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Menstrual Extraction ( Karman method ):

This method is performed very early in pregnancy. The suction generated by a vacuum pump will suck out everything in a uterus including the torn fetus. No dilation of the cervix is needed with this procedure of abortion.

Suction Curettage :

This procedure is used during a first-trimester. The abortionist dilates the cervix with a mechanical dilator or laminaria. Then he inserts a tube with larger diameter into the uterus due to the larger body parts of the fetus. The suction created by a vacuum tears the body of the fetus and the placenta apart. If the fetus's body parts are too large, the abortionist will remove them manually. This abortion procedure can damage a woman's uterine cavity resulting in scar and infection, in some cases parts of a woman's intestines were sucked out.

Dilation and Curettage ( D&C):

In this abortion procedure, the cervix is dilated, a curette or a loop-shaped knife is inserted to cut up the fetus and scrape the uterine lining to detach the placenta.

Dilation and Evacuation ( D&E ):

This abortion procedure is used during the second trimester ( 14 - 26 weeks ). Due to the larger body of the fetus and the toughness of more developed fetal tissues, the cervix is dilated more and the fetus is dismembered by the abortionist grasping the fetal body parts with an instrument to twist them off. The fetus's skull has to be crushed and its spine snapped for an easy removal. An ultrasound is needed at the end and an assistant needed to account for all body parts. To soften the fetal tissues of late second-trimester, the fetus sometimes was killed first by injecting urea into amniotic fluid or rupturing the membranes and cutting the umbilical cord 24 hours hours before the abortion.

Saline, Prostaglandin, and Urea Instillation:

In this abortion method, the abortionist injects a concentrated salt solution or urea into the amniotic fluid surrounding the fetus which causes burning and poisoning as the fetus ingests the solution. Prostaglandin hormone injected will stimulate an uterine contraction to expel the fetus.

Hysterectomy and Hysterectomy:

These last two procedures or methods are done during the second and third trimester. Like a Cesarean section, the abortionist surgically opens up the uterus and removes the fetus and the placenta. The fetus who could be saved even as early as 21 weeks is left to die.

Dilation and Extraction ( D & X ):

This procedure is well-known as the partial-birth abortion in which the live fetus is inducedly delivered up to his head. Then the abortion forces a pair of curved scissors into the base of the skull of the fetus, enlarges the wound by opening up the scissors, inserts a suction catheter to suck out his brain and to collapse his skull for easy removal. This method is favored for a low rate of complications, for a safe abortion done on mature fetus during late pregnancy up to 32 weeks or more, also for the way to extract live fetal brain tissue for transplantation and research on various kinds of treatments in reversing the aging processes on elders.


Week1 The ovum (egg) is fertilized, divided, attached to the uterus.
Week 2 The embryonic disk is formed which will generate all organs and human tissues.
Week 3 The first body which is consisted of primitive spine, brain, and spinal cord.
Week 4  Heart, blood circulation, and digestive system are formed. The embryo is one-fifth of an inch long.
Week 5 The heart begins to pump blood; limb buds appear, divisions of brain are formed.
Week 6 Eyes and ears begin to develop.
Week 7 The face is well developed with eyes, nose, lips, and tongue. Bones and muscles are formed.
Week 8 The embryo is about one inch long. Its heart beats about 40-80 times a minute.
Week 9 The baby's sex is determined. Eyelids are completely formed.
Week 10  The embryo is now called fetus. Blood and bone cells form. The baby makes the first movement.
Week 11  Organs such as liver begin to function.
Week 12  Breathing begins with a lung. The fetus sucks his thumb.
Week 14 The muscles and skeleton are matured. The nervous system begins some control. Blood vessels develop rapidly.
Week 15  Hands grasp and feet kick.
Week 16  All human organs and structures are completely formed.
Week 19 Eyebrows, eyelashes, head hair are formed.
Week 20 The fetus now has a regular schedule of sleeping, turning, sucking, and kicking.
Week 22 The skeleton is developed rapidly.
Week 23 Eyelids open and close.
Week 24 The fetus weighs about 2 pounds.
Week 26 The baby now can breathe, swallow, and regulate his body temperature.
Week 30 Fat deposits are formed underneath the skin.
Week 31 The digestive tract and lungs are fully matured.
Week 32 The baby is now about 14 inches long.
Week 33 The baby fills up the uterus.
Week 38 Full term pregnancy.


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Estrogens are strong growth promoters of normal and most cancerous breast tissue.

Most known risk factors for breast cancer are attributable to some form of estrogen overexposure.

Estradiol ( an estrogen ) increases 20 times higher during the first trimester of a normal pregnancy. If the pregnancy is completed, the growth of breast tissues is halted and replaced with milk-producing tissues. Thus, if pregnancy is stopped short by abortion or breast-feeding is not used, the excessive estrogen level in blood shall promote breast tissues to growth abnormally into cancerous cells. ( Please see the link below to review the correlation between hormones or estrogen treatment and cancer.)

Pregnancies which are terminated spontaneously or naturally usually do not pose this problem as they tend to associate with very abnormally low estrogen level.

Clinical rats which were forced with abortions were seen to develop more breast cancers dramatically.
( taken from NRL News issued on August 12, 1997.)

Dr. Janet Daling is a cancer researcher at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the University of Washington. On 2 November 1994 Dr. Daling and fellow researchers published an article in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (pp. 1584-1592) concerning induced abortion and breast cancer risk for pre menopausal women. Some key findings:

1.Women under age 18 who had an induced abortion have an increased breast cancer risk of 150%. 2.Women of age 30 and above who aborted a FIRST pregnancy increase their breast cancer risk by 110%. 3.Overall, women who have an induced abortion have an increased breast cancer risk of 50%.

Dr. Janet Daling is self-described as 'pro-choice'.

The Journal of the National Medical Association is a publication by black medical professionals concerned with black health problems. In the December 1993 issue JNMA published the results of a Howard University study. Key finding:

Black women of age 50 and above who had at least 1 induced abortion have an increased breast cancer risk of 370%.


By writing to your representatives or senators in US Congress via email.

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For all investors or consumers, to obtain a complete list of many corporations who support Planned Parenthood, provide abortion services, manufacture abortifacients   ( abortion-inducing ), or conduct fetal tissue research, please write to
P.O. Box 907
Washington DC, 20044-0907
or call
(202) 347 - 2066

Please enclose also a self-addressed envelope of business size no. 10, 50 cents postage, and 5 dollars donation.

To learn more about Planned Parenthood, please call The Education Dept. of LDI at (716) 839 - 4420.


To review my discussion on the possible link between birth control pills and RU-486 and cancers, please click on this link on the issues related to hormones.


" Truly I say to you, for one innocent life cut short as soon as conceived by the most monstrous of iniquities a hundred guilty lives will pay for this crime by their eternal punishment.

" In the name of the justice and right which they invoke, they assassinate with impunity the work of the Creator in His creature, the little one in his mother's womb. She herself is guilty in consenting to the most horrible crime, placing herself lower than the animals who faithfully maintain their maternal instinct in all its beauty and abnegation.

" There is no response in the souls of those who devote themselves to the cult of the body, which in its turn is destined to corruption.

" How can Love take root in the defilement of the creature He came to save, but who wills its own corruption by this unspeakable abjection.

" Pray, My child, for these victims of hell. "

Abortion shall bring about the Divine Chastisements in the form of World War III ( 1999 - 2028 ) in which Russia and Iran-led Muslims shall attack NATO Europe with nuclear and chemical weapons. And China shall start a bloody warring campaign around 2025 AD. One-thirds of mankind shall perish.

To learn about the grave consequences of abortion on our world, please visit my Home Page at


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