An Overview of Nostradamus 's Prophecies

Prophecy of Our Century


Nostradamus prophesied that the World War III would occur at the end of this century between the Eastern Alliance, which include Russia, Iran-led Muslim countries, and Western Alliance or NATO. Nostradamus prophesies that the World War III shall be initiated with the limited use of nuclear warheads and more widespread use of missiles carrying chemical warheads. Russia and Iran shall start the World War III with Iran blocking the Persian Gulf, firing a nuclear missile to completely annihilate Geneva , the financial center of the world. This one-two punches shall cause the world-wide stock markets to crash overnight and the European economy to collapse. Nostradamus prophesies that Russia shall invade the new members of NATO such as Poland to attack the northern front of Europe. Iran, Russia, and Albania shall attack Italy from Turkey which shall be devastated by the civil war with the Islamic extremists, the Kurdish rebels, and also by the Iranian military intervention. Nostradamus prophesies that Russian fleets shall attack the northern European countries such as England, Denmark, and Norway, shall destroy London probably by a single nuclear missile. The Eastern Alliance realizes that they cannot match with NATO's more superior conventional weapons but they can gain a great advantage and negate such imbalance in military might at the onset of the war by inflicting NATO with their weapons of mass destruction. Doing so they shall hold the Western countries including USA hostage , preventing the latter from any air strikes as the Eastern countries shall threaten NATO about further missile bombardment of mass destruction if NATO ever plan to launch any air strike. Besides, their missiles shall be launched from the mobile carriers, both on land and sea. Furthermore, Nostradamus also prophesies that the Muslim countries such as Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya shall join force to attack Spain and Italy along with their Muslim extremist insurgents in Europe who are now in place and ready to receive instructions. Italy and Spain shall fall into the hands of the Eastern forces quickly and shall become their new allies. The naval fleets of the Eastern Alliance shall surprisingly destroy more modern English and French fleets by ambushing them with much smaller but more mobile vessels under bad weathers while the American fleet is no where in sight due to the indecision, the internal bickering politics, and the lack of resources due to many years of budget restraints upon defense spending. England and Marseilles without their fleet protections shall become vulnerable to the Eastern invasions. Nostradamus prophesies that the Eastern forces shall invade France from Marcedonia of Spain and shall land on the shore of Marseilles. They shall kill, injure, and dislocate close to one million of southern French population. They shall brutalize Christians, Jews, clergy, both men and women. They shall strip all possessions and destroy every thing in sight. From the Italian mountains, the Eastern Alliance shall bombard such major cities as Vienna and Lyon with chemical missiles. Only one thirds of the population shall survive but shall linger in great agony. The Western armies shall be in disarray and shell-shock after witnessing those unprecedented brutalities, great civil casualties upon themselves and their families, and physical devastation's caused by the first wave of the assault. Besides, the Western troops are becoming more and more complacent and overconfident, but fearful due to their high standards of modern living while the Eastern troops are poor, hungry, fueled by a deep hatred for the West, or motivated with their fear, anger, and humiliation over the issue of NATO expansion. Thus Russian and Muslim troops shall attack Western Europe from the north, the East, the south, and the west. Muslim troops led by Iran shall advance as far as the southern Germany.

The readers might wonder why the American troops are not mentioned. Nostradamus did not clearly indicate the reason for USA's absence at the beginning of the World War III but he did prophesy that the "Capitol" would disfavor a powerful leader even though he still commanded the approval of the majority of the population. Nostradamus prophesies that while the " eagle in mourning ", which might mean that while the US politics is in a chaotic transition with a new inexperienced leader and the nation is in shambles without leadership, the Eastern Alliance shall attack on July Fourth of 1999, "the feast of the Eagle"! Furthermore, USA shall be devastated with many floods, rainfalls, and late frosts, or other natural disasters while Europe shall be burned with high heat and severe droughts, probably in 1997, 1998, and 1999.


There are so many other details which are not discussed here concerning the World War III, the Catholic Church, Pope John Paul II and his martyrdom, etc. The readers are encouraged to visit my official homepage to review Prophecies of Nostradamus in its entirety, both in the original French text and in the modern English translation ( With my notes, the readers should be able to translate the Prophecies of Nostradamus themselves ). The readers can also review my interpretations on Prophecies of Daniel which is proved to be the Scriptural confirmation of Nostradamus Prophecies. It also reveals the Antichrist in great details. You are also encouraged to visit my site on my interpretation on the Book of Revelation.


(These are my own predictions only, not prophecies, therefore, they undoubtedly can be inaccurate.)

1. Iran and Iraq shall assist the Kurdish rebels to counter-attack the Turkish troops which shall eventually suffer great casualties and withdraw from the Iraqi soil. Taking advantage of the circumstances, Iran shall invade Turkey to assist the Islamic fundamentalists to gain control of the country. Thus Turkey shall be greatly devastated. The world shall condemn Iranian military aggression to no effect.

2.Russia, Iran, and other Muslim countries shall become more alienated at the West, especially at USA due to different reasons. Being left without any choice, they shall form a more solid Alliance which shall serve as the force of destruction onto the West. Do not listen to the reconciliatory rhetoric's of the Eastern leaders such as Yelsin or the newly elected president of Iran, but just observe what they are preparing. After being humiliated and pushed around by the Clinton administration, Russia is now squeezing every penny they have in upgrading their military and their new Defense Minister just happens to be the one who strongly believes in winning the next world war with nuclear weapons!! On the other hand, Iran is preparing for wars by building three nuclear plants which are probably not being used to produce another source of energy, and build a chemical plant which can be used for producing chemical weapons, and purchase tanks, anti-aircraft missiles, anti-shipped missiles, and speedy vessels which can be handy in intercepting much larger ships or carriers, and which can be converted into mobile platforms for launching tactical nuclear and chemical weapons around the Mediterranean Sea.

3. USA shall be devastated with the natural disasters especially prolonged rains and many floods. Americans shall be more occupied with the Whitewater, Democratic Fund-raising scandals, and Jones's sexual harassment law-suit. More evidences shall be revealed but President Clinton shall fight till the very end. The fierce battle to dethrone him by Congress shall bring the nation to great shamble and disarray, without any real leadership for the country. This unstable situation shall entice the Eastern Alliance to be more aggressive and the world economy more nervous which eventually shall crash overnight after Iran blocks the Gulf. This time the economical disaster shall be much worse than 1929 as US economy is now running mostly on credits and debts. USA shall be reluctant in assisting their NATO allies such as Poland and Turkey after seeing the devastation's caused by nuclear and chemical warheads. Besides, just the threat from Russian brass in launching long-ranged nuclear missiles to American cities such as New York, Chicago, or Washington DC, shall defuse any American attempt to air strike the East or launching our own missiles in retaliation. Thus the Eastern Alliance shall keep US at bay while engulfing our allies alive.

3. The European countries shall try to negotiate with Iran to salvage their economy while bickering among themselves on the water supply and financial matters. French political scenario shall be a picture of chaos with farmers from the south who shall demonstrate against a broader governmental control. The European economy shall be paralyzed with civil unrest's, strikes, and demonstrations.

4. China shall not become involved in the world-wide conflict until the very end at around 2025 AD when every party shall become exhausted and the Eastern Alliance is on retreat from Western Europe. They shall deliver the final blow to Russians and shall conquer Southeast Asia. USA shall be obliged to halt the Chinese aggression but shall pay a high price. Chinese at that time shall have capabilities to strike US West coast with long-ranged nuclear and chemical missiles of more than 5000 mile range.


Many of you shall think of my interpretations and analysis as being far-fetched but one shall recognize that the ancient prophecies are being fulfilled now if one observes closely the recent arena of the world politics. God's Chastisement shall be metered out upon us for our transgressions, especially the killing of the unborn. What do you think we deserve for killing 1.5 millions unborn babies per year in USA alone? One of my friends told me that he wished my predictions would turn out wrong. I told him that if I was wrong, my children and my grand children shall have very little chance to be saved as all of us shall be lost forever, based on the fact that the liberal and evil forces are trying harder than ever to control our lives, society, and government, and to capture our souls and the souls of our children and grandchildren. The Lord chastises the the ones He loves. It is rather losing one's life than one's soul.

Stop the slaughtering the unborn, defend the most vulnerable of your brothers. Put God and your family first in your lives. Place God back into our society, school, workplace, and our government. Pray much for God's Mercy and Forgiveness. Repent for our sins especially abortion and sin of flesh. For Catholics, be obedient in following the Teaching of the Church by being obedient to the Holy Pontiff. Revere the Holy Mass and receive the Lord in the Holy Eucharist with love and contrite heart. Christians should be courageous and speak out on the controversial issues such as divorce, adultery, abortion, homosexuality, and so on. Only talking about love and forgiveness in general (to be politically correct at the present time) is taking a easy and cowardly way out. It is not a good excuse using the reason of the separation of the Church and State for  not speaking up in favoring the unborn as these issues are not politic but moral and spiritual. Silent Christians are doing the Lord a disservice by remaining silent on the moral issues.

Do not try to alter our destiny by maneuvering on the playing field of the world politics as men shall not succeed in outwitting their Creator but only with the contrite hearts and prayers that we can implore for God's Mercy and Forgiveness in order to lessen the punishments that we all deserve.

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The Lord Judge will say to some of us at the End:
" Away from Me, you cursed, as I do not know you!
Where were you while they killed the least of My brethren"
( Based on Matthew 26: 31-46)
( We can pray for the unborn, speak out against abortion, educate our teenagers, attend pro-life rally, support pro-life organizations, write to Congress and editorial letters,
and vote for pro-life candidates.)