Ancient Prophecies on GLOBAL WARMING, El Nino, Natural Chastisements and World War III (1999-2028), Russia&Iran against NATO with nuclear&chemical weapons,

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Five hundred years ago, Nostradamus already prophesied very accurately about global warming, El Nino, and its consequences such as severere changes in weather, extreme heat, many floods, hurricanes, and droughts. All these phenomena manisfest the Divine Chastisements which we bring upon ourselves due to our sinfulness. These natural calamities which modern scientists now interprete as GLOBAL WARMING were prophesied to take place at the turn of our century.

Please review the ancient prophecies for yourself ( posted on the Web since 5/1/97 and there were about 30,000 visits during the first five months ).

Global Warming brings many floods with Artic Wind.
Global Warming results in many hurricanes.

Global Warming results in fires and great deluges.

Global Warming results in extreme heat, great UV solar intensity, food shortage,sever drought around Mediterranean.

Global Warming results in extreme high temperature of 48C or 118F.

Global Warming brings about an universal starvation throughout the world.

VI.5 The shift in Artic Wind due to global warming shall bring much flood to the      Northern hemisphere alone.

Si grand famine par une pestifere / Par pluie longue le long du Pole Artique / Samarobryn cent lieux de l'hemisphere / Vivront sans loi exempt de politique

NOTE: Pestifere: plague-stricken; pluie: rain; le long du Pole Artique: Throughout the Artic Pole; Samarobryn: "samarin" and "orb" means offshore or from the sea; cent: hundred; lieux: places' spots; hemisphere: here means only Northern hemisphere; vivront (vivre): to live; exempt de politique: indifferent toward politics.

So great famine by plague-stricken phenomena. / Through long rains coming from Artic Pole / Offshore troubles (hurricanes) for hundred places throughout Northern Hemisphere / People shall live without law, indifferent toward politics

COMMENT: Artic wind shall bring much moisture resulting in prolonged rains and flooding, causing great famines. This form of calamities shall affect the Northern hemisphere only.

I.62 The Great Chastisements in which Global Warming is one shall come.

La grand perte las! que feront les lettres / Avant le cicle de laton a parfait / Feu, grand deluge, plus par ignares sceptres / Que de long siecle ne se verra refait

NOTE: Perte: loss, wreck; las: alas; lettre: letter; avant: before; cicle: cycle; laton (baton): rod, stick, here, chastisements; parfait: perfect, finished; ignares: ignorant; refait (refaire): to restore.

Alas, what a great loss literally to the letters! / Before the period of chastisements coming to completion / There shall be much fire, great deluges, furthermore ignorant leaders / For a long time the world shall not recover

COMMENT: We see fires now in California, Australia, and Indonesia due to much drought. More fires shall come this coming summer. And great floods shall engulf many northern region including USA.

II.3 Global warming shall bring extreme heat and severe shortage of food around             Mediterranean.

Pour la chaleur solaire sur la mer / De Negrepont les poissons demi cuits / Les habitans les viendront entemer / Quand Rhod et Gennes leur faudra le biscuit

NOTE: Chaleur: heat; mer: sea; Negrepont: negro=black; pont = bridge; poisson: fish; demi: half; entamer: to cut, pierce; faudra (falloir): wanting, lacking; Rhodes: the island in Mediterranean Sea near Turkey; Gennes: Genoa, city of NW Italy.

Due to solar heat upon the sea / By a black (metallic) bridge, fish half cooked / The inhabitants shall come to collect them / While Rhodes and Genoa shall want their biscuits

COMMENT: Extreme heat and widespread hunger shall occur around the Mediterranean due to severe drought.

V.98   118F Temperature around the world due to global warming.

A quarante huit degre climaterique / A fin de Cancer si grande secheresse / Poisson en mer, fleuve, lac cuit hectique / Bearn, Bigore par feu ciel en detresse

NOTE: Quarante: forty; huit: eight; climaterique: climatic; secheresse: drought; fleuve: river; lac: lake; cuit: cooked; hectique: hectic; Bearn , Bigorre: French towns; detresse: distress.

Forty eight climatic degrees / At the end of Cancer, so great a drought / Fish in sea, river, lake shall be cooked / Bearn, Bigorre through fire from sky in great distress

COMMENT: 48 C equals to 118 F.

I.67 Global warming results in an universal starvation worldwide.

La grand famine que je sens approacher / Aouvent tourner puis estre universelle / Si grand et longue qu'on viendra arracher / Du bois racine, et l'enfant de mamelle

NOTE: Sens (sentir): to feel, to sense; tourner: to turn or revolve; puis: then, afterwards; arracher: to uproot; bois: wood; racine: root; mamelle: breast, mother's milk.

The great famine which I can sense approaching / Only spotty at first, then shall become universal / So great and long that one begins to uproot / Roots of trees and infants shall search for mother's breast

COMMENT: Like the one in North Korea. Both droughts and floods shall bring about a severe shortage of food for the whole world.

Another form of the Divine Chastisements shall be in the form of wars. Nostradamus prophesied that World War III (1999-2028) would occur on July 4th of 1999 in which Russia and Iran-led Muslims would attack European NATO using nuclear and chemical weapons. This war shall last for thirty years and more than one-thirds of mankind shall perish.

US and Isreal Intelligences acknowledged on 9/30/97 that Iran would have medium-ranged missiles carrying nuclear warheads about 18 months from now. You probably have heard or seen on TV that Muslim militants slashed throats and cut off heads of men, women, and children in Algeria almost several times in one week. This shall be the fate of your son, grandson, daughter, grand-daughter, husband, lover,brother or sister if they are captured by Muslim invaders. This army shall spare no Westerners, no Christians, no Jews. In their holy wars,they consider killing their enemies as serving God.

These tragic chastisements which we are bring upon ourselves for the killing numerous innocent lives created by God in their mother wombs. The mothers who had lowered themselves below the level of animals shall in turn be tortured in the eternal hell-fire for this monstrous atrocity.

Repent Nations !!! Stop the killing of the unborns to lessen the Chastisements as time is running out on us!!

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