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The development of sexual characteristics and the control of reproductive system in human body are governed by hormones which are the chemicals secreted in very minute levels, from specialized cells, usually in ductless gland called endocrine gland. Adult males have the male hormone called testosterone which is responsible for the sexual characteristics and the reproductive system in human male. Adult females have progesterone which governs and supports a normal pregnancy plus the estrogen which regulate the ovulation cycle. Testosterone and progesterone which are characterized as androgens have very similar chemical structure of a steroid-cyclic ketone. On the other hand, the estrogen which exist in female body have the chemical structure of a steroid but a phenolic end instead of cyclic ketone. All these hormones have a very distinct chemical structure which is common to steroids. Since they have a distinct "shape", these hormones act as a key which would fit perfectly into the estrogen or progesterone receptors which act as a lock located on biological cells. When the estrogen molecules combine with the estrogen receptors, a chain of biochemical reactions or activities shall take place such as DNA replication or protein synthesis ( The same mechanism probably could be used to explain why the growth hormones were used to increase meat and milk production in cattle and poultry ). The receptor populations , which were found to concentrate around the cancerous cells, depends directly on the levels of hormones. Thus the prostratic androgen ( testosterone ) receptors and uterine estrogen receptors levels relate directly to the levels of androgen and estrogen in human blood. However, the progesterone receptors in uterus increase on the administration of estrogen but decline rapidly following a progesterone treatment.

Testosterone, an androgen, stimulates the growth and development of male sexual characteristics such as facial hair, muscles, bones, weight of kidney, genitals, prostrate,etc. Two dominant female estrogen are estradiol and estrone. Both of these and all the synthetic analogs which are used in birth control pills have a common chemical structure of steroids with phenolic end groups.

The menstruation cycle in adult female body begins with the pituitary gland releasing follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) which is stimulating and sustaining the growth of one egg in the ovary. The sack surrounding an egg secretes estrogen hormones to prepare the lining of the uterus to receive the fertilized egg. A high level of synthetic estrogen and progesterone put in female body shall halt the production of FSH hormone resulting in no formation of either eggs or egg follicles in the uterus to receive fertilized egg. Thus the adult female will not become pregnant or her pregnancy ( conception ) will be short-lived or aborted.



( These information's were taken from NRL News issued on August 12, 1997.)

Estrogens are strong growth promoters of normal and most cancerous breast tissue and the population of estrogen receptors and cancerous cells were seen to be correlated with the level of estrogen in blood stream.

Most known risk factors for breast cancer are attributable to some form of estrogen overexposure (see below).

Estradiol ( an estrogen ) increases 20 times higher during the first trimester of a normal pregnancy. If the pregnancy is completed, the growth of breast tissues is halted and replaced with milk-producing tissues. Thus, if pregnancy is stopped short by abortion or breast-feeding is not used, the excessive estrogen level in blood shall promote breast tissues to growth abnormally into cancerous cells.

Pregnancies which are terminated spontaneously or naturally usually do not pose this problem as they tend to associate with very abnormally low estrogen level.

Clinical rats which were forced with abortions were seen to develop more breast cancers dramatically.


Birth-Control Pills:

Birth-Control (BC) pills usually contain about 0.1 mg of mestranol, a synthetic analog of the natural estrogen, and about 2.0 mgs of either norethynodrel or norethinodrone, the synthetic analogs of progesterone. The administration of BC pills shall trick the female body from producing the natural hormones resulting in no egg formation or no further development of a fertilized egg ( an abortion at the earliest stage). Thus, to all prolife
Christian men and women, chemical abortions indeed can occur with birth control pill.

The natural estrogen and progesterone could be used as a contraceptive but they have to be administered via injection as they are metabolized or oxidized quickly while the synthetic analogs which have slightly different chemical structures are not. Unfortunately the latter also can accumulate in human body much longer.

Besides, the level of the natural estrogen in adult female body is normally about 2 - 20 ppt ( part per trillion ) based on her body weight, a very very minute amount compared to 0.1 mg - 2.0 mgs in BC pills, which amounts to about 300,000 ppt totally for a woman who weighs 160 pounds . And we already knew as concrete biological facts that abortion was linked to the significant increase in breast cancer due to the excessive accumulation of the natural of estrogen of only 40 to 500 ppt or 20 times higher than the normal level. How much more damaging will the birth control pill be to woman body?      ( You shall see later a much lower dose of estrogen-like chemicals at 2,000 ppt is already enough to produce abnormality in the reproductive system of clinical rats).

Morning - After Pill :

Morning - After Pill is the same as birth control pill used at much higher doses. Thus the effect is much more severe toward the mother and her offspring. Remember that the effect of this pill to prevent conception or pregnancy is only 75% and this method is not effective if the conception already takes place.

Thus bombarding the developing embryo in its very early stage with such massive dose of estrogen shall cause severe and irreversible damages on the child's reproductive system and this can lead to birth defect and child and adult cancers later on.

RU-486 ( Mifepristone ):

RU-486 or Mifepristone is an abortifacient or abortion-inducing chemical, an anti-progesterone or anti-androgen. It is the synthetic analog of the natural female hormone, progesterone. Mifepristone has very similar chemical structure as the natural progesterone but functions much differently. Progesterone is the key hormone in adult female body to establish and maintain a normal pregnancy. RU-486 due to the similar structure will trick the body to accept it instead of progesterone and due to its high dose ( of anti-progesterone ), the body will stop secreting the natural hormone which is vital in nurturing the embryo which consequently will die away in the uterus. If Mifepristone is used in combination with a prostaglandin which induces uterus contraction, abortion will be about 95% effective. Mifepristone is recommended to be used for two days at 600 mgs level which equals to 10,000,000 ppt or about million time higher than the normal level in adult female body!


Prostaglandins are the class of powerful hormones in which Misoprostol is one. Prostaglandin exists in human body at very low levels similar to other hormones. Prostaglandin is used in combination with other abortifacients such as RU-486 to induce the contraction of smooth muscles or uterine contraction to expel aborted fetus. The toxicity or side effect of prostaglandins is still unclear; however, just like other hormones, introducing a large dose of artificial chemicals can result in serious health consequences.

Methotrexate / Misoprostol:

Methotrexate and Misoprostol were recently introduced as the new abortifacients. Being used in combination, these two drugs induce abortion in a similar fashion as RU-486 and prostaglandin combination. Methotrexate by itself is highly toxic, non-steroid chemical which is used in cancer chemotherapy. It has an LD50 (rat) of 14 mgs/kg, equivalent to sodium cyanide, a violent poison! It interferes with DNA synthesis or replication. It greatly affects malignant cells, fetal cells, bone marrow, intestinal, and urinary bladder. Due to its strong interference toward DNA replication, one can reasonably anticipate that methotrexate might induce the development of cancerous cells.

Misoprostol ( Cyclotec ) is a prostaglandin used to treat ulcer, a hormone-like chemical which was already mentioned previously.


Every two years the National Toxicology Program ( NTP ) of Department of Health and Human Services ( HHS ), publishes a list of carcinogens, dividing them into two categories:

1. Substances " known to be human carcinogens " which showed to be cancer-causing
     in studies on human.
2. Substances " reasonably anticipated to be human carcinogens " which produced
     tumours in clinical animals.

The 1994 NTP Report included the following as carcinogens:

- Conjugated estrogen,
- Diethylstilbestrol (DES),
- Progesterone,
- 17-Beta Estradiol,
- Estrone,
- Mestranol,
- Ethinylestradiol

Some of these are naturally occurring hormones which are practically safe at very minute level (part per trillion ) existing naturally in human body. However, if these hormones especially the synthetic ones are introduced into human bodies as contraceptive and abortion chemicals at such massive doses as the ones in birth control pills or RU-486, many dangerous side-effects including cancers to both mother and her offspring's might occur. Also one should remember the accumulation effect of the synthetic hormones which were particularly developed to be long lasting and stable for an oral intake to be possible.

During the last two years, the alarming issue of estrogen mimicking has been surfaced in which many man-made chemicals which resembled estrogen were tested or suspected to be carcinogenic to clinical animals and their offspring's, and the sex and reproductive organs were the most vulnerable! This issue shall be explored further in the next section.

Thus the presently available contraceptive and abortifacient " drugs " can vary somewhat in chemical structures from the natural occurring or carcinogenic ones. However, to be effective, they all have to function similarly to estrogen therefore, possibly produce the same adverse side-effects as much weaker estrogen-mimicking substances do.


Endocrine disrupter: endocrine modulator, or estrogen mimicks like DDT, PCB are chemicals that mimick, block, or disrupt the action or production of the natural hormones. They might be named also as anti-androgen, androgen (progesterone ) antagonist of which RU-486 (Mifepristone ) is one example.

Endocrine systems in human include brain, reproductive organs, sex organs, glands, hormones, hormone receptors.

Estrogens can also exist in environment such as phytoestrogens which exist in very large quantities in wheat, oat, rye, soybean ... but these are proved to be beneficial and might have anti-cancer effects.

In-utero exposure is most sensitive and can be tragic to fetal development in terms of sexual disorientation, abnormality in endocrine systems which are irreversible and damaging in most cases. During 1940-1960, about 40 millions women were introduced with DES, a synthetic estrogen mimicking chemical. The DES sons and daughters were found in 1970's to have many abnormalities in reproductive systems and testicle cancer.

The natural levels of natural estrogen in human body are very low , 2- 25 parts per trillion compared to 100,000 to 10,000,000 parts per trillion in doses of contraceptive and abortifacient chemicals. And the synthetic hormones are not readily consumed by human body. Also timing for these potent chemicals to be introduced to human body is very critical and for the most part is not well understood.

Since early 1960 European sperm count reduced about 50% and breast cancer, cervix and prostrate cancers increased roughly 50% also during the same period in which birth control pills were introduced. Some contributed these phenomena to environmental pollution, however, the populations in Poland and Eastern European countries had a lower cancer rates than those in Western Europe!

In 1989 the European community banned all US beef which was produced with growth hormones, i.e., estrogen as they deemed the product was cancerous. The residual level of hormones was measured to be about 0.6-1.0 ppb or 600-1,000 ppt. However, the same Europeans are still taking daily and willingly birth control pills which contain much higher levels of estrogen than in US beef ! The level is estimated to be 100 to 1,000 times higher than in beef growed with synthetic hormones.

The numbers of boys born with a defect in urinary opening which is not at the end of the penis nearly doubled in the United States between 1970 and 1993. Hypospadias affects 1 of every 100 newborn boys. The cause of the defect is believed to be linked to an insufficient surge of testosterone 9 to 12 weeks after conception ( remember that testosterone is key to the development of the male reproductive system). The unusually low level of testosterone is probably due to the high level of residual androgen or progestogen the baby's mother takes with her birth control pills. Several studies in the 1970s seemed to confirm this. A 1967 study found that progestin causes the defect in rats.

The increasing infertility in Western women is probably due in part to the artificial high levels of estrogen or hormones in their bodies of which physiological response toward hormones has also irreversibly changed.

The cancer rate in Japan is much lower than other industrial countries, not due to the soybean they ate but more than likely due to the much less premarital sex and contraception being practiced.

Deformed frogs were found in Minnesota and Wisconsin, possibly linked to estrogen-mimicking insecticides.

Researchers from Tulane University found that estrogen mimicking substances alone or in combination affected alligators' sex hormones.

DDT and dicofol caused major reproductive problems among alligators ( low sperm count and shrinking penis ) in Florida's Lake Apopaka ( C & EN May 13, 1996).

Prostate cancer is seen dramatically increased according to National Cancer Institute, the second most leading cancer.

PCB ( poly chlorinated biphenyls ) was painted on turtle eggs and the sex of the hatched eggs were reversed. And mixtures of various PCB's at lower concentrations produced the same effect.

Estrogen-mimicking of Bisphenol A:

(C & EN 3/29/97)

This experimental study was conducted by Vom Saal, et. al. from University of Missouri. Small doses of BPA were given to pregnant mice for seven days and the adult male offsprings had enlarged prostrates of 30% enlarged. The dose used was 2 micron gram per kg body weight or 2 part per billion (ppb) or 2000 parts per trillion (ppt). As we recall, a modern Western woman consumes about 200,000 ppt per dose of birth-control pills which contain the more potent estrogen themselves!

The result in mice is considered very relevant to human as there is not much evidence thus far to contradict this belief.

Vom Saal and company also studied the natural estrogen estradiol and synthetic like DES and the results were the same in mice.

Effects of estrogen mimicks on testing animals:

-Disrupting endocrine systems,
-Causing cancers in reproductive systems,
-Producing reproductive defects in developing offspring's or fetus,
-Birth defects, cancer in offspring's, sexual disorientation's,
-Irreversible effects.

Some of these symptoms were also observed in humans.


Genetic informations or codes required to replicate cells in a living organism are stored in DNA's or deoxyribonucleic acids found in the chromosones of cells. DNA is a significant component of a cell nucleus. DNA and the related RNA or ribonucleic acid control the synthesis of proteins and many metabolic enzymes in a human body. A DNA molecule has the conformation of a double helix consisted of two strands of polynucleotide chains. DNA replicates or multiplies itself by separating those two intertwining strands from which new DNA double helices are formed. The new DNA molecules then initiate the genetic codes for the synthesis of new cells.

Many cancer-causing chemicals or carcinogens promote cancerous growths by interfering with this replication process and ultimately the cell division (process) in a human body. A carcinogen reacts or bonds chemically with various sites on DNA helix. Doing so, it will alter the propagation of the newly-formed DNA molecules and their embedded genetic codes.

Medicinal chemists from University of Illinois Chicago recently discovered that the by-product of the metabolism of estrogen could form a stable but potentially damaging adduct with DNA molecules ( Assistant Professor Judy Bolton and her group found that the metabolism of equilenin, an estrogen component of Premarin, could produce an estrogen metabolite in the form of a catechol which in the presence of oxidative enzymes or metal ions, could readily form the novel and stable adducts upon a DNA helix. Such an adduct, like any typical chemical carcinogen, can alter the replication route of DNA, cell proliferation, and eventually will trigger the development of cancerous gorwths in human cell.

Thus estrogen as a class can potentially promote cancer in human reproductive organs like uterus or breast by two different routes:

1. Combining with estrogen receptors to stimulate abnormal cell proliferation.

2. Or reacting chemically with DNA chains, altering the genetic codes they carry, adversely affecting their replications and cell growths.


It is now evident that estrogen can induce cancerous growths in reproductive system at very minute level regardless of the contradictory evidences or studies that the " health experts" or pro-abortion groups want to convince women. The risk is there for women and their offspring's. Every year there are 150,000 children born with severe birth defects, mostly due to hormones that their mothers have taken, not due to the environmental pollution that the press and "experts" claimed as these birth defects are centered around the endocrine system and have increased dramatically since birth control pills were introduced. More cancers and rare physiological orientations now happen to children at very early age, especially with their reproductive systems and sexual orientation. The adverse effect might not surface until the children become adult.

Estrogen induces the increase in estrogen receptors which in turn induce the cancerous growths in reproductive organs. The adverse effects of estrogen can be permanent and irreversible to both mother and her offspring's, even a woman only took birth control pills which is loaded with estrogen and progestogen for such a short time as six months. When being exposed to a continuously high level of hormones, the body and its reproductive system might be altered and adapt to those extremely high levels of artificial hormones which, contrarily to the natural hormones, tend to be long-lasting and stored in fatty tissues . That means that the body might continue to response only to  the high level of hormones  but not to the much lower level which was previously and naturally existed. That also means that the body might continue generating an unusually high level of estrogen or hormones for the reproductive systems to function (abnormally) at least for a short time ( This assumption need to be verified as it can be varied from one individual to another and with age). These adverse effects combined with the weakened immune systems due to aging, unbalanced diet,  and abuse of modern medicine especially antibiotics will trigger a dramatic increase in the risk of developing cancers which occur only in reproductive organs such as breast, cervix, prostrate, etc.  Majority of women having breast cancer are 50 or older.

The adverse effects mentioned above are much more damaging to a developing fetus.

If you take birth control pills on a regular basis, may God bless you and your children.


Estrogen usage of American women can cause a great concern on the discharge of estrogens coming from their urine into sewage and waterways. As we already know that even the minute level of parts per trillion can affect reproductive and endocrine systems of men and animals. Fish and other marine life forms can be greatly vulnerable to this modern pollution. Japan still ban the usage of birth control pills due to potential health hazards and environmental pollution.


Abortion shall bring about the Divine Chastisements in the form of World War III ( 1999 - 2028 ) in which Russia and Iran-led Muslims shall attack European NATO using nuclear and chemical weapons. And China shall start her warring campaign around 2025 AD. One-thirds of mankind shall perish.

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