The Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, Advocate
              Marian Apparitions

" The Lady of All Nations is here, standing before the Cross of her Son; her feet are placed in the very mist of the world, and the flock of Jesus Christ surrounds her. It is as Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix that I come at these times. I was Co-Redemptrix from the moment of the Annunciation. This is the meaning: the mother has been constituted Co-Redemptrix by the will of the Father. Tell this to your theologians. Tell them likewise that this dogma will be the last in Marian history."


Blessed Virgin Mary appeared and and gave through inner locutions many messages to Ida Peerleman who lived in Amsterdam, Netherlands since 1945 to 1959. She granted Ida the total of 55 visions. She predicted the Council of Vatican II ten years before it was convened in October 1962, prophesied the death of Pope Pius XII, warned the Church about the resurgence of a modernist heresy concerning the Holy Eucharist, warned that the Great Apostasy would come from within the Church.

Blessed Mother came to us through Ida with the title of " The Lady of All Nations " . The Church shall honor her by proclaiming the final Marian Dogma . Blessed Virgin shall be honored and recognized as the Mother of All Nations, the " Co-Redemptrix " in the human salvation, the "Mediatrix " between God and men, and " the Advocate" or the Defender of her children or the Church.

The original text of all 56 apparitions to Ida Peerdeman can be found by following the link at the bottom of this page or by  reading  the Book "The Messages of The Lady of All Nations", offered by Queenship Publishing Company. They can be reached at  1-800- 647-9882.

I now attempt to interpret the meaning of Her messages in each apparition including many prophecies concerning the Church and World War III. And I also attempt to comment on the last Marian Dogma based on Blessed Mother's teachings on this subject.


From this apparition, we learn the followings:

 By persevering in praying the Rosary, one can save his soul.

 World War II was prophesied to end soon.

 The Blessed Virgin wanted us to call her "the Lady" or "Mother" but not merely Mary any longer.


 Mankind can only have peace if they believe in Jesus Christ.

The Evil One was sowing his seeds among men to "hatch evil plots" in order to degenerate mankind.
Heavenly Father or "Yahweh" is ashamed of His sinful creatures, the ones He Himself created according to His Image as men are killing each other.

The only Thing can save the world again is the Holy Eucharist or the Sacrifice of the Mass as the Miracle of Procession is the Eucharistic Miracle.


We learn the followings:

Like the ancient times, the hypocrite priests offer sacrifices to the Lord but "scatter His lambs" or scandalize His people into the hands of the evil one the same time.

Men are now deny the Cross, meaning the Crucified Lord Jesus, their daily crosses or sacrifices of living the Gospel.

Blessed Mother encouraged both pious and lukewarm Christians to follow her footsteps which indeed had traced the bloody footsteps of her beloved Son on the way to Calvary.

The way to Heaven ("great light") is the difficult one and many shall not make it. The only way one can finish this journey is to be renewed or born again in Christ meaning receiving a spiritual conversion. And our Lady promised that she would help us.

The anti-Mary movements to discourage all Marian devotions are well underway in both England by Anglican church and in US by evangelical denominations, and even by Western Catholic clergy!! Our Lady prophesied that both countries would eventually come back to venerate her as their Mother. The devil knows very well that only Blessed Mother can defeat him in these times with the help of all her children who venerate her, who pray Rosary and offer their daily sacrifices to their Mother and to God.


 The "great sadness" is the coming World War III but "joy will follow". The Church will be one big "Community" and will flourish during the golden period of peace.

 The reigns of three popes: Pope Pius X (1903-1914), Pope Pius XII (1939-1958), and Pope John Paul II (1978 - now), mark the Marian Era in which Pope Pius X proclaimed the Dogma of    the Immaculate Conception (1904), Pope Pius XII announced 1953 as the Marian year with    Queenship of Blessed Virgin Mary bestowed in 1954, and Pope John Paul II shall announce the    last Marian Dogma in which our Mother shall be honored as the Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, and    Advocate for all mankind. This Dogma will be discussed later based on the teachings of Blessed Mother herself on the subject.

World War III will cause much havoc and destruction.

Priestly training or formation would be updated to be more suitable to the changing societies and enabling the religious to deal with the new social issues and injustice ( here Vatican II was prophesied). However, the Doctrines of the Church are unchanged.

Our Lady was very sad about the state of the Church.


China, Muslims, and Eastern countries such as Russia have become atheistic. "Red" or evils increases while the "black" or goodness decreases in those countries.

"The big castle" is God's Commandments or Justice which reflect in men's conscience. The world has to recover its conscience or it will be lost.

The Holy Fathers will propagate the eternal Truth using the means of their encyclical letters but  "they shall not be lived up to". The Catholic Church shall grow larger but weaker due to the    influence of the secular world and heretics.

 Priests and religious shall become unfit to be the spiritual leaders.

"The world is tottering ... a few more years and it would perish..."

Mankind shall deny the Truth, dislike the Commandments of God, and will have no fear for God's Justice.

The sorrowful Lord is carrying the Cross alone with no followers but the Cross shall fall upon mankind very suddenly. "The stars" or USA and the "sickles and hammers" or communist  countries such Russia and China shall all suffer greatly. World War III shall come so suddenly as men are now enjoying the period of false peace and superficial prosperity.

 Blessed Mother encourages us to keep on praying the Rosary. She promised to help us but we     must listen to her.


 A spiritual conflict shall occur in the Anglican church of England.

 A spiritual struggle shall exist through out Europe.

 Christians shall give up fighting to win souls and give in to the world. Sermons given from churches' pulpits shall become merely echo in desert without any one listening.

 But Blessed Mother herself does not give up. On the contrary, she is all suited up in armour, like Joan of Arc, ready to lead her children in the decisive battle with the Evil One, the battle in which one side will emerge victorious.

 The world shall not respect the Truth, shall not treat each other with brotherly love, justice, and righteousness. This is the cause of our Lord and our Lady's agonies.

 There will be a small number of the faithful who are still obedient to God and press on fighting for    their Mother's cause.

Pope John Paul II shall fortify the clergy for this spiritual struggle.

 The world is in the end times, the Apocalypse.


The Lady showed an wolf with sheep head which had two horns, an image which stood for heretical clergy , just like an wolf disguised in sheep clothing, they shall lead many faithful astray. The loss of Faith shall be most severe in Europe: " Europe must be on her guard, warn the peoples of Europe."

The Lady said: " Be on guard, Europe... the East against the West." She held out three fingers and then five indicating the great war which would occur in Europe with the Eastern countries such as Russia and Muslims attacking Western European nations. And this World War III shall last 35 years.

England in particular shall suffer greatly due to her sinfulness. England was the first Western country which legalized abortion and also the first to ordain women clergy. "Woe to you, England!" She will suffer by war, flood, economic crisis, and starvation.

Our Lady showed us the Pope who offered the New Catechism which we were not familiar with as we did not care to read it. "...Much has to be changed..." with the papacy as unworthy popes shall reign during 35 years of wars.

Today Christian parents, just like ostrich which lays egg then runs away, they ignore their parental duties especially the duty of developing Christian Faith for their children. The Lord commands us parents:" Suffer little children to come to Me... the children must receive a thorough Christian upbringing."

Jerusalem shall be devastated like Jerusalem of the Kingdom of Judea in the Old Testament.

Man landing on the moon and the race between Russia and USA in space exploration were prophesied here.

The division of Europe and Germany seemed to be prophesied here and the royal crown or tradition of England would fall into decay.


The present sinful world that we live in cannot recognize the Divine Truth, loses its Faith, and is incapable of Love. Christ Jesus cannot be found anywhere, neither in churches nor in religious leaders as Charity no longer prevails.

"Disaster upon disaster, disaster of nature!" shall strike the earth. The whole world shall suffer with hunger, political chaos, and hopelessness.

"But they have to learn a lot.", the Lady said. Learn from the Holy Pontiff ( Saint Peter) and the Sacrificial Lamb ("Ecce Homo"). Learn from the Teaching of the Church and the Holy Sacrifice and the Life of our Lord Jesus.


The Lady of All Nations said: " I want to bring Him into this world again but they don't want Him...There must be a return to Him first of all, before true peace can come..." She said what our world needed were Truth, Justice, and Charity. The Truth is the Heavenly treasure of the early Church, guarded symbolically by the stone lion. And we can find the Truth in the Church of Rome only, not in other churches such as Anglican or Russian orthodox. For only at the Church of Rome that one can receive the Real Presence or the Precious Flesh and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

She warned us that religion would be undermined so cunningly that very few would notice.

Jerusalem will be inflamed with fights and Eastern orthodox churches will dominate the region. Anglican, Russian, and Armenian shall influence or control the official Church of Rome. It is feasible if Russians and Muslims overrun entire Italy as being prophesied.


The Child Jesus cried when being put into this sinful world and He finally left it to itself. This symbolizes that God will abandon this perverted world to its self-destruction. "disaster upon disaster ... there can be no true peace..." so long as Righteousness, Truth, and Love are missing in the world. "The demons are coming..."

The Lady of All Nations predicted " another great catastrophe for the world...". The word "another" right after World War II indicated another world war. She said "things will go well for a short time" then the army of God's Justice shall come from the East. Pointing to the East, she said: " That is where it comes from..."

The catastrophe will take place, mostly caused by the disobedience and heretical dissent of cardinals, bishops, and priests against their Pope.


."The world will destroy itself".
.Heretical churches such as Anglican, Orthodox, and Protestant shall ruin the Church of Rome.


The abomination upon desolation has entered the high hierarchy of Vatican. The heretical clergy are applying a great pressure on the Holy Father John Paul II.

Italy shall be soaked with blood especially the central part.

" Exile " is the word for the Holy Father as he shall leave Rome while Muslims aggressors are advancing.

There is a great political-Christian struggle or politics within Vatican as cardinals, bishops, clergy  hold secret meetings to undermine their leader the Holy Pontiff, and to destroy the Church from within with the help from foreign ambassadors such as American.

Pope John Paul II is completely aware of the heretical force from within.

 Peace that we are now enjoying is a false peace which is so fragile and can be dissipated at any  moment, which shall be taken away overnight with the eruption of the inevitable World War.

" Rubbing one hand over the other" means an internal conflict, brother against brother. This phrase    together with the phrase " ... that will happen twice " might mean two popes shall be murdered,   John Paul I and John Paul II. This fact was also prophesied by the ancient prophecies.


 Rome shall be destroyed and Christians shall be persecuted.

 " They will first have to perish by the flood and only then ... all ..." Europe shall first be destroyed    with numerous floods and storms from the sea and droughts, and only then all shall be chastised    with World War III.

 Righteousness, brotherly love, and Justice are needed.

Many soldiers shall die.


 "Disasters will overtake the world - from North to South, from South to West, and from West to     East" meaning the Divine Chastisement shall be decisive and universal. Russians shall attack  Europe from the North and the East, Muslims from the East and South, US to China from West  to East.

 " In and around Jerusalem, heavy battles will be waged."

 All Muslim nations shall be united and hold conference in Cairo to form an Eastern Alliance and  to prepare for wars.

 The world shall be divided into two camps: Eastern (Muslims & Russia) and Western (NATO)  blocks.

 "The large key" stands for St. Peter or the Pope. The Holy Father John Paul II and many soldiers shall suffer and be killed.

 Young men need spiritual guidance more than ever as many of them shall die during World War III. Two-thirds of mankind shall perish after more than thirty years of bloodshed!
Economic and financial catastrophes, economic warfare and boycotting shall occur in both    Europe and US markets.
The visionary Rite Peerleman of Amsterdam had a similar vision as the prophet Daniel in which    she saw a ram attacking a goat. The ram symbolizes the Persian or Iran king who shall attack the    goat symbolizing the King of Greece or the Western Europe. This World War will involve "blue   and white stripes" or USA, "sickle breaking away from hammer" or conflict between Russia and   China, "the sun" or Japan, and "crescent" or Muslim countries. China shall attack Russia, her   northern   neighboring enemies around 2025 AD or at the end of the World War III.

Ida Peerleman heard "the hand of the sun-dial is going in the opposite direction!". By convention    the hand of the sun-dial always point to the north but now it points to the south. If we create an   "AD chronological clock " for the human history with the Lord's Nativity or 0 AD at the top of the   clock or  at the North end, the opposite direction will be the South or the year of 2000 AD (   click this link for more details on the clocks ). The Chastisement shall occur around the end of our century.

Ida then saw a flying missile which carried chemical or biological  warheads.

Russia and other countries shall use this weapon of mass destruction to conquer Europe. The  survivors shall suffer the most hellish and agonizing pains. They will envy the dead.


The rights or freedom ( human right, gay right, freedom of choice, freedom of speech, women right, child right, etc.) will become the issues.

Social order, moral standards shall be turned upside down, replaced with "chaos, doubt, disorder, and despair".

If the Papacy fails in leading the flock back to God, Rome will be ruined.

All gates of hell are now open.

Jerusalem shall be destroyed.

Destruction and much suffering shall fall upon Europe, Near East, and Far East.

The Truth again shall be evangelized in Europe after the war by the Western countries such as Ireland and Cuba. "Christian peoples, the heathens will teach you."

Pope John Paul II shall be isolated, confined, or captured.


Ida Peerleman had a vision of a martyred pope lying upon a " stone catafalque ". Here the crown or tiara and keys are the emblem of the Papacy or the Bishop of Rome which was seen here as a tiara with two swords meaning a persecuted Papacy.

After Pope's John Paul II 's martyrdom, the whole world shall be immersed in a complete darkness. It is the " degeneration of mankind" ( The definition of degeneration: (1) a lowering of effective power, vitality, or essential quality to an enfeebled or worsened kind or state; (2) an intellectual or moral decline). The degeneration of men means they have become talking beasts!

The degeneration of men is causing the Lord crucified anew and shall bring about the Cross that men or the whole world shall have to endure terribly.

Exempt from the degeneration are "the ordinary people, the least of My (our Lady) children", the poor from the Third World countries or the little and simple Christians from China, India, South America, Cuba, Africa, and so on. These people are still adoring the Lord and filling up their church pews.

Churches with empty pews are the ones in the western hemisphere, rich physically but very poor in spirit. They are the ones who deny Christ and His Vicar on earth. Their bishops and priests are abusing the Spirit of Vatican II Council. They have abused the "reform" process to implement many heretical changes in the Holy Liturgy resulting in the great Decline of Faith and many empty pews which can only be filled on Christmas and Easter! Our Lady pointed out, "Do you see the mistakes that has been made? Nobody there!", "the world, but above all the Church must be detached from everything!".

The Holy Father, John Paul II, shall be martyred, just like his predecessor, St. Peter who was crucified upside-down. Our Lady asked him, "Where are your soldiers?" meaning "Where are all the militant Catholics who are supposed to defend their Church?".

Pope John Paul II shall be inflicted with "VIOLENCE" by the soldiers wearing " a peculiar kind of helmet" or Muslims. After his martyrdom, "Then the great battle will begin in the world". Men shall be degenerated into blood-thirsty beasts who shall kill one another in the most brutal, meaningless, and merciless ways.

Russian shall deceive the whole world with the apparent "perestroika" or restructuring, " glasnost" or open society while preparing for war and impoverishing their own people further. A hungry and ignorant population does not resist their government.

Nature also shall under great changes. Blue oceans will exert the destructive forces of nature upon sinful mankind.

"Christ is gone" or a complete loss of Faith due to the "spirit of realism" in which men shall live just for their physical needs and they shall reason based only on their physical senses and animal instincts. Men are living only for the life on earth and forsake the Kingdom of God.

The spirit of Community, the spirit of common goods, of sharing and brotherhood which was once prevalent in the very early Christian Church have become foreign to the present "catholic" pagans.

Besides the blue spheres which represent the natural disasters caused by the oceans is the "bright sphere" which symbolizes a nuclear explosion.

After conquering Italy, the Eastern Alliance shall appoint a pope and shall push forward a so-called ecumenical movement to unit all Christian churches or rites including Anglican, Armenian, and Russian Orthodox. However, this "ecumenical" unity is not the true one as it is staged and controlled by the occupying atheistic forces. At this point in the history of Rome, our Lady and the Child Jesus shall depart from the church located in Rome to dwell only in the hearts of the true believers who shall be labeled as radical or heretical. They probably shall form the underground Church.

USA shall implement "something" that the visionary could not understand over Europe, causing "a great disaster" and "Baltic is full". I believe these visions mean that US shall push hard for the Baltic states such as Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia to join NATO. This shall trigger the invasion by the Russian troops to capture those nations and they eventually shall attack Europe from north to west or from the Baltic region to northwestern Europe. "A great disaster" might be the launching of the first nuclear missile which shall hit London or Geneva or somewhere in Western Europe at the start of World War III. All Western countries shall try to avoid war with Russia and Iran-led Muslim States using negotiating diplomacy without any success as the Divine Plan is already in place.


"As things are now", the Cross ( persecutions and wars ) shall come first before peace.

The Bosnian war was prophesied here in Balkan region. " Economic disasters will come. The Empire of England is tottering."

Russians are making the weapons of mass destruction using toxic chemicals in " glass building ". The term " glass " so accurately used to describe the process of producing the chemical precursors of weapon of mass destruction as these chemicals can only be made with glass-lined reactors and glass equipment's. Our Lady warned US about this fact. To avoid the massacre of numerous human lives, nations have to turn back to God and "live according to the Faith" with "Brotherly Love".


The atheistic communism in disguise is implemented in Italy by their socialist government. The degeneration occurs in Germany as there is a complete loss of faith especially in the youth.

People should be focusing in the Sacrifice of the Mass, work hard to restore Faith especially in the youth and pray more. Failing to do these, "Italy will perish" and "the whole world will destroy itself".


The bishops in Germany have to work hard especially with the youth to counter the humanism or heretical, atheistic, cultural revolution, a "modern christian paganism".

The great apostasy also happens now in Holland and Rome or Italy.

Vatican II was prophesied because it was necessary to change the laws in order to close the gap between the rich and the poor, and to eliminate the social injustice even though the Church's doctrines had always been correct and unchanged. A prophetic vision described here the Council of Vatican II. The new Council would reemphasize the religious works in helping the poor or the work of charity.


Blessed Mother implored the clergy to look after the least of her children, the working class as the Devil One also exploits them by spreading communism.

The evil spirit have infiltrated into Rome with a great success.

A heavy battle shall occur in Vatican City and shall destroy Rome so suddenly.

Europe has to be united, not just economically but more so spiritually.

The spirit of the world is intent on destroying Rome or St. Peter's.

"The spirit of triangle" or Masonism shall ruin Germany.


Mankind is not bad but weak.

The modern world shall disdain and forget the simple Cross or living out the Gospel. The Church of this century should take advantage of the modern means to evangelize and win over the mind of the world as "the demonish attack is no longer directed against nations, but against the mind of man".

There will be a great conflict between Russia and USA. Japan shall be converted to Catholicism. India shall suffer greatly also.

The Pope has to work hard to revive the Church especially in Germany. He should send the directives to Germany to give the German bishops guidance and encouragement.

Our Lady prophesied the division of Germany.


Our Lady is forming a group consisted of the core of good Catholics, her children who desire to do good.

Italy shall be rent into two or civil war.

The evil one shall form the opposite or counterpart of St. Peter's or the Holy See which is probably served as the center of the so-called ecumenical church, probably in Germany. Germany must be alert to watch for this false church.

It is urgent but also difficult to get the young people back to "the right religious frame of mind" as their hearts had wandered far from God.

Our Lady made a curve with her the gesture of her hand and said, " This is for later on, " meaning St. Peter's Dome or the Papacy would be located there much later on or in the far future. Germany will become instrumental to uphold the Holy See in the far future, probably after the Golden Period of Peace which shall come after the World War III, and during the period of the so-called False Crusade ( see my home page on prophecies).


The first paragraph in this apparition, from the Book "The Messages of The Lady of All Nations" (mentioned at the top of this page) described the Lord Jesus Christ as the Eternal High Priest and the Great Teacher. His Description here  reminded me  the icons  from Eastern Catholic churches.

Rome is about to crumble to the ground.

China shall attack Taiwan and probably Philippine or Vietnam. "American, be forewarned here", our Lady said.

There is a power struggle now within the Church's hierarchy as many high-ranking clergy are opposing their leader, the Holy Pontiff. Many governments are becoming paganistic or atheistic. The Cross ("four fingers in a circle") shall fall upon sinful mankind.

After the Chastisements, the great monarch or the French King Henry shall reign the whole Christian world briefly but powerfully. And the visionary was told that she would not live to see his reign. Indeed, Ida Peerleman passed away in 1996.

The visionary saw a wolf, a lioness, and an eagle which were all the apocalyptic animals mentioned in the Book of Revelation. The wolf stands for the devil, the lioness for the beast of passion or sin of flesh, and the large eagle symbolizing the Gospel of Saint John. These are the three main opposing forces in the spiritual battles carried out within our modern world today.

Then Ida saw the white dove which radiated lights on earth. The white Dove was told by our Lady to be the Holy Spirit who shall renew the face of the earth. She also saw the stars surrounding all these animals and the Dove. The stars stand for all nations.

The world shall separate into two camps: the East and the West. The East will include Russia, China, and Islamic nations. The West shall involve the Western industrial countries.

Troubles shall be planned and come from Germany, Balkans, and Greece. " These are the people that plan and bring about destruction to the world."

Christendom shall be divided and undermined but the final victory shall belong to the Immaculate Heart and the Church.

The church of England has become godless and blasphemous in their practicing the faith and condoning abortion. Also the royal crown of England is becoming corrupted. England shall change but much later after much suffering.

The clergyman in white gown and band stands for the New Age spiritual clergy who will corrupt the Anglican church.

"These are meteors, watch out for them...", our Lady warned us. When we see the meteor shower, the Chastisement is near.

The Lady warned, "The fighting in Korea is an omen and the beginning of great distress." North Korea shall attack South Korea and possibly Japan preceding the World War III to divert US attention away from Europe. US forces shall not be able to stop aggressions from both fronts, the Far East and Middle East.

Catholics have not paid much attention to the teaching of the Church which their leader the Holy Pontiff  handed out in the form of his encyclicals.


Our Lady prophesied:

"Germany will perish. There is a terrible falling away from the Faith ... Germany must start to regain unity... The children must be united with father and mother. Let them kneel down together again to say the rosary!"

" A great disturbance will be experienced all over the world. The Russians will not leave things the way they are at present..."


Our Blessed Mother shall win back America. Catholic Faith  shall flourish again in Latin America and North America shall repent of their past sins.

" Manchuria - there will be tremendous insurrections.", our Mother said. Then the seer saw Chinese marching. Chinese shall invade Russia, Taiwan, Korea, and South East Asia in the coming World War.

Americans are governed presently with human politics, not by God's Commandments. Thus they shall be bear a heavy Cross.

Our Lady shall protect Ukraine from Russian aggressors.

The seer saw " a hellish light " exploded upwards from Russia and afterwards, a plain burnt out.
" And then you see nothing any more." This vision means Russia shall launch missiles carrying weapons of mass destruction unto Europe.

There will be wars in the Holy Land in the name of religions.

Japan also shall be inflicted. After that, the Holy Father shall proclaim the last Marian Dogma and our Blessed Mother shall be known as " the Lady of All Nations ".

" The secular and regular clergy! ... they should be much more committed! Let them take their calling seriously in this present time!"

Our Lady addressed women of the world, " Are you yet conscious of your role? ... You, women, must set the example. Come back to your womanliness." And to all men she asked, " Where are the soldiers of Christ?".

Blessed Mother seemed to address the present Pontiff, John Paul II, when she said, " You are going in the right direction, I will help you. Use your modern means still more and persevere. The chance for Rome has come; do make use of it! you will have to weather very severe storms, but you will be protected." Indeed, our Holy Father is the most active traveling Pope ever.

Our Mother again lamented over the ruin of France, " France, you have fallen off badly, in the military, economic, and spiritual sense. Where are your glory and your pride! ... And yet so very little would be necessary to make these people see the error of their ways." Her prediction has come true at the present moment. France shall fall into the state of anarchy. With France and US fall into the state of immoral and chaotic politics or anarchy without much leadership to their nations and to the world, the Eastern Alliance shall be more tempted to take over the world.

The division of Germany was prophesied and " Europe has been split in two". When Germany united again and the whole Europe seems in unity, the whole continent was prophesied to soon be covered with blood!

Turkey shall suffer greatly.

But finally, there is still hope as peace will come: " After agonies and pain you will finally see the following... " And the following vision was the one in which lambs and sheep laid in a beautiful pasture, tended by their shepherd.


( This apparition covers the prophecies on the Blessed Sacrament, the Holy Eucharist. At first, the vision of the Very First Eucharist instituted by our Lord Jesus during the Last Supper, then the change implemented by Vatican II, the abuse afterwards, and finally the return to the more reverent practice. )

Ida Peerleman reported:

" I saw before me a long table and behind it a kind of couch, on which several men sat down, half reclining. In the middle, I saw a luminous figure with bread in front of him and a chalice of wine."

Our Lady then predicted:

" A decree shall and must be issued, ordaining that the people need no longer to have been fasting before going to Communion. There are many people who, just when they are in church, feel a tremendous need to go to Communion , and are debarred from it because they have not been fasting."

Then she talked about the abuse:

" ... At first, few people go to Communion rails ..."

Finally, the reform described by the seer:

" And then I heard a voice as it came from outside and issued that decree, and now I saw the people streaming to the Communion rails. " Our Lady said, " Like this it must and shall be. Do you see the difference now? ".


Blessed Mother warned us:

" Disasters will come, catastrophes of nature ... the great ones will disagree among themselves ..."
Here is the reference on the global climate changes or fluctuation, the so-called global warming or cooling or both. She also said, " Holland is on the brink of total degeneration ..." and " ...The Mother of God weeps for the children of Germany ...".


" The world is degenerating ( becoming "sub-human" or animal-like ). The world is being inflicted with disaster upon disaster. The world will be and is  economically and materially at a dead end. Wars will continue until the Spirit of Truth comes with His Help."

Here our Lady addressed to several nations specifically:

" England ... I shall come back. You, England, will be hit in your dominions. You, England, will not be able to continue without the help of others. "  ( England shall suffer from floods, blockade, wars, and great starvation ).

" America (USA), where do you stand? Dare you carry through ...(angrily) "

" Poor German people, haven't you learned your lesson yet? ..."

" Holland, look out ... your people too have taken the wrong turn."

" France, you will be and have been destroyed in your faith."

" Italy, you have had your crosses. Remain on your guard..."

Our Lady seemed to address to Pope John Paul II:

" You are the fighter. You are the preserver of this world. You will be taken up to dwell among Us. This Pope will be revered by all the nations of the world."


Blessed Mother predicted:

" Tell the Holy Father that ' the Lady of All Nations ' will give him his sign. The Church, Rome, will have to face a terrible struggle. Before the year 2000 much will have changed in the Church, the Community. Nevertheless, the substance will remain ..."


" Say to the Pope that all is well ... get everything ready for the new dogma ... I warn all the Christians and say: do realize the gravity of the times. Join your hands in prayer. "


" Great threatening dangers hang over the world. The Church will be undermined still more ... Educators and parents, take care of the young. Do show them the way to the true Church - the Community ..."

"  You have no idea how serious and how difficult these times are ..."

" The Pope of Rome has a heavier task than any of his predecessors. People, do help the Holy Father. Imitate his example. Follow the precepts of the Encyclicals. "

" White people, respect the rights of the black people."


( The prophecy on the Proclamation of the Last Marian Dogma by Pope John Paul II and the Church by the year 2000, described here by Ms. Peerleman.)

" We ( our Lady and the seer ) are now in a very big church, in St. Peter's. I see lots of cardinals and bishops. The Pope enters. He is carried in a kind of chair. People applaud. the choir begins to sing. Now the Holy Father is announcing something, while holding up two fingers..."

Then Blessed Mother explained the vision to Ida :

" This day will, in due time, be the 'Coronation Day' of His Mother, 'the Lady of All Nations', who once was Mary."  " My prophecy, 'From henceforth all generations shall call me blessed,' will be fulfilled more than ever before, once the dogma has been proclaimed. The Holy Father knows his time. He will prepare it and accomplish it before he will be taken up to dwell with Us. "

" Now I am speaking to the nations of the entire world: apostles and nations all, kneel down before your Lord and Creator and be thankful. Science today has made people forget to show gratitude. They no longer recognize their Creator. Nations, be warned, bow down in deep humility before your Creator. Implore His Mercy; He is merciful. Is He not giving you every proof of it in these times? The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit be with you all the days of your lives! May the Father and the Son give you 'the Lady of All Nations!' whoever or whatever you are, I can be to you 'the Mother, the Lady of All Nations.' See to it, nations, that those who are in need - and by this I also mean spiritual need - be brought to the Lady. Go to work among others with My prayer."

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