Verse 1: And from the first year of Darius the Mede I stood up that he might be strengthened and confirmed.

This angel who was talking to Daniel was the archangel Gabriel, the same one who came to him , mentioned in Chapter Nine.

Verse 2: And now I will shew thee the truth. Behold there shall stand yet three kings in Persia, and the fourth shall be enriched exceedingly above them all: and when he shall be grown mighty by his riches, he shall stir up all against the kingdom of Greece.

There had been three most dominant kingdoms from Persia but Iran of the twentieth century shall become the fourth and most powerful Persian force. At the end of this century, Iran and its allies shall "stir up" against the "kingdom of Greece" or agaisnt the Western countries in Europe. The Islamic alliance shall attack southern Europe including Greece, Italy, Spain, and France. Presently, the Muslim influence in the region already become increasingly dominant. This influence shall become more and more extremist or fundamentalist in the near future.

Verse 3: But there shall rise up a strong king, and shall rule with great power: and he shall do what he pleaseth.

The Islamic force shall be victorious at first, very powerful force which shall advance at will against its opponents.

Verse 4: And when he shall come to his height, his kingdom shall be broken and it shall be divided towards the four winds of the heaven: but not to his posterity, nor according to his power with which he ruled. For his kingdom shall be rent in pieces, even for strangers, beside these.

But when the Islamic forces appear invincible and conquer every quest they make, they shall be defeated by God. The Muslim countries then shall be divided and occupied by the Western forces.

Verse 5: And the king of the south shall be strengthened, and one of his princes shall prevail over him, and he shall rule with great power: for his dominion shall be great.

After the World War III, the king of the south or Egypt shall become more prominent, shall take the leadership of the Muslim nations from Iran.

Verse 6: And after the end of years they shall be in league together: and the daughter of the king of the south shall come to the king of the north to make friendship, and she shall not obtain the strength of the arm, neither shall her seed stand: and she shall be given up, and her young men that brought her, and they that strengthened her in these times.

After many years, during the period of peace, the former Muslim block, now led by Egypt shall live in peace with the Western world in One World Order or in the modern Roman Christian Empire. But they will never be treated as an equal partner and " she shall not obtain the strength of the arm" or they shall be subjected to an arm control or some kind of military restrictions imposed by the former Western Europeans. And finally, "her young men" or the later future generations shall abandon Christianity, restore their Muslim heritage, and begin to arm themselves again to embark on another period of bloody wars which is called here and in the book of Nostradamus's prophecies as The False Crusade.

Verse 7: And a plant of the bud of her roots shall stand up: and he shall come with an army, and shall enter into the province of the king of the north: and he shall abuse them, and shall prevail.

The new Egyptian leader shall invade the Southern Europe again, devastate and conquer it.

Verse 8: And he shall also carry away captive into Egypt their gods, and their graven things, and their precious vessels of gold and silver: he shall prevail against the king of the north.

The Egyptian-led Muslim armies shall win many battles, capture many prisoners, and confiscate many materials and possessions (The terms "their gods" and "graven things" indicate that during this period, mankind shall turn evil once again in worshipping man-made idols or materialism.)

Verse 9: And the king of the south shall enter into the kingdom, and shall return to his own land.

The Egypt shall "enter into the kingdom" or shall form the Eastern block again and shall cease the conflict for a while.

Verse 10: And his sons shall be provoked, and they shall assemble a multitude of great forces: and he shall come with haste like a flood: and he shall return and be stirred up, and he shall join battle with his forces.

Responding to the requests from its allies, Egypt shall mobilize a great army to fight against the Western countries from Europe. This period of many limited battles around the Mediterranean Sea is called here the False Crusade for the conflicts shall be between the former Christian and Islamic factions but religions shall not be the actual cause any longer.

Verse 11: And the king of the south being provoked shall go forth, and shall fight against the king of the north, and shall prepare an exceeding great multitude, and the multitude shall be given into his hand.

The Westerners shall provoke Egypt into battles. Egyptian force shall lead the Muslim Alliance, and the conflict shall involve many nations.

Verse 12: And he shall take a multitude, and his shall be lifted up, and he shall cast down many thousands: but he shall not prevail.

The Muslim armies shall win many battles, destroy and kill a great number of their enemies, but eventually shall be defeated.

Verse 13: For the king of the north shall return and shall prepare a multitude much greater than before: and in the end of times and years, he shall come in haste with a great army, and much riches.

The leader of European communities shall mobilize a great force to stop the Egyptian aggression.

Verse 14: And in those times many shall rise up against the king of the south, and the children of prevaricators of thy people shall lift up themselves to fulfill the vision, and they shall fall.

Many occupied nations under Egyptian rule shall revolt including Israelites, "the children of prevaricators", but they shall be suppressed.

Verse 15: And the king of the north shall come, and shall cast up a mount, and shall take the best fenced cities: and the arms of the south shall not withstand, and his chosen ones shall rise up to resist, and they shall not have strength.

The Western force shall liberate the occupied nations, invade Egypt and Middle East by overruning their enemies's fortified positions. And the Egyptain allies shall be overcome due to the lack of resources and will power.

Verse 16: And he shall come upon him and do according to his pleasure, and there shall be none to stand against his face: and he shall stand in the glorious land, and it shall be consumed by his hand.

The leader of the European block shall have the full control over the occupied territories. He shall conquer the holy Land and Jerusalem which shall be consumed or devastated by wars.

Verse 17: And he shall set his face to come to possess all his kingdom, and he shall make upright conditions with him: and he shall give a daughter of women, to overthrow it: and she shall not stand, neither she shall be for him.

The southern or Muslim countries shall surrender to the victorious western or northern armies, shall have to make many concessions, and shall try to overthrow the occupied forces but failed.

Verse 18: And he shall turn his face to the islands, and shall take many: and he shall cause the prince of his reproach to cease, and his reproach shall be turned upon him.

The European forces shall continue their expansion to capture more territories. Their rules and forces shall be so brutal that the "prince of reproach" or their guardian angel who illuminates their conscience shall leave them. And then the tides of misfortunes shall fall upon them and their unkind leader.

Verse 19: And he shall turn his face to the empire of his own land, and he shall tumble, and fall, and shall not be found.

He shall return to Europe, shall be disfavored, and disappear.

Verse 20: And there shall stand up in his place, one most vile, and unworthy of kingly honor: and in a few days he shall be destroyed, not in rage or in battle.

His successor as the leader of Europe shall be the most unworthy and immoral man who reigns only for a short time, a few "days" or years, and shall die due to illness.

Verse 21: And there shall stand up in his place one despised, and the kingly honor shall not be givne him: and he shall come privately, and shall obtain the kingdom by fraud.

One despised and powerful man shall succeed to be the Western leader, not through an official election but by deceit and fraud. This shall be the long-anticipated antichrist.

Verse 22: And the arms of the fighter shall be overcome before his face, and shall be broken; yea also the prince of the covenant.

Some military factions shall rebel against him but he shall suppress all oppositions including the opposition from the holy pontiff or the "prince of the covenant". This pope who shall reign the same time with the antichrist might be the one described in St. Malachy's prophecy as "Peter the Roman", the last pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church. As Saint Peter led the primitive Church through the Roman persecution, this holy and zealous pontiff shall lead the remnant Church through the persecution of the antichrist.

Verse 23: And after friendships, he will deal deceitfully with him: and shall go up, and shall overcome with small people.

And after being a Catholic who is loyal to the holy Father, the antichrist shall turn against the Church. And he shall undermine the Church from within by placing a small group of high-ranking clergy who are loyal to him around the Holy See.

Verse 24: And he shall enter rich and plentiful cities: and shall do that which his fathers never did, nor his fathers' fathers: he shall scatter their spoil, and their prey, and their riches, and shall forecast devices against the best fenced places: and this until a time.

Unlike his father or grandfather who live after the world war, the antichrist shall be very greedy and materialistic. He shall enter major citites, confiscate all private properties, shall ransack and ruin them with his raging followers and armies. He shall build again modern deadly weapon of the twentieth century which have been banned for a long time to be used later to bring down the well-fortified opposition sites.

Verse 25: And his strength and his heart shall be stirred up against the king of the south with a great army: and the king of the south shall stirred up to battle with many and with very strong succors: and they shall not stand, for they shall form designs against him.

The antichrist's ambition shall be to take over the southern territories of North Africa, Near East and Middle East, but the Egyptian armies and its allies shall be so solidified for him to assault. The antichrist thus shall plan a deceitful scheme to divide and conquer that solid Eastern alliance.

Verse 26:And they shall eat bread with him, shall destroy him, and his army shall be overthrown: and many shall fall down slain.

The allies of the Egyptian leader, who are being bribed by the antichrist, shall betray their leader and weaken his army and leadership.

Verse 27: And the heart of the two kings shall be to do evil, and they speak lies at one table, and they not prosper: because as yet the end is unto another time.

The antichrist and Egyptian leader shall not trust one another and both of them shall be perished at the end with the Egyptian being the first one fallen. The end of the antichrist shall come at another time shortly.

Verse 28:And he shall return into his land with much riches: and his heart shall be against the holy covenant, and he shall succeed and shall return into his own land.

The antichrist shall return to Europe with many captured treasures from Eastern countries especially from Egypt. He shall want to annihilate the Church and the pope at this time which is proved to be very opportune due to his rising popularity and military successes. He shall stay in Europe until he succeed in devastating the Holy City or the Sanctuary of the Lord, and persecuting the faithful. Afterwards, he shall return to his own land or his birth-place which might be Jerusalem.

Verse 29: At the time appointed he shall return, and he shall come to the south, but the latter time shall not be like the former.

At the appointed time designed by God, the antichrist shall return to the south or to the Islamic countries but this trip shall not be like the former campaigns he had made.

Verse 30: And the galleys and the Romans shall come upon him, and he shall be struck, and shall return, and shall have indignation against the covenant of the sanctuary, and he shall succeed: and he return and shall devise against them that have forsaken the covenant of the sanctuary.

A naval force of the opposition originated from Italy shall ambush the antichrist in Mediterranean but he shall survive and become resentful toward the Church as he suspects that the clergy take part in plotting against him. Upon returning to Europe, he shall crush all rebellions including the heretics who helped him to gain power in the past, and now turn agaisnt him.

Verse 31: And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall defile the sanctuary of strength, and shall take away the continual sacrifice, and they shall place there the abomination unto desolation.

His army shall occupy the Holy City, persecute the clergy and christians, shall abolish the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass or the "continual sacrifice" and shall enshrine the antichrist himself upon God's Altar. The antichrist is the "abomination upon desolation" mentioned by the prophet Daniel and by the Lord Jesus in the holy Gospel. Another "abomination upon desolation" shall come right before the End of the world with Satan himself who shall be unleashed and incarnated into a bloody tyrant to "consume" or devour the sinful mankind for the last time.

Verse 32: And such as deal wickedly against the covenant shall deceitfully dissemble: but the people that know their God shall prevail and succeed.

Such a "deal" or heretical reforms in the Church concerning the Real Presence and the Holy Liturgy shall be deceitfully disguised but the true believers shall recognize the falsehood.

Verse 33: And they that are learned among the people shall teach many: and they shall fall by the sword, and by fire, and by captivity, and by spoil for many days.

During the antichrist's persecution upon Christians, the true shepherds who are faithful clergy and devoted laymen shall lead many by their teachings and examples. Many shepherds shall be martyred by gun (sword), by being burned to death (fire), by forced hard labor or slavery (captivity), and by torturing (spoil) for a long time.

Verse 34: And they shall have fallen they shall be relieved with a small help: and many shall be joined to them deceitfully.

Whenever these Christian leaders or the apostles of the last times are captured, still many shall be converted and shall assist them in secret.

Verse 35: And some of the learned shall fall, that they may be tried, and may be chosen, and made white even to the appointed time, because yet there shall be another time.

Some of the Christian leaders shall fall or shall suffer but they have to be put through the tests to prove their love and perseverance to the Lord their God. Some shall be marytred or made white even to the end of the reign of the antichrist ("the appointed time") because the appointed period of this great tribulation shall soon be over.

Verse 36: And the king shall do according to his will, and he shall be lifted up, and shall magnify himself against every god: and he shall speak great things agaisnt the god of gods, and shall prosper, till the wrath be accomplished. For the determination is made.

The antichrist shall be the brutal leader of the whole world, shall carry out all wicked activities as he pleases. He shall magnify himself as a god. Even he shall blaspheme agaisnt the true God, he shall prosper in evrything he does because the Lord by His Design ("determination was made") shall use the antichrist to carry out His Chastisements upon the sinful mankind. Men's transgressions shall reach a climax as they become human beasts which worship the antichrist and bear the seal of the Beast. They who are born in the Image of God shall become the speaking images of the Beast.

Verse 37: And he shall make no account of the god of his fathers: and he shall follow the lust of women, and he shall not regard any gods: for he shall rise up against all things.

The antichrist shall deny God's Existence. He shall have great lust for women. He shall have no regard for any gods or religions for he shall set himself above any moral standards.

Verse 38: But he shall worship the god Maozim in his place: and a god whom his fathers knew not, he shall worship with gold, and silver, and precious stones, and things of great price.

He shall worship a strange god of power or satan. He also worships materialism and all worldly riches.

Verse 39: And he shall do this to fortify Maozim with a strange god, whom he hath acknowledged, and he shall increase glory and shall give them power over many, and shall divide the land gratis.

The antichrist shall reward his followers who also worship the beast and the satanic false god with all earthly glory and power, land and ownership of many slaves.

Verse 40: And at the time prefixed the king of the the south shall fight against him, and the king of the north shall come against him like a tempest, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with a great navy, and he shall enter into the countries, and shall destroy, and shall pass through.

Later the southern countries, the former Muslim countires, and the northern or European armies shall revolt to overthrow the antichrist. But he shall crush them with powerful tank or calvary units and naval forces.

And he shall enter the glorious land, and many shall fall: and these only shall be save out of his hand, Edom and Moab, and the principal of the children of Ammon.

The antichrist shall enter the Holy Land and shall kill many. Only the peoples whose lives shall be spared are the peoples of Edom, Moab, and Ammonites who all are the enemies of the Israelites. Ironically, the Isrealites shall be one of the first peoples to believe that the antichrist is their true Messiah, only to be betrayed and annihilated later by him.

Verse 42: And he shall lay his hand upon the lands: and the land of Egypt shall not escape.

No land shall go untouched by his bloody hands including Egypt.

Verse 43: And he shall have power over the treasures of gold, and of silver, and all the precious things of Egypt: and he shall pass through Libya, and Ethiopia.

He shall conquer Egypt, Lybia, and Ethiopia, and confiscate many national treasures and riches.

Verse 44: And tidings out of the east, and out of the north shall trouble him: and he shall come with a great multitude to destroy and slay many.

The rebels from the East (Russia?) and from the North (Germany?) shall cause him many troubles but he shall prevail and slaughter a great many.

Verse 45: And he shall fix his tabernacle Apadno between the seas, upon a glorious and holy mountain: and he shall come even to the top thereof, and none shall help him.

At the end, the antichrist shall withdraw his troops to the holy mountain between the two seas, the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea (Mount Sinai?). None shall help him and the Lord shall strike him dead with one Breath from His Mouth.

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