I relied on the Sacred Scripture, the ancient Catholic prophecies, Marian apparitions, and prayers to comprehend Nostradamus’s prophecies. His prophecy mostly deals with the coming World War III in Europe and around Mediterranean Sea. I have not come across with anyone who could interpret Nostradamus’s writings as one has to be deep-rooted in Catholic Faith and Tradition in order to understand his writings simply because that is the Divine design and because the Holy Prophet himself was a devout catholic, not an occult figure. He used astrological signs to confuse the ecclesiastic hierarchy, the learned and also the fool for centuries (remember that he had no regard for the learned either. )

I compile here a small portion of Nostradamus’s 950 quatrains that I interpreted to present to you an outline what the future holds for us in term of World War III.

Outline of this small book:

In general, when you see the following signs happening, then you should know that World War III is just around the corner:





Par l'uniuers sera fait un Monarque,/ Qu'en paix & vie ne sera longuement,/ Lors se perdra la piscature barque,/ Sera regie en plus grand detriment.

In the whole world there shall be one monarch/ Whose peace and life shall be short-lived/ Then the Fishing Boat shall be lost/ It shall be reigned in the greatest detriment.

USA has been the only world power since around 1980s, but her domination and world peace shall be short-lived and it probably will end around 2006 AD. The Papacy shall be in great peril, Rome shall be destroyed around this time. Then the holy Pontiff  shall lead the Church through the period of the greatest turmoil.


Sur le combat des grands cheuaux legers,/ On criera le grand croissant confond./ De nuict tuer mont, habits de bergers,/ Abismes rouges dans le fossé profond.
Upon the combat of great swift horses/ One shall cry out the great Muslims confounded/ By night kill on the mounts, clothed as shepherds/ The red abysm in the deep ditch.

The Apocalyptic horsemen will be the Muslim and Russian troops, the army of the Divine Justice, inflicting punishments upon the sinful nations, mostly Western ones. In darkness, the wolves in shepherd clothings or the apostate clergy will corrupt the Church, mislead their flock who blindly head for the abyss.


Cinq & quarante degrez ciel bruslera,/ Feu approcher de la grand cité neuue,/ Instant grand flamme esparse sautera,/ Quand on voudra des Normans faire preuve.

Five and forty degrees the sky shall burn/ Fire approaches the grand New City/ Instantly great flame scattered leaps up/ When one demands the proof from the Romans.

Located near 45 degrees are New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Rome, Paris, and Madrid. Fire will instantly burst out and spread rapidly the great New York in flames while the general population demand proof from the sinful clergy who are accused for sexual abuses. Instantly bursting flame does appear to describe September 11th terrorist attack or some other events in future. “Normans” is the anagram of N. Romans or Noir Romans or black (sinful) clergy.


De la cité marine & tributaire,/ La teste raze prendra la satrapie :/ Chasser sordide qui puis sera contraire,/ Par quatorze ans tiendra la tyrannie.
From the coastal and tributary City/ The shaven head shall take over Persian governorship/ Chases out the sordid who later shall be against him/ For fourteen years he shall hold the tyranny.

Radical Islamic clergy will take over Iranian government. They will become the militant tyrants. Notes for the original French text: Marine City might be Tehran; “Satrap” is the ancient Persian governor; “quatorze” is fourteen or 7 x 2 meaning fullness.


Par fraude, regne, forces expolier, /La classe obsesse, passages à l'espie : /Deux faincts amis se viendront t'allier, /Esueiller haine de long temps assoupie.

By fraud, the kingdom and forces shall be spoiled /The fleet, a strait, passage made for spies /Two faked friends shall argue together /To waken a hatred for a long time dormant.

Two countries set a trap for US to fall into. It is believed to be Russia and Iran who are the two allies in secret. They created September Eleventh knowing Americans will retaliate and will fall into a costly exhastive military campaign against  terrorism. They leaked out or provided US with false intelligence. By US actions, invasion and occupation on Muslim soils, the old hatred between the West and the East is renewed and the modern Crusade is initiated. Afterwards, the Western fleet coming to rescue Italy will be ambushed around narrow Adriatic strait.


Vers Aquilon grands efforts par hommasse /Presque l'Europe & l'vniuers vexer, /Les deux eclypses mettra en telle chasse, /Et aux Pannons vie & mort renforcer.

Toward the North great efforts done by man-beast / To vex most Europe and Universe /Two eclipses shall compete in chase /And enforce life and death in Eastern or Central Europe.

Aquilon derived from Latin for eagle or a northern country, here either Russia or US. “Hommasse” is the double word for “homme-ass” or man-beast. Two eclypses, one between the sun and the earth or God and men; the other between the moon and the earth or the sin of flesh and men. It is a spiritual fierce battle. “Pannons” is now the Eastern Europe or Central Europe or in  the narrowest sense, Hungary. This quatrain indicates that the atheistic Russia will spread error throughout the world. Communism and its regimes are the work of humanly beasts and of their Master Satan. The countries most harmed are Eastern European ones who were under dominance of Soviet Union for such a long time that for the most parts, their Christianity were uprooted.


Pres de Trion, & proche à blanche laine, /Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, la Vierge : /Mars, Iupiter, le Sol ardra grand plaine /Bloys & cités lettres cachez au cierge.

Near the Bear and close to white wool /Aries, Taurus, Cancer, leo, Virgo / Mars, Jupiter, Sun burning in great plain / Wood (countryside), city, letters hidden in candle.

The perfect illustration of Nostradamus’s intended use of astrology to mislead the “fool” and “astrologers.” “Trion” in Latin stands for Triones, the Bear Constellation here with white wool is the polar bear or the Northern country or the modern Russia. Aries stands for Heaven. Taurus (the opposite of Virgo) stands for China. Cancer for calamity, Leo for Pope or JP II, Virgo for US, the country ruled by law and order, Mars for wars, Jupiter for Satan, And Sun for God. “Bois” in French for wood or countryside. The word “letters’ stands for the Truth hidden in prayers or candle. Only through the prayers of repentant hearts that God will reliquish His just indignation to reduce the Divine punishment we are all deserved.


Tous les degrez d'honneur Ecclesiastique, /Seront changez en dial quirinal : /En Martial quirinal flaminique, /Vn Roy de France le rendra vulcanal.

All the degrees of the Ecclesiastical honor / Shall change into Quirinal dial (Sun Dial ) /And Martial Quirinal shall be in flame /Afterwards, the King of France shall turn it into Vulcanal.

All the chronology concerning the spiritual state of the Church of Christ will resemble a Sun Dial in which the dial will downward toward the south and the Martial Dial is inflaming meaning the predestined time for wars. If the north of the Sun Dial which represents the Church or human history is at 0 AD, the very opposite end or the south of the dial indicates 2000 AD. Thus, this prophecy means the whole world will be inflamed in wars around 2000AD. And after the wars, King Henry of France will melt all weapons literally into crafts and tools or ploughshare ( Vulcan is the Roman god of blacksmiths and crafts.)  Modern weapons will be destroyed and carrying weapons will be prohibited.


Les deux vnis ne tiendront longuement, /Et dans treze ans au barbare s'attrappe : /Aux deux costez feront tel perdement, /Qu'vn benira la barque & sa cappe.

The two united shall not united for long /After thirteen years, one shall become Barbarian governor /They shall cause such a loss on both sides /One should pray for the boat and its cap.

Satrappe is the governor of the ancient Persia. The two united are USA and USSR or Soviet Union. The Cold War ended in 1987. But 13 years later or around 2000 AD, Russia will support Iran and other Muslim countries pushing the world toward World War III. Both US and Russia will suffer greatly. “Barque” or boat stands for the Church and “cappe” for the Pope. The faithful believers will have to pray hard for the Church and the Pope as they will endure great persecution during the war.


En l'an cinq cens octante plus & moins /On attend le siecle bien estrange : /En l'an sept cens & trois (cieux en tesmoins) /Aue plusieurs regnes un à cinq feront change.

In the year five hundred eighty more or less /One attends very strange century / In the year seven hundred and three Heaven shall witness / Many kingdom, one out of five shall perish.

Henry Roberts, a Nostradamus commentator, pointed out that the prophet subtract 325, the year of the Nicean Council , the first Council held in 325 AD, out of the actual year of some very significant events or periods in human history. Thus, the year of 580 is actually the year of 1000 + 580 + 325 = 1905 AD, the beginning of the 20th century in which we witnessed many radical changes or uproots from the traditions and moral standards. We have witnessed many world wars, genocides, and alos technological advances. And the year of 703 is actually 1000 + 703 + 325 = 2028 AD, the year the East Alliance most noticeably the Muslim forces will be defeated in Europe and Middle East. These dates according to the prophet himself are merely the approximations as only God the Almighty controls all things, and men can delay or advance, prolong or shorten  the Divine Chastisement by their conducts. The method of dating the future events beginning with the year of the Nicean Council was also used in several other quatrains.


Les assemblez par repos du grand nombre, /Par terre & mer, conseil contremandé : /Pres de l'Automne, Gennes, Nice de l'ombre, /Par champs & villes le chef contrebandé.

The peaceful assemblies in great numbers / Through land and sea revolution council / From the people of free will, the shadow of Niceans / Through fields and villages, revolution against their leaders.

Antibes is the ancient Greek Antipolis of which name means the opposite of Nice. So the “shadow of Nice” is the hint given to “Antonne” which can deciphered to be Antibes. All three towns are adjacent to each other along the coastal areas of France and Italy by the Mediterranean Sea. Right before WW III, there will be many civil unrests and demonstrations in many towns and villages in France and Italy.


D'esprit de regne munisememens descriees, / Et seront peuples esmeus contre leur  / Roy,Paix, fait nouueau, sainctes loix empirees, / Rapis onc fut en si tresdur arroy.

Spirit of reign undermined by (unjust) decrees / So people protest against their King / Peace, new facts, religious laws regulated / Paris (Rapis) shall never been so aroused.

“Rapis” is the anagram for Paris. French population are very unhappy with their government due to the unjust laws and regulations especially those concerning with religious matters. There will be much unrest in Paris. I think  this happens right before WW III.


Ou tout bon est tout bien Soleil & Lune, / Est abondant sa ruyne s'approche, / Du ciel s'aduance vaner ta fortune, / En mesme que la septiesme roche.

When all are well, good for both Sun and Moon / Abundant, your ruin is approaching / Heaven advances to change the fortune you boast / Into the same state as the seventh rock.

When the whole world enjoy the prosperity of the modern technology and abundance in resources, mankind will approach their own destruction. God will put an end to this prideful generation. We are now living in the end times or the Apocalypse or the seventh rock, a pitiful state.


Le regne & loy soubs Venus esleué, / Saturne aura sus Iupiter empire : / La Loy & regne par le Soleil leué, /Par Saturnius endurera le pire.

The Kingdom and law shall be enslaved under Venus / Saturn shall exert power over Jupiter / Law and reign bestowed by the Sun / Shall be most violated by Saturnians.

Venus stands for sin of flesh; Saturn or Sun for God or Jesus Christ; Jupiter for mankind; Saturnian for Christian or catholic. The whole world submerges in the filth of sex and pleasure. God will exert His just measures to correct the course men are taking. They have trampled on the divine Laws and the worst offenders are those who are most blessed, the Catholic or Christians who will be judged most severely.


La gent esclaue par vn heur martiel, / Viendra en haut degré tant esleué : / Changeront prince, naistra vn prouincial, / Passer la mer copie aux monts leué.

The Slavic nation by a military power / Shall rise to a high degree / They shall elect their prince, born a provincial / Crossing sea, their army climb the mountains.

Russia becomes a military superpower. It will have a leader who is of royal lineage but from common populace. Under Putin regime, Russian troops will come across the Black Sea and climb over the Alps to invade Europe alongside with Muslims.


Par la Guyenne infinité d'Anglois / Occuperont par nom d'Anglaquitaine / Du Languedoc I palme Bourdelois. / Qu'ils nommeront apres Barboxitaine.

In Guienne numerous number of English men / Shall occupy it and English name given / In Languedoc and Bordelais which have become more Islamic / They shall name thoses regions Muslim names.

France won back Guienne from English king in the forteenth century at the beginning of One Hundred Years War. Just as Guienne was populated with English-speaking citizens, many part of France now as Languedoc region and Bordelais are full of Muslim immigrants or citizens, making it easier for Muslim invaders to conquer French territories. Notes for the original text: Ispalme is the anagram for Islamesp or Islamic; Barboxitain is the made-up word meaning barbarian or Muslim language as Nostradamus always used the word “barbarian” to imply Muslims.


Sol vingt de Taurus si fort terre trembler, / Le grand theatre remply ruinera, / L'air, ciel & terre obscurcir & troubler, / Lors l'infidele Dieu & saincts voguera.

When the Sun is twenty degree from Taurus, the earth shall tremble strongly / The grand theater shall be ruined / Air, sky and earth obscured and troubled / The infidels shall voice their God and saints.

The Sun stands for God or the Divine chastisement. The first line might mean that the Divine chastisement is approaching. Taurus is the opposite astrological sign of Libra, and Libra stands for a nation governed by law and order meaning USA. So the enemy of USA is Taurus or China. When the Sun is adjacent to Taurus meaning when China becomes prosperous or powerful, the following event will occur. There is a great explosion which completely levels a great theater. There is so much debris, smoke, dirt, and vibration. The “infidels” or non-Muslim victims will cry out to God for comfort. The term “infidels” indicates this is a terrorist act committed by Muslim extremists.


Apres le Roy du soucq guerres parlant, / L'isle Harmotique le tiendra à mespris : / Quelques ans bons rongeant vn & pillant / Par tyrannie à l'isle changeant pris.

After the King of saucq talks about war / The island of Harmony shall despise him / After some good years they shall gnaw their teeth and endure plundering / Through tyrrany the island shall change, enslaved.

After despising President Bush for going to war with Iraq, the Western Europe who advocate for harmony and peace shall suffer for their ignorance under the tyrrany rule and occupation from Russia and Muslims. “Saucq” is the anagram for Usa.


Iardin du monde aupres de cité neufue, / Dans le chemin des montagnes cauées, / Sera saisi & plongé dans la cuue, / Beuuant par force eaux soulphre enuenimées.

Garden of the world, near a new city / In the way of the hollow mountain / Shall be seized and plunged into the tub / Being forced to drink poisonous sulfur water.

I think “Garden of the world” is the cultural center or the center of New York City or Manhattan that will be attacked by terrorist with nuclear weapons placed underground in the subways, described here as the “hollow mountains.” The whole Manhattan will sink into the sea water.


L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois / Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy d'effrayeur / Resusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois, / Auant apres Mars regner par bon heur.

In the year of 1999 and seven months / From Heaven shall come a great King of terror / Just as the great King of Mongolians resurrected / Before and after wars shall reign at will.

 “Seven” in prophetic language means many or fulfilled and predestined amount. At the predestined moment, in the year of 1999, a great leader shall emerge in the world political arena. This leader is compared to the Mongolian king who once terrorized Europe in the most brutal way. He will lead the whole world into WW III. In August of 1999, there was only one major leader emerged who was Russian Prime Minister Putin. Since he obtained the political power, Russian policy of proliferation of weapon of mass destruction and missile technology has escalated. Putin eventually will form the Eastern Alliance with Muslims (Iran) and China to attack Europe, countries around Mediterranean Sea, and in Asia, engulfing the whole world in WW III.


La tour de Bouq craindra fuste Barbare / Vn temps, long temps apres barque hesperique, / Bestail, gens, meubles tuous deux ferot grand'tare / Taurus & Libra quelle mortelle picque.

The tower of Book shall fear the Muslim fleet / For a time and a long time later  / Western fleetCattle, people, possession both receive great loss / Taurus and Libra, what a mortal quarrel !

The tower resembling an open book (Bouk) will fear the incoming Muslim aircrafts. Can this be the World Trade Center in NY? Afterwards, the Western fleet will arrive at Mediterranean Sea. Many people will die in WW III. Libra symbolizes a nation governed by law and order which the prophet used often to indicate USA. And Taurus, the opposite astrological sign to Libra symbolizes China here. China and US will engage in a bloody conflict probably over Taiwan or North Korea.


Par feu du Ciel la cité pres qu'aduste, / Vrna menasse encor Ceucalion, / Vexee Sardagne par la punique fuste, / Apres que Libra lairra son Phaeton.

By fire from the sky the City shall be burnt almost / Water shall threaten another Deluge ( Deucalion ) / Sardina shall be vexed by the African fleet ( Libya ) / After Libra ( US ) has left Phaeton ( Iraq.)

Libra stands for USA, the nation governed by law and order. The African fleet might be Libyan or Egyptian navy. There will be flooding and the missile bombardment into Italian cities, and finally the attack by the Muslim fleet will come after American troops initiate the last and modern Crusade or after they withdraw from Iraq. Phaeton is the Greek mythological youth who drove the chariot of the Sun, here Phaeton symbolizes US who initiates the final conflict between Muslim and Western christian nations used as the Divine chastisement from God upon the present sinful generations.


Soleil leuant vn grand feu on verra, / Bruit & clarté vers Aquilon tendant : / Dedans le rond mort & cris on orra, / Par glaiue, feu, faim mort les attendans.

At the sunrise a great fire shall be seen / Noise at light extending toward the North / Within the round ( globe ) death and cries shall be heard / By sword, fire, famine, death awaits them.

Terrorist will launch full-scale surprised attack in US. At the same time, the world will suffer war, fire, and famine. Terrorists attacks in US will come the same time with Russian Muslim invasion in Europe. “ At the sunrise “ probably means “ as the Divine Chastisement “ . Only the Northern Hemisphere will suffer most of the war-torn devastations and bloodshed. The regions affected include Canada, US, Europe, north Africa, Middle East, Europe, Central Asia, China, Japan, India, and so on.


Montauban, Nismes, Auignon, & Besiers, / Peste, tonnerre, & gresle à fin de Mars : / De Paris pont Lyon mur, Montpellier, / Depuis six cens et sept xxiii. parts.

Montauban, Nimes, Avignon, and Beziers / Plague, lightning, and hail at the end of wars / By the Paris bridge, Lyon wall, Montpellier / Since six hundred, seven scores, three parts.

The towns in the southern France, Paris, Lyons, and Montpellier will suffer the hardest devastations caused by wars. There will three world wars ( three parts ) in the time span from 1925AD to 2065AD as “ six hundreds ” means 1000 plus 600 plus 325 AD ( the year of Nicean Council ) equals to 1925AD, and “ plus seven scores ” means 1000 plus 600 plus 140 plus 325, equal to 2065AD. WW I : 1914-1918 ; WWII: 1939 – 1945; WW III: 2006? – 2036?


Deux assiegez en ardante fureur, / De soir estaints pour deux plaines tasses, / Le fort limé, & vn vieillard resueur, / Aux ganeuois de Nira monstra trasse.

Two arrested in burning heat / Shall die of thirst, want two full cups / The fort being combed and by the old dreamer ( reviewer ) / Shall demonstrate Iran traced to Geneva.

A nuclear suitcase bomb or major explosion will level Geneva. Two suspects will be captured and their place will be combed and one will find the evidence that indicates Iran masterminding the terrorist act. This incident probably will lead to WW III. Quatrain   also indicates that Geneva will be destroyed by nuclear explosion. Nira is the anagram for Iran. Quatrain 9.44 also indicated Geneva will be destroyed by nuclear weapon.


Les sept enfans en hostage laissez, / Le tiers viendra son enfant trucider : / Deux par son fils seront d'estoc percez, / Gennes, Florence, lors viendra enconder.

Seven children left as hostages / The third party shall come to slaughter his son / Two shall be pierced through by his sons / Genoa, Florence he shall come to strike.

Westerners will be held hostage in exchange for Muslim terrorists in jail. The third party who holds the terrorists does not want to release them but kill them instead. So the Muslim  captors kill some of those Western hostages. Eventually, this event will lead to the assaults on the Italian soil.



Le second chef du regne Dannemarc, / Par ceux de Frise & l'isle Britannique, / Fera despendre plus de cent mille marc. / Vain exploiter voyage en Italique.

The second chief of the kingdom of Annermarc / Because those of Frise and Britain Island / Shall spend more than one hundred thousand marks / Vain exploring a voyage to Italy.

“Annemarc” is the angram of “American.” “Frise” is Friesland or the ancient Frisia including Scandinavia, Holland, Belgium or here indicate the entire Northern Europe. The Vice President of US, the second-in-command, because of being occupied by the threat from Russia to Britain and Northern Europe, will divide his naval forces, troops, and attention into two hot spots especially to Germany. And because of the insufficient forces and indecisiveness, US wastes an opportunity to halt the Muslim force from invading the Italian soil. What happens to the Commander-in-Chief of US, President Bush? Will he die of a natural death or being assassinated at this time?


Par feu & armes non loing de la marnegro, / Viendra de Perse occuper Trebisonde : / Trembler Pharos Methelin, Solalegro, / De sang Arabe d'Hadrie couuert onde.

By fire and arms not far from the Black SeaThey shall come from Iran to occupy Mediterranean SeaPharos and Methelin shall tremble, Sun most visibleBlood of Arabs shall cover Adriatic Sea.

Marnegro or Mer-negro is the Black Sea; Perse is Persia or modern Iran; Trebisonde is Mediterranean Sea, Pharos and Methelin are Egyptian ports, Solalegro= Sol means Sun(God or Divine justice) and alegro is the anagram for large. Iran will replace US as the political force in Mediterranean Sea and force Egypt and other Muslim countries to subject to their leadership.


Le prince Arabe, Mars, Sol, Venus, Lyon, / Regne d'Eglise par mer succombera : / Deuers la Perse bien pres d'vn million, / Bisance, Egypte, ver. serp. inuadera.

The Arabic prince, Mars, Sun, Venus, Lyon / The reign of the Church shall be overcome from the sea / Toward Persia, nearly one million troops / Turkey, Egypt, true serpent shall invade.

The first line lists Muslims, WW III, God, Sex, France. Rome and Papacy will be overcome by Muslim invasion from the sea. Million hostile and brutal Iranian soldiers will invade Europe. Turkey and Egypt will be controlled by Islamic extremists.


Amas s'approche venant d'Esclauonie, / L'Olestant vieux cité ruynera : / Fort desolee verra sa Romanie, / Puis la grand flamme estaindre ne sçaura.

A mass ( troop ) shall come from Slavonia / The Destroyer ( Olestant ) shall ruin an ancient city / He shall see the Roman territory desolated / After that, he shall not be able to quench that great flame.

Slavonia is the ancient name for Russia. “Vieux cite ” or the ancient city together with the name “ Romanie ” indicates the city is Rome. Russia intitially is half-hearted ally to join with the Muslim countries to invade Europe.  They shall participate in the destruction of Rome, but later have a change of heart, but cannot extinguish that flame of WWIII spreading rapidly through the hands of radical Muslims and atheistic ambitious China.


Les Albanois passeront dedans Rome, / Moyennant Langres demiples affublez, / Marquis & Duc ne pardonner à homme, / Feu, sang morbile, point d'eau, faillir les bleds.

The Albanians ( Muslims ) shall invade Rome/ Through Langres…(Through inflaming demon in hell ) / Mars and the lords shall pardon no one / Fire, blood, smallpox, no water fails the corns.

Langres stands for hell. Albanians stand for Muslims. Small pox might be used to described unfamiliar biological warfare. The shortage of water or drought will hurt Italian farming.


A son haut prix la lerme Sabee, / D'humaine chair pour mort en cendre mettre, / A l'isle Pharos croisars perturbee, / Alors qu'a Rodes paroistra dure espectre.

The Sabine tear shall no longer at its high price / As human flesh after death turned to ashes / The Island Pharos shall be troubled by crusaders / When at Rhodes a hard sight shall appear.

Sabine here means Italian. This quatrain describes a mass extermination and subsequent incineration. Later, Egyptian or Muslim territories (Pharos Island) will be conquered by the Western troops (crusaders.) And they will discover a mass grave or dreadful incinerator in Rhodes island.


Tout à l'entour de la grande cité, / Seront soldats logez par champs & ville, / Donner l'assaut Paris, Rome incité, / Sur le pont lors sera faite grand pille.

All around the great city / Soldiers shall find lodging in fields and towns / Paris shall be assaulted, Rome incited / Their great plundering shall be done on the pontiff.

Paris and Rome will be destroyed with many major urban battles. Pope  will be murdered in France.

Du pont Eunixe & la grand Tartarie, / Vn Roy sera qui viendra voir la Gaule, / Transpercera Alane & l'Armenie, / Et dans Bisance lairra sanglante Gaule.

From the Black Sea and great Tartaria / A king shall come to see France / He shall go across Alane ( southern Russia ) and Armenia / And shall leave a bloody rod in Byzantine.

Tartaria is located in Central Asia, perhaps Siberia. Russian troops will initiate from the Black Sea region, conquering Turkey and Italy, and eventually will reach France. The great Wall separates China from Tartary region. Alania is the southern state of Russia. Armenia is a part of the modern Turkey, North-West of Iran, including the modern Armenia. After seeing Russia committing to WW III, China will attack and conquer Siberia and Tartaria on the way to Europe, will travel through the southern Russia, to Turkey, and go on to Central Europe joining force with the Western troops to defeat the Russian force.


Dans le Danube & du Rin viendra boire, / Le grand Chameau, ne s'en repentira : / Trembler du Rosne & plus fort ceux de Loire, / Et pres des Alpes coq les ruynera.

In Danube and Rhine shall come to drink / The great Camel shall not repent / Rhone trembles and more so those at Loire / And from the Alps, Cock shall be ruined.

The term “grand Chameau” or great Camel indicates the Muslim troops. Muslim invasion will be stalled in Germany beginning of the turning point in WW III, but the Muslim forces do not give up their ambition in conquering the whole Western Europe. The first two lines also mean Iran and Russia agree to carve Europe in two halves, the southern Europe belong to Iran and the northern and central to Russia. Therefore, Iran will stop their advance at the border of Germany which will be controlled by Russian troops. Anyway, great devastation will happen in northern France where Rivers Rhone and Loire run. After invading Italy, Muslim troops will use the high position from the Alps to bombard the southern France with missiles and some probably will be equipped with weapon of mass destruction to pave the way for their invasion which will follow. Inflicting great civilian casualties prior to a military assault will be their warfare tactics during this world war.


Apres les limes bruslez les asiniers, / Contraints seront changer habits diuers : / Les Saturnins bruslez par les musniers, / Hors la pluspart qui ne sera musniers.

After the penance burnt by the ass-riders / They shall be forced to change into different habits / Those of Saturn shall be burnt by millers / The greater part shall not be covered.

The French word “limes” means penance, “asiniers” are the ass or donkey riders, indicating Christian or Christian clergy, referring to Christ who rode a donkey upon entering Jerusalem. Those of Saturn are Christian as Saturn stands for the Lord Jesus Christ. A mass extermination  of Christians by the Muslim invaders who will conquer Europe.


L'vnion fainste sera peu de duree / Des vns changes reformez la pluspart : / Dans les vaisseaux sera gent enduree, / Lors aura Rome vn nouueau Liepart.

The false truce shall last a short duration / Some changed, reformed for the most parts / In vessels people endure / Then in Rome a new liepart installed.

The Muslim occupying force who rule Rome will change civil laws, abolish religious practice and tradition, forbid public worshipping. Many local residents, Christian and Jewish prisonners will be transported overseas by ships probably to distant islands for a mass-extermination and incineration. Muslim authority in Rome will install a “ lie-part” or a puppet antipope.


Grand de Magonce pour grande soif estaindre / Sera priué de la grand dignité : / Ceux de Cologne si fort le viendront plaindre / Que le grand groppe au Ryn sera ietté.

The great one of Magog through great thirst quenched / Shall be deprived of grand dignity / Those of Cologne so hard complain / That great group into Rhine fallen.

The leaders of the Eastern Alliance thirst for world domination, therefore, they will invade Europe and elsewhere. But they will suffer the humility of defeat. Not many of Russian and Muslim troops will survive and return to their homelands. The Western troops in Cologne will put up a tough resistance and Muslim troops will be stalled there along with the Russians. They will suffer great casualties along the Rhine region or in German territory. If Chinese troops attack Russians on the Eastern front, this scenario definitely will become reality.


Au poinct du iour au second chant du coq / Ceux de Tunes, de Fez, & de Bugie : / Par les Arabes captif le Roy Maroq, / L'an mil six cens & sept de Liturgie.

At the beginning of the day and second crowing of a cock / Those of Tunis, of Fez, and of Bougie / Among the captive Muslims is the King of Morocco / The year one thousand six and seven hundreds, based on the Liturgy.

All the above-mentioned are Muslim cities and the King of Morocco represents Muslim leaders.Based on the Liturgy means basing the date on 325 AD, the year of the Nicean Council. This prophecy indicates that Muslim will be defeated and Iranian or Muslim leaders will be captured around the year of 1700 plus 325 or 2025 AD.


Le fort Nicene ne sera combatu, / Vaincu sera par rutilant metal, / Son faict sera vn long temps debatu / Aux citadins estrange espouuantal.

The Nicene fort shall not see combat / Shall be overcome by shining metal / This action shall be long time debated / For its citizens, strange and fearful.

Muslim invaders will eliminate Nicene the Italian city without firing a shot as it will be demolished with missiles carrying a weapon of mass destruction. “Shining metal” is aluminum, the metal of choice for long-range missiles. Due to the use of weapons of mass destruction, this kind of unconventional and inhuman assault will be debated for a long time.


Fustes & galees autour de sept nauires, / Sera liurée vne mortelle guerre : / Chef de Madric receura coup de vires, / Deux eschapées, & cinq menées à terre.

Swift boats and galleys surrounding seven ships / Shall be livid one mortal battle / Chief of Madrid receives a wound from arrows / Two escapes and five towed to land.

Muslim swift boats will ambush a more powerful Western navy and sink many along the narrow Adriatic Sea by Italian coast. They probably use modern antiship cruise missiles, bad weather, and a combination with an element of surprise to achieve the major naval victory.


Au fort chasteau de Vigilanue & Resuiers / Sera serré le puisnay de Nancy : / Dedans Turin seront ards les premiers, / Lors que de dueil Luon sera transy.

In the strong castles of vigilance and Revere / The young one of Nancy shall be covered / Within Turin the first (born) shall be burnt up / When with grief Lyon shall be in transit.

With vigilance to the will of God and reverence to His commandments and toward His Mother, the children of God will be protected under the maternal mantle of Blessed Mother Virgin Mary. Italy as the first born son of the Church shall be punished severely for their loss of Faith as well as France which Lyon symbolizes here. Those two had always been the two pillars or “big” brothers and sister of the Church family.


Le croisé frere par amour effrenée / Fera par Praytus Bellerophon mourir, / Classe à mil ans la femme forcenée / Beu le breuuage, tous deux apres perir.

The crusade brothers through a passionate love / Shall drive to the death like Proetus and Bellerophon / The fleet, apocalyptic woman thousand years foreseen / The drink to be drunk, afterwards both shall perish.

WW III will become the modern false Crusade in which the former Christian countries shall fight the Muslim and atheistic nations to mutual passionate death. Great devastated naval battles, sexual sin and human degeneration have been foretold through ancient prophecies. The whole world have be drunk with the potion by the apocalyptic prostitute. At the end, there will be no victor emerging from the battle ashes.


Au lieu que Hieron feit sa nef fabriquer / Si grand deluge sera & si subite, / Qu'on n'aura lieu ne terres s'ataquer, / L'onde monter Fesulant Olympique.

At the place where Jason has his ship built / So great a flood shall come so suddenly / One shall not have place or land to attach / The wave shall mount to Olympic Fesulan.

In the Greek mythology, Jason built his ship on Mount Olympus in Greece. The word “wave” indicates the water comes from the ocean. An asteroid will strike Mediterranean Sea flooding all coastal area and completely flood Greece. Not many will survive after this deluge in Greece. Mount Olympia is more than 9000 feet above sea level. If  the height of the wave reaching Mount Olympia was spoken merely figuratively by the prophet, the tidal wave can be induced by an offshore earthquake and this earthquake might be triggered by a nuclear earth-penetrating bomb set off by Russia  prior to WW III or before the invasion of Europe to soften up the Western navies.


Par deux fois haut, par deux fois mis à bas / L'orient aussi l'occident foiblira / Son aduersaire apres plusieurs combats, / Par mer chassé au besoing faillira.

Two times rise up, two times being put down / The East also weakens the West / Adversary after many combats / In the sea, fleets in need are failling.

The East fought the West in WW II and will again in WW III. This time the East will consist of Russia, China, and Muslims. The West will consist mainly Western Europe and US. Central Europe will also suffer as many decisive battles will be on their soils. Many decisive battles will involve naval forces from both sides with great losses.


Dedans les Isles les enfans transportez, / Les deux de sept seront en desespoir : / Ceux de terroüer en seront supportez, / Nom pelle prins des ligues fuy l'espoir.

Towards the islands children  shall be transported / Two out of seven shall be in despair / They shall advocate terror / Numerous defeats shall dash the hope of the League (for peace.)

Muslim aggressors will occupy Italy and France. They will transport prisoners including many children to the islands in Mediterranean Sea to carry out the Nazi-styled mass-extermination. They will not agree to cease-fire for peace due to the ease of their victories against European forces.


L'antechrist trois bien tost annichilez, / Vingt & sept ans sang durera sa guerre, / Les heretiques morts, captifs exilez, / Son corps humain eau rougie gresler terre.

The antiChrist very shall annihilate three / Blood and his war shall last twenty seven years / The heretics dead, prisoned, or exiled. / Blood, human corps, blood-reddened sea, hailed land.

The antiChrist-like Muslims and Russians will destroy England, Italy, and France. The world war will last more than twenty years. “Twenty” is a certain numerical term, but “seven” is figurative term, so this means more than twenty years to the fulfilled time destined by God. All the heretics to Catholicism, meaning all those who do have no Catholic Faith or God deems to be hopeless for any future conversion will die. Land and sea will cover with human blood and dead bodies. There will be numerous natural disasters.


Voille Symacle pour Massiliolique, /Dans Venise port marcher aux Pannons  / Partir du goulfre & Synus Illyrique, / Vast à Socille, Ligurs coups de canons.

The allied Fleet from the port of Marseilles / In Venice port shall march against Hungary / To leave from the gulf and bay of Illyria / Destruction at Sicile, Ligurians with cannon shots.

The Western Allies will gather their troops, leaving the war-torn Italy behind after successfully repelling the Muslim invaders, to go up north teaming up with Chinese troops to deliver to the Russians the decisive blow in Central Europe.


Conflict Barbar en la Cornere noire, / Sang espandu trembler la Dalmatie, / Grand Ismaël mettra son promontoire, / Ranes trembler, secours Lusitanie.

Conflicts with Muslims shall be in the black corner / Blood shall be spilled, Dalmatia shall tremble / The great Ismael shall set up promontory / Frogs trembles, Portugal provides help.

The WW III with Western forces winning shall be moved from Europe to Middle East. The victors will devastate the Muslim territories and strognholds as Muslim forces will be in disarray and dispirit. The great Ismael or Arabs still put up a tough resistance. “Frogs” or weapon of mass destruction will be used to silence the war quickly. Portugal or Spain will turn around to be Western ally once again.


Au grand de Cheramonagora / Seront croisez par ranc tous attachez, / Le pertinax Oppi, & Mandragora, / Raugon d'Octobre le tiers seront laschez.

For the most part of Cheramonogora (smiling Mona Lisa) /Shall be crossed (crusaded) with all ranks attached / The Opni pertinal (Ominpotent) and Mandragora (men of Dragon) / Rougon (Red Dragon) the third of October shall be set loose.

The most part of Italy will be filled with Western crusaders who will face the Muslim forces for the final decisive battles. The Armageddon  battle will be between the troops of the Omipotent God and the followers of the Red Dragon who will be released from the dungeon on the third of October of 202x AD with the letter x standing for an unknown number, x can be 0 to 9 depending on the repentence of men.


Les trois pellices de loing s'entrebatron, / La plus grand moindre demeurera à l'escoute; / Le grand Selin n'en sera plus patron, / Le nommera feu pelte blanche routte.

Three great harlots shall battle for a long time / The greatest but less shall remain watching / The greatest Selin (Muslims) shall no longer be her patron / Shall call upon her fire, pestilence, death, rotten.

The three great harlots are US, Europe, And Russia. The greatest one but less is US with diminishing superpower status will be on the sideline at the beginning of WW III watching the invasion of Muslims and Russia into Europe. Once her good customers and allies, Muslims shall learn to hate and terrorize US.


Prés de Sorbin pour assaillir Ongrie. / L'herault de Brudes les viendra aduertir, / Chef Bizantin, Sallon de Sclauonie, / A loy d'Arabes les viendra conuertir.

Near Sorbin, Hungary shall be attacked / The herald of Brudes shall give notice / The Byzantine chief, Salona of Slavonia / The law of the Arabs they shall convert them.

Again this quatrain prophesies that Hungary, Eastern or Central Europe will be occupied by both Muslim and Russian troops. Islam religion will be imposed upon the local Christian believers. Who does not convert to Islam will be exterminated.


Côme vn gryphon viendra le Roy d'Europe / Accompagné de ceux d'Aquilon, / De rouges & blancs conduira grane troppe / Et iront contre le Roy de Babylon.

Like a gryphon shall come the King of Europe / Accompanied by those of the North / Of reds and whites shall conduct a great troop / And shall fight against the King of Babylon.

Gryphon, a mythical monster, half lion half man, keeps watch on Russian gold. Red is communist and white is non-communist. Babylon in the Book of Revelation is the land of the great harlot, consisting all countries that live according to the modern Western civilization and culture where sexual pleasures and sins are tolerated or adored. This quatrain indicates that Russia together with certain European countries shall attack Western Europe including England, France, and Italy.


Religion du nom des mers vaincra, / Contre la secte fils Adaluncatif, / Secte obstinée deplorée craindra, / Des deux blessez par Aleph & Aleph.

The religion in the name of the seas shall come / Against the sect of the sons of Adaluncatif / The deplorably ostinate sect shall be afraid / Of the two wounded by A. and A.

The name of the seas is Marina, the female adjective of Marino meaning marine in French. And the anagram of Marina is “Marian” or “consecrated to Mary.” “Adaluncatif” is the anagram of “Captives of the Moon” or Muslim radicals. Wounded by A. and A. can be two AntiChrists, or A. can stands for Antichrist, Apostasy, Atomic bomb. All these forms of chastisements befall on two major players, France and Italy. This quatrain means that the Western army of Catholics, devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary, led by their commander, the Marian King, King Henry, shall defeat the Muslim invaders, conquering Middle East, and destroy Russia. The two victors are also the two most suffering countries, Italy and France.


Beaucoup, beaucoup auant telles menees, / Ceux d'Orient, par la vertu Lunaire, / L'an mil sept cens seront grands emmenees, / Subiugant presque le coing Aquilonaire.

Long long before these happenings / The Oriental thanks to the Muslims / In the year of 1700 shall drive many away / And shall subdue almost the whole Northern corner.

Thanks to the invasion and conquering Europe by Russians and Muslims ( lunaire or moon stands for Muslims, ) the Oriental or China will become more aggressive in Asia. They probably will attack Taiwan and neighboring countries such as Japan, Korea, South-East Asia, Australia, and so on. Nostradamus often dated several significant prophetic events beginning at 325AD, the year of the first Council, the Nicean Council. Thus, the year of 1700 actually is 1700 plus 325 or 2025AD. Russia cannot sustain the momentum as WW III will drain away her resources and she will expose herself vulnerable to Chinese attack, and China does not want to see Russia become the dominant world power as she had suffered Russian aggression in the past. Therefore, China will intervene in Europe on the behalf of European countries to confront Russian troops in Central Europe, the vicinity of Hungary, Austria, and Czech,  which will become major battleground as many quatrains also indicate. China will travel and conquer Russian land along her way to Europe. By the year of 2025AD, China will occupy most Siberia region and  Central Asia from Russia.


Du tout Marseille des habitans changee / Course & pour fuitte iusques pres de Lyon.  / Narbon, Tholoze par Bordeaux outragee, / Tuez, captifs, presque d'vn million.

All the inhabitants of Marseilles will change / Fleeing and pursuing as far as Lyon / Narbonne and Toulouse outraged by Bordeaux / Killed and captured are almost one million.

Southern France shall be devastated by Muslim invasion. Enormous casualties on French civilians will probably be inflicted with the weapons of mass destruction. Reinforcement promised by Bordeaux will never come to assist Narbonne and Toulouse.


Laict, sang, grenoüilles escondre en Dalmatie / Conflit donné, peste preste, de baleine / Cry sera grand par toute Esclauonie,Lors naistra monstre pres & dedans / Lors naistra monstre pres & dedans Rauenne.

Milk, blood, frogs shall be prepared in Dalmatia / Conflict fought, pestilence near Balennes / A great cry shall be through out Sclavonia / The a monster shall be born near and within Ravenna.

“Milk, blood, frogs” stands for nuclear, chemical, biological weapons of mass destruction, fired from the Eastern side of Adriatic Sea (Dalmatia) to the other side. The Slav nationalities or the Central Europe will suffer much under the Russian control. Russia will occupy many nations in the region such as Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, and Austria.


Vn qui les dieux d'Annibal infernaux / Fera renaistre effrayeur des humains / Oncq plus d'horreur, ne plus pire iournaux / Qu'aduint viendra par Babel aux Romains.

One shall cause the infernal gods of Annibal / To be reborn to terrorize mankind / There was never more horror, ever journals recorded / It shall happen because of the Babel by the Romans.

The ancient Annibal once attacked Rome. WW III will happen with Rome and Paris being completely destroyed. It will happen because of the sins of mankind plus the loss of faith which started with many heretical modern reforms starting with the new Mass celebrated in different languages ( Babel ) by the clergy (Romans.) Those heretical reforms abusing the spirit of Vatican II. They have desecrated the divine Liturgy, leading to the decay of the Faith. Lukewarmness, and consequently, the sinfulness of mankind in general.


Apres grâd trouble humain plus grâd s'appreste, / Le grand moteur les siecles renouuelle, / Pluye, sang, laict, famine, feu & peste : / Au ciel veu feu, courant longue estincelle.

After a great period of human suffering, appears another one / The great motor of centuries shall be renovated / Rain with blood, milk, famine, weapons and pestilence / In the air a fire with a long sparkling trail shall be seen.

WW I and WW II and then comes WW III. Mankind will destroy itself with their modern technology, with weapons of mass destruction. Milk together iron or fire often used by Nostradamus to imply the weapons of mass destruction or chemical and biological warfare. A fire with a long trail is a missile.


Naufrage à classe pres d'onde Hadriatique, / La terre esmeuë sus lair en terre mis : / Egypte tremble augment Mahommetique, / Heraut se rendre à crier est commis.

The wreckage of the fleet near Adriatic Sea / The earth trembles, emitting through air, then fall back to earth / Egypt trembles due to the Muslim extremists / The Herald surrendering shall be allowed to cry.

Around the Adriatic Sea or Mediterranean Sea, Iran or Russia  will drop nuclear bombs in the air to cause earthquakes and tidal waves to flood the coastal areas and destroy all warships and submarines belonging to France, Italy, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, and Greece. WW III will begin with Russia and Muslim navies dominating Mediterranean Sea and Middle Eastern regions. Egypt will surrender her pro-Western government to the radical Muslim factions who are loyal to Iran.


Bien pres du Tymbre presse la Lybitine, / Vn peu deuant grand inondation : / Le chef du nef prins, mis en la sentine, / Chasteau, palais en conflagration.

Near the Tiber, the goddess of death threatens  / A little before the great flood / The master of the ship being taken, put in a well / His castle and palace being burnt down.

Libitina is the Latin for the goddess of death. Near River Tiber is where the Vatican is located. The master of the ship is the Pope who will go into hiding or being confined by a crazy mob who will burn down Vatican at the onset of WW III.


Apres la pluye laict, assez longuette, / En plusieurs lieux de Reims le ciel touché, / O quel conflit de sang pres d'eux s'appreste! / Peres & fils, Roys n'oseront approché.

After a rather long rain of milk / In many places of Reims the lightning shall fall / O what a  bloody conflict near them prepared / Fathers and sons, kings, shall not dare to approach.

After suffering nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons, the southern France around Reims will suffer missile strikes. And then the final blow is being prepared for those who survive. No one will dare to come to assist them. The term “ milk ” was used by the prophet frequently to describe the weapon of mass destruction, chemical or biological , or industrial pollution.


Si, France, passe outre mer Lygustique, / Tu te verra en isles & mers enclos, / Mahommet contraire plus mer Hadriatique / Cheuaux & d'asnes tu rongeras les os.

If France goes past Ligurian Sea / You shall see yourself enclosed in islands and seas / Muslims contradict, plus Adriatic Sea / Horses and asses, you shall gnaw bones.

Ligurian is the north-eastern part of Mediterranean Sea. Navy originated from Marseilles will sail into Mediterranean to help Italy which is under attack. But the French fleet will be ambushed in Adriatic Sea and totally destroyed. But first French fleet will be surrounded and suffer the shortage of food and supply as the last line indicated ( also see Quatrain 2.60.)


La republique de la grande Cité / A grand rigueur ne voudra consentir : / Roy sortir hors par trompette cité, / L'eschelle au mur la cité repentir.

The republic of a great city / With great toughness shall not surrender / The king shall go out at the sound of the city trumpet / The ladder shall be placed to the wall and the whole city repent.

Before WW III changes its tide, the leader of French armies, General Henrie, against his people’s will will decide to surrender to the more powerful Muslim troops who are encircling the last French stronghold, in order to save the lives of the French citizens. In desperation and distress, French people will become repentant of their past sins and ask God for mercy. When everything seems lost, everything will be saved.


Barbare Empire par le tiers vsurpé, / La plus part de son sang mettre à mort, / Par mort senile, par luy, le quart frappé, / Par peur que sang par la sang en soit mort.

The barbarian empire shall be usurped by a third / The greater part of his blood shall be put to death / By an insane death, one quarter shall be struck by him / For the fear that blood exchanged for blood shall not see death.

One third of Muslim countries will be annihilated. The greater part ( greater than half ) of their population will be dead. And one quarter of all death shall be caused by fanatic leaders for the fear that the fanaticism of suicide bombing or blood-for-blood tactics will not lead to the annihilation of their enemies.


Ceux dans les Isles de long temps assiegez, / Prendront vigueur force contre ennemis, / Ceux par dehors morts de faim profliegez / En plus grand faim que jamais seront mis.

Those in the islands which are besieged for a long time / Shall fight with vigorous force against the enemies / Those outside shall die of hunger and being overrun / They shall endure the greatest famine they have ever faced.

This is the continuation of the last quatrain. Muslim and Russian navies will form a blockage around Great Britain who will fight valiantly against the invaders but will suffer greatly from starvation and from great inundation.


Pau, Veronne, Vincence, Saragousse, / De glaiues loings, terroirs de sang humides : / Peste si grande viendra à la grande gousse / Proches secours & bien loings les remedes.

Pau, Verona, Vicenza, Saragossa / By the sword of the distant lands shall be moist with blood / So great a plague which shall come with great scabs / Relief is near but the remedies shall be far away.

France, Italy, and Spain will suffer by WW III.  French and Italian populations will also suffer from the chemical and biological weapons of which one of the symptoms is sores all over a victim’s body and affecting his heart. The cure can be found locally by drinking tea made with Hawthorn leaves which grow wild in many rural areas. Unfortunately , many will not be aware of this fact or will consider the remedy as nonsense.


Le tiers climat sous Aries comprins, / L'an mil sept cens vingt & sept en Octobre, / Le Roy de Perse par ceus d'Egypte prins, / Conflit, mort, perte, à la croix grand opprobre.

The third climate under Aries concluded / In the year one thousand seven hundred, the twenty seventh of October / The Persian King shall be captured by Egyptians / Battle, death, loss: great shame to the cross.

The climate of Aries is war. The third climate is WW III. Nostradamus twice used the year of 325AD, the year of the first council ever – Council Nicea, to date the very significant event in the human history. Thus, 1700 is actually meant to be 1700 plus 325 or 2025AD.  WW III will end by 2025AD with the Iranian leader being captured by an angry Egyptian mob. WW III is the manifestation of how far the world fall away from God and have become corrupted in sins. The graver the offense against the Almighty, the more corrupted the world is,  the longer the purification process will take. The number 3.77 of the quatrain also implies a significant meaning, 3 relates to WW III, 77 to a completion, here the conclusion of the war. 2025AD is also the year Chinese will migrate north taking over the vast Russian territory as being indicated in another quatrain.


Libra verra regner les Hesperies, / De ciel & terre tenir la Monarchie, / D'Asie forces nul ne verra peries. / Que sept ne tiennent par rang la Hierarchie.

Libra shall reign in Western land / The monarchy shall reign over land and sky / Nobody else shall see Asian forces perished / Till seven hold the hierarchy in succession.

US shall be governed by law and order as Libra stands for justice and law. She shall become the world super-power, is responsible for controlling the hostile expansion of Japan and later China. The last line indicates that the conflict in Asia with China will happen after 2000AD.



Nay sous les vmbres & iournée nocturne / Sera en regne & bonté souueraine, / Fera renaistre son sang de l'antique verné, / Renouuellant siecle d'or pour l'airain.

Being born in humble background and at night / He shall be a sovereign in power and goodness / He shall resemble an ancient blood being born again / He shall renew a golden age for his Faith out of a brass one.

King Henry of France is born at night from  a great lineage but through a present humble background. He will rule with firmness but also with kindness. He will remind us of his great ancestor, Charlemagne the Great. He will bring about the Golden age for the Christendom to the world especially Europe.


De sang Troy en naistra cœur Germanique, / Qui deuiendra en si haute puissance, / Hors chassera gent estrange Arabique, / Tournant l'Eglise en pristine preeminence.

Of the Trojan blood, one shall be born with German heart / Who shall attain so high a power / He shall chase away the foreign Arabic people / Shall restore the Church to her pristine preeminence.

The ancient legends says that the French royal line descended from Francus, the son of Priam of Troy. Trojan blood together with German heart mean a descendant of the great Charlemagne whose Frankish Empire covered the entire modern Western Europe and many parts of Eastern Europe. This descendant of Charlemagne destined for greatness again is King Henry of France who will defeat the Muslim invaders and restore the Christian Faith to her former glory.


Au Roy l'augure sus le chef la main mettre / Viendra prier pour la paix Italique; / A la main gauche viendra changer se Sceptre, / De Roy viendra Empereur pacifique.

The Pope ( Augur ) shall lay his hand on the King’s head / And pray for peace in Italy / In the left hand, he shall change the scepter / From a king to a pacific Emperor.

After WW III, the Pope prophesied by St. Malachi as the “ Glory of Olive ”, the pope of the golden period of peace, will bestow the crown of the holy Roman Emperor upon King Henry of France who is truly the second Charlemagne given to the world.


Par grand fureur le Roy Romain Belgique, / Vexer voudra par phalange barbare : / Fureur grinçant chassera gent Lybique, /Depuis Pannons iusques Hercules la hare.

With a great fury, the Roman Belgian king / Shall come to vex the Muslims with his troops / Furious he chases out all the Libyans / From Hungary region to the Straits of Gibraltar.

Pannons is the modern Central Europe including the entire country of Hungary. Gibraltar is the strait separating the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. The Roman Belgian king is King Henry of France, the supreme commander of Western Alliance. Libyans represent all Muslim troops. General Henry will defeat all Muslim armies throughout the lower half of Europe and Northern Africa, including all coastal areas around Mediterranean Sea. The reason why he is called here the Roman Belgian King because after WW III, France and the remaining of all German-speaking countries including Belgium, Holland, and Germany will form the Frankish Empire once again.


A logmyon sera laissé le regne, / Du grand Selin qui plus fera de faict, / Par les Itales estendra son enseigne, / Regy sera par prudent contrefait.

To Ogmion given the reign / Thanks to great Selin he more shall accomplish / Throughout Italy shall extend his emble / Shall reign with prudent upheavals.

The leadership of the whole world will be placed upon General Henry who is destined to become the modern Charlemagne. Thanks to the intercession of the Mother of God, he will accomplish a great deal. The Italian people will revere him even he is a Frenchman for he will liberate them from the Muslim oppression. He will implement many unpopular or controversial social and cultural changes throughout the European Christendom. Ogmion is a great man, a term Nostradamus often reserved for King Henry or Pope JP II. Selin stands for  moon, Muslim or the Mother of God. Contrefait is the opposite fact or controversial change.


Vn chef du monde le grand Chiren sera : / Plus ovtre apres aymé, craint, redouté : / Son bruit & los les cieux sur passera, / Et du seul titre Victeur, fort contenté.

Chief of the world the great HENRY shall become / High above the rest, loved, feared, doubted / His fame and praise heavens surpass / And with the sole title Victor quite content.

After defeating Muslim and Russian invaders, ending WW III, bringing long lasting peace to the world, General Henry the leader of the Western Alliance shall become the leader of the world. He shall be both loved and hated as he will restore Christendom, just social order, and strict morality. He will rule with a rigid uncompromise adhering strictly to Catholicism. The Holy Pontiff who is also a Frenchman will bestow Henry the title of Victor or the Roman Emperor as he will become the modern Charlemagne the Great.


Dedans Bologne voudra lauer ses fautes, / Il ne pourra au temple du soleil, / Il volera faisant chose si hautes, / En hierarchie n'en fut oncq vn pareil.

Within the Infinite Goodness, he shall want to wash his sins / He shall not be able to go to Mass / He shall accomplish thigns so high / In the hierarchy he has never had one in parallel.

King Henry wants to go Confession and attend the Holy Mass before engaging in a battle. What a holy Catholic Emperor! “Bolongne” is the anagram of Bon-loinge here meaning the infinite goodness or the Lord’s Mercy. “Temple de soleil” is the temple of the sun, here the Holy Mass.


Soubs la couleur du traicté mariage, / Fait magnanime par grand Chyren selin, / Quintin, Arras recouurez au voyage / D'espagnols fait second banc macelin.

Under the color of a marriage treaty / A magnaminous act by the great Marian Henry / Italians, Arabs recovered in voyage / For the Spaniards second to those of Selin he places.

Commander Henry of Western Alliance and of France will consecrate himself to the Blessed Virgin Mary and will ask for her intercession. He belongs to her, is her instrument. Spain for its alliance to the Muslims will be subjected to the second-class after WW III. “Macelin” means those associated with Selin or Muslims.



En nauigant captif prins grand pontife; /Grands apprestez saillir les clercs tumultuez : / Second esleu absent son bien debise, / Son fauory bastard à mort tué.

In sailing a great pope shall be captured / After the great one fallen, the clergy in tumult / The second elected in absence, debased in his goods / His favorite bastard shall be put to death.

Pope JP II will flee from Rome to the southern France by ship, will be captured and murdered there. The new pope will be elected but does not reign long. The second one will be elected or rather “ selected” by the Muslim occupiers as he will be “elected in absence” meaning elected without the Cardinal College. This pope is so consumed with materialism or “ debased in his goods.” After his election, his bastard ( a long time lover?) will be murdered. This is the antipope who will abolish the celibacy tradition of priesthood. The true Catholic Church will break away from the puppet Church in Rome, will form a formal Schism, and operate underground in Europe.


Ce grand monarque qu'au mort succedera, / Donnera vie illicite & lubrique : / Par nonchalance à tous concedera, / Qu'a la parfin faudra la loy Salique.

The great monarch who shall succeed the deceased / Shall lead an illicit and lubricious life / Through nonchalance, he shall concede to all / At the end, Salic law shall be stopped.

Salic law declared that daughters cannot inherit land and barring women from ruling France. Here its stands for the Catholic tradition of the priesthood celibacy. An antipope will be elected to succeed a deceased one who might be JP II or his immediate successor. This pope will lead a sinful and sensual life, and will abandon the rule of celibacy to make his personal lifestyle lawful. The Muslim occupying force will be pleased of his performance.


Par le trespas du tres vieillard pontife, / Sera esleu Romain de bon aage : / Qu'il sera dit que le Siege debiffe / Et long tiendra & de picquant ouurage.

By the death of a very old Pontiff / A Roman of good age shall be elected / It is said that he dishonors the Holy See / He shall live long and shall stir up bickering courage.

A relatively young cardinal will become pope to replace Pope Benedict. He will reign a long time, probably throughout WW III, will cause many controversies and a formal Schism in the Catholic Church because of his decrees and his sensual lifestyle. He is the one who will abolish the celibacy rule for priests ( 5.38). We shall see.


Par teste rase viendra bien mal eslire, / Plus que sa charge ne porte passera : / Si grand fureur & rage fera dire, / Qu'à feu & sang tout sexe tranchera.

By the shaven head, ill choice being selected / The charge so great he cannot carry / So great a furor and rage he shall proclaim / That both sexes …. Behind fire and blood.

An antipope is selected by some sort of a religious circle, a so-called concave of cardinals under the Muslim watch? He will abolish the celibacy rule, possibly tolerating homosexual lifestyle of the religious, or maybe introducing female priesthood as both sexes will be deemed equal in religious life, in priesthood, or in personal sexual lifestyle? A formal Schism in the Roman Catholic Church would definitely happen if one of these speculations truly occur in the future.


Norneigre & Dace, & l'isle Britanique, / Par les vnis freres seront vexees : / Le chef Romain issu du sang Gallique, / Et les copies aux forests repoulsees.

Norway, Denmark, British Island / Through the united brothers shall be troubled / The Roman chief issued from French blood / While the forces withdrawn into forests.

The coastal countries of Northern Europe will be attacked and suffered by the naval blockages from Russia and Muslim navies. During WW III, the Pope of the true Catholic Church which opposes Rome will be selected from the French clergy. The true Church will be in exile and operate undeground.


De la partie de Mammer grand pontife, / Subiuguera les confins du Dannube : / Chasser les croix par fer raffe ne riffe, / Captif, or, bagues, plus de cent mille rubes.

By one party of Mars the great Pontiff / Shall be subjugated to the confinement of Danube / Chase the crosses bu iron bar not rifle / Captives, gold, jewels more than hundred thousand rubles.

Pope Benedict will be harassed by one party involving in the world war. He will be confined by River Danube including all the clergy accompanying him. Their release is negotiated and paid for with a ransom. The term “rubes” or rubbles, the Russian currency indicate that Russian troops are the captors here. Mammer is the Sabine name for Mars meaning wars.


Le grand Prelat vn iour apres son songe / Interpreté au rebours de son sens : / De la Gascongne luy suruiendra vn monge, / Qui fera eslire le grand Prelat de Sens.

The great Prelate one day after his dream / Being interpreted opposite to its true meaning / From Gascony to him comes unexpectedly a monk / Who shall help to elect the great Prelate of Sens.

The Prelate of Sens will be chosen by God to be the leader of the true Church which breaks away from Rome, through the difficult time during WW III. He will the first French Pope ever. His selection was prophesied through one of his dreams which he refuses to accept its true meanings. This Pope is the one prophesied by St. Malachi to be the Glory of Olive as his Pontificate will last through the golden period of peace after the world war.


Au quart pillier l'on sacre à Saturne. / Par tremblant terre & deluge fendu / Sous l'edifice Saturin trouuée vrne, / D'or Capion rauy & puis rendu.

At the fourth pillar one sacrifices to Saturn / Through trembling earthquake and flood split / One shall find a golden Chalice of Sacred Edifice / That the antipope had ravished but now restored.

The rebuilding of the Church and restoration of the Faith will begin with the heightened belief and reverence toward the Holy Eucharist or the Body and Blood of our Lord Jeus Christ, after WW III. During the war, the antipope in Rome will replace the Blessed Sacrament with paganistic rituals worshipping Sun-God (Saturn.) Note for the original French text: “Capion” if the anagram of the double-word, Cap-noi or black Pope or antipope, not necessary black-skinned person as Nostradamus used “black” figuratively for “evil.”


Pol mensolée mourra trois lieuës du rosne, /Fuis les deux prochains tarasc destrois : / Car mars fera le plus horrible trosne, / De coq & d'Aigle de France freres trois.

Paul the Labor of the Sun shall die three leagues from River Rhone / Avoid the two straits near Tarra / Because war shall make such a horrible throne / Of cock, of eagle, of France three brothers.

"Pol mensolee" inittilaly was understood as “Labor of the Sun” or Pope JP II, but this interpretation is incorrect. Anyway, the term still mean the apocalyptic Pope prophesied by St. Malachi who will die somehwere near River Rhone. He will flee from Rome when Muslims invade Italy. "Po; mensolee" might mean "the man of God"  Three Western countries France, US, and England will be in one side opposing the Eastern Alliance consisting of Russia and Muslim countries.


De fin porphire profond collon trouuée / Dessous la laze escripts capitolin : / Os poil retors Romain force prouuée, / Classe agiter au port de Methelin.

A  deep column of  fine Porphyry shall be found / Under its base Latin inscription / Bones, hairs twisted, the Church in scourging / Fleet agitated in Muslim port.

Just as their Lord Jesus Christ being scourged at the Roman pillar, with His bones exposed in bloody flesh and His hair mitted in blood and filth, the Church shall be scourged in the Muslim hands.


Encor seront les saincts temples pollus, / Et expillez par Senat Tholosain, / Saturne deux trois siecles reuollus, / Dans Auril, May, gens de nouueau leuain.

Again the saintly temples shall be polluted / And plundered by Senate of theologians / Saturn two three cycles revolution / In April and May, people of new leaven.

The Church will be polluted and damaged by the heretical theologians whose disbelief and rebellious rationalism have led many astray including the religious. This will happen after Saturn has completed two, and three revolutions meaning it will take place around 2000 AD and 3000 AD. Afterwards, the Church will be renewed with new generations of fresh believers, just like the new leaven, who will believe in the Resurrection and Death of Our Lord and will also have a strong devotion to Our Blessed Mother Mary. Cycle revolution means one thousand years; April means the month of Easter or Resurrection of our Lord; and May is the month dedicated to Blessed Virgin Mary.


Gran, Po, grand mal pour Gaulois receura, / Vaine terreur au maritin Lyon : / Peuple infiny par la mer passera, / Sans eschapper vn quart d'vn million.

The great Pope shall receive great harm from Frenchmen / That shall bring vain terror to the coastal Lyon / An infinite number of  people shall pass the sea / Without escape are a quarter of million.

Pope Benedict will suffer in the hand of Frenchmen somewhere in the Southern France near the rivers. His death will bring a great curse upon the local residents for their crime against the holy one of God. Muslim troops will invade the same region with a great number and about a quarter of million of French citizens will die or be captured.


Romain Pontife garde de t'aprocher, / De la cité qui deux fleuues arrouse : / Ton sang viendras aupres de là cracher / Toy & les tiens quand fleurira la rose.

Roman Pontiff, be careful when you come near / The city by the two rivers / Where thou shall split thy blood / Thou and thine when the rose shall bloom.

Pope Benedict will flee from Rome to somewhere in the southern France where the two rivers run. This is where he will end his life in martyrdom. The Blessed Virgin will receive his life at the end ( “when the rose bloom.”) One of her titles is the Mystical Rose.



Au poinct du iour au second chant du coq / Ceux de Tunes, de Fez, & de Bugie : / Par les Arabes captif le Roy Maroq, / L'an mil six cens & sept de Liturgie.

At the beginning of the day and second crowing of a cock / Those of Tunis, of Fez, and of Bougie / Among the captive Muslims is the King of Morocco / The year one thousand six and seven humdreds, based on the Liturgy.

All the above-mentioned are Muslim cities and the King of Morocco represents Muslim leaders.Based on the Liturgy means basing the date on 325 AD, the year of the Nicean Council. This prophecy indicates that Muslim will be defeated and Iranian or Muslim leaders will be captured around the year of 1700 plus 325 or 2025 AD.


En l'an cinq cens octante plus & moins / On attend le siecle bien estrange : / En l'an sept cens & trois (cieux en tesmoins) / Aue plusieurs regnes un à cinq feront change.

In the year five hundred eighty more or less / One attends very strange century / In the year seven hundred and three  / Heaven shall witness / Many kingdom, one out of five shall perish.

Henry Roberts, a Nostradamus commentator, pointed out that the prophet subtract 325, the year of the Nicean Council , the first Council held in 325 AD, out of the actual year of some very significant events or periods in human history. Thus, the year of 580 is actually the year of 1000 + 580 + 325 = 1905 AD, the beginning of the 20th century in which we witnessed many radical changes or uproots from the traditions and moral standards. We have witnessed many world wars, genocides, and alos technological advances. And the year of 703 is actually 1000 + 703 + 325 = 2028 AD, the year the East Alliance most noticeably the Muslim forces will be defeated in Europe and Middle East. These dates according to the prophet himself are merely the approximations as only God the Almighty controls all things, and men can delay or advance, prolong or shorten  the Divine Chastisement by their conducts. The method of dating the future events beginning with the year of the Nicean Council was also used in several other quatrains.


Tous les degrez d'honneur Ecclesiastique, / Seront changez en dial quirinal : / En Martial quirinal flaminique, / Vn Roy de France le rendra vulcanal.

All the degrees of the Ecclesiastical honor / Shall change into Quirinal dial (Sun Dial ) / And Martial Quirinal shall be in flame / Afterwards, the King of France shall turn it into Vulcanal.

All the chronology concerning the spiritual state of the Church of Christ will resemble a Sun Dial in which the dial will downward toward the south and the Martial Dial is inflaming meaning the predestined time for wars. If the north of the Sun Dial which represents the Church or human history is at 0 AD, the very opposite end or the south of the dial indicates 2000 AD. Thus, this prophecy means the whole world will be inflamed in wars around 2000AD. And after the wars, King Henry of France will melt all weapons literally into crafts and tools or ploughshare ( Vulcan is the Roman god of blacksmiths and crafts.)  Modern weapons will be destroyed and carrying weapons will be prohibited.


Dedans Monech le coq sera receu, /Le Cardinal de France apparoistra / Par Logarion Romain sera deceu, / Foiblesse à l'Aigle, & force au Coq naistra.

Into Monaco the cock shall be received / The Cardinal  of France shall appear / Through legation the Romans shall be deceived /Weakness to the eagle, strength to the cock born.

French troop will receive the hero welcome in Monaco. A French cardinal will become Pope as the pope in Rome appointed by the Muslim occupiers is illegitimate. France will take the status of the world leader away from US after WW III.


Apparoistra temple luisant orné, / La lampe & cierge à Borne & Bretueil, / Pour la Lucerne le canton destorné, / Quand on verra le grand Coq au cercueil.

A shining adorned temple shall appear / The lamp and candle at Borne and Bretueil / For Lucern, the canton shall be turned aside / When the great cock shall be seen in coffin.

After WW III, the Catholic Church will be more glorious than ever. Faith shall be renewed in northern France (Bretueil) and Catholicsm will spread to Switzerland (River Borne, Lucern) by the time King Henry of France (great cock) passes away. Protestant countries will all be converted to Catholicism.


De brique en marbre serôt les murs reduicts, / Sept & cinquante années pacifique, / Ioye aux humains, renoüé l'aqueduict, / Santé, grands fruits, joye & temps melifique.

The walls shall turn from bricks to marble / Seven and fifty pacific years / Joy to men, aqueduct rebuilt / Health, great fruits, joy, mellifluous time.

57 years of peace was given to mankind. If 57 years began after WW II or after 1945, it would take us to 2002 AD, then more wars shall begin anew. Now we had seen US and England attacking Iraq in 2002 AD, triggering WW III. If 57 years of peace begins after WW III or after 2028 AD, wars shall recur and the great AntiChrist shall emerge some time after 2085 AD. I myself do not consider the last 57 years as joyful years for the Faith and the Church, and therefore for all mankind. Contrarily, these last 57 years has marked the most evil period in the human history by far, in which more believers are martyred for Christ than any other times; the most innocent blood was shed, most notably the blood of the unborn; the most sexual sins being committed; the most profane with Sunday works or shopping; the most divorces; the greatest Apostasy; and the infamous list keeps going on and on.


La fin le loup, le lyon, bœuf & l'asne, / Timide dama seront auec mastins, / Plus ne cherra à eux la douce manne, / Plus vigilance & custode aux mastins.

At last the wolf, the lion, ox and ass / The timid deer shall be with the mastiff / The sweet manna shall no longer fall on them / More vigilance and custody of the mastiffs.

This quatrain describes the period of the Golden Peace after WW III , as prophesied long ago by the prophet Isaiah. This might also indicate the period of peace after the reign of the AntiChrist, and after the Lord has chained the Evil One, the great Tempter for  thousand years.


Perdu, trouué, caché de si long siecle, / Sera pasteur demy Dieu honoré, / Ains que la Lune acheue son grand cycle, / Par autres vieux sera deshonoré.

Lost, found, hidden for a long century / A pastor shall be honored as a demi-god / As Marian period comes to an end / By others, the Ancient One shall be dishonored.

Lune or the moon can stands for Muslims or Blessed Virgin Mary. After WW III, Satan and his cohorts shall be restrained from tempting mankind for 70 –100 years. This is the period of  Golden Peace. Afterwards, a pastor shall be worshipped instead of the true God or the Ancient One. This pastor is the AntiChrist.


La grand montagne ronde de sept estades, / Apres paix, guerre, faim, inondation, / Roulera loing, abysmant grand contrades, / Mesmes antigues, & grand fondation.

The great mountain encompasses seven stadia / After peace, war, famine, flooding / Shall spread far, sinking many countries / Even the ancient landscapes to their foundations.

Seven stadia equals 4247 feet, however, “seven” here simply means great many stadia or great many feet wide. Anyway, a comet with a great circumference of several miles will fall into the earth. The words “spread “ and  “sink “ indicates that this comet will land in the sea, Mediterranean or Atlantic, wiping out many coastal areas and many nations. And you see later in one quatrain which indicates that Greece shall cease to exist due to great flood. The ancient landscapes might be Egyptian pyramids. The chronological order was actually written in reverse. First will be flooding, famine, then war, peace, and finally comet or asteroid striking the earth. After WW III ends around 2026 AD, an asteroid or comet shall arrive colliding with the earth.


Le Roy Gaulois par la Celtique dextre / Voyant discorde de la grand Monarchie, / Sur les trois parts fera fleurir son sceptre, / Contre la cappe de la grand Hierarchie.

The French King with the Celtic right hand / Seeing the discord of the great monarchy / Upon three parts of it, his scepter flourishes / Complementary to the Cape of the great Hierarchy.

King Henry of France, with the support form Britain and US, will defeat the Eastern alliance. He will reign the world along with the holy Pontiff who will be his spiritual counterpart, given by God to the whole world. This Pope is the one St. Malachy had prophesied one thousand years ago as “the Glory of Olive” or the Pope of the period of  the Golden Peace. Cape stands for Pope.


Apres viendra des extremes contrees / Prince Germain sur le throsne doré : / En seruitude & par eaux rencontrees / La dame serue, son temps plus n'a duré.

Afterwards one shall come from the remote regions / A German prince placed upon the golden throne / Servitude and waters shall meet / The ancient lady severed, her time no longer adored.

King Henry will be anointed as the Roman German Emperor because he will restore the European Christendom and because after WW III, the ancient Frankish Empire of Charlemagne the Great consisting of the old Germany and France will be restored. “Servitude and waters “ mean that the foreign lands or Middle East including all former Muslim countries will become the occupied territories. The Babylonian whore will be restrained meaning all sexual vices and feminism will be abolished or forbidden. Women will be honored for their domestic traditional role as wives and mothers.

(Note: Save this book on your computer as some day you will not have access to the internet. When I have time, I will organize this book in more chronological order. If after reading this book, you don’t get any sense of urgency to look deep into your soul and to change your life, may Lord have mercy on you.
Distribute or publicize this book in any form you want but without changing its original intent. If anyone distorts what is written here, a severe curse will be upon him. I myself am a scientist, but with a few exceptions, I do not have high regard for the followings: egoistic scientists who do not know that their knowledge is worthless; the religious who do the talking more than praying as they do not know that Satan laughs at mere talks but fears at humble prayers; the fool who claims to understand Nostradamus; the wise who scorns at one of the greatest prophets; the Catholic who try to be a Protestant (I have great respect for some Protestants that I have met, who truly love God); the liberal Supreme Court justices who are hellish instruments; the irreligious politicians who are the filth of the society, the rich who do not live out the Gospel while accumulating wealth, and so on . )