Notes from your Web-servant (9/7/02):

I know that many of you just like myself at the beginning, very skeptical about Nostradamus, but PLEASE read on.
World War III is coming with Russia, Iran, Muslims, China will destroy the whole world in engaging with Western nations in combats relying both conventional and weapons of mass destruction. Russia-Muslim forces shall attack Europe, destroy totally Rome ,Italy, and France. China and US will fight to the last men. PLEASE READ AND TELL THEM!!!

NOSTRADAMUS: Prophecies of Our Century
Invocation of the law against the inept critics:
Those who read these verses,
Let them consider with mature mind.
The profane, vulgar, ignorant need not to be attracted.
All astrologers, fools, barbarians, do not draw near.
 He who acts otherwise will be cursed according to the rite.
( Nostradamus 1555 AD )
To understanding the meanings of Nostradamus's prophecies,
one has to be guided by the Holy Spirit, has to be an obedient and devout Catholic,
one has to have a deep devotion to Our Lady,
and one has to be knowledgeable of the ancient Catholic prophecies,
as Nostradamus's writings include many prophecies before and after his time
for OUR CENTURY or the END TIMES alone.


 Seated at night in secret study
 Meditate alone upon brass tripod
A small flame leaps out from solitude
Makes me pronounce what not in vain.

Rewritten: Seated at night in my private study / Meditate alone on the glorious Trinity / The divine flame leaps out of calmness / Grant me wisdom to pronounce what not in vain.

Comment: Nostradamus's prophecy is the gift from the Holy Spirit, not occultism or witchcraft.

With the Divine Scepter,
He blesses my limb and foot,
Fearful, I tremble and wait,
Divine Splendor, the Divine presence nearby.

Comment: The Lord or His messenger blessed Nostradamus's hands and feet before he wrote down the prophecies. He was awe-struck by the heavenly visitor.

When trash is whirled around by strong wind,
When they cover their face with cloaks,
Then the republic will be troubled by new people,
Then white and red will misjudge each other.

Comment:  Trash is only blown around in our modern cities due to urbanization. When the radical Islams become dominant and widespread ( women cover their faces with turban ), then the Republic or US will be troubled with a new kind of war or enemies. Eventually a mistrust plus mis-calculation between Western and communist countries will lead to World War III.

In the whole world there shall be one monarch,
Whose life and peace shall be short-lived,
Then the Fishing Boat will be lost,
It will be reigned to the greatest detriment.

Comment: After the WW III, the whole world will be united and governed by King Henry, the second Holy Roman Emperor since Charlemagne the Great. Unfortunately, the peace under his reign will be short-lived as he soon dies after the war.
After Henry's death, the whole world and the Church or Papacy will be thrown into turmoil. Rome will be run by heretics or the enemy of the Church.

How often you will be captured, O city of the Sun,
You have changed to vain and barbaric laws,
When evil times grow near, you will become more dependant,
The great Henrie will restore your vein.

Comment: The City of the Sun is Paris as France was once consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ (the Sun or Sol). During war-time, French people will turn back to God ( be more dependant ). The great leader Henry will lead his nation back to true Catholicism after WW III.

From the East shall come a Punic (treacherous) heart,
To trouble Henrie and Italy,
Accompanied by Libyan fleet,
Malta and islands will tremble and be emptied.

Comment: Muslim and Russian forces will invade France and Italy. Malta and neighboring islands will be occupied by Libya.

In perfect coordination and swiftness,
Naples, Leon, Sicily will be invaded,
Swords, fires, waters, then the noble Romans,
Drowned, killed, dead due to clouded head.

Comment: Russians and Muslims will conquer Europe or France and Italy with surprise and swiftness. Weapon, fire, and flood will kill many including clergy ( noble Romans) who bring tragedy upon themselves because of their heretical and false thoughts.

In prison by their princes and lords,
The Slavic people will request for songs and books,
In future, they shall become idiots without heads,
While they recite their divine prayers.

Comment: Nostradamus prophesied the emergence of communism in Russia which has become atheistic nation.

Mars threatens with the force of war,
Seventy times he will cause bloodshed,
Increases the ruin for the Clergy,
And more for those who disregard the Church’s teaching.

Comment: Clergy will suffer more and more as more wars occur, simply due to the disregard toward human life and disrespect toward the religious. Those who are not concerned with religion or the Church’s Teaching will suffer most. This also hold true for those nations practicing evil and are abandoning their Christian roots like France and Italy.

When both Saturn and Mars transiting toward Sagittarius,
At their highest ascendance,
Plague, famine, and death through military hands,
The century approaches a renewal.

Comment: Saturn or Sun stands for Jesus Christ or God and Mars for war. Thus, when the Lord exerts His Judgment on this sinful world, wars shall cause plague, famine, and widespread death. This will occur around the beginning of the 21th century.

For forty years the rainbow will not appear,
For forty years it will be seen daily,
The parched earth will be drier,
And great deluge will follow.

Comment: Extreme weather or climate was predicted here. The areas suffered the most from drought will have to endure the following flood afterwards. Forty years here was spoken figuratively, not precisely.

Due to French discord and negligence,
A passage to Mohammed will be opened,
Blood soaks the earth and Italian sea,
And the port of Marseilles is full of ships.

Comment: With French support Muslim forces grow stronger or economic embargo is not effective. French will pay a heavy price with their blood when their navy is defeated in Mediterranean Sea by Muslim forces. French navy will depart Marseilles heading toward Italian coast and will be ambushed by numerous speedy boats equipped with antiship missiles in a foggy night.

When the serpents encircle the altar,
French blood is vexed by Spain,
By them, many will perish,
The chief flees hiding in swamps.

Comment: When the Devil infiltrates into the interior of the Church meaning the present time we are living in, or when France lose her Faith, Spain with a large Muslim population will surrender to the incoming Muslim invaders, join forces to attack France. French leaders will retreat from the southern France.

A white substance rock or salt support,
Will emerge from the deep like milk,
Perplexed and troubled people dare not touch,
Did not know there is a milky substance underground.

Comment: Nuclear radioactive waste will one day contaminate the area on the surface of the burial desert.

A new modern city being condemned,
The bird of prey (Henry) offers himself to Heaven,
After victory, he pardons prisoners,
After Italy being much suffered.

Comment: Modern cities will be completely destroyed by God after Three Days of Darkness and after the WW III. Commander Henry of the Western Allies will pardon all prisoners as a good will gesture to bring peace to the world, and as he realizes WW III is truly the Divine Judgment which we bring upon ourselves and in which all of us take part.

Lost and found again after many centuries,
Pasteur will be honored a  demi-god,
When the moon complete her great cycle,
He will be dishonored by another ancient wind.

Comment: In 16th century, Nostradamus already realized that germs caused illness and plague. Many centuries later, Pasteur discovered the same. After the 20th century, homeopathic remedies will replace the modern medicine pioneered by Pasteur.

The tower of Bouk shall fear Muslim fleet,
Along time after the Western fleet will come,
Cattle, people, and goods all receive great damage,
Taurus and Libra, what a deadly quarrel!

Comment: The tower resembling an open Book (Bouk) will fear the incoming Muslim aircraft. Can this be the World Trade Center in NY. Afterwards, the Western fleet will arrive at Mediterranean Sea. Many people will die by WW III. Libra symbolizes a nation governed by law and order which Nostradamus used time and time again to indicate USA. And Taurus, the opposite astrological sign to Libra symbolizes China here. China and US will engage in a blood conflict in which Chinese will fight to the last man.

A strange ship tormented in the sea,
Shall come near an unknown port,
Notwithstanding the prophetic signs,
It shall die, be plundered, a good advice shall come too late.

Comment: French or American aircraft carriers and ships will be sunk by Muslim navies who use much cruder means such small speedy boats ambushing them near Italian sea port. This strategy works well in the narrow place such as Mediterranean or Persian Gulf. Nostradamus’s prophetic advice will not be heeded until it is too late.

So many years war shall last in France,
Beyond the course of Castilian monarch,
An uncertain victory three great ones shall crown,
The eagle, cock, moon, lion, sun in it mark.

Comment: Many battles shall take place on French soil for many years. The second line indicated about 30 years. France, Britain, and US will claim the final victory but it seems as a loss. “Sun in it mark” means “at the end or the conclusion of the Divine Chastisement” which will involve US or eagle, France or cock, Muslims or moon, and England or lion.

The great empire will soon change place,
For a better place, it will grow in size,
Very tiny place of a small account,
In the middle of it, he will lay down his scepter.

Comment: After WW III, France will replace USA as the world leader even it is much smaller in size and power. French leader Henry shall die in a small town in France.

The birds of prey shall fly left for six months,
Before the conflict in France,
Some shall consider it as a good omen, for the others an ambiguous one,
The minority party shall rejoice in it.

Comment: Before the war take place in France, birds will migrate West for many months. This might mean WW III will reach France in winter months.

Too late a monarch will repent,
Of not finishing his adversary,
But he will consent to a higher goal,
Through it, he will waste all his blood.

Comment: President Bush Senior regretted for not finishing Saddam Hussein. But it is a destiny designed by God as his son, President Bush Junior has to invade Iraqi soil alter to finish the job, but the price will be much higher. This shall trigger the Divine Justice in the form of  World War III.

Shortly before the sun sets,
Battle is given, with the outcome in doubt,
Foiled, marine port makes no answer,
A bridge and a sepulcher, two strange places.

Comment: Before the end of the Divine Chastisement or WW III, the decisive battle will take place on land. This might be a great battle Armageddon in which no clear victor emerges.

The sun and the eagle will be victorious,
A vain answer shall be made to the vanquished,
Arm assault cannot be stopped,
Peace can be achieved only through death.

Comment: World War III will go on until total destruction on both sides. Prayers from unrepentant sinners will go unanswered. But at the end, the victory will belong to Jesus Christ (the sun) and His Gospel (the eagle).

The false trumpet played with madness,
Causes Byzantium to change laws,
From Egypt one will go forth even he wants to withdraw,
The edict affects money and gold standards.

Comment: The Islamic extremists will dominate the entire Muslim countries by bringing their revolution to the streets with loud speakers (trumpet). They will take over Turkey and Egypt reluctantly join rank. the Arab Pact or edict of united Muslim countries will create a great instability in Wall street, eventually causes inflation and economic collapse in many countries.

The tenth of April in Gothic count,
Resurrected by evil doers,
The fire of Divine Spirit will be extinguished,
A diabolical assembly seeks bones of Devilish Psellus.

Comment: Witchcraft and magic or New Age occultism will make a comeback as Faith is weakened.

Before the change of empire occurs,
One marvelous event will come,
In the field will a pillar of precious stones be placed,
Upon the rocky chalky cliff.

Comment: Before France becomes the world leader, a divine manifestation will take place as a monument being placed on a certain cliff by God.

For a short time, idolatry sacrifices shall return,
Who refuses shall be put to martyrdom,
There shall be no monks, abbots, or novices,
Honey shall be more valuable than wax.

Comment: Under the occupying control of the foreign invaders, people are forced to worship idols or false gods. the true believers who refuse shall be put to death. Materialistic gain  which is reduced to the necessities of a mere survival is encouraged over the spiritual life.

By Auch, Lectoure, and Mirande,
Great fire from the sky for three nights,
A stupendous but wonderful event,
Shortly afterwards the earth will tremble.

Comment: Fire in the sky or meteor shower will illuminate the south west regions of France for three nights in the row. Shortly afterwards, France will be invaded by Russian and Muslim forces.

The speeches in Leman Lake (Geneva) become agitated,
Some last for days, extended into weeks,
Then months, then into years, and finally all fail,
The magistrates shall lament their vain laws.

Comment: The inter national meetings held in Geneva fail to bring peace to the trouble regions or the international court in Geneva fail to prosecute war crime criminals.

Twenty year reign of Muslims shall pass,
then after seven thousands years, a similar reign shall emerge,
That is when the sun gathers up its days,
Then everything will come to an end and his prophecies be fulfilled.

Comment: Muslim forces shall conquer Europe for twenty years. Before the end of the world, around 3800AD, the earth will have to endure another evil period. Then it is the time for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ who will gather His harvest. The human history will last for the total of 8000 years. “Seven” in the prophetic language simply signify a completion.

Long, long before the end of the world,
China of the East thanks to the Muslim conquerors,
In the year of 2025AD, shall mobilize a great army,
Shall subjugate mostly northern section or Russian land.

Comment: Russia cannot sustain the momentum as WW III will drain its resources away. By the year of 2025AD, China will occupy most Siberia region from Russia adjacent to China.

By the aquatic triplicity, one nation is born,
Thursday shall be his holiday,
His fame, praise, reign, and power shall grow,
By land and sea, he will tempest the East.

Comment: USA is surrounded by three seas, designates Thursday as the national holiday called Thanksgiving. This country shall become a superpower, controlling the aggression from the eastern countries such as Russia, Muslims, Japan, and finally China.

Jupiter and Saturn in confrontation,
Eternal God, a spiritual struggle,
With bad times returning after a long century,
France and Italy, what a commotion!

Comment: Man (Jupiter) and God (Saturn) engage in a confrontation as God allowed Satan one century to tempt mankind. France and Italy will suffer most with many battles on their soils.

How much a great people tormented,
And the holy law in total ruin,
By pagan laws, Christianity is governed,
And a new source of wealth will be found.

Comment: In our century, the Church’s teaching is neglected. Most Christian countries are no longer governed based on Catholic or Christina principles while materialism through newly-found wealth such as stock and bond is emphasized.

Two revolutions caused by the Death,
Makes a complete permutation in reign and centuries,
The Libra’s scale of justice is so meddled,
Inclined equally to both sides.

Comment: The devil enticed two major revolutions: French and communist, affecting all humanity for years. One of the consequences is the birth of distorted justice system or democracy in which there is two extremes, left-wing and right-wing, and everything eventually tolerated, governed by the majority rule. There is no more moral standards and absolute truth of the Divine and natural laws.

Due to the opposite Babylonian climate,
there will be a great deal of bloodshed,
Heavenly mercy seems withdrawn from land, sea, and air,
Sects, famine, kingdoms, plagues, confusion.

Comment: When the world become confused and sinful with sexual pleasures (Babylonian ), then there will be wars on land, sea, and air. The divine chastisement will be metered out in many forms: occults, famine, annihilation of countries, plagues, the loss of faith, and so on.

Sooner or later there will be great changes,
Extreme horrors and persecutions,
The Muslims will be led by their arch-angel,
Heaven will incline to cover its face.

The world will be completely ruined or changed when the Muslims led by their spiritual principality to carry out wars with numerous atrocities committed. It would appear that God had abandoned mankind to themselves.

Joint in the belly, it shall be born with tow heads,
And four arms, shall live for few years,
the day Aquila celebrates his feast,
Fossan, Turin, the chief of Ferrara shall run away.

Comment: When we witness the wonder of modern medicine by which a Siamese twin can be separated, Muslims shall invade Italy while US celebrates its feast day, the Fourth of July. And this year 2002, medical circles have been very successful in operating on Siamese twins. The Pope John Paul II will have to flee from Rome (the chief of Ferrara).

The exiles are carried to the Islands,
By the most cruel monarch,
They shall be murdered and burnt,
Because they do not spare their speech.

Comment: Christians, Jews, Clergy who do not denounce their faith will be sent to the concentration  camps in Malta and neighboring islands for mass exterminations after the Muslim forces to capture the southern Europe and all Mediterranean coasts.

The scourge passed, the world made smaller,
Peace for a long time, land inhabited again,
Every one travel by air, land, sea,
Then wars will begin again.

Comment: there will be a long period of peace after the first two world wars, then there will be wars again.

The great mountain encompasses seven stadia,
After peace, war, famine, flooding,
Shall spread far, drowning many countries,
Even ancient landscapes to their foundations.

Comment: Seven stadia equals to 4247 feet. A comet with such a circumference will fall into the earth destroying many nations. The chronological order is flooding, famine, war, then peace, and finally asteroid. Right after WW III ends, an asteroid will arrive, and probably will land in the Mediterranean Sea, wiping out many coastal lands. And you will see later Greece as a nation shall become extinct.

Rain, famine, war in Persia shall not cease,
Too great the trust shall betray the monarch,
Ended there but conceived in France,
A secret omen for one who shall die.

Comment: Natural disasters and wars continue in Iran. Ayatollah Hominy directed a revolution overthrowing the Shah of Iran while being exiled in France. In 1978, Hominy started the revolution. In 1979, he enticed the rebels inside Iraq with a series of  terrorist bombing in Iraq, and the Iran-Iraq war began costing  close to million Iranian lives who otherwise might have a second thought about their new dictatorial regime. It is a convenient way to eliminate the intellectual but potentially political opponents to the Islam. An hidden omen indeed.

Due to neglect, France will be assaulted on five fronts,
Tunis and Algeria stirred up by Persians,
Leon, Seville, Barcelona yielded,
There will be no fleet from Italy.

Comment: Iran will stir up Islamic extremists from Northern Africa including ones in Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt. France will be attacked from five fronts, possibly: Russians from North-Eastern Europe and from Italy, Muslims from the south, from Spain and from the sea. French navy stationed in Marseilles will mostly be destroyed in Mediterranean Sea near Italy, will never return to protect its homeland.

After a retardation, they shall sail toward Epirus,
The great aid shall come to Antioch,
The black curly hairy one will try hard for the empire,
The brazen barbarian to be roasted on a pit.

Comment: After along series of defeats to the Eastern Alliance, the Western Alliance finally shall turn the tide of battles by liberating Western Europe, then coming to rescue Greece from Muslim occupying forces. The Allied commander will be a French general named Henry who has a black curly hair. During the pursuit of the retreating Muslims, they burnt alive the supreme Muslim commander who probably gets fired upon.

From the sixth celestial splendor,
Trumpet thundering much in Burgundy,
A monster shall be born from the hideous beast,
March, April, May, June shall be great quarrelling and wounding.

Comment: When the sixth angel of the Apocalypse blows the trumpet, the Divine Chastisement shall begin in earnest with WW III. An evil  leader who shall alter start the world war and who was incarnated from the devil, will emerge on the political scene after a period of political turmoil lasting several month up to July. This leader will be appointed  to lead his country (Russia, Iran, or China?) some time after the month of June. Putin of Russia was officially appointed to be the Prime Minister after along period of turmoil at the very beginning of August of 1999. Remember this important date, so important that Nostradamus actually spelled it out it detail meaning it is exact date, not a figurative one.

Among the human flock nine shall be set aside,
Divided in judgment and counsel,
Their destiny is to divide,
Kappa, Theta, Lambda, dead, banished, scattered.

Comment: This prophesied on the US Supreme Court, a divisive institution which only leads the society to death through interpreting or inventing laws according to modern  cultural standards, not based on the original spirit of the laws.

When the columns of timber tremble greatly,
By the strong wind and covered with fire red,
A great multitude shall be dislocated,
And Vienna and Austria shall tremble.

Comment: Austria and many other places shall be in flame by wild fires due to a prolonged drought.

The strange race shall divide booty,
Saturn in Mars shall gaze furious,
Horrible to the Tuscans and Latins,
Grecians shall be reluctant to strike.

Comment: The divine chastisement by wars or Saturn in Mars shall take place. Muslim and Russian invaders shall ransack properties and kill many Italians (Tuscans) and Clergy ( latins). Greece (Grecians) will take side of Russians but she is also cautious of the Muslims.

When the queen sees herself vanishing,
Will exercise with masculine courage,
On the horse, she will pass the river naked,
With a sword, she will outrage her faith.

Comment: During the 20th century allotted by God, feminism movement was emerged. Pornography and sex are used as their tools. This movement causes the moral decay and the loss of Faith.

Fire from the center of the earth,
Shall tremble the tower of a New City,
Two great rocks have been at war a long time,
Then (Areth)USA shall cover with a red river of lava.

Comment: A great earthquake will occur in a modern city with many tall building. The last verse indicates that it will take place in US, probably in California where the San Andreas Fault (two rocks) have been sliding over each other for a long time.

All from Lerida (Spain) shall be in Moselle,
Many die around Loire and Sein,
The water current will reach high wall,
when Spain opens all their vein.

Comment: Great widespread flood in Europe shall force Spain to open up her border allowing her citizens to invade France which also suffer greatly with flood itself.

The Gods shall indicate to mankind,
That they are authors of the great conflict,
The serene sky shall be covered with sword and lance,
The one on the left shall suffer greater affliction.

Comment: World Wars are the consequences of the spiritual battles, a manifestation of the Divine Justice. Battles in the air with airplanes and missiles are prophesied here. The leftist or communist countries suffer the most. The last line about communists indicates that this prophecy is about the war to come or WW III. Men still believe they control their destiny as they do not recognize the Hand of God in all the world events.

Under one man peace will be with clemency to all,
But not long before plundering and rebellion,
Because of a refusal, town, land and sea will be attacked,
A third of a million dead or captured.

Comment: Saddam Hussein will act like a supreme being bringing peace to his people. But because his refusal to allow the UN weapon inspectors in, Iraq will be attacked  by US. The Iraqi casualties amount to around 300,000 dead.

At Port Selin a tyrant will be put to dead,
But liberty is not recovered,
More new wars due to vengeance and remorse,
Lady of fear shall be honored.

Comment: Port Selin is Constantinople. Civil and military authorities shall be overthrown  in Turkey by Islamic fundamentalists. Internally civil wars will occur and women lifestyle shall be made into an issue.

In front of a monastery, a twin child is found,
He is born from a monk and an ancient,
His fame through sect, tongue, and power,
One will say Vospique is highly praised.

Comment: Vospique comes from the Latin word vospiscus or the healthy survivor of a set of twins. this quatrain comes right after the previous one about turkey might indicate that this charismatic famous person might come from this region. The antiChrist is long prophesied to be an illegimate child of an abbot or a monk and a prostitute. He is begotten by the ancient devil himself. He shall be adored through his powerful speech and occultic religion and successful military background.

He who is the Destroyer,
Changes churches and religions with fantasies,
Shall do more harm to stones than to living things,
He fills up ears with smooth talking.

Comment: This is the continuation of the previous quatrain. The antiChrist is the arch-angel of the abyss, called Abaddon or Apollyon meaning the Destroyer (Rev. 9:11). He shall destroy many cities but leaving the country-side or wilderness intact. The antiChrist shall turn heretic as he replaces the Church’s teaching with the fanciful New Age thinking, worshipping nature instead of God.

What cannot be accomplished with gun or fire,
Shall be done by a smooth tongue in a council,
The king shall contemplate on his dreams,
Putting more enemies through fire and military bloodshed.

Comment: The antiChrist will lead one-world government. He communicates with the Devil, his master and father, through dreams in designing schemes of terror.

The great monarch shall form a company,
With two kings united by friendship,
Oh what a fight their troops create,
Around Narbonne how pitifully children shall suffer.

Comment: Russia shall form an alliance with China and Iran to fight the Western countries. The southern France or Rhone River valley shall be devastated by Muslim invaders through Spain and Marseilles. French children in this region shall suffer much, probably due to the weapon of mass destruction and missiles.


Toward Aquitaine the British shall attack,
By the same parties shall make great incursions,
Rain and frost make the ground treacherous,
They shall make strong invasion on Muslim port.

Comment: The Allied force led by the British shall attack into French territory. By winter, they shall counter-attack the retreating Muslim force. The tide of the war has turned as they will conquer Muslim territories around the Mediterranean Sea.

Heat of the sun beats upon the sea,
By a black bridge fish shall be half-cooked,
Local residents will slice fish open,
When Rhodes and Genoa demand biscuit.

Comment: The temperature of the earth shall rise so much that the maritime system shall be disrupted with fish dying. The black bridge indicates that it is a metallic bridge of our modern time. Food shall be scarce.

From Monaco to Sicily,
All the coast shall be desolate,
There shall be no city or town,
That the Muslims do not pillage and violate.

Comment: The southern Europe, most France and Italy, mostly along the coastal areas, shall be destroyed by the Muslim invaders.

Near the port between two cities,
Two scourges, unlike anything before, shall occur,
Famine and plague within, people will be killed by sword,
They cry for help to the immortal God.

Comment: Palestines in West Bank and Gaza strip will suffer greatly.

Temples consecrated in the early Roman rituals,
They will reject the shaky foundation,
Applying the first humanistic laws,
They will eliminate most the veneration of the saints.

Comment: The decay of the catholic Church takes place when the Holy Mass turns into the paganistic rituals, when the teaching of the Church and Traditions are abandoned, replaced with the humanistic precepts.

Before long, everything will be arranged,
We await a very sinister century,
The conditions of the celibate clergy  have greatly changed,
Not many will want to stay in their places.

Comment: Everything is already planned by God Who gave the Satan the 20th century or 100  years to tempt mankind. The holiness of the Clergy is diminishing and there is a shortage of religious vocation.

Their eyes closed but open to antique fantasy,
The habit of the solitary ones (monks) shall be discarded,
The great monarch shall chastise their frenzy,
For ravishing earthly treasure instead of God’s House.

Comment: Blinded, the Clergy will be influenced by the world. They will live a materialistic life and no longer wear their religious habits. The new orthodoxical Pope shall make many reforms to revive the holiness in priesthood and religious life.

The body without soul no longer sacrificed,
Day of death shall be day of birth,
The Divine Spirit will make the soul rejoice,
Seeing the Word in all eternity.

Comment: This describes a saintly soul right after death. After death, he no longer offers God his sacrifice but rejoices to be with the Word of God or his Lord Jesus Christ forever. His death shall be his rebirth into the eternal life.

A short time before a monarch is murdered,
Castor and Pollux, and a comet,
Public treasure by land and sea looted,
Pisa, Asti, Ferrara, Turin, forbidden lands.

Comment: Castor and Pollux are Gemini twins, here indicate John Paul I and II. Comet Halley appeared in 1986. It was rumored that the short-lived JP I was poisoned. After the reign  of JP II, Muslim invaders shall occupy and loot Italian lands of all its national treasures.

Brothers and sisters are captive in various places,
They shall pass before a monarch,
Who shall look at them with attentive eyes,
Unpleasant marks on their chin, forehead, and nose.

Comment: Jews were enslaved and terminated by German Nazis or the Christian prisoners being examined by the antiChrist or a Muslim leader in a concentration camps.

An ambassador is sent in a small ship,
Midway he is repulsed by unknown men,
With haste, to his rescue come four ships,
Ropes and chains shall be carried to Black Sea.

Comment: A French ambassador or envoy is sent to Italy to resolve a conflict but he is captured by terrorists. French navy departing from Marseilles to rescue him is ambushed near Italian  coast and the ship debris are towed to the Black Sea (Negropont).

The ineffective Camp of Europe breaks apart,
Shall gather near a submerged island,
The Arton (N-a-t-o) fleet shall be dissolved,
Center of the world  substituted with a greater voice.

Comment: Europe becomes divisive partly due to the uncooperative England which shall be flooded. United Nation shall increase in influence while NATO diminishes its role as the world police.

Hungry beasts will go cross the rivers,
Most of the battle field shall be against Hister,
Into an iron cage he will be confined,
When the children of Germany shall observe nothing.

Comment: Most of the Allied Force fought against Hitler’s force. He himself died in an iron bunker. He  had brain-washed the whole generation of the German children into mad and brutal Nazis.

The Divine Word shall be restrained in Heaven,
One will not proceed further,
The revelation, the secret shut away,
They will walk over and fall into the dungeon.

Comment: Our Lord Jesus Christ shall yield to the Divine Justice of His Father. The Holy Spirit and his prophecies will also be withdrawn. The unrepentant sinners continue to walk right into the eternal damnation.

One who takes the surname of the Prophet,
Shall take Diana (Monday) as the day of rest,
He shall wander far with his raving head,
Delivers a great people into subjection.

Comment:  Germany sounds closely to Jeremiah, the prophet’s name. It will create three-days weekend for workers. The skin-head radicals were originated from Germany and spread far.  Germany invaded France ( a great people to Nostradamus ) and occupied it during WW I and II.

One from the East shall come out of his seat,
Go across the Apennines Mountain  to see France,
He shall fly through the air, water, and snow,
And strike everyone with his rod.

Comment: Iranian and Muslim forces shall conquer Italy, then shall strike France by crossing the Alps on foot, reach Marseilles by sea, and bombard it with weapon of mass destruction through the air.

One shall cause the infernal gods of Annibal,
To be reborn to terrorize all mankind,
There was never more horror even in the ill days,
It happens because of the Babel by the Romans.

Comment: The ancient Annibal once attacked Rome. WW III shall happen with Rome and Paris being completely ruined. It happens because of the sin of mankind plus the loss of Faith which started with the new Mass celebrated in different languages (Babel) by the Clergy (Romans.)

In two inns at night the fire will break out,
Many will be suffocated and roasted,
Near two rivers, it will happen certainly,
Sol, Arc, and Caper (goat or cape) all mortified.

Comment: Sol is Sun or God, Arc is crescent or Muslims, caper in Latin is goat or here cape for the Pope. Pope JP II will flee from Italy to Southern France where he himself and his companions shall be killed  in the region between two rivers.

A year before the Italian conflict,
German, French, Spanish united for the show of force,
The school house of the republic shall collapse,
Except a few, all shall be suffocated to death.

Comment: Before Muslims invade Italy, the building in US shall collapse (World Trade Center).  Nostradamus always used the word “republic”  to imply America. After September 11th of 2001, NATO represented here by three of its members, German, French, and Spanish, showed a unity by a strong condemnation on that act of terrorism.

Shortly afterwards, not a long time,
By land and sea, a great tumult will be made,
The naval battles will be greater than ever,
Fire and animals shall create great affront.

Comment: This is the continuation of the previous quatrain. Shortly after September 11th, WW III shall take place, marked by many greatest naval battles around Mediterranean Sea in which Western forces shall suffer great losses by the smaller Muslim navy. “Fire an animals” was used here to describe the modern weapons which were not fully understood by Nostradamus.

The great star shall burn for seven days,
The cloud shall make two suns appear,
The big do shall howl all night,
When the great Pope shall change land.

Comment: Comet Hale-Bopp appeared for many days in 1997. The cloud formation shall create a halo around the sun. The big dog howling indicates a great tragic event or a period of time. Pope JP II shall have to flee Rome upon the Muslim invasion. A continuation of the previous quatrains.

During the time the bearded star appears,
The three great princes shall become enemies,
Struck by Heaven, peace on earth trembles,
Paul, overflowing Tiber river, a serpent place on the shore.

Comment: After the comet Hale-Bopp appeared in 1997, US, Russia, and Muslims shall become enemies, who will start WW III. This war is the Divine Justice metered out on this sinful world. The serpent or evil shall land on the Italian shore affecting the fate of JP II and Rome which is located near River Tiber.

Heaven weeps too much for androgynous creation,
To Heaven human blood reaches,
Because of so long a death, French people cannot be reborn,
But sooner or later shall come the long-waited Divine help.

Comment: androgynous means having the characteristics of both male and female, here means sex change or homosexual. Homosexuality and abortion (“human blood sheds”) are the sins which reach Heaven, demanding vengeance.

After a great period of human suffering, appears another one,
The great motor of centuries will be renovated,
Rain with blood, milk, famine, iron and pestilence,
In the air a fire with a long sparkling trail shall be seen.

Comment: Mankind shall destroy itself with modern technology, with weapon of mass destruction. Milk together with iron or fire often indicated by Nostradamus to be chemical warfare or pollution. A fire with a long trail is a missile.

Many nights the earth shall quake,
In spring, two great ones follows one another,
Corinth and Ephesus shall swim in two seas,
War shall be set by two valiant in combat.

Comment: Great earthquakes shall take place simultaneously in Turkey and Greece. After that, the two shall immerse in war.

He who neither plague nor sword can finish,
Shall die on the mountain top, struck from the sky,
The abbot shall die when he sees the ruin,
Those  in the attack trying to capture him.

Comment: The antiChrist who once was a priest who turns into a military conqueror, shall be struck by lightning and die on the mountain top.

The Punic faith broken in the east,
Great Jordan, Rhone, Loise, Tagus changed,
When the mule’s hunger shall be satisfied,
Fleet scattered, blood and bodies shall swim.

Comment: Punic faith stands for North Africa treachery. The mule is the symbol of US’s Democratic Party. WW III affecting Middle East, France, and Spain shall happen under a Republican regime.

Mabus shall come, soon shall die,
Half man half beast shall be a horrible destruction,
Suddenly vengeance shall be seen,
Blood, hand, thirst, famine, when the comet comes.

Comment: Mabus is the abbreviation of Bragamus ( see Quatrain 8.78 which also deals with the antiChrist). The word means a soldier of fortune, not a name of a person. The antiChrist is incarnated beast from hell. In his short reign, he will totally destroy everything that he can get his hand on. Eventually he will be struck dead by lightning.

Geneva shall suffer hunger and thirst,
A faint hope shall come when they are fainting,
The hellish laws shall be trembled,
The navy shall not be able to enter port.

Comment: Geneva shall suffer drought and starvation due to their liberal lifestyle. The Allied force cannot come to rescue them in time. Consequently, only a few will survive.

The slope declined, great calamity.
Which shall be done to the West and Italy,
Fire  in ship (papacy), plague, and captivity,
Mercury in Arc, Saturn harvests hay.

Comment: The degradation of human nature like a declining slope brings great infliction to men through wars and natural disasters. The pope will suffer. also plague, and imprisonment. Mercury in Arc means God’s Justice through Muslim hand. And it is time for the Son of God to harvest his sowing (and the Devil gets his.)

The French king with Celtic right hand,
Seeing the discord of the great monarchy,
Upon three parts of it, his scepter flourishes,
Complementary to the cap of the great Hierarchy.

Comment: King Henry of France, with the support from Britain and US, shall defeat Russia-China-Iran alliance. He will reign most of the world along with a holy Pontiff who will be his spiritual counterpart for the whole world.

The dart from the sky shall make its extension,
Died speaking, a great execution,
Turning into stone, a proud people being humbled,
Human beats purged by expiation.

Comment: Missiles shall blow up from the sky, beginning of a great bloody execution in mankind. Many will be mass-executed alive. This comes about because man has lost his conscience turning into stone or human beasts. Therefore, a general expiation is needed for numerous sins of human race.

British army vexed in Italy,
For all, great conflict and great loss,
Romans fled, French repulsed,
Near Ticino and Rubicon uncertain battles.

Comment: British troop come to aid Italians fighting Muslims. Battles around Italy will be fierce and bloody for both sides. Pope and the Clergy shall flee from Rome to France.

The voice of the unusual birds shall be heard,
As recorded in the canon of the greatest degree,
The bushel of wheat shall rise so high,
Man shall eat his fellow- man.

Comment: The Canon of the highest degree is the Book of Revelation. When one hears the voice of the unusual birds, the antiChrist is coming. One of his tactics to enslave the general population is rationing food in order to obtain obedience. A widespread hunger will take place.

The frizzled black beard through battles,
Shall overcome a fierce and cruel people,
The great Henry shall free from bondage,
All captives under Muslim banner.

Comment: The French commander during WW III is the man who has a black curly beard. He will lead the Allied Western force to defeat Muslim and Russian forces.

After the war, by the eloquence of a wounded man,
For a short time he shall bring peace,
Not a single of the great ones will be delivered,
Instead, they shall be delivered to their enemies.

Comment: King Henry of France walks with a limp. He shall allow the local authorities to deal with the major prisoners of war according to their will.

Between Campania, Sienna, Florence, Tuscany,
Six months and nine days without rain,
The foreign language in Dalmatian land,
It will overrun, devastating all land.

Comment: World-wide drought including Balkan and Italy.

Wreck for naval fleet near Adriatic Sea,
Earth trembles as air bombardment landed,
Egypt quakes due to fundamentalist Islams,
The leader shall surrender himself, allowed to cry out.

Comment: French fleet on the way to assist Italy shall be ambushed around Adriatic Sea by smaller Muslim navy. Muslim extremists shall take over Egypt overthrowing their government.

After that, one shall come from remote regions,
A German prince placed upon the golden throne,
Servitude and waters shall meet,
Madame shall serve as her time is no longer adored.

Comment: King Henry of France whose ancestry belongs to the old Germany, shall lead the Allied to a victory over the Eastern Alliance. He shall die after a long servitude by a coastal area. He is responsible for overhauling many social issues including returning women to their traditional domestic role as a wife and mother, thus abolishing the feminism movement.

One day two great masters shall be friends,
Their great powers shall be increased,
The new land shall be at its high power,
To the bloody (spotty) one, a number is reported.

Comment: The new land is USA. Here Nostradamus prophesied USA and Soviet would become friends. The last line describes Mikhail Gorbachev who has a bloody birthmark on his face.

Near the Tiber, goddess of death threatens,
A little before a great flood,
The master of the ship being taken, put in  a well,
His castle and palace will be burnt.

Comment: Near River Tiber is where the Vatican is located. The master of the ship is the pope. The Pope will be confined by the invaders or the crazy mob who will destroy Vatican at the onset of WW III.

The populous places shall become uninhabitable,
A great discord in obtaining lands,
Because kingdom given to prudent incapable,
Great brothers shall die by dissension.

Comment: Israel and Palestine shall fight and many on both sides will die because of land.

A burning shall be seen in the sky at night,
Along the river Rhone,
Famine, sword, help comes too late,
Persia shall attack Macedonia.

Comment: Fighting shall break out along the river Rhone in the Southern France between French army and Muslim-Russian invaders. The help from US will come too late. After occupying France, Iran will turn to Greece.

Roman Pontiff, be careful when you come near,
The city by the two rivers,
Where thy shall spit thy blood,
Thou and thine when the rose shall bloom.

Comment: Pope JP II shall flee from Rome to somewhere in the southern France where the two rivers run. This is where he will end his life in Martyrdom. The Blessed Virgin will receive his life at the end (the rose will bloom.)

He who will have his face covered with blood,
The blood of a victim close to be sacrificed,
The sun is coming into Leo,
He will martyred for his Fiancé.

Comment:  This is the continuation of the previous quatrain. Pope John Paul II will be captured in France and be martyred for his love of Christ. Leo is the pope, Sun is Jesus Christ, Fiancé is the beloved Bridegroom the Lord.


After combat and naval battle,
The great Neptune in his bell tower,
Red adversary turns pale with fear,
Putting the great Ocean in terror.

Comment: Neptune symbolizes the Evil One. With major land and sea battles, China will cause much bloodshed and terror in the South East Asia. Neptune in the highest bell tower means the toll of human life will be high.

The Divine Word, man incarnated,
Heaven and earth ruled by His mystical way,
Body, soul, spirit almighty,
Under His feet or His Heavenly Throne.

Comment: The Lord Jesus Christ is in charge of all things, in Heaven and on earth.

Mars and Mercury glow together,
South will endure a great drought,
At the lower part of Asia will be a great earthquake,
Corith an Ephesus shall be perplexed.

Comment: Mars stands for war and Mercury for Divine Justice. When the Divine Justice commences in WW III, the southern Europe or the countries around Mediterranean Sea will suffer a great drought. There will be a great earthquake affecting both Greece and Turkey.

When the eclipse of the planets are near,
Or aligned closely to each other,
Cold, drought, and dangers along national borders,
Even where the oracle was born.

Comment: When many solar/ lunar eclipse and the unusual alignment of the stars occur (1999-2002), frost and drought and tension along the borders of countries will take place even in France where Nostradamus was born.

Near the time of solar/lunar eclipse,
Which shall happen between March and April,
O what a great loss! Thanks to two great ones with kindness,
By land and sea shall assist all parties.

Comment: I think the earthquake in Turkey and Greece shall happen between March and April. Two great ones can only be Europe and US who come to offer quake relief to both countries.

A long season passed after a great air battles,
A great tree will fall in the middle of a city,
Rats, roden, rebellious subordinates,
Then Henry the monarch shall fall.

Comment; King Henry of France will reign in peace for a long time. Finally he shall be disfavored by his own subordinates or people of his own political party. Instead of being dethroned by man, God will take him home.

By the great swelling of Heb., Po., Tag., Tiber of Rome,
And by Lake Leman and Aretin,
Two great leaders and cities of Garonne,
Seized, dead, drowned, human booty divided.

Comment; Heb is the River Hebrus in Thrace, River Po in Italy, Tagus in Portugal. When there is a widespread flood in Spain, Italy, southern France, and Geneva, Muslim and Russians shall invade the flooded regions especially Italy. Human booty might mean women and slaves.

By the arch lightning, gold and silver melted,
Of the two captives, one shall absorb the other,
The very grand city shall keep extending,
And the submerging fleet navigates.

Comment: Modern technologies including laser beam, electricity, modern urbanization or cities, and submarines were described by someone who lived 500 years ago.

Mount Aventine shall be seen burning at night,
Heaven darkened suddenly in Flanders,
When the monarch expels his nephew,
Then churchmen shall commit scandal.

Comment: Mount Aventine is one of seven hills in Rome. Rome city and Italy with disasters looming near when the Clergy commit scandal (molesting children.)

If France go past Ligurian Sea,
You shall see yourself enclosed in islands and sea,
Muslims contradict, plus Adriatic Sea,
Horses and asses you shall gnaw their bones.

Comment: Ligurian is the north eastern part of Mediterranean Sea. French navy originated from Marseilles shall sail into Mediterranean  to aid Italy which is being attacked by Muslim Russian forces. It will be ambushed in Adriatic Sea and totally destroyed.

To avoid a great confusion,
Loss of lives and innumerable treasure,
Thou should not go further there,
France! Remember what I have said.

Comment: Another pleading from the prophet whose love for his country was unquestionable.

Kings and princes shall raise idols,
Divinators and false prophets elevated,
Object of gold and precious stone,
Interpreted by the soothsayers.

Comment: The world including their leaders no longer believe in God. They become paganistic worshipping nature, riches, idolizing New Age idols such as forces, nature, UFO, universe, etc. In place of  God, they adore false prophets and soothsayers (Just read all the books and web pages about Nostradamus’s prophecies you will realize what I am writing.)

A Libyan prince becomes more powerful in the West,
France falls in love for Arabian language,
Being a learnt man, he will condescend,
To have Arabian language translated into French.

Comment: France is blinded enchanted in supporting Muslim countries especially toward the extremists such as Libya. It exports the its beloved Muslims modern weaponry including nuclear ones. Some days they will use the same military technologies against France.

Of weak land and poor parentage,
Because of the defeat and for peace shall join the Empire,
For along time a young female shall rule,
Such a reign has never been worse.

Comment: After WW III, the conquering Western force shall impose  female governors upon Muslim countries possibly Egypt or Iran to weaken them and also to promote the human right for women and instill a kinder future generations.

The two nephews raised in different places,
Naval battle, fathers fallen to ground,
They will be highly esteemed for wars,
To avenge injury, their enemies succumbed.

Comment: US and Britain are always together in many major wars including WW III. Americans remember this bonding as they shall come to British rescue to break off the naval blockage for England.

In the fields of Media (Persia), Arabia and Armenia,
Two great armies shall meet three times,
The host, near the shore of Araxes,
The great Solomon shall fall to ground.

Comment: In the Middle east region, the Western and Muslim forces shall clash three times through out history. For the final episode, Israel shall be the host and shall suffer greatly.

The great grave for the Aquitanique people,
Close to Tuscany,
When wars are in Germany,
And in the territory of Mantua people.

Comment: when Russians attack Germany and Muslims invade Italy, American, British, and French forces shall suffer a great loss in Tuscany.

When the eclipse of the sun takes place,
A divine omen shall be seen at noon day,
One will interpret it otherwise,
High price unguarded as nobody provides it.

Comment: Many natural phenomena take place in the sky before WW III but not many notice or interpret them correctly as the divine warnings.

Seven nations agree in three months,
To conquer the Apennines Alps,
But the tempest and cowardly Italians,
Shall put them in sudden ruin.

Comment: The Western allied forces want to liberate Italy in three months frame, but due to bad weather and indecisiveness from Italians, shall fail to do so.

People that live around Tar, Lot and Garonne,
Be on guard going over Apennine Alps,
Your grave is near Rome and Ancona,
The black haired ones shall set up their victory trophy.

Comment: Troops from south western France will be defeated when they cross Apennines. Many French men will die near Rome. The black-haired ones are Middle Easterners.

Heaven foretells about Lyon city,
through clear signs and fixed stars,
The time of changes is approaching,
Because of Christian lukewarm ness.

Comment: City of  Lyon in Southern France will be devastated in WW III. God withdraws His protection because French people are neither cold or hot.

French kingdom you shall be changed  much,
The Empire will be moved to another location,
You shall be subject to other customs and laws,
Rouen and Chartres shall cause you much worst.

Comment: French capitol will be moved from Paris. Muslims will occupy French land. Rouen means red or Russian communist, Chartres is the anagram for Crest. or Muslims.

The Republic of a great City,
With great toughness shall not surrender,
The king will go out at the sound of the city trumpet,
The ladder is placed to the wall and the whole city repent.

Comment: Before WW III changes its tide, the leader of French troops, against his people’s will decides to surrender to the more powerful Muslim troops who are encircling them, in order to save lives. In desperation and distress, French people become repentant of their past sins and ask God for Mercy.

Near Duoro, by Cyrenian Sea,
Shall penetrate Pyrenees Mountains,
The lesser power and close penetration,
In Carcassone shall conduct his plot.

Comment: Duoro river is in the northern border of Portugal with Spain. Spain shall invade France and attack Carcassone. The Muslim population in Spain is very large. Spanish force is inferior to Iran and Libya.

The chief of Persia shall fill great merchant ships,
A fleet from three countries shall fight against Muslims,
From Parthia and Media, they shall pillage Cyclades,
A long rest shall be on the great Ionic port.

Comment: Iranian navy shall disrupt commerce in Mediterranean Sea. Muslim naval force shall clash with US, French, and Britain. Persian Gulf will be closed for a long time.

When the tomb of the great Roman is found,
The day after, a pope elected,
Who shall not be approved by Senate,
Poison in blood in sacred vessel.

Comment; In 1978, the tomb of St. Peter was found. In 1978 Pope JP I was elected and died, supposedly poisoned at night.

A great army led by a young man,
Shall yield to the enemy,
But the old man born at the sign of the Half Hog,
Shall make Chalon and Mascon friends.

Comment: Chalon and Mascon are in Burgandy. King Henry of France commands French army in WW III at a relatively young age of about 40 years old. But at the end of the war, he shall become an old man of about 60 years old.

Great Britain including England,
Shall suffer greatly by flood,
The new league formed in Ausonia shall make war,
Against them, they shall come to attack.

Nostradamus used the name Great Britain 150 years before it was invented. The Great Britain shall suffer a great flood right after WW III starts with the invasion on Italy by Muslims and Russians who will form a formal Alliance and a declaration of war on Western countries including Europe and US.

Those  in the Islands which are besieged for a long time,
Shall fight valiantly,
Those outside the Island shall die of hunger, being overcome,
They shall endure the greatest famine they have ever faced.

Comment: Russian and Muslim navies shall encircle the whole English Islands for a long time. They shall fight valiantly agaisnt the invaders but they will suffer greatly from starvation due to the encirclement and by the great inundation. A continuation of the previous quatrain.

When the lame man assumes the reign,
A bastard close to him shall be his competitor,
He and his kingdom shall be so corrupted,
That before it heals, it will be too late.

Comment: King Henry of France always walk with a limb. One of his close associates will betray him and compete for his position being the leader of France and of the whole world. Henry’s successor unfortunately is a corrupted person who starts the decay of France and consequently the whole world leading ultimately to the rise of the antiChrist.

Naples, Florence, Fayenza and Imda,
Shall be in so much distress,
Being pleased with the suffering Nola,
Who complains about being mocked by the chief.

Comment: Italy will be divided with the internal local interests during or after WW III.

Pau, Verona, Vicenza, Saragossa,
By the Sword, the country shall be moist with blood,
So great a plague which shall come with great pot,
Relief is near but remedy far away.

Comment: France, Italy, and Spain shall suffer by WW III. French and Italian populations will also suffer from chemical and biological weapons of which one of the symptoms is sores all over a victim’s body and affecting his heart. the cure can be found locally by drinking tea made with Hawthorn leaves.

In Germany, divers sects shall arise,
Approaching to happy paganism,
Heart captivated, return is small,
they shall return by paying true tithe.

Comment: Germany, France, and many European countries, once good Catholic countries, have now become practically pagans. there is a dear price to pay for one’s own loss of Faith and sin, and a much greater price for the whole nation’s apostasy – World War III.

The third climate under Aries,
On October 27th of 1700,
King of Persia shall be captured by Egyptians,
Battle, death, loss, great shame to the Cross.

Comment: The climate of Aries is war. The third climate is WW III. Nostradamus twice used the year of 325AD, the year of first Nicaea Council to date a very significant event in human history, therefore, 1700 AD was actually 1700 + 325 = 2025 AD At the end of WW III, the Iranian leader will retreat to Egypt and shall be captured by an angry Egyptian mob on that day. Many Christians were persecuted and martyred by Muslim occupying force controlled by Iranians.

The chief of Scotland and six of Germany,
Shall be taken as prisoners to Eastern sea-men,
They shall go through Gibraltar Straits and Spain,
And shall be persecuted in Persia to a new fearful king.

Comment: Muslim navy shall capture English and German leaders or and transport them to Iran.

The great city shall be made desolate,
Not one of the inhabitants shall survive,
Wall, sex, church, virgin violated,
By sword, fire, plague, cannon, people shall die.

Comment: The horrific description of modern wars especially WW III. Virgin violated or women being raped, no survivor in major cities, chemical and bio logical weapons (plagues) take place in the war mentioned here. This description does not fit the norms of the two previous world wars. Thus, it seems to describe the coming World War with the mentioned atrocities carried out by the Eastern Alliance troops.

The chief of Ausonne shall visit Spain, By the sea, he shall stay at Marseilles,
He shall languish a long time before death,
After his death, great marvels shall be seen.

Comment: Ausonne is the city of the modern Bordeaux where King Henry will reside after he withdraws from the public life. He shall visit Spain en route to Marseilles where he will pass away. For a saintly leader, many miracles will happen through his intercession after his death.

French fleet, do not come near Corsica,
Much less to Sardinia, thou shall repent it,
All of you shall die while waiting for help,
Swimming in blood, captured, thou  still do not believe me.

Comment: French fleet will not heed Nostradamus’s warning in entering Mediterranean Sea. They shall be ambushed by smaller but faster Muslim speed boats and sunk. Most of French troops will die there.

From Barcelona, a great army shall come ashore,
Marseilles shall tremble with fear,
Islands (Malta) shall be seized, help by sea will be shut up,
Thy invaders shall swim to shore.

Comment: French naval total defeat near Adriatic Sea shall leave Marseilles defensiveless. Muslim and Spanish forces shall attack Marseilles on land and by sea from Barcelona. Malta islands will be occupied and used as a detterent fortress to forbid any ships from entering Mediterranean Sea.

The great Satyr and Tiger of Hyrcanie,
Shall be a gift presented to those of the Ocean,
And the admiral of a fleet shall come out of Carmania,
Who shall land in Thyrren Phocean.

Comment: Hyrcania is now known as Caspian coast of Iran. Satyr and Tiger might be the spiritual and civil leaders of  Iranian radical Islamics. Carmania, now Kerman or the Iranian side of Strait of Hormuz. Tyrren or Tyrrhenian Sea including the West coast of Italy. Phocean is the modern Marseilles. The Allied Force lead by Americans cannot enter Mediterranean Sea, therefore, finds it is easier to defeat Iran-led Muslim force by attacking their homelands instead. US shall capture Iranian leaders and their land from Strait of Hormuz. They then shall move on to liberate Italy and Marseilles together with French and British troops.

The tree long dead and withered,
One night shall grow green again,
Saturnian King sick, His Prince tied,
Feared by his enemies, he shall fail his boat anew.

Comment: Long lost Faith of the Church shall be renewed eventually after WW III. Heavenly Father ( Saturnian King ) and Our Lord Jesus Christ (His Prince) shall send us Grace to renew the face of the earth.

When the world is near its last period,
Saturn again shall be late in return,
The empire shall turn into evil nations,
Eye being plucked by hawk at Narbonne.

Comment: Saturn here stands for our Lord Jesus Christ. Nostradamus always used Saturn, not for an astrological formation but for indicating God or the Son of God. Close to the End of the world, before the Second Coming of our Lord, the "empire" or the most powerful countries on earth shall become very evil. One of the favorite sports is to let hawks plucking out the eyes of prisoners or Christians.

In Avignon where the chief of the Empire,
Shall stay because Paris is desolated,
Tricast shall stop Hannibal anger,
Lion by change shall be much suffered.

Comment: King Henry of France shall have his residence in Avignon, the new capital of France as Paris is totally ruined and become uninhabitable. He will be the new leader of the whole world. Tricast consists of US, France, and England. Hannibal just like Hannibal of old who frequently attacked Rome, symbolizes Muslims this time. After WW III, England will suffer most due to change or spiritual purification which often requires a great deal of sufferings. Her surviving population will probably reduced to one-thirds.

Five hundred years or more they will take notice,
Of him who was the ornament of his time,
Suddenly the revelation will be enlightened,
For that century alone, they will be content.

Comment: Nostradamus composed his prophecies around 1555AD. Thus, 500 years later or around the 21st century, we will understand and appreciate his writings. He prophesied mainly for us. The century is our century, the 21st. On the other hand, most interpretations being made of his prophecies are nonsense for the most parts.

The Moorish law shall be on decline,
After it, another one more seducing,
Boristhenes (Dnieper) shall be the first to fall,
By gifted tongue that law shall be most attractive.

Comment: Islamics will disappear and be obsolete. A new religion, contrary to Catholicism will be introduced by the extremely charismatic antiChrist. The first will be enchanted by him will be Ukrainian region, a Catholic region.

A new law shall govern a new land,
Enclosed Syria, Judea, and Palestine,
The great Muslim Empire shall tumble,
Before the Sun finishes his cycle.

Comment: Catholicism shall replace Islams for the occupied Middle East. Muslim countries shall surrender to the West at the end of WW III before the 21st century is over. God's Hand is in all things. WW III is predestined by God and by men.

Two royal brothers shall wage a fierce war,
The war shall become immortal,
Both will occupy places of power,
Power and life will be the issues.

Comment: Government and society will be divided in two camps: conservative and liberal, good vs. evil. the issues of the debate tend to be mortal ones concerning governing power and life&death issue such as federal control, taxing, abortion, religion, etc.

Among French men, the least honored,
Will become victorious over his opponent,
By him, force and terror will be tried for a short time,
A shot from an arrow, the envious one shall die.

Comment: One of the closest associates of King Henry of France, the most despicable man, shall become jealous of Henry, and shall take over the reign of France through conspiracy and political manipulation. He shall create many enemies due to the terrorizing tactics that he uses to govern. His reign will be cut short by an assassination with an arrow. There will be no more guns at this point in the human history as our modern civilization and lifestyle already comes to an end after WW III through the most thorough purification by God since the Deluge of Noah's time.


From Arras and Bourges, great banners of the dark-colored men,
A great number of Gascons shall fight on foot,
Those along Rhone shall shed Spanish blood,
Near the mountain where Saguto seats.

Comment: Dark-colored men are Muslims. Gascons are French men (from Gascony). Saguto is the city on the east coast of Spain. French troop shall invade Spain to fight Muslim forces during WW III. Many Spanish shall die for siding with Middle Eastern Muslims.

The impotent prince is angry at complaints and quarrels,
About rape and pillage that France and Libya have done,
Great trouble by land and by sea infinite sails,
Italy alone shall drive away French.

After King Henry of France dies, gradually the world turns mad again. There will be no respect for international law with countries fighting each other. The world becomes a fertile ground for the emergence of the antiChrist.

Cross, peace by the Divine Word accomplished,
Spain and France will be united together,
Great disaster is near, combat is sharp and bitter,
No fearless heart shall not be trembled.

Comment: Through the intercession of  Our Lord Jesus Christ (Divine Word), Faith shall be renewed through out a period of peace for mankind. During this time, Spain and France shall become good neighbors. But this peace will be short-lived as fighting and bloodshed will start again and will reach its climax under the reign of the antiChrist. This period of peace mentioned here will happen after WW III, not applied for WW II because after WW II, we saw the period of peace but we also saw a decay of Faith.

The new clothes shall be discovered,
The malice, conspiracy, and machination,
The Premier person shall die, who shall challenge it,
Venice shall color a trap.

Comment: Indecent fashion which will be forbidden after WW III will be adored by men again. Then moral decay, evil, and the use of instruments and machines will make a comeback after the whole world live in peace without them, under the most simplistic living conditions. In Italy, a premier leader challenges or warns about the perilous danger of modernization and he will assassinated.

The chief of the army in the middle of a crowd,
Shall be wounded by an arrow through his thighs,
Geneva  in tears and distress,
Shall be betrayed by Lausane and Swiss.

Comment: Internal conflict or civil war in Switzerland. The battles will be conducted with crude weapons such as bow and arrows, swords and spears, and so on as modern weapons will be completely demolished and forbidden after WW III.

He who shall be covered with a great cape,
Shall perform some great acts,
The twelve red ones shall soil the cover,
Under murder, murder will be committed.

Comment: This quatrain deals with the suspicious death of Pope JP I who reigned only 33 days in 1978.

The sudden death of a premier person,
Shall dictate a change, put another one in charge,
Late coming but so high at a young age,
By land and sea, he will stir up fear.

Comment: I think this quatrain deals with the change in leadership in either China or Iran or both. A relatively young man will take over the power and he will initiate WW III against the West or US and Asian countries both by sea and land.

The change shall be very hard,
The city and country shall be benefit,
Prudent heart put in, unworthy expelled,
Sea, land, people, estate shall all change.

Comment: After WW III, many changes in lifestyle, standard, faith, daily life, society, literature, education ,law, etc shall take place. Changes shall make life difficult at first but all mankind will benefit eventually. The whole world shall live basically like Amish people, relying only on the land and the labor of their hands. There will no more modern conveniences, machinery, factory, entertainments, and so on which shall be completely destroyed by WW III and by the Act of God.

Underground, a faint voice of a holy woman is heard,
A human flame shall see a divine one,
Ground shall be dyed with their own blood,
And the holy temples being destroyed by the wicked.

Comment: The Church will go underground in Europe, China, and in the Muslim countries, in the occupied cities during WW III. True believers shall be burnt alive but they shall see God facing death. The Muslim occupying force shall tear down churches.

The sublime bodies always visible to the eye,
Shall become obscure due to their reasons,
Walking corpse with forehead, sense, and invisible heads,
Sacred prayers shall be diminished.

Comment: This quatrain reminds me a vision that Blessed Anna Emmerich, a German holy nun and stigmatist had. Men have become walking dead representing here spiritually as a body with obscure head which cannot recognize the Presence of God in their daily lives. This has come about because of their rationalism, man refuses to believe anything he cannot comprehend by reasoning and in turn, he will rationalize his immorality as well. They rely on their own intellect instead of the Faith of their fathers.

When Venus by the Sun be covered,
Under the splendor it shall be an occult form,
Mercury in fire shall expose them,
Through a warlike clamour, it will insulted.

Comment: Venus is sex or sin of flesh; Sun is God or Son of God; Mercury stands for the Divine chastisement. When God shall put a stop to this sinful world, His splendor or the Holy Spirit shall reveal the ugliness of men’s sins especially fleshy sins. The Divine chastisement shall purge the whole world with fire through wars.

The Sun shall be eclipsed by Mercury,
And shall not be seen except for second heaven,
Hermes shall be made prey to Vulcan,
After that, the Sun shall be pure, shining, golden.

Comment: The Lord’s Mercy ( sun) shall be replaced by His Justice (Mercury). He shall be seen in heaven in His Second Coming only. Human corpses (Hermes) shall become prey to birds (Vulcan). After WW, God will be worshipped and Faith be glorious than ever.

The moon at midnight on the high mountain,
The new wise man with one brain shall view it,
Invited by his disciples to become immortal,
Eyes toward the south, hands and body to the fire.

Comment: The antiChrist appears as a mystic spiritual figure to his followers. He shall conquer the Holy Land and surrounding countries which lie south from where he is born.
Jupiter more joined to Venus than the moon,
Appears in white fullness,
Venus hidden under Neptune whiteness,
Struck by Mars through the great Branchus.

Comment: Jupiter stands for man; Venus for sin of flesh; moon for Blessed Virgin Mary; Neptune for the devil; Mars for war; Branchus for the son of Appolo or the Sun, again fro Our Lord Jesus. This quatrain can be read as follows: Mankind shall be close to the harlot than the Virgin. Sexual sins and behavior shall be covered or justified with innocent fanciful terms such as freedom, right, tolerance, ect. Sex or sin of sex shall be truly the gift of Satan in disguise. As the results, the whole sinful world shall be struck with WW by the God.

The great one of a foreign country being captured,
Chained in gold, presented to King Henry,
He is at Ausonne (Bordeaux), his force at Milan is losing,
All his troop shall be put in fire and sword.

Comment: An Iranian military leader shall be captured and presented to King Henry in France while the Muslim force is defeated in Italy by the Allied force probably led by US.

The new play shall be rehearsed in France,
After victory from Insubre campaign,
Mountains of Spain (Esperie) the great ones tied and taken away,
Romania and Spain shall tremble with fear.

Comment: The tide of WW III shall tilt toward France or Western Allies after the decisive battle at Insubre (Piedmont or Lombardy.) Next for King Henry will be conquering Romania and Spain.

By leaping, French troop shall leap over the mountains,
Shall occupy a great part of Insubre (Lombardy),
His troop shall enter into the territory,
At Genoa and Monaco shall set out their fleet.

Comment: French troop shall move fast to capture Milan, the capital of Lombardy. After liberating Italy, King Henry shall set sail at the coasts of Genoa and Monaco for Greece or Middle East next.

While Duke, King, Queen occupied,
The Byzantine chief is captured in Greece (Samothrace),
Before the assault, one shall eat the other,
Rebours armoured shall cause a blood trail.

Comment: Great civil unrest and internal conflicts shall lead to the defeat of Turkey in Greek hands. The last line describes a scene in which an armor carrier is used to break up a demonstration in a bloody fashion in Turkey street before WW III.

The Rhodians shall ask for assistance,
Forsaken by the neglect of her heirs,
The Arabic Empire shall revive its course,
By the West (Hesperie) its cause shall be redressed.

Comment: Ottoman Turks, the occupiers of Rhodes Island, abandoned the island to Italy in 1912, symbolizing the decline of the Islamic world. But the Arabic Empire or Islamic world shall be united and strong and aggressive again, motivated by its hatred for the West.

A fortress sealed up with the captive,
By explosive fire they will be plunged into abyss,
The traitors shall be buried alive,
Never the sacristes in such a pitiful schism.

Comment: Sacristes is the organization of the Roman Catholic Church in charge of books and property meaning symbolically here doctrines and publication. By their heretical influence, liberal, homosexual, and feministic thoughts, they will lead to a great schism in the Church. With this mortal sin, they will be buried deep eternally in hell.

Noise of weapons shall be heard in air,
In that same war, the divines will be enemies,
They will unjustly debate the Holy Laws,
By thunder and war, true believers shall die.

Comment: The Church is in decay, Faith is weakened, the Church’s and natural laws and Sacred Traditions are debatable. The battle is not political or merely human warfare, but is mainly a manifestation of a spiritual battle in which many true believers will render their souls to God.

Libra shall reign in Western land ( Hesperia),
The monarchy shall rule over land and sky,
Nobody else shall see Asian forces perished,
Till seven shall hold hierarchy in succession.

Comment: US shall be governed by law and order (Libra stands for Law or Justice), shall become the world super-power, shall be responsible for controlling the hostile expansions of Japan and later China. The last conflict in Asia with China shall last through seven presidencies or around 30 years?

In a besieged city, men and women upon the walls,
The enemy is outside, the chief is ready to surrender,
The wind shall blow violently against the enemy soldiers,
They shall be driven away by lime, dust, and ash.

Comment: This is the continuation of Quatrain 3.50. Besieged by Muslim forces probably at ….. General Henry of French troop, defending the last French stronghold, is about to surrender to save the lives of the city residents. Suddenly, the Divine Providence by destiny, comes to assist him driving back the Muslims with the hostile natural elements such as strong rain, storm, wind, and dust, etc. This decisive battle with a clear evidence of the Divine Hand shall dispirit the Muslim invaders turning the tide of WW III toward the Western forces led by General Henry.

When the Crow standing on a brick tower,
Shall do nothing but crying,
Death foretold, statue stained with blood,
Tyrant killed, people pray to God.

Comment: Standing on his commander tower, General Henry will cry for many hours seeing the desperate situation in front of him, and because of his love for France and for his country-men,. But the worldwide destruction and also the defeat of his enemy have been foretold by the Blessed Virgin Mary who has shed so many tears of blood but no one heeds her messages. Eventually, all tyrants and evil princes and lords of the earth shall be put to death by God and the whole world shall repent and worship Him anew.

In the year Saturn and Mars are equally fiery,
The air will be very dry, a long trajection,
By secret fire, many places shall be burnt with heat,
A little rain, hot winds, wars, incursions.

Comment: When WW III reaches the climax, many places shall suffer great droughts, being burnt by both natural disasters and missiles.

In the year that comes right after Venus,
The two most evil ones of Asia and Africa,
Shall be said to come from Rhine and Hyster,
Cries, tears at Malta and on the Italian shore.

Comment: Shortly after the evil 20th century, filled with sexual desires and sins (Venus), two most powerful forces, Russian (Asia) and Muslims (Africa) shall resemble Hitler of old who came form Rhine River, in transporting Jews, Christians, and other enemies to incinerators located in Malta Island, departed from Italian shore.

Selin monarch, Italy shall live in peace,
Kingdoms united, a Christina king of the world,
Dying, he shall want to be buried in Europe, After he has chased away the sea pirates.

Comment: Selin means moon in Greek, used by Nostradamus to symbolize Crescent or Muslims, or the opposite of the Sun or Blessed Virgin Mary. Here Selin monarch means a Marian king who has a great devotion to the Virgin. Under the Marian King Henry of France, the whole world shall be united after WW III. He shall chase the sea pirated or Muslim invaders who originally land on Marseilles coast.

Near a great river, a great trench, earth dug out,
In fifteen parts, the water shall be divided,
The city captured, fire, sword, cries, conflict,
For the greatest part is the concern over collision.

Comment: China has  built the most ambitious also most short-sighted hydro-electric project ever by dividing the great Yellow River into fifteen parts using giant dams, evacuating million citizens, flood numerous farmland, in Southern China.
During WW III, China will engage in heavy battles against US troops who eventually directly or accidentally will cause the total destruction of these dams through heavy bombing , consequently, flood vast areas and kill millions.

A massy troop shall come from Russia,
The Destroyer (Olestant) shall ruin an ancient city,
He shall see the Roman territory desolated,
After that, shall no one be able to quench that great flame.

Comment: Russia initially is half-hearted ally to join with Muslim countries to invade Europe. They shall participate in the destruction of Rome, but later have the change of heart but cannot extinguish that flame of WW III spreading rapidly through the hands of Muslims and Chinese’s.

A serpent seen near a royal bed,
By a lady at night dogs shall not bark,
Shall be born in France a prince so royal,
From Heaven he comes as all princes shall realize.

Comment: This quatrain describes the solemnity of the birth of the French leader Henry whose mother gave birth to him at night. He is given to  the world by God in order to defeat the Muslims, put an end to WW III, unite all nations, and restore and propagate Catholicism throughout the whole world.


The pope (augur) shall lay his hand on the King’s head,
And pray for peace in Italy,
In the left hand, he shall change the scepter,
From a king to a pacific Emperor.

Comment: After WW III, the Pope prophesied by St. Malachi around 1000AD as “the Glory of Olive” , the Pope of  a golden period of peace, shall bestow the crown of the Holy Roman Emperor on King Henry of France who is truly the Second Charlemagne given to the whole world.

Sea through the Sun shall not pass safely,
Those of Venus shall take hold of all Africa,
Saturn or the Sun no longer holds their kingdoms,
Shall change to Asian port.

Comment: Venus again is sex or the Sin of Flesh. Most of Africa have fallen for sexual pleasures resulting in the spread of AIDS. Christian evangelization will no longer be needed here. God (Saturn) shall use Asia to spread the Gospel with Philippines playing an important role.

With a great fury, the Roman Belgian king,
Shall come to vex the Muslims by his phalanx,
Furious he chases out all Libyans,
From Hungary to the Straits of Gibraltar.

Comment: A future event. After a period of peace, the religion of Islam shall be resurrected once more, but this time the Muslim rebels are not as powerful as their great grand-fathers of WW III.

Saturn and Mars in Leo, Spain will be occupied,
By a Libyan chief through the conflict,
Near Malta, a hereditary prince shall be taken alive,
The Roman scepter shall be struck on a cock.

Comment: During WW III, Libya will take over Spain. At the end of the war, King Henry of France ( the cock) will be anointed as the  second Charlemagne, the Holy Roman Emperor of the world.

In sailing, a pope shall be captured,
The great one after shall cause great tumult among the clergy,
The second elected in absence, debased in his goods,
His favorite bastard shall be murdered.

Comment: Pope JP II shall flee from Rome to the southern France by boat and shall be captured and martyred there. One will be elected to be the new Pope but will not reign long or will be rejected by the cardinals. One more shall be elected who is so consumed with materialism. After his election, his bastard or long-time lover will be murdered. This is an antipope who might be the one who will abolish the celibacy tradition for priesthood.

The unhappy one shall die of grief,
His conqueress shall celebrate hecatomb,
The former law and free edict shall be renewed,
The wall and seventh prince shall go to the tomb.

Comment: Many years after WW III, in the occupied land in Near East or Middle East, or North Africa, there will be an uprising led by a woman. Afterwards, the former law or the Islamic religion will be followed in place of Catholicism. Muslim force shall invade Europe again and win many battles. Hecatomb is a Grecian sacrifice in which 100 oxen are sacrificed.

The great royal, once gold, now augmented with brass,
Treaty broken, war set in motion by a young man,
People afflicted, chief lamented lost,
Muslim blood shall cover the ground.

Comment: The continuation of the last quatrain. Many years had passed since the end of WW III. Mankind enjoyed an unprecedent period of peace with Faith reaching the highest level ever. Throughout the world, everyone has become catholic, living a simple life relying on their own labor and the land. Then Faith begins to decay, men commit sins again. Middle East the occupied territories demand more independence. Islamic extremism finds its way back to the young  Middle Easterners who feel like the second citizen of the Empire, controlled by the Western countries. Young Muslims begin many revolts against the European Roman Empire causing much bloodshed on both sides.

By the death of a Latin monarch,
By those he had assisted to rise in reign,
The fire will shine, booty divided,
Public death to those daring a revolt.

Comment: After the death of King Henry of France, there will be a power struggle among those he had assisted to rise in ranks. They will become corrupted causing much bloodshed, and they shall persecute their opposition using the public executions.

The Kingdom and King will be enslaved under Venus,
Saturn shall exert power over Jupiter,
Law and reign bestowed by the Sun,
Shall be most violated by Saturnians.

Comment: Venus: sex, sin of flesh; Saturn or Sun : God, Son of god; Jupiter: men ; Saturnian: Christian or catholic. the whole world is submerged under the filth of sex and pleasure. God will exert His just measures to correct the course men are taking. they have trampled on the Divine Laws and the worst offenders are the most blessed catholic who will be judged most severely.

The Arab prince, Mars, Sun, Venus, Lyon,
the reign of the Church shall be overcome from the sea,
Toward Persia, nearly million troop,
Turkey, Egypt, true serpent shall invade.

Comment: This quatrain can be rewritten as follows: Muslims, World War, God, Sex, France / Rome and Papacy will be overcome by Muslim invasion from sea / Million hostile and brutal troops shall invade Europe / Mostly from Iran, Turkey, and Egypt.

The Slavic nation by military power,
Shall rise high a degree,
They shall elect their prince born a provincial,
Crossing sea, their army climb the mountains.

Comment: Russia becomes a military super-power. It will have a leader who is not a high-ranking political figure and who can relate to the common citizens. Under Putin’s regime, Russian troops shall go across the Black Sea and climb over Alps mountains to invade Europe alongside with the Muslims.

By fire and sword not far from Black Sea,
They shall come from Iran to occupy Trebisonde,
Pharos and Methelin shall quake, Sun be happy,
Blood of Arabs covers Adriatic Sea.

Comment: Russia shall cross Black Sea and Iran to occupy Mediterranean Sea. Egyptian sea ports (Pharos and Methelin) shall tremble. Muslim and Russian fleets eventually will be defeated around Mediterranean Sea (Trebisonde).

Liberty shall not be recovered,
Taken away by black, fierce, and wicked villain,
when the matter of the pont(iff) be opened,
By Hitler, Venice turns into a fascist republic.

Comment: When liberty was taken away with the “business as usual” or silent acceptance from Pope Pius XII, Italy was run by lunatic fascists. “Pont” here is the abbreviation of “pontiff”, not a French word meaning bridge.

All over a great city,
Soldiers will be in fields and towns,
Paris assaulted, Rome incited,
Great plundering shall be done on the pont (iff).

Comment: Again the word “pont” is the English word for Pontiff for this quatrain to make any sense at all. Holy Father JP II will suffer martyrdom.

The land of Attica, once a head of wisdom,
Now shall be the Rose of the world,
Pont(iff) ruined with his great pre-eminence of papacy,
(The boat) shall be submerged and shipwrecked by waves.

Comment: the antiChrist shall come from Attica of Greece. He shall kill the last Pope , “Peter of Romans”, put an end to the hierarchy of Rome that we presently know. the boat being shipwrecked symbolizes the troubled Pontiff.

When all are well, good for both Sun and Moon,
Abundant, its ruin is approaching near,
Heaven advances to change your future, Into the same state as the seventh rock.

Comment: When the whole world enjoy the prosperity of the modern technology and abundance in resources, mankind will be approaching their destruction. God will put an end to this prideful generation. We are now living in the end times or Apocalypse ( the seventh rock).

The brother of a sister by crude simulation,
Shall mix rose with mineral.
Give to his sister, a slow old woman,
She dies after tasting, a simple and rural act.

Comment: Euthanasia is prophesied here.

The great monarch who shall succeed the deceased,
Shall lead an illicit and lubricious life,
Through nonchalance he shall concede to all,
At the end, Salic law shall be stopped.

Comment:  Salic law declared that daughter cannot inherit land or barred woman from ruling France. It here stands for the Catholic tradition of the celibacy on priesthood. An antipope will be elected to succeed a deceased one, probably JP II or his successor. He shall lead a sinful and sensual life, and shall abandon the rule of celibacy to make his personal lifestyle lawful and to please the liberal clergy and public.

Issued out from the true branch of fleur-de-lys,
Set to be the heir of Etruria,
His ancient blood comes from a long lineage,
Shall make Florence to bloom with his coats of arms.

Comment: King Henry of France is the descendent of Charlemagne the Great who united the entire Europe into the Catholic Faith. Henry shall become the second Holy Roman Emperor who will also unite Europe and raise up the Faith again. Henry’s coat of arms shall bear the symbol of lilies. He will reign both France and Italy.

Being born in humble background and at night,
He shall be a sovereign in power and goodness,
He shall resemble an ancient blood being born again,
He shall renew a golden age for his Faith instead of brass one .

Comment: King Henry is born at night from a great lineage, but through a humble background. He shall rule with firmness but also with kindness. He shall remind us of his great ancestor, Charlemagne the Great. He shall bring about the Golden Age for the Church.

Mars elevated to highest tower,
Savoy will return to France,
The people of Lombardy shall have a great fear,
Of those of the Eagle which is governed by Libra.

Comment: Mars is war; Libra is balance or law; Eagle of Libra is USA a country governed by laws. In the latter part or the second half of WW III, Savoy of Italians shall be restored to France who owned it in the 16th century. US shall liberate Lombardy and drive the Muslim occupiers away.

The great ruins of the sacred is not for long,
Provence, Naples, Sicily, Sez and Ponce,
In Germany towards the Rhine and Cologne,
They shall be vexed to death by those of Mongoce.

Comment: Sez and Ponce are See and Pontiff or Rome; Mogoce or Mongoce is the Mongolians of Old ( Quatrain 10.72). The Church’s properties shall be looted and Clergy murdered under the Russian and Muslim advancements toward Europe including Germany, France, and Italy. Germany shall be ruled by a Mongolian of Old. As Germany lies in the northern Europe, adjacent to Russia, Mongolian of Old has to symbolize the Russian troops. Thus, Quatrain 10.72 indicated by the year of 1999 and seven months, a leader of Russia shall be selected and later terrorize the whole world like the Mongolian king of Old. In the prophetic language, “seven” might not literally mean seven but only means a completion. Thus , Nostradamus might mean that some time in the year of 1999, at a destined month, a terrible leader of Russia would be selected. Putin was selected to be the Prime Minister of Russia at the beginning of August of 1999.

Red hats quarrel, a new schism,
When one Sabine being elected Pope,
Great sophism shall be produced against him,
And Rome shall be damaged by Albanians.

Comment; The cardinals shall not be united in selecting a Sabinian to be a new pope. Sabine is a region near Rome. Albanian troops shall attack Rome at this time.

The great Arab shall march a great distance,
He shall be betrayed by Byzantines (Turkey),
The ancient Rhodes (Greece) shall come to meet him,
And greater evil through Hungary.

Comment: Turkey the only European Muslim country shall not support the Muslim aggression in Middle East and around Mediterranean Sea. Eventually, Islamic fundamentalists shall team up with Greece to weaken and topple the Turkish government. After Turkey falls into the hands of Muslim extremists, Russia shall attack southern Europe together with Muslims going through Turkey and Hungary.

After the great affliction to the Scepter,
Two enemies can overcome one another,
A fleet from Africa shall show up in Hungary,
By sea and land, horrible facts.

Comment: After the death of King Henry of France, Europe shall become weakened and unstable. Faith and morality will fall into decay again. Western camp and Eastern camp begin equal in military strength. Muslim navy will soon invade and attack Europe again.

Not out of Spain, but out of ancient France,
One shall be elected to govern the trembling ship,
Forced to cooperate with his enemy,
Who during his reign shall endure a cruel plague.

Comment: Here Nostradamus prophesied on the election of Pope JP II who would be elected over a Spanish cardinal in 1978. He will be struggling to fight off many demands from the liberal forces within his own rebellious Clergy and form the carnal worldly society. He is governing the Church through out a troubling time for the Church and also the whole world. Later on at the onset of WW III, he might be forced to cooperate with the Muslim invaders and escape from them, or flee as they approaching Rome. This fact is unclear to me now but for certainty, Pope JP II will flee from Rome either before or after the Muslims arrive in Rome.

In the year the brothers of lilies shall be of age,
One of them shall hold the great Roman Empire,
The mountain shall tremble, the Latin (Italian) passage opened,
Pache shall march against the fort of Armenia.

Comment: The tow brothers of lilies (fluer de lys) are two descendents from Charlemagne the great. One of them shall be elected Pope and the other a temporal king, General Henry who will liberate France and Italy driving away the Muslim invaders.

The people of Dace (Romania), England, and Polonne (Poland),
And of Bohemia (Czechs) shall form a new league,
To go beyond the Pillars of Hercules (Strait of Gibraltar),
Barcyns (Barcelonia) and Thyrrens (Tyrrehenians or Italians) shall make a cruel plot.

Comment: Romania, England, Poland, and Czechs united to start a revolt against the anitChrist but fail, defeated by Spanish and Italian troops who are under the antiChrist’s command.

The law of the Sun and Venus contending,
Appropriating the spirit of prophecy,
Neither one nor another understood,
By God (Sol) the law of Messiah will prevail.

Comment: Men will struggle between the Divine Law and the law of flesh or animal desires. All things have been prophesied but men will not comprehend the prophecies. But through God’s Design, Love will prevail.

From the Black Sea and the great Tartaria,
A king shall come to see France,
He shall go across Alane (Russia) and Armenia,
And shall leave a bloody rod in Byzantine.

Comment: Tartaria is located in Central Asia, Siberia perhaps. Russian troops shall initiate from the Black Sea region, conquering Turkey, Italy, and eventually will reach France.

Out of Arabian axis,
Shall be born a strong master of Mohammedan law,
Who shall vex Spain, conquer Granada,
Plus by sea shall invade Lygustic people.

Comment: Muslim fundamentalists under Iranian leadership shall conquer Spain and invade Italian coasts.

By the death of a very old pontiff,
A Roman of good age shall be elected,
It is said that he dishonors the Seat,
Shall live long and stir up bickering courage.

Comment: A relatively young cardinal will become pope to replace JP II. He shall reign a long time, probably through out WW III, shall cause many controversies and a schism in the Church because of his law and probably his sensual lifestyle (as prophesied elsewhere). He is the one who will abolish the celibacy rule for priests (Quatrain 5.38). We shall see.

The child destined for greatness but born of a humble birth,
Shall subdue the high Apennine mountains,
Shall make those under Libra tremble,
From Mount Feurs to Mount Cenis.

Comment: King Henry of France shall drive all invaders out of Europe, liberate France and Italy, establish an occupying police forces in Middle East. He is born a humble birth but destined for greatness as he shall become the world leader, the position is now reserved for US President, the country symbolically represented here as Libra or Balance as it is governed with law and order.

Blood shall rain on rocks,
Sun in the east, Saturn in the west,
War will be near Orgon, great evil seen in Rome,
Ships cast away, Tridental taken.

Comment: WW III occurs according to the Divine Plan as God is present in both East and West, both in Western and Eastern Alliances. Rome shall be occupied and inflicted. The tabernacle of the Lord or the Presence of the Holy Trinity (Tridental) shall be removed from Rome by the fleeing of Pope JP II.

Honor and complaint bring about a futile attempt,
Galley crafts shall venture through Latin seas enduring cold and hunger,
Not far from Tiber, the earth shall be soaked with blood,
Upon mankind various plagues inflicted.

Comment: Because of the antiChrist’s oppression and humiliation, a futile mismatched attempt or revolt will be carried out by sea. The rebels fleet shall be destroyed when it gets closer to Rome, probably the Seat of the antiChrist who shall inflict much suffering on the world besides the natural causes.

In the Danube and Rhine,
The great camel coming to drink will not repent,
Rhone and more so those from Loire shall tremble,
And near the Alps, the Cock (France) shall ruin them.

Comment: The Muslims shall conquer Europe as far as Germany and shall be defeated but not retreating. France shall suffer greatly but eventually shall drive away the Muslims and devastate Muslim troops at their last stand on the other Italian side of Alps.

By the pleasure of voluptuous edict,
The poison shall be mixed in law,
Venus shall follow a virtuous course,
Which will obscure all law of the Sun.

Comment: Temptation of flesh or sex shall influence social justice especially when it is sugar-coated with fanciful humanistic terms to entice and mislead man’s conscience which is already so clouded to be able to recognize the Lord’s commands and precepts.

The Church of God shall be persecuted,
And the holy temples shall be plundered,
The child shall search for his dead mother’s breast,
Arabians shall be allied with Poles.

Comment: Right before the reign of the antiChrist, after WW III, Catholicism is the only recognized religion of the whole world. The antiChrist shall persecute all Christians, shall destroy temples or churches, shall murder citizens. Many shall hate him even common enemies such as former Muslims and Polish Catholics shall become allies in revolting against the antiChrist.

Of Trojan heart, one shall be born with a German heart,
Who shall hold high power,
He shall chase away Arabic people,
Restore the Church to its pristine preeminence.

Comment; Again the antiChrist shall exploit the hatred Middle Easterners have against the Western Europeans to expand his world conquest. He shall destroy the Church and many temples. At the end, a courageous German leader shall defeat the antiChrist’s followers or Muslim descendants. He shall restore the Church and the Christian Faith. The Sanctuary of the Lord, once in Rome, shall be moved to Germany.

All the degrees of Ecclesiastical honor,
Shall change into Quirinal dial (Sun Dial),
And Martial Quirinal shall be in flame,
Afterwards, King of France shall turn it into Vulcanal.

Comment: All the chronology concerning the spiritual state of the Church of Christ shall resemble a Sun Dial in which the dial shall point toward the south but the dial is flaming. If the North of the sun dial is at 0 AD, the very opposite end or South of the Sun Dial will be 2000 AD. Thus, around 2000 AD, the world will be inflamed with wars. But afterwards King Henry of France shall turn all weapons literally into craft-smith or ploughshare (Vulcan is the Roman god of blacksmiths and crafts.)

The two united shall not be united for long,
After thirteen years, one shall become Barbarian governor,
They shall cause such a loss on both sides,
One shall bless the boat and its cap.

Comment: The two united are USA and USSR. The Cold War ended in 1987. But 13 years later or 2000 AD, Russia shall support Iran and other Muslims (barbarians) countries pushing the world toward WW III. Both US and Russia shall suffer greatly. The last line can mean that US shall support Rome and Papacy or the faithful seeing the destruction of Rome is moved to pray for the Pope and the Church.

The sacred cherubim shall bow down his wings,
At the coming of the great Judge,
He shall raise up the lowly and vex the rebellious,
None like Him shall again be born.

Comment: The Lord Jesus Christ shall come as the terrible Judge. WW III is the divine Purification or Justice on the present sinful world.

The Ogmion shall approach Byzantine,
Shall chase away Muslim league,
Of the two laws, the evil one shall surrender,
Barbarian and France shall be in perpetual friction.

Comment: The Ogmion here is King Henry of France. Under his command, French and allies will defeat Muslim-Russian forces. Afterwards, Muslim world and French people continue to have quarrel as French troop shall occupy Middle East, installing democratic regimes and abolish Islamic religion.

Those that shall undertake subvert techniques (plans),
In the kingdom unequal in power and invincibility,
Shall by fraud advertise (advertis) for three nights,
When the greatest one shall read Bible at the table.

Comment: It is amazing that Nostradamus had used the word “advertise” 500 years ago. This describes Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign.

One shall be born out of the gulf and immeasurable city,
Born of parents obscure and dark,
Who shall reveres the power of the King,
Wishing destruction upon Rouen and Eureux.

Comment: the antiChrist will be born either in Attica or Jerusalem. He will have an ambition to be a King. His parents are evil people. the last line is not clear to me, Rouen and Eureux might be Middle East and Europe respectively. Rouen sounds like Ruin and Eureux sounds like Eurow or Europe.

By Switzerland and neighboring places,
Shall be at war for reason of clouds,
Swarm of marine locusts and insects,
The fault of Lake Leman (Geneva) shall appear naked.

Comment: Switzerland and neighbors shall be at war due to water shortage. Lake Leman will be empty of water, exposing all marine species.

Separated into tow heads and three arms,
The great city shall be vexed by water (sea),
Many great ones shall be exiled,
By Persian head, Byzantine shall be much oppressed.

Comment: Iran and Muslim fundamentalists shall stir up political unrest in Turkey which is already much suffered by flooding. Civil wars shall take place and many of its leaders shall be put into exile.

In the Cyclades, in Corinth and Larissa,
In Sparta, and all the Peloponese,
so great famine, plague, widespread,
last nine months in all peninsula.

Comment: Greece will suffer a great drought and plague.

In the great market called by the liars,
Full of rivers and Athenian filed,
They will be surprised by light horsemen,
By the Albanians – Mars in Leo and Saturn in Aquarius.

Comment: Greece will be the new commercial center of the world after WW III. They shall be attacked by Albanians when mankind turns bad again. And nations shall fight against nations until the mergence of the antiChrist.

After the Seat tenured for seventeen years,
Five shall change in revolutionary time,
After that, one shall be elected the same time (with his predecessor),
Who will not be conformable to the Romans (clergy).

Comment: Pope Pius XI (1922-1939); Pius XII (1939 –58); John XXIII (1958 – 63) ; Paul VI (1963-78) ; John Paul I (1978-78) ; John Paul II (1978 – present). JP II has been facing an unprecedented open opposition from some of the Clergy who supposedly should be loyal to the Vicar of the Church.
Under the territory of the round luminary globe,
When Mercury shall dominate,
The Scottish island shall make a great light,
Who shall put England into a revolution.

Comment: The whole world will be enlightened by the Light again after the Divine Chastisement or WW III. The Scottish or rather Irish will evangelize and bring British back to the true Faith.

In the middle of the world, a rose shall bloom,
For a renewal, blood shall be shed in public,
One shall be censored in telling the truth,
Then at an appointed time, along-waited one shall come.

Comment: Blessed Virgin Mary, who is often symbolized as a rose, has warned us about the snares of the devil, the need to return to God, and the Divine Purification, but we chose not to listen. Bloodshed is needed for the purification of this sinful world. The long-waited one, King Henry of France, shall put all things in order again.

Born deformed through horror suffocated,
In the habitable city of a great King,
Severe verdict against the slaves being revoked,
Hail and thunder, condom cannot be estimated.

Comment: A deformed baby is aborted by induced premature labor, left alone to be suffocated to death in a well-to-do prosperous city. Sever punishments shall be metered out against those who are slaves to sexual desires. The word “condom” in the last line indeed is the name of the loathful contraceptive device. Its effect on society is signified by thunder and lightning of which use provokes the anger from Heaven.

At the climatique degree of forty eight,
At the end of Cancer, so great a drought,
Fish in sea, river, lake shall be hectically boiled,
Bearn, Bigorre by heavenly fire in great distress.

Comment: 48 Celcius degree equals to 118 Fahrenheit degrees, very warm indeed. Nostradamus was ahead of his time as he used the temperature units which were not invented until centuries later. Here the global warming is prophesied.

Milan, Ferrara, Turin, and Aquilia,
Capne, Brundis shall be vexed by French,
By the Lion and Eagle’s troops,
When Rome shall have a new chief, an old British.

Comment: The Western Allies consist of France, England, and USA shall liberate Italy from the invaders.


In the year five hundred eighty more or less,
One shall attend a strange cycle,
In the year seven hundred and three (Heaven witnesses),
Many reigns, one out of five shall be changed.

Comment: Sometimes Nostradamus dated the greatest events starting from 325AD, the year of the first Council of Nicaea. The year 589 really is (1)589 + 325 = 1914AD. Thus, the second year 703 is actually is (1)703 + 325 = 2028AD, the year WW III shall end, one out of five countries will be annihilated.

Norway, Denmark and Britain, By two unit brothers shall be vexed,
The Roman chief will come from French blood,
His force shall be repulsed to the forest.

Comment: The Northern Europe, the coastal areas including England shall be attacked and blockage by Muslim –Russian navies (two brothers). A Frenchman will be elected pope but the true Catholic Church will be an illegimate one which will go underground as the “official” church set up at Rome by the occupying forces is chaired by an antipope who shall abolish the celibacy rule.
Those who are esteemed in the kingdom for their wisdom,
Upon the royal change shall become poor,
Some exiled without help or gold,
Books and literature shall not be of great value.

Comment: After WW III, under the reign of King Henry of France, religion or theological study shall become the main subject in learning institutions. All modern paganistic books and writings including scientific ones shall be destroyed and discarded as the present societies with modern conveniences shall cease to exist.
I believe that right before the end or right after the end of WW III, Three Days of Darkness, which is an Act of God and a horrific event with the level of magnitude equal to the Deluge, shall take place to render the ultimate purification of the earth  in which all evil persons shall be taken into hell by the evil spirits. All modern buildings and structures shall be destroyed. Only the homes of the blessed ones shall be left standing.

For a while, the temples of many colors,
White and black shall be mixed,
Red and yellow take away their possession,
Blood, earth, plague, famine, fire, water cripple them.

Comment: Churches will be colorful, decorated in pagan rituals, nothing sacred any more. The  Divine Liturgy and Gospel will be watered down and altered, not totally true but not totally false either. The reference of God becomes neutral or non-gender.
Russian and Chinese or communists shall loot all church properties. War, famine, flood, fire shall destroy these pagan churches.

A dubious one shall not stay long in power,
The majority still want to sustain him,
Bu the captiole (Capitol) will not want him to reign,
His great chair cannot be maintain.

Comment: Capitol or Capitol Hill is US Congress. One unethical US President shall be impeached even though the majority of American population still want him in power.

The true flame shall engulf a lady,
Who puts her innocent in fire,
Before the assault, passion will aroused,
In sins (Seville), monster like ox shall be seen.

Comment: “Seville” is “les evil” or sins. Ox monster in sin taken from the tradition, the ancient Minotaur monster who demanded the sacrifice of the innocent children. Here the vision describes a lady who committed an abortion to kill her innocent baby shall be burnt in a true or eternal flame of hell.

The false union shall not last,
Some changes, most reformed,
In the ships, people enclose,
Then in Rome there will be a new pope (leo-part)

Comment: Some times Nostradamus used Leo to imply the Pope. The European Union shall be disintegrated. Jews ,Christians, and political prisoners shall be shipped to Malta and adjacent islands in Mediterranean Sea for extermination or incineration. Their remains probably will be thrown into the sea. There will be many massive war crimes even more than the WW II because killing the infidels is considered as a solemn Muslim duty. Eastern Allies shall set up a new “pope” or the antipope in Rome. “Leo-part” does not means an animal but means the counterpart of a Pope.

When those of Artic pole united,
In Orient (East) shall be a great fear and trembling,
The newly elected shall maintain the great temple,
Rhodes and Byzantine shall be stained with Muslim blood.

Comment: When US and Russia become friends, WW III shall start with Russia-Muslim Alliance shall invade Europe and with China oppressing her neighboring countries and fighting against American troops. Greece and Turkey will also be destroyed by Muslim forces.

On the ground of a great church,
A nephew in London by a false peace shall be murdered,
The boat then is schismatic,
False liberty shall be in hue and cry.

Comment: Violence will flare up again in England between Protestants and Catholics or between British and Irish.

Mars and Scepter conjoint,
Under Cancer, calamitous war,
A little while a new king will be anointed,
Who for a long time shall pacify the land.

Comment: After WW III, King Henry of France, the leader of the new world shall bring peace to the world under his reign.

By Mars contrary to the Monarchy,
Of the great fisherman, brought to ruinous trouble,
A young, black, red shall take over the hierarchy,
The traitors (proditeurs) shall carry it out on a misty day.

Comment: During WW III, the Papacy will be brought  to ruin. A young black cardinal shall be elected Pope in secret under pressure form the Muslim occupying force. He shall ruin the Holy See with his new laws which promote sensual or sexual lifestyle among the Clergy with the abandonment of celibacy tradition.

Four years he shall keep the Seat in good shape,
Then shall follow a libidinous life,
Ravenne, Pisa, Veronne shall lend a support,
To elevate the cross of the pope in life.

Comment: the new pope shall keep the Church unchanged for four years, then he shall reveal his true sensual and worldly lusts. Only Italian cities lend him support, the rest of the Catholic world shall recognize him as an antipope.

For along time it shall be uninhabited,
Where River Seine and Marne flow by,
From the Thames troops attempt,
Deceive the occupying force into an attack (resistance).

Comment: Paris will become uninhabitable wasteland. British troop shall pretend to mount an offense from London to liberate France.

By night in Nantes the rainbow appears,
Arc of the sea facilitate the rain,
The Arabic Gulf shall drown a great fleet A month in Saxony (Germany) from a bear and a sow (truye).

Comment: Strong light shall be seen in the southern France before WW III. Much rain will occur this that region as well. Many Western fleet shall be sunk in Mediterranean Sea by Muslim forces. Russians shall attack Germany from the East.

The relaxed Duke on throwing a sponge,
Shall see Arabic sails suddenly discovered,
Tripolis, Chio, and those of Trapesonce,
Duke taken, Black Sea (mare-negro) and the city desert.

Comment: Turkey shall be attacked by sea and by land.

At the founding of a new religious sect,
The bones of the great Roman (Pope) found,
Sepulcher shall appear in marble,
Earthquake in April, deeply buried.

Comment: The tomb of St. Peter the first pope was found in 1978 underneath the Vatican. Catholics in majority have become pseudo-catholic or paganistic with a catholic flavor. An earthquake in April before WW III shall bury his grave deeply forever. Quatrain 6.66 symbolizes a grave evil.

The great pity shall be here before long,
Those that used to give will be forced to receive,
Naked, hungry, frosted, mutiny,
Passing mountains, making great disorder.

Comment: Russian people used to give out aid to other countries now have to receive the international aids instead. They shall go over Alps mountains to invade France, but they will over-extend themselves later on in the conflict and their Muslim allies shall take over the commanding position.

A world leader, the great Henry,
First beloved, later feared and doubted,
His fame and praise shall surpass heavens,
And he shall be content with title Victor.

Comment: King Henry of France, the commander of the Western Allies and later
the leader of the world.

When they come for the great King's last rite,
Before he gives up completely his spirit,
He shall be seen by all his closest friends,
With Eagle, Lion, Crosses, crown rendered.

Comment: At the death bed of King Henry will be the representatives or world
leaders from US, England, and Rome.

The great Pilot shall be sent by Royal mandate,
To leave the fleet, attain higher post,
Seven years later, he will counter-attack,
Muslim army puts Venice to fear.

Comment: General or Admiral Henry will be asked to leave his post to be the
commander-in-chief of the entire French army to confront the Eastern
aggression. At first, he shall endure many years of defeats probably 15
years as "seven" in prophetic language might not literally mean seven but a
fulfilled period of time or a completion. Then the Western allies under his
command will begin to gain momentum. The word "pilot" indicated a modern
warfare which here is WW III. Upon their retreat, Muslims will burn and
destroy everything in their path as they shall "put Venice into fear."

The heaven shall burn at five and forty degrees,
Fire shall approach a great New City,
Instantly great flame will disperse,
When they give proofs to Norman (Romans).

Comment: Located near 45 degrees are New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Rome, Paris, and Madrid. Norman is the anagram of Roman meaning Clergy. When the Clergy are put on trial in Rome by Muslims, a great Western modern city, probably Paris or New York will be burnt down by a missile with a nuclear warhead.

Those who read these verses, consider them with maturity,
Le not the profane, vulgar, and ignorant be attracted,
All Astrologers, Fools, and Barbarians (Muslims) stay far,
He who does otherwise will be cursed according to sacred rite.

Comment: Foreseeing that his writings would be misinterpreted by astrologers or the so-called experts or the learnt, the ignorant or the merely curious, the profane or those who worship occults, the vulgar or those are uncivilized and irreligious, the fools who misinterprets his prophecies, and barbarians or Muslims whom the prophet much disliked. All those would paint the devout Catholic prophet to some occultic figure. The only way to understand his writings is to be like him, a devout orthodoxical Catholic who shows a great discontent to the heretic and evil doers, who also shows a great contempt to the learnt men, either scientific, cultural, or intellectual. Nostradamus worshiped the Lord and loved his beloved France and his Church. Singling out astrologers, he showed disdain to astrology or superstition or foretune-telling, also indicated that he used astrological terms to convey hidden meanings and to confuse the fools.


In the battle of the great swifting horsemen,
One shall cry out , see the motionless Muslims,
By night they shall kill sheep with shepherd habits,
Red abysm in the deep ditch.

Comment: Muslims shall be used as the instrument of the Divine Chastisement. They shall be the apocalyptical horsemen described through out the Holy Scripture (Joel 2:4). Another form of the Divine Justice is the betrayal of the Clergy and religious as some of them indeed the instrument of the evil one, disguised as the shepherds to lure the ignorant sheep into the deep Abyss of hell.

The citizens of Mesopotamia,
Angry against the friends of Tarragona,
Sport, laughter, banquet, all at sleep,
The Vicar in Rhone, the city taken by those from Bordeaux.

Comment: Mesopotamia is where the tow rivers run, here means the southern France where Rhone and Durance river run. Pope JP II shall flee from Rome to the South-Eastern France. Tarragona means wormwood or Chernobyl in Ukrainian language. Friends of Ukraine means devout traditional or Eastern European Catholics. Pope JP II goes into exile in Southeast part of France near Rhone. One night, after banquets organized by the local hosts, the anti-Catholic enemy of the Church shall come from Bordeaux to overrun the local city, burn down the place where the Pope stays and capture or murder him.

Simulated trick of war shall be rare,
Death shall be for those who rebels against the country,
Upon the return from barbarian voyage,
They shall welcome the Protestant entry.

Comment: After WW III, death sentence will be imposed in Europe especially for treason, consequently war is rare. Protestants shall join and become Catholics.


Inside Monaco the Cock will be received,
The Cardinal of France will appear,
By Logarion Roman will be deceived,
Weakness to Eagle, strength of Cock be born.

Comment; French troop will receive a hero welcome in Monaco. A French cardinal shall become Pope, probably not a normal election. France will take the status of the world leadership away from USA after WW III.

A brilliant ornate temple appears,
The lamp and candle at Borne and Bretueil,
For Lucern the canton turns aside,
When one sees the great Cock in his coffin.

Comment: the Catholic Church will be more glorious than ever. Faith will be renewed in Northern France (Bretueil) and Catholicism will spread to Switzerland (River Borne, Lucern) by the time King Henry of France (great Cock) passes away. Protestant countries will be converted to Catholicism.

While the Eagle and Cock at Savonna,
United are Eastern Sea and Hungary,
The army at Naples, Palermo, Ancona,
Rome, Venice shall cry because of the horrid Muslims.

Comment: Italy will become a bloody battle ground with many final decisive battles between both sides here. Hungary will join force with Russia while US joins France. The Muslims will be brutal.

A great stench shall come out from Lausanne,
One shall not know the origin of the deed,
It shall put out all distant people,
Fire seen in the sky, foreign people defeated.

Comment: A missile with chemical warhead shall destroy a vast area in Switzerland.

In the place Jason built his ship,
So great a deluge, so sudden,
One shall have neither place nor land to be saved,
The wave shall climb upon Olympic Fesulan.

Comment: In the  Greek mythology, Jason built his ship on Mount Olympus in Greece. The word “wave” indicated that the water comes from the ocean. An asteroid will strike Mediterranean Sea flooding all coastal area and completely flood Greece. Not many shall survive after the deluge in Greece.

The idols swollen with gold and silver,
Which after the rapt (rapture) shall be thrown into the lake of fire,
After all sins and troubles are revealed,
Except those who  have their names enscripted  in marble (in the book of life.)

( Original quatrain in French:

Les simulachres d’or et d’argent enflez,
Qu’ apres le rapt, lac en feu furent jettez,
Au descouvert estaincts tous & troublez,
Au marble escripts, prescripts interiettez.

Comment: It is  amazing the term “rapture” was used here. At the end of the world, after the Lord Jesus judges all souls ever existing on earth for the last time (Final Judgment), the blessed one will be taken up to Heaven to be together with God forever (Rapture), and the damned will be sent to the eternal fire, those whose names are not written in the Book of Life (Revelation). Quatrain number 8.26 might indicate when the end of the world will occur, 3826 AD.

Be on guard French King of thy nephew,
Who shall cause thy only son,
Be murdered making a vow to Venus,
Accompanied at night by 3 and 6.

Comment: France shall lose her faith and will be devastated by the divine Chastisement due to her sexual sins or Sex (Venus). the evil time is indicated by 3 of 6 or 666. the evil triplicity. Just like 7 stands perfection, completion, or fullness, 6 stands for evil and imperfection in the prophetic language. France has become so degraded far from the golden days when she was consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, when she was considered as one of the two pillars of the Catholic Church besides Italy.

Apres victoire du Lion au Lion,
Sur la montagne de Jura Secatombe,
Delues & brodes septiesme million,
Lyon, Ulme a Mausol mort & tombe.


After an English victory at Lyon,
Upon Jura mountain, a hecatombe,
Deluges & dark-skinned seven million,
A t Lyon, elm for “the Labor of the Sun” death and burial.

Comment: Pope JP II will die at Lyon. Mausol or Mansol means the labor of the Sun or Pope JP II, the Pope of the Apocalypse. Between flood and war against Muslims , millions and millions will die around Europe and Mediterranean Sea, most of all Italy,  Switzerland, France, and Germany.

The natural begotten of Ogmion,
From 7 to 9 shall be turned aside from the road,
Be king for a long time, but friend to half mankind,
Navarre prostrates to the fort of Pau.

Comment: Pope JP II was elected to be pope in 1979. He shall be pope for along time but he will have to face much opposition. A Spanish cardinal came second in the papal election, lost the papacy to John Paul II.

Paul Mensol shall die three leagues form Rhone,
Avoid the two straits near Tarare,
Aue to war the most horrible thing to papacy created,
Thanks to Cock, Eagle, and France, three allies.

Comment: Man = Manus (Latin) means labor; Sol = Sun; “Labor of the Sun” = pope John Paul II the Pope of Apocalypse prophesied by St. Malachi. He shall die near Rhone.

From a simple soldier, he shall take over an empire,
Exchanges a short robe for a long one,
Valiant in arm, never a worse enemy to the Church,
He shall vex priests like squeezing water out of a sponge.

Comment: This quatrain describes the antiChrist. He shall exchange a short robe of a priest for a royal robe. He shall be a good warrior, but also brutal in persecuting priests and true believers.
He shall come, a villain, wicked, infamous,
To tyrannize Mesopotamia,
Makes all friends using adultery women,
Foul, horrible, black in his physiognomy.

Comment: This is the description of the antiChrist.

By the antiChrist, three shall be annihilated,
World War shall last 27 years,
Heretic dead, captived, exiled,
Blood, human corpses, water turned red, earth shrunk.

Comment: God shall use the evil armies to chastise mankind. Three great nations, probably Russia, China, and Iran shall be totally annihilated. They shall be no longer nations but only wilderness. Catholicism shall be the only religion on earth. Death by wars and natural disasters shall devastate mankind. World War   III shall last about 27 years.

A Bragamus with twisted tongue,
Shall come and break God’s sanctuary,
Shall open the gate for heretics,
Raise up the military Church.

Comment: Bragamus means the soldier of fortune, same person Nostradamus called Mabus in Quatrain …He is the final antiChrist who is dynamic and eloquent in speech. He shall destroy God’s tabernacle on earth and the papacy, set up a heretical religion opposite to the true Faith. His form of Church is to destroy his enemy by a military might.

He by a sword destroys his father, born in Nonnaire,
In the end shall have completely the blood of Gorgon,
I strange land, he shall silent all,
He shall burn himself and his entante.

Comment: Nonnaire means being born black or born to be evil. Nostradamus often used the adjective “black” to mean “evil”. Gorgon might be the anagram of Dragon, the evil one. Entante might be “enfant” or a child or organization. The antiChrist at the end shall be burnt alive by lightning.

Thin, long, dried, being a good servant,
In the end shall have nothing more to offer,
Sharp poison and letters in his collar,
He shall be seized, escaped, and in danger.

Comment: This is the life of a slave or prisoner under the reign of the antiChrist. Each will wear a collar containing piercing metal spikes and poison, and an identification number.

No more than seven months one holds prelate,
After his decease, a great schism will be born,
Another shall govern the prelate for seven months,
Near Venice, peace, and union shall have rebirth.

Comment: “Seven months “ here indicates a long perfect duration. After the death of JP II, a schism shall take place as in Rome , an antipope will be installed by the occupying forces. After WW III, a true pope “the Glory of Olive” will reign for a long time.

The seducer shall be placed in the dungeon,
And shall be tied up for a while,
The Clergy united, the chief with his cross,
Pointing right, shall draw in the contended ones.

Comment; Satan shall be bound in the dungeon for thousands of years before he can be loosen again to tempt mankind after the death of the antiChrist. The clergy shall be united with Christ and His Cross. The Church shall be holy again. “The chief with his cross” indicates that the Lord will govern the Church Himself.

The Synagogue sterile, without fruit,
Shall be received among infidels,
In Babylon, the daughters of the persecuted,
Miserable and sad, shall clip her wings.

Comment: Jewish and Muslim people will be welcomed into the Catholic Church. In the Western countries (Babylon), women shall accept more traditional domestic role of a wife and mother as they see clearly the detrimental effect of feminism upon Faith, morality, and society.

By the power of three temporal kings,
The Holy See shall be put in another place,
Where the substance of the corporal spirit,
Shall be restored and received as a true seat.

Comment: France, England, and US shall recognize and support the Papacy. line 3 indicates the sacramental life sustained by the Holy Eucharist, the Body and Blood of Our Lord will be restored, devoted again.

Through the abundance of the army expansion,
high will become low, and low becomes high,
Great Faith, a life lost through,
To die by thirst and through the abundance of wants.

Comment: Maintaining a vast standing army shall put a great burden on society, especially so many people are killed during the WW III. The social status shall be changed, turned upside down. There will be a lot natural disasters such as famine and many needs to be fulfilled for the population.


Much silver from Dianne, then Mercury,
Statues (idols) in the lake shall be found,
The potter will seek for new clay,
He and his shall be glorious as gold.

Comment: Dianne here means Venus or goddess of sex. Men engulf in sexual pleasures and their sins offend God, therefore, Mercury or the Divine Chastisement or Justice shall come. Eventually, they themselves and their idols will be thrown into the lake of fire. The Divine Potter will create a devout faithful generation after WW III.

Coming out by the bitter letters the surname of Nice,
The great cap shall present what is not his,
Near Vultry by the walls of green capers,
After Plombin the wind shall be in good earnest.

Comment: Vatican II council was hailed as extraordinary as the first council
ever, the Nicaea (Nice) Council in 325AD. The Pope gave to the Church the
document full of reforms which were drafted by the outsiders of the Church.
After Plombin (?) the wind of the Holy Spirit shall guide the Church again
in the correct path.
The great Henry shall move to Avignon,
Letters from Rome shall be full of bitterness,
Letters and embassy leave for Chanignon,
Carpentras taken by a black Duke with red feather.

Comment:  French president or General Henry will move his commanding
headquarter from Paris to Avignon. The bad news come out of Rome that the
holy place (carpentras = carpenter's place, Our Lord Jesus was a carpenter)
was occupied by Muslims with an assistance from Red communist Russians.

The crusading army is about to land,
Shall be watched by the Israelites,
Beaten on all sides of the ship name Riviera,
Quick attack by ten elite galleys (small boats).

Comment: The Western troops just  about to land somewhere in the Middle East
shall be attacked and surrounded by Muslim smaller ships or boats. The ship
named Ravier might be an (Aircraft) Carrier will be attacked by many small
speedy boats.

Leave, leave, get out of Geneva all of you,
God shall change gold into iron (sword),
The negative Ray shall exterminate all,
Before it happens, Heaven will show signs.

Comment: Iran or Russia, more likely Muslims, shall blow up the entire
Geneva with an atomic bomb or nuclear missile at the onset of WW III.

Be gone, from Toulouse, the red ones,
Of the offering sacrifice, the expiation has to be made,
The chief cause of all evil, a form of scourge,
Strangled to death, a destruction of flesh.

Comment: The leaders of French Catholic Church are asked to leave Toulouse,
but they all shall be executed. Their deaths are deemed as the expiation for
their sins for neglecting in shepherding their flock. The loss of faith is
another form or the spiritual form of the Divine Chastisement on mankind
leading to WW III, an equivalent to scourging on the Mystical Body of

Peace in one side, war in the other,
Never before so great a pursuit,
To bemoan, man, woman, innocent blood on the soil,
It shall be through out France.

Comment: Demonstrations against war ( war in Middle East) shall bring
turmoil to France.

The horrible war prepared in the West,
The year following shall be pestilence,
So very terrible that young, old, nor beast,
Blood, fire, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter in France.

Comment: After the war initiated by US taking place (with Iraq), the atomic
bomb will explode or war will come to French soil killing many including

In the place of Drux, a king shall rest,
Shall seek a law changing Anathema,
While heaven shall thunder loudly,
Entering again the king kills himself.

Drux here is the mispelled Crux (latin) or Cross or Calvary. Anathema is the
anagram of anti-Manna or abolishing the Blessed Sacrament, the Holy
Eucharist. The antiChrist while trying to destroy the Mystical Body of
Christ or the Church, shall be killed by lightning upon entering Jerusalem
or Calvary Hill.

The plunder shall be made on marine coast,
Incited by new people and relative brought forward,
Many of Malta, for the deed to the Messiah,
Being closely confined, poorly rewarded.

Comment: Muslim invaders shall occupy Malta Island. Many local Christians
shall be mistreated badly by the informants inside their own family members.

For the most part of Cheramonagora ( smiling Mona Lisa),
Shall be crossed (crusaded) with all ranks attached,
The Opni Pertinal ( Omnipotent) and Mandragora ( Dragon man),
Raugon (dragon) the third of October shall be set loose.

Comment: For most of Italy shall be filled with Crusader troops ( Western
Allies), ready to face the Muslim forces of the final battle. The Armageddon
shall be between the troops of the Omnipotent God and the followers of the
Great Dragon who will released from the dungeon on the third of October,
probably in 2028AD.

Complaints, tears, cries and great mourning,
Near Narboune, Bayyonne and in Foix,
O what horrible calamities and changes,
Before Mars somewhat makes its revolution.

Comment: France shall be a major battle ground in WW III at  the beginning
of the 21th century , i.e., around 6000 BC +AD, or at the seventh revolution
as each revolution consisted of 1000 years according to Nostradamus.

L'Aemathion pass through Pyrenees Mountain,
In March, Narbonne shall make no resistance,
By sea and land he shall carry out great menance,
The Cap ( Pope) shall have no safe ground for residence.

Comment: The invaders shall attack France via Spanish territories. Pope JP
II shall have nowhere else to hide in Southern France.

He shall come to the corner of Luna,
Where taken and put in a strange land,
Green fruits immersed in great scandal,
A great shame, to some great praise.

Comment: Moon- landing is the waste of resources and science is a futile
rebellious endeavor and follies of men, here being disdained by the prophet.

peace, union, and changes,
Estates, office, low turns high, and high low,
Journey prepared, first fruit, torment,
War ceases, also civil disobedience and debates.

Comment: After WW III, many social changes shall take place. Once esteemed
positions and status shall be disdained and vice versa. Scientific study
will be discarded and replaced with religious or theological study. Many
shall have to migrate and live on the fruits of their own labor.

>From Mount Aymar a noble shall hide,
The evil shall come at the joint of Saone and Rhone,
In the wood, soldiers shall hide on St. Lucia's feast day,
Never before such a horrible throne.

Comment: According to Denmark's tradition, St. Lucia's feast day is December
13th. Pope JP II will be captured between two rivers Saone and Rhone.

Also ,
Salon, Mansol, Tarascon of Sex arc,
Where there is still a pyramid,
Shall come to deliver the prince of Denemark,
Shameful ransom placed in the temple of Artemis (Diana).

Comment: this quatrain is posted here because it is related to the previous
one 9.68. Salon: Sol or God; Mansol : Labor of the Sun or JP II, Tarascon of
Sex arc: Muslims at Tarascon; Pyramid is Mount Aymar. Pope JP II shall die
on the Denmark festival day or December 13th.

In Foix shall enter the King with a blue Turban,
And shall reign before Saturn evolved,
The white Turban King makes Turkey heart banished,
Sol, Mars, Mercury near the top.

Comment: At the beginning of WW III, one kind of Muslims (Sunni?) shall
attack France through Spain, and another kind of Muslims (Shiites? Iran?)
shall attack Turkey.

Sun twenty (degrees)  from Taurus, the earth trembles strongly,
A great theater shall be ruined,
Air, sky, ground turn dark and troubled,
Then the infidels shall call upon God and saints.

Comment: An unprecedent event, the earth will move out of its orbit, making
the sun seeming as it is moving away. Earth will shake and darkness will
cover the whole world. The unbelievers and evil people shall perish through
out the world. The event called Three Days of Darkness probably will happen
close to the end of WW III. It is interesting to note that the unbelievers
not only call upon God, but also upon the Catholic saints. That means they
start to pay attention to what Catholics had said all along about the event,
but it is too late. God will purge the earth completely free from its evil

Seven years Philip has prosperous fortune,
Shall beat down the Muslim efforts,
Then in midday perplexing with contradicting affairs,
Young Ogmion shall destroy his stronghold.

Comment: Many years USA (Philip or English-speaking country) could control Muslim world until one day due to indecisive half-hearted actions or disunity from her allies, US shall fail to exert its influence on the Middle East, cannot finish its Muslim opponents, and eventually exhaust its military might.

Weak ships shall be united,
False enemies, the strongest runs rampant,
Weak assault but Bratislava (Czech-Slovakian) quakes for fear,
Lubeck and Mysne (Meissen) shall take Muslim side.

Comment: Most Eastern European countries shall align wrongly with Russia-Muslim Alliance out of fear during WW III. Germany shall take Muslim side to appear neutral, but none of those countries will be spared from the brutality and looting.

The North wind will help to lift the siege,
Over the walls blows ashes, lime, and dust,
Through rain afterwards will cause much worse,
Last help against their last defense line.

Comment: When General Henry is about to surrender the Muslim forces who surround his troops and the city (Quatrain 3.50), suddenly the Providence assist him by blowing at his enemies with strong wind, hail, stone, and dust, and later on heavy storm. General Henry of France eventually defeat the occupying Muslim after this turning point, then go on to capture the Middle East to end WW III.

In the naval battle, might be overcome,
By fire, Western ships are ruined,
Rubriche new, the great ship colored,
Ire for the vanquished, victory in the fog.

Comment: At the beginning of WW III, the Western naval forces suffers many defeats by the smaller but quicker Muslim forces. However later, the Western fleets are modified with a new coating (Rubriche new might mean “rub brick” or new inorganic or clay coating to deflect the anti-ship missiles that Muslim speed boat fire at them with.


To the enemy prisoners, faith is promised,
Promises not kept, the prisoners detained,
First captives being put to death, the rest being stripped,
The rest given hope to be rescued.

Comment: Christians, Jews, and other Western prisoners are being persecuted, shot to death, or being stripped and incinerated.

The sail of the galleys and of big ship hidden,
The great fleet lets little ones coming out,
Ten small ships approaches it, then draws back,
The great ship vanished, joined all united ones to itself.

Comment: Due to the early defeats as the Muslim navies rely on small fast boats equipped with 60-plus mile range anti-ship missiles to sink down much larger ships, the Western naval forces develop a new strategy in which during the battle formation, the large aircraft carrier will allow much smaller ships or boats to go ahead about 60-plus miles, then the carrier will stop or vanish from 60 mile radius, out of Muslim antiship missile range. A galley is a low, fast moving boat.

About midnight, the conductor of the army,
Will save himself, suddenly vanished,
Seven years later, with his fame non blemished,
At his return they will never say yes.

Comment: In 1991, US troops suddenly withdrew from Persian Gulf instead of finishing the job by eliminating Saddam Hussein. More than ten years later even Americans still enjoy the status of the only military super-power of the world, she will not have any allies this time around when US troops come back for another war with Iraq.

Albi and Castres shall form a new league,
New (nine) Arians, Lisbon and Portuguese,
Carcas, Tholose will end their confederation,
When the new chief is the monster of Lauragues,

Comment: Albi is the anagram for Libia; Castres is of Crescent or Muslims; Arians is Germany; Lisbon is Spain; Caras is Russia and Caucasians, Tholose is Thessalonians or Greece, and finally Lauragues is the anagram for Arau (Arab) Leagues. The Eastern Alliance shall consist of all Muslim nations from Middle East and North Africa, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Russia and Caucasian countries, and Greece. The leader will be an Arab or Muslim, an Iranian. Russia an Greece as orthodox Christians probably will end their alliance later on when the Eastern Alliance is led by a brutal Iranian (monster) who hates all infidels or non-Muslims.

The great conflict, they prepare for (at) Nancy,
The Aemathien shall say, all subjugated to me,
The British Island concerns about wine and salt,
Hem, mi, two Phi shall not hold Metz for long.

Comment: The second war with Iraq shall be prepared for Western interests (Nancy might be a code name for the operation.) Aemathien (Americans) shall say all countries are subordinated at her super-power status and military might. Only Britain will support US but finally shall be much exhausted of her resources. “Hem, mi” or “Him, me” and “Two Phi” or two Philips or two English-speaking cousin nations, US and England, who cannot occupy the”Metz” or Mediterranean Sea for long. Both will not succeed this time.

Out of Castillon, on a misty day,
From an infamous woman, a sovereign Prince shall be born,
His surname of breeches on the ground making him posthumous,
Never a worse King in his province.

Comment: The mysterious meaning of the name of the AntiChrist which will be revealed later at a proper time. I quote the original French text for the future generation to figure out the hidden secret. Another meaning of this quatrain is that the AntiChrist will be buried alive as he falls through cracks on the ground surface caused by a great earthquake which will destroy most of Jerusalem. Surname in this case means it is destined or it is written.

Original French verses:

De Castillon figuires jour de brune,
De femme infame naistra souverain prince,
Surnom de chausses per hume luy posthume,
Onc Roy ne fut si pire en sa province.

Relying on murder, enormous adulteries,
The great enemy of the whole human race,
He shall be worse than his grandfathers, uncles, and fathers,
In sword, water, bloody, inhuman.

Comment; The AntiChrist, the continuation of the previous quatrain.

Below Jonchere a dangerous passage,
The Posthume shall bring his troop over,
Pass Pyrenean Mountains without his baggage,
A Duke shall run from Perpinan to Tende.

Comment: The Posthume is the AntiChrist, the one resurrected from the deceptive Death? The AntiChrist moves swiftly to capture Spain. He is the great warrior.

Elected as Pope, he will be mocked,
Suddenly he moved promptly and timidly,
Through his goodness, he provoked his death,
His death in the night shall make his guide fearful.

Comment: Pope JP I was called the "Smiling Pope" whose gentleness and kindness was well-known. He moved swiftly to expose and correct the Vatican banking corruption. That was probably the reason why he was killed one night during sleep with poison. He reigned merely 33 days, the same number as the number of the total years the Lord lived on earth.

The day she shall be saluted as Queen,
The day after the event, the evening benediction,
The feast is justified and valid,
Once humble never before one is so highly exalted.

Comment: The veneration of Blessed Virgin Mary as the Queen of Heaven and earth by the whole world. This might indicate the feat day celebrating the declaration of the new and last Marian dogma in which Blessed Virgin will be recognized as the Co-redeemer, Mediatrix, and Advocate for the whole mankind.

John Paul II the Labor of the Sun in a goat cavern,
Hidden, captured, drawn out by his beard,
Captured, treated like a domestic beast,
By Begourdans shall be brought near Tarbe.

Comment: JP II is captured and ill-treated. He imitates the Passion of the
Lord and Death to the very end of his life. Tarbe is located in the
south-west of France. Begourdans is the anagram for "dungeon" or the evil
ones, born in the dungeon.

Nephew and blood of the new saint come,
His surname means holding up arch and cover,
They shall be chased, put to death, chased nude,
Change their red and black appearance to green.

Comment: Pope JP II and his companions ( red: cardinal; black: priests)
shall be martyred. His surname sounds like "pole" which is used to supports
tent, arch, etc.

The royal son fragrant in libido (burning lust),
To enjoy his first cousin (germaine),
Shall in woman clothes go to the temple of Artemis,
Shall be murdered by the unknown of Marne.

Comment: the life of a homosexual man ends up with a tragic consequence.
Artemis: Venus or sex.

The River Meuse by day in the land of Luxemburg,
Shall discover Saturn and three in luna,
Mountains, plains, town, city, countryside,
Lorrain flood, treason by the great leader.

Comment: The day of the Lord shall come when the great flood comes to the
mentioned areas between Belgium, germany, and France (North east of France).
Three in luna are Eastern Allies fo Muslim-Russia.

In the lowest part of Lorraine,
Shall be basis for german unity,
By those who seize Picards, Romans (Normans) of Mesian (Maisne),
With the invaders (cantons), they will be united.

Comment: Germany shall form a pact with the advancing Eastern invaders. They
will reward Germany with the northern part of France through annexation.
Mesian might mean the Lord or Messia.

Three great horlots shall battle for a long time,
The greatest less shall remain watching,
The great Selin (Muslim) shall no longer be her patron,
Shall call upon her fire, pestilence, death (white), rotten.

Comment: Three great harlots are US, Europe, Russia. The greatest harlot is
US who will be on the sideline at the beginning of WW III. Once her good
customers and allies, Muslims hate US eventually.

The unhappy neptunial shall be celebrated,
With great joy but with sad ending,
Husband and wife turn to disdained Black ( Nore),
God (Phybe), Nore most pitiful.

Comment: Today many marriages are not blessed by God. Phybe or Appolo, the
god of the Sun, here means Jesus Christ. Nore or noire is black or  sinners.

In the time of mourning, the Muslim (Selin) monarch,
Shall go to war with the young American (Aemathien),
France (Gaul) shakes, ship ( bark) in jeopady,
Marseilles (Phocen) to be tempted, real danger in West.

Comment: Iraq goes to war with US and that will lead to WW III, with France
getting involved most greatly. Marseilles shall be attacked by Muslim navy,
but the real push will be in the West through Spain and Portugal. Ship or
barque stands for the Papacy in Rome.

I weep for Nice, Monaco, Pisa, Genoa, Savona,
 Siena, Capua, Modena, Malta,
For them, blood and sword as new year's gift,
Fire, earth trembling, water, bad sad ending.

Comment: All area around Mediterranean Sea shall suffer with WW III possibly
at the beginning of 2004AD.

Betta, Vienna, Comorre, Sacarbance,
Shall try to deliver Pannone (Hungary) to Muslims,
By pike and fire, enormous violence,
The conspirators discovered by a matron.

Comment: Hungary will fall into Muslims after a fight.

Near Sorbin, Hungary being attacked,
The herald of Brudes shall give notice,
Byzantine Chief, Sallon of Sclavonie (Sclauonie),
The law of Arabes they try to convert them.

Comment: Muslims shall attack Hungary.

Cydron, raguse, the city of St. Jerome,
Shall desperately need medical assistance,
King's son dead by the death of two martyrs,
Arab, Hungary, both will go through the same course.

Comment: Hungary probably will be attacked by chemical or biological weapons
by the Muslims who later will suffer the same fate meaning shall be
annihilated with weapon of mass destruction.

O vast Rome, thy ruin approaches,
Not toward thy walls, but of thy blood and substance,
The harshness in letters, shall cause horrible notch,
Pointed sword thrust all the way to the shaft.

Comment: Rome will be ruined to its sacred Dogma and Tradition, not just a
physical damage due to the Muslim invasion. The Church's law will change,
dictated by the occupying forces in order to ruin it and to conform it to
the modernistic heresies.

The chief of London under American (Americh) pressure,
Island of Scotland shall be tried by frost,
Ray Reb shall believe in false antiChrist,
Who shall put them in discord.

Comment: Scotland will try to break away from England.

The earthquake will be so strong in May,
Saturn, Caper, Jupiter, Mercury in Taurus,
Venus also, Cancer, Mars in Nonnay (None),
Then shall hail come bigger than eggs.

Comment:  In the month of May following WW III, a great earthquake shall take place, probably in California.

In the year of 1999 and seven months,
From the sky comes a great King of terror,
Resurrects to great Mongolian (Angolmois) King,
Before and after, Mars (wars) reigns at will.

Comment: At the beginning, I thought seven months here literally means July but now I realize that Nostradamus only imply a perfectly fulfilled time whenever he used the number SEVEN. Thus , with this significant quatrain, the only quatrain that Nostradamus revealed the accurate date for us, the prophet said that at the fulfillment of the destined moment of human history, a world leader will emerge, he will terrorize the whole world in the brutal manner similar to the Mongolian King of Old who once terrorized the whole Asia and Europe. Under his reign, there will be many wars including WW III.

Thus, who is the world leader who would appear in 1999? As you recall, only one significant leader appeared on the political arena of the world in 1999 is President Putin of Russia who was appointed Russian Prime Minister in August of 1999. And Russia’s policy of proliferation of weapon of mass destruction and missile technology is escalated after Putin became the Russian President.

The present time together with the past,
Shall be judged by the grand jovialist,
The world shall be late to realize,
And become disloyal due to the influence of clergical jurists.

Comment: The grand Jovialist is the Loving Lord Jesus Christ, but the whole world have forgotten that as the Merciful God, He is also the just Judge Who shall be slow in anger but eventually will deal this sinful world what we are all deserved. The modernistic, reformist views of the heretical Clergy of our present time are leading the whole world to damnation especially after Vatican II. If the Church was loyal to her Master and Lord, she would received sufficient Graces to avert all dangers for the whole world. She would lead the whole world to holiness.

The revolution of the great number 7th past,
There shall be seen the sports of Hecatombe,
Not far from the great age of millennium,
The buried comes out of their tombs.

Comment: The seventh revolution again is the fulfillment of human history, the End of the world. In the distant future, Christians again shall be persecuted and made into the object of the cruel sports, this time by the incarnated Satan himself. Afterwards, the buried or the dead will all be resurrected from the tombs to receive the Final Judgment from their God.

Long awaited before he finally return,
Into Europe, then appear in Asia,
One issued from the lineage of the great Hermes,
And shall rule over all kings of Orient.

Comment: Hermes is the human race. King Henry of France is sent to us by Heaven. His ancestry is derived from Charlemagne the Great. He will gain respect from both European and Asian countries.

Like a Gryphon (Griffin) shall come the King of Europe,
Accompanied by those of the North (Aquilon),
Of reds and whites shall conduct a great troop,
And shall fight against the King of Babylon.

Comment: Griffin, a mythical monster, half lion half man, is watchful of Russian gold. Red is communist and White is non-communist. Babylon of the Book of Revelation is the land of the Great Harlot which consists of all countries which live according to modern Western civilization and culture where sexual pleasures and sins are adored. This quatrain indicated that Russian together with some European countries will attack the Western Allies which include US, England, and France.

A great king shall land at Nice,
The great empire of death shall be placed there,
By Destinationp (Antipodes) he shall place his horse,
By sea with pillage all vanish.

Comment: Nice is located in the Southern coast of France. Antipodes is the anagram of destination. By sea, Muslims shall attack southern France, then Europe. They shall destroy everything, murder many on their conquering path.

By foot and horse at the second watch,
Shall come to devastate all by sea,
They shall enter the port near Marseilles,
Tears, cries, and blood, never times so bitter.

Comment: ( Same as above )

From Brick to marble, walls shall be rebuilt,
Seven and fifty pacific years,
Joy to men, aqueduct rebuilt,
Health, great fruits, joy, mellifluous time.

Comment: 57 years of peace shall be given to mankind. If 57 peaceful years began after WW II or after 1945, it shall take us to 2002AD, then more war shall begin anew. Now we see that US and England will attack Iraq, triggering WW III. If 57 years begin after WW III or around 2028AD, wars shall occur again and the great antiChrist will emerge some time after 2085AD. I myself do not consider the last 57 years were joyful years for the Faith and for the Church of Christ, and for all mankind. Actually, these years mark the most evil period in human history by far in which the most believers were martyred for the love of Christ, the most innocent blood is shed, the most sexual sins are being committed, the most profane, the most divorces, the greatest Apostasy, and the list keeps going on and on.

Before his father’s eyes, a child perishes,
Afterwards, the father shall enter electrical cord,
The people of Geneva shall be staggered,
The chief lying in the middle like a log.

Comment: Geneva shall be covered with total demolition and dead bodies. the survivors will envy the dead ones, then commits suicide.

From Nismes, Arles, and Vienne come contempt,
They shall not obey at all American (Hesperique) edict,
Even the great labors hard, they still condemn,
Six escape wearing Seraphic (angelic) habit.

Comment: All Europe besides England shall show condemnation to US decision to strike Iraq even though US has labored hard for its justification. Six here including France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Canada, and Russia meaning G-8 group minus US and England, shall appear holy and righteous while they condemn American so-called aggression.

The powerful king shall come into Spain,
Who by sea and land shall subjugate the South,
The evil shall beat down the crescent,
And lower the wings of those of Friday.

Comment: Those of Friday are Muslims. The powerful King here is King Henry of France.

Religion in the name of the seas shall come,
Against the sect of the sons of Adaluncatif,
The deplorably obstinate sect shall be afraid,
Of the two wounded by A. and A.

Comment: the name of the seas is Marina, the female adjective of Marino meaning marine in French. And the anagram of Marina is Marian. Adalunacatif is the Captives of the Moon or Muslims. Wounded by A. and A. can be the AntiChrist, Apostasy, or Atomic bomb. All three forms of Chastisements befall on France and Italy.  This quatrain indicates that the Western army of Catholics devoted or consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary beginning with their commander, King Henry, shall defeat the Muslim invaders. The two most wounded of WW III will be France and Italy.

The bright splendor of a merry maid,
Shall shine no more, she without salt,
With merchants, bullies, odious wolves,
All cursed, an universal monster.

Comment: The Great Harlot of Apolyptical Babylon or the sinful countries and societies of the present Western world shall be purified without a trace. They are just like a maid servant who does not prepare for the coming of her Bridegroom, without oil for her lamp, and her salt without taste, good for nothing.

At last the wolf, the lion, ox and ass,
The timid deer shall be with the mastiff,
The sweet manna shall no longer fall on them,
Neither any more vigilance and watching for mastiff.

Comment: A period of the golden peace after WW III, as prophesied by the prophet Isaiah. This might also indicate the period of peace after the reign of the antiChrist while God will chain the Evil One or the great Tempter for thousands years in the dungeon.


September 13th, 2002

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