III (1999-2028)
With Russia & Iran attacking Europe with
Nuclear & chemical weapons...
Repent, nations!! To lessen the Chastisements!!


Abortion kills, kills the the most innocent victims.
Abortion tears, tears the tiniest bodies.
Abortion murders, murders the whole generation.
Abortion sheds blood, sheds the innocent blood.
Abortion silences the scream, the unheard fainted one.
Abortion dismembers, dismembers the body of your own.
Abortion sucks brain, the brain which can't reason for himself .
Abortion collapses his spinal cord, cut his flesh, chokes him with poison.
Oh, What evils men are capable of doing!!!
Abortion is the montrous atrocity.
Abortion is the gravest SIN which shall bring about WW III (1999-2028) in which many shall perish.
Abortion kills 1.5 millions babies per year in US alone.
Abortion causes the loss of a human life and the loss of an immortal soul.
Abortion brings about the eternal damnation of numerous souls.
Abortion is the holocaust offered to the Prince of Darkness.
Abortion feeds adultery, divorce, teenager pregnancy,rape, violence...
Abortion is the termination of life.
Abortion stops the beating heart.
Abortion calls out for God's Chastisements.
Abortion is the total absence of love.
Abortion brings an increased risk of cancers, suicide to the mother.
Abortion shall haunt the mother forever unless she comes to repentance and begs God for forgiveness.
Abortion enslaves women instead of freeing them.
Abortion is immoral, inhumane, cruel, and barbaric.
Abortion done on animals would be considered as animal cruelty.
Abortion lowers women below the animal level, the species which still act out according to their natural maternal instinct.
Abortion demands religious and national leaders to speak up!
Abortion demands all Christians to speak up for the least of their brothers.
Abortion demands all decent human beings to raise their voices.
Abortion is the choice a mother makes to condemn her child to death and herself to the eternal fire.
Abortion makes abortionists rich.
Abortion is the multi-million dollar industry.
Abortionists never offer free or inexpensive services to "help" women.
Abortion destroys the soul of a nation.
Abortion is one lie after another, but no denial.
Abortion enslaves women as sexual objects.
Abortion destroys the beauty of motherhood.
Abortion is the eternal burial of a soul.
Abortion is the privacy to kill one's baby in hideous secrecy.
Abortion is the devilish crime which fears to be exposed by counseling and parental guidance.
Abortion requires a complete secrecy, ignorance, and critique silence to flourish.
Abortion is death, the opposite of life.
Abortion is Darkness.
Abortion does not creat services but blood-stained money.
Abortion is not health care or services.
Abortion is the only present issue which matters most to God and to men.
Abortion shall bring total annihilations of many nations.
Abortion numbs the national conscience.
Abortion destroys the sanctity of life.
Abortion promotes social vices and violence.
Abortion is the source of human delicacies ... ...

Please do not kill my little brothers and sisters !!!

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