A Catholic Prophecy

The Book of Revelation or Apocalypse Interpreted
on the Present Babylon, Coming Chastisements,World War III, Next Millennium, antichrist, and End of world.



The Chosen Ones, the Children of God

This chapter describes for us what the Heavenly Kingdom shall be like. The faithful who are martyred, endure tribulations and daily crosses with deep faith and love of God, live their lives according to the Gospel, shall be rewarded with the reserved places around God's Throne in Heaven. The Lord Jesus is their Shepherd and their King. With God the Father and the Holy Spirit, He shall rule over them, shall nurture them, shall be the Source of their eternal happiness. Sorrow shall forever be replaced with joy and the faithful shall be in intimate communion with their Creator and Father. They shall sing praises and express their love to the Source of Love, their God.

The faithful are elected among all peoples from all nations, shall be signed with the seal of the living God, shall be protected from evils. But they still have to go through many trials in life, endure persecutions and be affected by Divine Chastisement such as wars and natural disasters as everyone else will. They shall be called the children of the living God, the new Israelites by baptism and by the redemption and love of Christ.

From Verse 9, we know that these children of God are chosen from four corners of the earth, forming a countless multitude. Thus the number 144,000 does not indicate the exact number of the faithful being saved but it rather indicates the population of all twelve tribes of a new Israel, the chosen ones from all four corners of the earth ( 12 x 12 = 144, square or four-cornered shape; " thousand " simply means a multitude, not an exact number ).


The First Round of Chastisements

God's chastisements are measured out from the same Censer which is used to store the prayers of the faithful on earth presented to God. That means that his Chastisements can be lessened or mitigated proportionally to the fervent prayers.

Seven angels are to announce the seven forms of chastisements. The first angel carries out God's Chastisements on the sinful mankind in the form of (wild) fires which shall scorch a third of the earth's surface. The second angel carries out His Judgment in the form of a great comet which shall collide with the earth at sea. The tremendous heat due to the friction with the earth's atmosphere and high speed shall evaporate a tremendous amount of steam and form many clouds which shall alter the earth's climate and affect crops.

The third angel shall announce the Chastisements in the form of firing missiles which carry nuclear or chemical warheads. These weapons shall contaminate many sources of drinking water such as rivers and lakes. The word " Chernobyl " means wormwood in Ukraine language. And coincidentally Chinese missiles were named Silkworm.

The fourth angel shall carry out God's Chastisements in the form of the loss of sunlight which is necessary to sustain crops and all life forms. The loss of sunlight shall probably be due to much rain, clouds, global warming, war-related destruction and pollution, steam generated by the great comet. The amount of sunlight or moonlight shall be reduced to one third of the normal levels which shall result in a great loss of crops and great famines world-wide.


Wars and The Empty Hell without Devils

The fifth angel of the Lord shall announce the fifth form of God's Chastisement: the persecution through the hand of the Antichrist. It was revealed to us that he was the fallen star from Heaven with a superhuman power of seduction who could open the bottomless pit and released the full army of hell. Hell shall be completely emptied during his reign of 3.5 years. His army is the same one which was described in the book of the prophet Joel, an army " crowned " or ordained by God to carry out His Just Judgment. They wear golden crown, have faces of men, long tails, monstrous appearance, and wings as the fallen angels. Today these evil spirits hide under beds to destroy marriages, to entice all sins of promiscuous sexual acts, in one's heart to arouse passion, entice adultery, greed, envy, fornication, murder, and numerous other sins. Their victims shall be dragged into the great furnace with them for eternity. Poor souls shall wish to die but the physical death shall never come because life does not exist no longer in the abyss! These seducers shall have great seducing power and influence for five months or twenty " weeks " or the total of 140 years. These are divided into two distinct periods of 70 years of iniquities each as the prophet Daniel had prophesied: 70 years before the turn of the twentieth century and another 70 years before the coming of the antichrist.

During this last assault on men, the evil army shall actually be led by their king, the prince of Darkness, the begotten son of Satan, the antichrist whose name was called Abaddon in Hebrew, Apollyon in Greek, Exterminan in Latin, and Destroyer in English. His destruction on earth shall be unstoppable and indescribably demonic.

The sixth angel is the angel of wars who prepares for God's Chastisements from the eternal down to the exact appointed hour which only the Lord our God know. The invading forces shall come from the Eastern countries near the great river Euphrates or similar river from the East. Saint John had a vision of many great tank battles or calvary units in which tanks could be seen as lying down lions from the front view. From their "heads", cannon were fired with fire, smoke, and brimstone or the odor of gun powder. These battles shall involve numerous troops inflicting numerous casualties. Twenty countries might fight against ten countries ("twenty thousands times ten thousands"). The power of the "horses" were also in their "tails". These "tails" were the moving chains of tanks which would look like serpents to the seer who had no knowledge of modern technologies and which could inflict many losses of lives by running over soldiers. However, after facing these costly and brutal wars, men still shall not see God's Hand in them, shall not repent from their evils such as murder, abortion, sorceries or occultism and false doctrine, from their fornication's and theft or sin of material gain.


The Mighty Seventh Angel & Prophetic Book

The seventh angel is the mightiest and most significant one who shall announce God's Chastisements. As we shall see in the next chapter, the final chastisement shall come as the reign of terrors of the Antichrist and its aftermath. After this chastisement, all the mysteries of God's Creation and Salvation shall be revealed and made clear to men. However, it is not the End of the world. It was revealed that after the reign of the Antichrist or during the next millennium, God's Providence on earth and the ways of Christian living shall be much different from the present Church. The fact that all the Mysteries of God shall be revealed indicates that Christianity shall be lived out without any ambiguity and with direct communion with the Lord Himself. The future Christians shall be governed and guided directly by the Spirit of God in the most pronounced way.

On his part, the prophet Saint John swallowed the prophetic book which signified that he was given further prophetic insights for the whole world and the additional prophecies were not necessary to be just chastisements from this point on.


The Two Witnesses

The Church shall have to endure her passion just like her Head. This is the period in which the climax of passions of the Church shall take place, with her own crucifixion through the hands of the Antichrist. "A reed like a rod" was the Scepter of our Crucified Lord during His Passion. Likewise, the same measuring sticks for trials shall be used to measure the faith and love of Christians toward their God. The court or the holy City shall be abandoned to the evil spirits and unbelievers for the course of 3.5 years during the reign of the Antichrist. However, he and his followers shall not be able to defile the Temple and Altar of the Lord as both shall be removed from the Holy City ( the seat of Papacy, Rome or another City replacing Rome) and preserved on earth in the hearts and minds of all true believers who still love and worship their God. They probably shall form an underground Church at that time (Apoc 11:1).

God shall send two Apostles of the last days to be the spiritual leaders for the scattering flock. The true believer's spirit shall be uplifted while the unbeliever's heart shall be exposed by them who were prophesied throughout many centuries to be Henoch and Elias or Saint Paul or Peter. Whoever they are, they shall proclaim the Gospel with great zeal, shall call souls to repentance, shall reveal the true identity of the Antichrist, and shall expose the dark evil secrets in the heart and soul of the sinful world. The two witnesses shall live their lives as the true witnesses for the Gospel and sacrifices for their Bridegroom. They shall be the two candlesticks standing before God which symbolize the living theological virtues of Faith and Charity. They shall speak against and condemn evils with the fire of the Holy Spirit. Like Elias or Moses, they shall be allowed to call upon God to chastise the rebellious mankind. The world shall feel uncomfortable with their teachings and shall hate them. However. the world shall not be allowed to harm the two prophets of the last days until an appointed time at which they shall give up their lives to God. The Antichrist or the "beast from the abyss" shall kill them and shall expose their dead bodies in the city of Jerusalem where the Lord was also crucified, and where its name no longer means the City of Peace but the place of fornication's or Sodom and slavery or Egypt. The whole world shall rejoice over their martyrdom's. But the Lord shall resurrect the two martyrs after 3.5 days and their bodies shall be taken to Heaven. At the same time, the Lord shall show the whole world and the Jews that the Antichrist is merely mortal like any other creature by striking him dead and his body shall be burnt in fire. The resurrections of the two prophets and the punishment of the antichrist shall waken many Jews and unbelievers to bring them to repentance and to believe that the true Messiah is our Lord Jesus Christ.

The seventh angel shall sound his trumpet after this period signifying that all mysteries of God's Creation and Salvation have been revealed to men.

In our present century, these two prophets or witnesses cannot be found any where else but the lives of Pope John Paul II and Mother Theresa whose lives are used by God to illustrate to the whole world the true Faith and Charity to the fullest. After they accomplish their tasks on earth, they might give up their lives through their martyrdom's in the hands of the enemies of God as the sacrifices offered to their Bridegroom.


The Labor of the Sun

The woman, closed with the sun and crowned with twelve stars, appeared immediately after the Ark of Covenant had been seen in the Heavenly Sanctuary. The Mother of God is the New Ark who carries our Lord Jesus Christ, who brings our Lord to the world, and in whom the Spirit of God dwells. The woman was clothed with the sun, was enclosed in God's Throne as His Daughter, in God's Heart as His Mother, and in God's Fire as His beloved Spouse. The woman is not venerated due to her own power but through her humility and submission to the Light of the world Whom she carries inside of her. The woman is not only the Mother of God but she was also crowned to be the Mother of all nations, the queen of all twelve tribes of the new Israelites, the chosen children of God.

At the end times, her role in man's salvation is more prominent than ever. She labored to deliver for mankind a ruler who was very firm in his ruling. the Devil wanted to destroy him but he was not able to do so as she would protect her son. This son of hers finally shall be taken up to Heaven after his earthly mission is accomplished. Her son mentioned here is our Holy Pontiff who completely consecrates his life to his mother. He is the one St. Malachi prophesied one thousand years ago as " The Labor of the Sun " in his famous prophecy upon all the future pontiffs. He is Pope John Paul II whose life was once threatened by the Red Dragon. He someday shall be taken up to Heavenly Throne of God by his mother. He is the gift that she brought to us for this troubled time in order to lead us with firmness of the eternal Truth. He is the pillar upon which the Church of the latter days is leaning on. He commands an universal respect from both friends and foes. He is the remaining light for this sinful world who shall rejoice over his martyrdom but at the same time shall plunge further into darkness.

The great spiritual battle is being raised in the apocalyptic time between the heavenly army led by the Queen and her general, St. Michael, along with her children to battle the army of darkness led by the Dragon and his evil cohorts. The Dragon himself shall form a formidable force in which he effectively recruits many kings (stars) to join his camp. However, relying on " the wing of the eagle " or the eternal Truth in the most sublime Gospel of St. John and the help of all her earthly children through their prayers, the Heavenly Queen shall raise a fierce but painful battle against the old serpent and shall "crush his head under her heel " as being prophesied from the beginning of creation (Gen 3:15). At the end her Immaculate Heart shall triumph (Dan 12:8).


The Two Beasts

The two beast mentioned in this chapter are the most powerful angels from hell. The first one is the one who governs the temporal governments and worldly bodies. He is both clever and powerful. He receives his skill of deceit and his strength of destruction from his master, the Red Dragon. He is the deceiver or enticer behind the radical social movements such as humanism, socialism, communism, and feminism. He is behind the denial of God or blasphemy and the unbelief of God or atheism. He controls the worldly powers: military, banking and finance, industries, and societies. He introduces liberal and radical changes into society. He persecutes the believers. He murders the innocents, kill the unborn. He blasphemes God with the practice of homosexuality, fornication, and adultery. He destroys families through divorces. He ruin countries with wars and civil unrest. He exploits the poor with greed. He justifies sins and immoral behaviors with falsehood. The list of this beast's influence on the iniquities of mankind would be quite extensive. At the end, this first beast shall materialize into the person of the Antichrist. He shall carry out all those above-mentioned transgressions and more himself. He shall govern and destroy the whole world within 3.5 years. Men are encouraged not to worship him as anyone who adores the beast shall be condemned in hell forever.

The second beast is the beast disguised as a lamb, the one who corrupts mankind with spiritual falsehood. This beast has the responsibility to destroy the Church of Christ from within. He is the one who entices the religious to commit sins of flesh, to abandon religious life or to become timid in their spiritual discipleship. He entices the religious with worldly attractions, scientific marvels, and heretical teachings. He encourages them to be disobedient to their leader, the pope, and to disregard the Church's sacred Doctrines as outdated or childishly simple. He is behind all heretical reforms, pride, irreverence to the Real Presence, movement toward female priesthood and abolishment of the vow of celibacy. He infiltrates into seminaries with false teachings, questions the essential dogma of Catholicism. The images of this beast shall be able to speak as the false prophets who pave the way for their master, the Antichrist. The second beast shall create the Great Apostasy and Great Schism in the Catholic Church. This beast has only one objective in mind: to succumb the Church to the world , to entice Her to adore the first Beast (Apoc 13:12) or to turn the man of Spirit into the carnal man who concerns only materialistic and carnal matters. The beast on spirituality shall poison human spiritual life, shall transform human souls into the images of the beast. Men shall become beastly beings who were once created according to the Image of God. The ones who deny the teachings of Christ and worship the worldly things shall have beastly characters on their right hands and their foreheads. Our Blessed Mother had said that men would labor for the present carnal world alone and therefore forsook the kingdom of God with the beastly imprint on their hands, would kill and commit many sins with their beastly hands. Likewise, with the devil's seal upon their forehead, men shall have their minds fogged with falsehood and immoral liberalism.

This spiritual beast, not the antichrist, shall be symbolized with the number 666. This is not a metaphor for a name but rather for the supreme evil. The number 6 stands for imperfection in the Scriptural prophetic language. A triple of imperfection implies the Great Evils. Thus the number 666 stands for the extreme demonic character of the Beast and also indicated its spiritual significance. Blessed Mother also revealed to Father Gobbi through locutions that we were now living in an evil era which was on the verge of self-destruction as the number 666 timing thrice equals to 1998.


The Sign of The Time

Are we the wise and prudent virgins who bought oil for their lamps faithfully anticipating the Coming of their Bridegroom or are we the lazy ones who sleep through His Coming (Matthew 25). Do we recognize the signs of the end times in order to change our lives, to repent and to conform to God's Will or we risk not to be included in the Day of the Harvester. That all depend whether we are the wheat or the thistle of the field.

The first sign for the Apocalypse or the Wrathful Day of the Lord is the fact that the eternal Gospel has been preached throughout the whole world (Apoc 14:6). We definitely see that this condition has been met as Christianity has been evangelized through out the world including the continents of Africa and Asia. The Gospel teaches us the right attitude that we should have in preparation for the coming of the Lord, "...fear the Lord, and give Him honor, because the hour of His Judgment is come..."

The second sign is the Great Babylon, the sinful world of whoredom which shall be discussed in greater details in Chapter 17. By the end times, in the "latter days", men shall commit many sins due to fleshy or lustful desires such as fornication, lust, pornography, homosexuality, rape, contraception, abortion, adultery, and so on. These transgressions shall bring men to the lower level of natural man or animal which only live for their physical satisfaction alone. The great Babylon which symbolizes many (Western) nations who commit numerous sins of flesh shall be demolished by God as he did to Sodom and Gomorra. We are now warned: " If any man shall adore the beast and his image, and receive his character in his forehead, or his hands, shall drink the cup of the Lord's Wrath, and shall be tormented in hell forever. Blessed are the ones who have virtue of patience in carrying their daily crosses following the way the Gospel living, who keep the Commandments of God and Faith in Jesus Christ." These are the ones who shall die in the state of Grace, immersed in the Eternal light. They shall rest from " the labor of their hands " for the Lord shall be their Source of nourishment forever.

Another sign for the Apocalypse is the seven last plagues inflicted upon sinful mankind (Chapter 15 and 16).


The Seven Last Plagues

These plagues are the Divine Chastisements inflicting upon many nations during the Apocalypse. " Plague " means a wide-spread, large-scaled disease or bloodshed which shall inflict great physical pain and kill many.

The first plague shall be painful sores upon men . This plague is consisted of unusual and untreatable diseases such as AIDS and cancers. This year more than 500,000 lives shall be lost due to cancers alone.

The second plague shall turn seas into dead seas, fully contaminated with blood, dead bodies of animals and men due to chemical toxic waste, nuclear waste, war, and due to unusually high water temperature.

The third angel shall turn drinking water of rivers and lakes into contaminated and toxic, unfit for human consumption.

The fourth plague shall be global warming. Mankind shall be scorched with fire and high heat, drought, and highly intensified ultra violet light from the sun.

The fifth plague shall be great physical sufferings and sorrows of peoples who live in atheistic and communist countries or " seat of the beast ".

The sixth plague shall be great wars between Western Europe including USA and Eastern countries including China, Russia, and Muslims. The enormous battle of Armageddon shall occur in this period.

The seventh plague is the destruction of all major cities of Gentiles or all major cities in which God does not dwell. Jerusalem shall be shaken and split into three. All sinful Western modern cities or Babylon shall be ruined.

Finally, a great hail shall fall upon the earth but evil men shall be beyond the point of repentance. They shall continue to curse God regardless of His chastisements and even His Hand appear so eminent in those calamities.


The Harlot of the Great Babylon

One of the seven angels, who announces the last plagues which are the punishments due to fornication, describes here the cause of these plagues or sins: the Harlot who sits on many "waters" which represent many nations and races (vs.15). The leaders of many nations on earth also promote fornication and whoredom in their domains. The harlot sits on a "scarlet colored beast full of blasphemies ". One characteristics of the children of the harlot is their blasphemies against God. They acknowledge that God exists but defy Him. The things associated with the harlot such as scarlet color, gold, precious jewelry fit the description of an ancient whore. The Lord revealed to us that Babylon the great was not one city or one country but the whole sinful world. The harlot drinks the blood of the martyrs for Jesus. These martyrs are the innocent martyrs, the aborted babies, who are killed as the holocaust for Satan. Killing the unborn is the greatest, most tragic consequence of the abominable harlotry (vs.6).

" Seven heads " of the beast are the seven kingdoms or empires through out the human history supporting the harlot and her harlotry. These are the likes of Sodom and Gomorra, Babylon, Roman Empire, ancient Greece, and so on. " One is " the present world of the twentieth century with pornography, homosexuality, adultery, and abortion. " One which is not yet to come " is the reign of the antichrist who himself shall have a strong lust for women (vs.10). At the end times, the beast shall be incarnated into the eighth king or the Antichrist, who shall come from the seventh king or the present world powers. He shall come to destroy the world of the harlot (vs.11).

" Ten horns " are the Islamic countries who are hating the harlot, who always consider the Western world as satanic, shall destroy the harlot (vs.16) with wars, shall fight the Lamb or against the Christian troops under the French holy leader and they shall be defeated by our Lord at the end (vs.14). During the reign of the Antichrist, those same countries shall summit themselves to the power of the Evil One (vs.13) according to the Design of God so that the whole sinful world shall be punished for their multitude of transgressions through the brutal oppression and total devastation by the Antichrist, and all prophecies shall be fulfilled (vs.17).


The Fall of The Great Babylon

Babylon the Great is the habitation of the devils, unclean spirits, unclean birds or sexual indecencies. It is also consisted of many nations whose richness comes from international commerce. These all are the characteristics of the modern Western societies.

The Lord had warned mankind to get away from the harlot (vs.4) and to abandon their evil inclinations and sinful practice of sexual desires. Otherwise, we shall receive His Chastisements which He shall measure out against the modern world because our transgressions and because the cries of the aborted unborn and other victims due to human sexual appetites have reached the Heavenly Throne of God (vs.5). The Lord shall chastise the Western societies with death, disease, war, sorrow, famine, and fire from the sky. He shall judge these nations harshly for all the sins they commit especially abortions. He shall turn all modern cities into ashes. They are the towers of Babel and Sodom of the modern world. He shall abolish all modern conveniences which promote apostasy and defiance. He shall eliminate all international trades. Mankind shall endure an economic disaster of unprecedent scale, shall be inflicted with an universal starvation and poverty (vs. 11-18). The destruction shall come suddenly and quickly for " in one hour, she is made desolate " (vs.19). But the children of God, on earth as in heaven, shall feel liberated from all evil bondage, shall rejoice as they realize that the Kingdom of God is at hand. They shall rejoice while witnessing God's Swiftness in bringing down the whole worldly civilization with one single stroke of His Hand. Babylon the Great shall be punished so violently and completely that it shall not be found any more except in memories of the survivors.

The Divine Purification shall be in blood. The unfruitful vines and sour grapes shall be pressed through the Winepress of the Divine Wrath. Mankind shall be crushed and refined through the Great Millstone of their Maker.

After the Divine Infliction upon the harlot are carried out, the destruction shall be so great that the former ways of living which include worldly literature, sexual (rock) music, modern facilities and indecent arts all of which are the idolatries of human hands shall not be found.

But most of all, the greatest form of Chastisements shall be the complete loss of the Divine Wisdom and goodness in men. It shall seem that God abandons mankind to themselves and into evil hands. Men shall kill one another in the most senseless and gruesome ways. They shall become beasts of survival. The Light of the Lamp or the Voice of the Bridegroom shall no longer be heard for a long time (vs.23).


The Next Millennium, the First Resurrection,

and the Consummation

The Dragon, the old serpent of Genesis, the Devil, or Satan shall be bound and confined in hell for "thousand" years or for another millennium which was prophesied by Nostradamus and by other ancient prophecies to be about 1500 years long. Satan shall be dragged down to hell by a "great chain" which, according to Blessed Mother's locutions to Father Gobbi, is consisted of many frail rosaries from the faithful. The Holy Rosary is forever one of the most powerful weapon which Satan fears the most. It can paralyze him and diminish his dominion over men. It can be used to save our souls and the souls of others through the perfect intercession of our Lady for the Divine Grace. The Holy Rosary can bring about the universal conversion of individuals and the world, can save marriages, restore faith in parishes and in nations. It is sorely needed in this period of spiritual dryness. That is the reason why Satan and his followers are weakening the Church by trying very hard to discredit this holy and magnificent devotion and to dishonor the role of our Blessed Mother (vs.1). Through much blood and tears and numerous appearances, she implores us to love God and one another, to come back to Him with a contrite heart, to pray and pray for ourselves and for sinners, especially by attending Mass, fasting, and family rosaries. Otherwise, we shall struggle much to escape from the hands of the evil one.

The First Resurrection shall take place after the reign of the antichrist. The Lord shall reward all the martyrs who had died for Christ and for the Word of God, by raising them up first to live and reign in Heaven with Him through out the next millennium. The rest of the departed faithful and the dead shall be resurrected at the end of the world or after the next millennium. The "second" or the eternal death shall have no power over the resurrected ones as they shall receive the eternal life in a glorious body. The resurrected martyrs shall be "priests" for Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus. That might mean that they shall shepherd the faithful on earth in spirit or simply mean that they shall belong to a blessed group in Heaven. The Lord Jesus shall be among us the faithful in Spirit which means in the most intimate way just as He was with His Apostles and disciples after His Resurrection (vs.6).

At the end of the next millennium or about 3800AD, Satan shall be loosened for a short time once more to tempt mankind as men again shall turn away from God. This period of final chastisements might be shorter than the one we are now enduring during this twentieth and the next century. It probably shall not last longer than 70 years (vs.3). Satan shall be incarnated into a human body. He shall rule the earth for 3.5 years right before the End of the world. He is another "abomination upon desolation" mentioned by the prophet Daniel. He shall carry out the Wrath of God, the "consummation" upon the earth and upon its inhabitants. Even the antichrist would shudder at Satan's brutalities and demonic creativity. His followers shall be numerous as the sand of the sea as the evils in the world at that time shall reach the ultimate climax. The faithful who shall live together in small communities or "camps" at that time shall be protected by our Risen Lord Himself from their outnumbering enemies. At the end, the Devil and his disciples: the beast or the antichrist, the false Prophet or the heretics and schismatics who propagate falsehood shall be cast into hell fire and endure endless torments for eternity. And the Lord Jesus, Who sits on the white Throne, shall glance at the desolate earth and its heaven with sadness and they shall cease to exist. The Lord God Who can create all things with His Thought alone can also make them vanish with a wink of His Eye.

And the dead starting with Adam and Eve shall be resurrected with new bodies, some glorious and radiant and some darkened and filthy. The holy Scripture identifies that all the dead shall come from three places: "sea", "death", and "hell". Two of these three places which imprison souls might be the Purgatory and Hell. All shall stand in front of the Judge Lord to receive their sentences. All shall be judged, not according to a "dead' faith but to a living one, in the other words, according to their works and efforts during their lifetime which shall be recorded with their entirety in the "books" (To be saved by our belief in Jesus the Lord does not mean that we are not required to make reparations for our past sins by prayers , hard works, or other forms of penance's. Who believes that Jesus is truly God more than Satan himself but he is not saved! It is a fallacy to tell the believers that they are automatically saved regardless of the way they live their lives or to tell them that every deceased Christian will go straight to Heaven after he dies). The damned whose names are not recorded in the Book of life shall be cast into the pool of the eternal fire forever. This is the second Death.


At the End of the world and the beginning of the heavenly Kingdom, God shall create the new heaven and the new earth. And the "sea" of anguish or the abyss of darkness and lamentations shall no longer exist. The Garden of Eden or Paradise shall be given to men again. It shall be called the Holy City of God, the Heavenly Jerusalem prepared from all eternity as the bride for her Bridegroom, the Lord of lords Jesus Christ.

God shall dwell among men, His own children. There shall exist jubilant joy and happiness only. There shall be no more sorrow, suffering, and death. Men shall live forever in their immortal bodies which shall be nurtured solely by the Water of Life. They shall eat from the Tree of Life, not from the toils of their hands. Men shall be called the sons of God, and God their Father.

The Gate of the Heavenly City shall be closed to the unclean spirits and the children of the evil one who are liars, atheists, the defiled, apostates, the abominable, adulterers, fornicators, idol worshipers, blasphemers, and so on. In the Paradise, the Lord shall be its Illumination. We shall see our God face to Face. There shall be no more darkness in one's heart or his surroundings.

In the latter days, the Lord shall send His servants to reveal all these things that His people need to know to get done (Apoc 22:6) and done quickly. He is calling for the conversion of heart as the time is at hand. "Blessed is he that keepth the words of the prophecy of this book (of the apocalypse)".

Pay heed to the prophetic warnings of the Book. Adore God and not the idols of human hands, be just to be justified; be holy to be sanctified; "wash one's robe with the Blood of the Lamb" to be saved; obtain good works to be rewarded accordingly; avoid filthy "dogs", evil worshippers, unchaste, murderers, idol worshippers, deceivers to enter the Holy City of God.

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May the Lord bless you. Thank you.

June 5th of 1997

The Lord Judge will say to some of us at the End:
" Away from Me, you cursed, as I do not know you!
Where were you while they killed the least of My brethren"
( Based on Matthew 26: 31-46)
( We can pray for the unborn, speak out against abortion, educate our teenagers, attend pro-life rally, support pro-life organizations, write to Congress and editorial letters,
and vote for pro-life candidates.)