What should you do?
If you pay attention to Kosovo, you know that the war more likely will spread and the other major players Russia, Iran, and China will be involved. Right now we try to entice them with IMF fund and WTO status but that is not enough. The evil forces of this world know that their time is numbered but they cannot change their destiny as the Divine Plan is fixed to the day and the hour. They try in vain to achieve peace but peace is so elusive to them who continue to live in sin and continue to kill God's innocent children.

How about you and me, the lukewarm, mainstreamed Catholics, what should you  do before it is too late? What should you do to be pleasing to God just in case that you might be killed in the battle? What should you do to beg God's Mercy for your husband, your brother, your son, your grand-son who will be sent to the war? What should you do to make it right to God after you know that this World War is another Divine Chastisement for the sins we have all collectively committed?

I now will be frank with you as time is running out and I do not try to win friends but only souls for God. The following are the specific steps you should take:

1. Stop living in sins: stop killing the unborn; stop voting for pro-abortion or advocating the killing; stop having unmarried sex (before marriage or outside of marriage); stop having homosexual sex; stop using contraceptives such as birth control pills; stop destroying the Lord's temple or your body with drug, alcohol, or contraceptive surgeries; fulfill your responsibilities as a parent; stay home to raise your children instead of going out to make an extra buck; stop profaning the Lord's Day by shopping or working on Sunday; stop profaning His House (churches);  stop receiving the Holy Eucharist unworthily if you commit those sins and do not yet go to Confession.

2.Go to Confession with a contrite heart at least once a month.

3. Go to Mass daily if possible and to receive the Lord's Body and Blood with reverence and love, and only after you go back to Confession.

4.Pray daily especially the Rosary to ask the Mother of God to protect your family, your son or husband, and to reduce the Divine Chastisement as only through the intercession of the Mother of God that the true peace will be granted.

5. Don't talk to your brethren just about helping the poor, love and forgiveness or with a  feel-good water-downed Christianity. Tell them the Truth, tell them about abortion and the sin of flesh.  Look at the example our God displayed, He  knew that most His disciples would abandon Him but He still had to give them the discourse on the Holy Eucharist (St. John's Chapter 6). "Woe to those who scandalize these little ones as these!" by remaining passive and silent !

Make it right to God, my brothers and sisters in Christ. Time is so short for most of us. Actually this page is written for all, not just for catholics. For all non-catholics, the first step is to become a Catholic (and I seriously believe this), and then follow the same steps which were outlined above.

Why does anyone want to become a catholic? It is a good question if you and I look at most Catholic churches and catholics in general today. But the Church the Lord Jesus had founded is  everlasting and forever holy even the corruption and error of some of Her members. You should become a catholic because the Lord had promised that whoever ate His Flesh and drank His Blood would have eternal life. By being a catholic, you will receive Jesus's Body and Blood in the Holy Eucharist to safeguard your soul and bring your whole family to God. Another reason for being a catholic is that you will be able to implore the Intercession  from the Mother of God, also our Mother. The Lord has deigned that His Mercy shall be granted to this proud and sinful generation only through His Mother to demand their repentence and humility.

After this period of Divine Justice, only two groups of people will survive: the first group consisted of the faithful believers who are devout Catholics, who love the Lord in the Holy Eucharist, who honor His Mother, and who are obedient to the Holy Father and the Teaching of the Catholic Church; the second group consisted of everyone else who can be converted to the first group. Like the Isrealites of Old, this proud and sinful generation will not see the "promised land" of the the Golden Period of Peace.

May God be with you and have mercy on you and your family.

Vote prolife in 2000
to redeem your past sins.


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