The Final Warning

In his Epistle to King Henry II of France, dated June 27th of 1558, Nostradamus gave us the following prophecies which are cited here as the final warning to the world:

" ... Of the three sects ( Lutheran, Catholic, and Mahometan ), that which is middlemost, by the actions of its worshippers, shall be thrown into ruins. The first, wholly in all Europe, and the most part of Africa undone by the third, by means of the poor in spirit, who by madness elevated shall, through libidinous luxury, commit adultery. The people will rise and maintain it, and shall drive away those that did adhere to the legislators, and it shall seem, from the kingdoms spoiled by the Eastern men, that God the Creator has loosed Satan from his infernal prison, to cause to be born the great Dog and Dohan ( Gog and Magog ), who shall make so great and abominable a breach in the Churches, that neither the reds nor the whites, who are without eyes and without arms, shall not judge of it, and their power shall be taken away from them.

Then shall there be a greater persecution against the Church than ever was, and in the meantime shall be so great a plague, that two parts of three in the world shall fail, so much so that no one shall be able to know the true owners of fields and houses, and there shall happen a total desolation to the clergy, and martial men shall usurp what shall come from the City of the Sun, and from Malta, ...

Their sea forces shall be weakened by the western men, and to that kingdom shall happen great desolation, and the great cities shall be depopulated, and those that shall come in shall be comprehended within the vengeance of the wrath of God. The Holy Sepulchre, held in great veneration for so long a time, shall remain a great while open to the universal aspect of the heavens, sun and moon. The sacred place shall be converted into a stable for cattle small and large, and put to profane uses. O what a calamitous time shall be then for women with child! For then the principal Eastern Ruler, being for the most part moved by the Northern and Western men, shall be vanquished and put to death, beaten, and all the rest put to flight, and the children he had by many women put in prison. Then shall be fulfilled the prophecy of the Royal Prophet ... "


Three religious sects, Protestant, Catholic, and Muslim shall dominate the world at the time being prophesied here. The most part of Europe shall become Protestant.  The northern part of Africa is dominated by Islamics. And Catholic Church by the lack of Faith of Catholics will be thrown into ruins. Due to the loss of Faith and by madness they shall lead an adulterous lifestyle laden with unmarried sex, homosexual sex, extramarital affair, contraception, abortion, etc.  The so-called Christians shall rise up to take the religious matter into their own hands as they become disobedient to the Holy Pontiff, the Pope, and to disregard the Church' Law and Tradition ( Keep in mind that Nostradamus wrote this when most Europe was still Catholic. Protestantism up to now has accomplished the task that Islamic religion failed to do, which is to devastate the Catholic Faith and the Sacred Edifice or the Holy Mass. But due to the decline of the Church and desecration of the Holy Liturgy, evils in the world has reached its climax inviting the inevitable consequence, the Divine Chastisement. )

And to punish the rebellious children, God shall loosen Satan and his evil cohorts, Gog and Magog who shall be incarnated as the leaders from Eastern countries such as China and Iran. These shall destroy all things including  churches to the point of complete devastation that neither Red Russia or White NATO who are blind and lame can comprehend or foresee. And their destructive and seductive power shall be nullified by the Eastern armies.

The great wars and persecutions shall be so vast that at the end two-thirds of the world population shall perish. The whole earth shall be so deserted that no one really know the owners of houses and fields which are totally desolated and ruined. The clergy for their parts shall be persecuted or martyred by the men of wars for their heresies and their neglect in shepherding their sheep. Paris, the City of the Sun, shall be demolished. And Malta  shall become the island housing prisoners, jailing, torturing and incinerating them.

The Muslim forces will be defeated at the end and will retreat to Middle East which shall be destroyed by the Western conquerors. Whoever  witnesses the devastation of this region can only attribute it to the Wrath of God.

The Holy Sepulchre or Vatican shall be completely ruined by Muslims. The sacred place shall become deserted, inhabitated only with birds and cattle. Iranian leader  eventually shall be put to death for the crime against humanity and his associates and allies shall be put in prison.

Then the prophecy of the Royal Prophet or the Psamist King David shall be fulfilled.

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