Prophetic Overview
I am going to touch the following subjects:
1. Nostradamus and his writings,
2. The causes of the coming Divine Chastisement,
3. The reasons for the coming Divine Chastisement,
4. The overall picture or nature of the coming Divine Chastisement.

Regardless of the generally negative opinion being formed on him, Nostradamus was a devout catholic. Even as a Jewish convert, the foremost bearing on him is being a catholic, being a visionary, and last being a French in that exact order.

You can form a correct view and respect on him by reading his letter to his son Caesar and his Epistle to King Henry II ( just type in Nostradamus letter to son or Nostradamus epistle to King Henry to any major search engine and you will locate those documents.) You can also form a correct opinion on Nostradamus by reading my interpretation on his quatrains, but not of any other experts as all of them cannot fully and truly understand his writings which was purposely written in a strange and confused way by the Divine Plan to confound the proud, the foul, and the merely curious, and in order to reveal the true prophetic meanings at an appointed time. And this appointed time has arrived.

Nostradamus was truly a prophet. He had visions of the many futuristic events through out the history of mankind, for most he was given a complete understanding, for some he was not. He saw things as we saw scenes on TV. He wrote down the prophecies in quatrains as he was inspired to write, not based on any rules of poetry or literature as his writings appeared spontaneous. Nostradamus's prophecies were not derived based on astrology as it was commonly believed. He only used astrology to disguise the true prophetic meanings. Nostradamus knew the true meanings of his prophecies was only given to ones who were chosen by God. He knew his writings would be misunderstood or distorted. He knew his writings would be appreciated only 500 years after his death, meaning about our time or a little later.

Among many things that he prophesied, Nostradamus really impressed me when he used the modern contemporary terms such as "right" and "left" to express political or moral viewpoints, "plus" and "minus" to approximate the accuracy of his prophetic writings, he had knowledge of Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees about 200 years before they were invented. He described the latitudes of the earth while his contemporary scientists considered the earth as flat.

Nostradamus showed a strong dislike toward the "foul" who misinterpreted his prophecies, the heretic who rebelled against the Church, the "astrologer" who was considered themselves as the learned or scientists, and the" barbarian" or Muslims. He warned them to stay away from his writings.

To me, Nostradamus is truly a prophet meaning the spokesman for God given particularly for our time, the End Times.


I will put it simply and directly:  (1) the sins of flesh including abortion, homosexual practices or sodomy, fornication, pornography, adultery, divorce, etc. (and if you want to know the true meanings of these offenses, open up an old Webster dictionary which was printed before 1960.); (2) the loss of faith and charity; (3) man's blasphemy in cloning, atheism, in irreverently or lukewarmly practicing his religion mainly the Holy Mass and the True Eucharistic Presence, and irreverence to the Lord's Day by profane activities such as excessive sports, violence and shopping. I truly believe that the moment they create human-beast hybrid creature through cloning, God will punish us so severely for such an outraged blasphemy!!!

Above all, abortion and blasphemy are the most offended to the Lord.


Why does  the merciful God punish His creatures even they have turned sinful? How can He does such evil things?

We bring miseries upon ourselves. We ourselves inflict violence upon each other. We who kill each other. We who hate each other. We who greed, conquer, and destroy each other. God allows it because we choose our sinful way instead of His way. We violate the natural rules directed by our conscience, a conscience once created in the Image of God. As the righteous God, He respects our own free will.

The Lord once said, "All sins come from man's heart, therefore, his heart has to be stricken" (to bring about a true repentance.) It is so true. Often after a tragedy strikes us, we look at life and our own conduct in a clearer perspective. We tend to turn back to God to say we are sorry and ask Him for forgiveness. When someone who is dear to us dies in the battle field, the sorrow will be so overwhelmed that it often lingers with us and brings about a true repentance. King David of Old Israelites cried out to the Lord when he received the news that his son had been killed and more so as he realized that it might have been the consequence of his own sinful actions in the past.

To God and therefore also to us, be more concerned about your soul and the souls of all your loved ones if not of all other people as unlike your body, your soul will live forever. Be not afraid of the one who kill your body, but be watchful of one who can kill your soul (killing a soul means leading it to an eternal death in hell.)

The Lord is merciful and slow in anger but He did show His anger from time to time to bring us back to Him. Just read the Scripture to see how dealt with His chosen people, the Israelites. Personally, I believe WW I and II were also the Divine Chastisements. Therefore, we can equate the Divine Chastisement to Divine Mercy as they are truly one.


I have been wrong in prophetic details as truly I just speculated them, so I decided not to do the guess work any more but just give you an overall view of the coming events or the final scenario.

The coming chastisement is the final conflict in which God will purge all the evil elements from the earth and its inhabitants.

Up to two-thirds of the world population will perish. Many countries shall cease to exist. World natural and "cultural" or man-made landscapes will be changed forever. For instance, the populations of Britain, Russia, and China will be reduced to a small remnants; The major cities such as Paris will become uninhabited and charred to ashes. Many places of the earth will be deserted as no one occupies them.

Only the good and repentant souls will be left behind to reconstruct their lives. The whole world shall become devout catholics and I like to emphasize the word "devout" as the contrary to being hypocritical or christian-like paganistic. There will be only one God to worship according to one religion, the Catholic Faith.

Western countries will fight against Russia, China, and Iran-led Muslims. Initially, the Western countries will be defeated for a long duration but only through the Saving Grace from God, they will be saved and ultimately emerge as victors. The leader of Western Alliance will be a French commander who himself is truly devout catholic chosen by God. The battle theaters will again be Europe and Asia, mostly on the most evil and atheistic soils. Russia, China, Britain will be punished severely for their atheism and sin of flesh. France and Italy will be punished severely for being catholic nations who turn away from God. USA will be punished severely for their past sins. Of all of the above-mentioned, I can have strong hope only in USA. As I can see, the whole European and Asian continents except a few countries are considered condemned even now.

When will the chastisement or World War III happen? Very soon, maybe one or two years from now. How long will this chastisement or I prefer to call it purification last? Nobody knows. I like to say it can be as long as the duration's of WW I and II combined multiplying by three. Its duration and intensity depends on us. If we repent, God will forgive us and punish us less severely. If we are stubborn, He will punish us until we surrender ourselves to Him. As a loving Father, He has to do the painful thing to save all He can save. For instance, if nothing happens, I might be saved but I don't know for certainty about the salvation's of my own children or grand-children by examining what is going on around me.

The surest and the most humble way to receive the Lord's Graces is to implore the help of His Mother, Blessed Virgin Mary. Pray to her especially with the Holy Rosary for the conversion of all sinners, to ask her protection and blessing upon yourself and your loved ones, and also others. Undoubtedly, she will help you to defeat the Devil and avert or lessen the suffering for your family as she is blessing ours. Click here to find out what we should pray for.

As always, may the Lord bless you and protect you.