Can a non-Christian be saved?

During a short period of dialogue with my viewers via email, many of you asked me if a non-Christian or a person of no religion could be saved or enter Heaven with God. I  find this question quite significant and deserved an answer as for this very reason (reaching the secular world) that my web pages were created.

Every righteous person is pleasing to God according to the Scripture: "Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I percieve that God is no respecter of persons (God does not favor anyone.), but in every nation he that feared Him, and worked righteousness, is accepted with Him." (Acts10:34-35)  I am the only Catholic in my family of nine and I do not believe that my parents and brothers and sisters would all go to hell for not believing in Christ. And I also do not believe that all Christians especially present Catholics will go to Heaven either. The more you receive, the more you will be accounted for.  On the Judgement Day, I will be judged more harshly than a non-Christian as I was given the Divine Truth and Grace. But the true Christian or believer should be more concerned with his love for God than with the fear of His Judgment.

The Scripture said the one who did not believe in Christ was already condemned meaning that he  had refused the Divine Truth which would lead him in the right path to salvation. Instead this person chose to rely on his own judgment to conduct his life. And believe me, we are no match to the Devil if we rely on our own  conscience. And how do we know that we are a good person , how do we know that our conscience is righteously formed or badly distorted? Bill Clinton probably believes that he is morally and spiritually good too and many people will agree with him. I once thought I was good enough until God showed me the real sinful me. Once I read about the story of a frog which was put in the warm water. See, if you put a frog in the warm water, it would react violently toward it. But if you just increased the water temperature slowly every day, the frog would eventually die due to  hot water without even knowing the cause of its death. Sinners react to sins in the same manner. If we are exposed to certain sins and listen to the favorable but false justifications for those sins day in and day out, eventually we shall become accustomed to them if our conscience is ill-informed or shaky. One thing I know most certainly is if a well-informed person truly believes that abortion is justified or  he himself commits an abortion without any remorse or repentance, he will end up in hell fire for eternity. And  I do not want to argue about abortion issue because it arouses much anger in me. I talked about abortion because I wanted to lead others to the right path and I wanted to save the unborn. There is a direct correlation between God's Punishment and the sin of abortion. Two thousands years ago, to eliminate the Infant Jesus, King Herod of Jews ordered the slaughter of many infants and todlers up to two year old. For this crime of killing the innocents, Herod was eaten to death by numerous worms which crawled inside his body!! Can a similar punishment be imposed in hell for eternity upon the ones who kill or advocate the killing of the present innocent unborn? You might think that I am cruel or judgmental for talking this way. No,  quite the contrary, I just warn you so that you can avoid falling into the bottomless pit.  The Lord is merciful but don't forget that He is also just. Time is running short for many of us.

My friend,

I took me twenty five years to know Who my God was and it took me another ten years to become Catholic. And I am the only Catholic in the family of no religion. But I once searched for God all my life. Search, my friend, then you will find. Seek and you will receive. Knock an it will open to you. If one does not care about God while he lives on earth, why does he cares about spending eternity with Him in Heaven. That person might not like Heaven after all because his disposition or nature has become estranged to Heavenly Court. For this very reason, I believe a damned soul will choose hell for himself after death as he can't stand the sight of God or of Love as love is no longer his nature which once he was born with. People like to be around with someone they are compatible with. Likewise, repentant sinners will love to be with God while the unrepentant ones will curse God for eternity and for a lost Heaven.

May God bless you in your earthly journey.