First of all, I was wrong in predicting the Holy Father Pope John Paul II would be martyred in the southern France, the region between two Rivers Rhone and Loire or Saone. And I thanked the Lord that I was wrong on this account as I hated to see him suffering further. Consequently, this unfulfilled prophetic interpretation might be served to prove that all my interpretations or web pages and my book were written prior to April the 2nd of 2005, the day Pope JP II passed away (Actually my predictions were made in April 1997 as many of you have witnessed. In September 11th, I had about 400,000 hits on my homepage. The next day it was countless.)

I have a chance to look back at Nostradamus prophecies concerning Popes to see how I could interpret wrongly. And I realize that his prophecies were extremely vague on the identity of the pope who would be martyred by the Muslim troops. The reason why I associated Pope JP II with the martyred one because the term "De Pol Mansol" or "De Pol mensoele" was always mentioned together with the papal martyrdom. "Pol" can be interpreted as Paul a proper name or Polish the nationality; and "mansol" or "mensoele" can be interpreted as "Labor of the sun", the pope dedicated to Blessed Virgin Mary who is the woman laboring with child, clothed with the sun, mentioned in Chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation.

Thus, I thought "De Pol Mansol" could be interpreted as "Mansol de Pol" meaning "The Labor of the Sun from Poland" or "The Labor of the Sun named Paul." But now I think "De Pol Mansol" might mean "From the Labor of the Sun" or "after the Labor of the Sun", meaning after Pope John Paul II passed away.

Reviewing the ancient prophecies concerning Popes based on the above-mentioned interpretation of the term "De Pol Mansol", I came away with the following predictions:

1. Comet Hale Bopp would come (1997), JP I and JP II were elected, then the next pope will be martyred, Italy devastated.

2. Fires break down, Pope flees from Rome, after Hale Bopp (the comet seems to play a significant role as a celestial sign as it was mentioned a great deal.)

3. Pope will be harmed in France (this is definite.)

4. JP II shed blood near the city where two rivers run (Rome) and his life was saved by the Mother of God.

5. One pope will be martyred, mentioned more than once.

6. Escaping to France by sea, the Pope will be captured and martyred. An antipope will be selected without the traditional cardinal conclave, possibly hand-picked by the Muslim occupiers.

7. Paris and Rome will be assaulted, the Holy Pontiff will be martyred.

8. The antipope conducts an illicit lubricious lifestyle, abolishing the celibacy rule. He will establish female priesthood, lax on homosexuality lifestyle, allow married priests, turn the holy Mass into a pagan ritual. A few of these changes might not happen, but all might happen. Most changes or religious "reforms" have something to do with sexual orientation or clerical gender.

9.The Pope after JP II and his clerical company will be killed, stripped naked, throat cut, by Rhone River.

10.After an aged Pope is killed by Muslims in Southern France, a relatively young ( more than fifty years old) and black cardinal will be selected. He will be good, uneventful for four years, then he will turn corrupt, causing the formal Schism in the Catholic Church. "Black" might indicate an African Pope or might simply mean evil.

11. After JP II died, Muslim will loot Vatican.

12.An aged Pope will be elected after JP II due to his old age. He will flee from Rome upon the Muslim invasion, first along River Danube. He will be confined there by Russian troops, harassed by Nazi crazy mob, and a ransom or bribe has to be made for his freedom. He will be betrayed by those who speak his own language. Why does the Pope flee to the region along Danube River to avoid imminent danger, to return to his native land? The fact that he is old, that Germany and Central Europe will be invaded by Russians, can this Pope be the current Cardinal Ratzinger?

13.After being released, this Pope will travel to Agen, the city located in South-Western France by sea, and go on to Guienne, Rhone region, then Marseilles. There he will be martyred upon the Muslim invasion. He simply runs out of safe refuge.

14.After Vatican II, after Pope JP II died, a new Pope will be elected. He will reign for a short time which is interpreted to be several months or little bit more than one year, then he will be killed by Muslims in Southern France, on December 13th, the feast day of St. Lucie. The term "St. Lucie" might imply he is the Pope mentioned in the Third Secret of Fatima. I do not think Pope JP II was the Pope who was depicted in the Third Secret, being gunned down along with many of his clergy upon a symbolic Calvary simply because Pope JP II was shot alone.

Thus, what kind of predictions can we draw from all these?

1. We can predict an aged Pope succeeding Pope John Paul II.

2. Iran-led Muslims will invade Italy and Europe, World War III will occur soon after the new Pope is elected as he will only reign for a short time which I estimate to be little bit more than one year.

3. The one succeeding him will be an antipope who will institute many heretical and sinful reforms causing the formal Schism in the Church.

My own prediction for the next Pope: Cardinal Ratzinger ( don't bet on it.)

God Bless,

(I withdrew my book from the internet sale due to the lack of interest. I guess you have enough free reading materials here. the reason why I want to publish the book because it can serve as the proof for the prophecies on WW III and because the Lord gave me signs indicating that He wanted me to do so ( I will talk about this some day.) I will publicize the book again when WW III is about to happen. I notice that many have been picking up my interpretation in predicting that Muslims will invade Europe. So my work is not in vain. I sincerely hope and pray that you all take my words seriously because you do not know how brutal this world war is, one-thirds of all of us will survive after this war and other calamities which I will discuss later.)