Prophecies of Our Century
1.My last words to be written, right before WW III 
2.Mortal calamities that I see:  
3.Chapter I  of my book on Nostradamus. 
4.Chapter VI of my book.  
5.Chapter X of my book.  
6.Prophecies on the Holy Pontiff. 
7.The Pope of the Third Secret. 
*Nostradamus on Weapon of Mass Destruction  
*Nostradamus on Terrorism 
*Nostradamus on New Mass, Vatican II  
*Nostradamus on China  
*Nostradamus on End of WWIII 
*Nostradamus Curse 
*Nostradamus on Destruction of Rome 
*Nostradamus on Asteroid 
*Catholic Prophecies-Part I 
8.Prophecy of Zachariah. 
9.Prophecy of Daniel 
10.Book of Revelation  
11.Vision 2004-Gottfried von Werdenberg 
12.Three-Days of Darkness 
13.Ida Peerleman of Amsterdam, 1945 
14.Sybille of Prague & St. Bernadette's  
15.WWIII according to various prophecies 
16.The Breton stigmatist, Marie Julie  
17.Chronology of the Whole Human History  
18.The Prophetic Overview  
19.The Last Warning  
20.Marian Apparition at Fatima  
21.Marian Apparition at La Salette  
22. Lady of All Nations 
23. The Last Marian Dogma 
24.The Last Message to Father Gobbi 
25.The Prophetic Dreams of St. John Bosco 
26.Prophecies from Blessed Anne Emmerick 
27.More Catholic Prophecies 
28.The Lord on Coming Chastisements 
29.Sins Catholics no longer consider as sins 
30.Vision of Hell 
*Apocalypse of St. Peter 
31."Do This in remembrance of Me." 
32.Can the Divine Chastisements be averted? 
The Small Book which summarizes the prophecy on World War III: .htm or pdf file

     Soon World War III will take place. Russia, Iran-led Muslims, and China will form Eastern Alliance. Russia and Iran-led Muslims shall attack and occupy Europe. 

The Holy Father will flee from Rome and will be martyred in Southern France. The Church will suffer the formal Schism in which the underground shall be the true Church. 

Russia will occupy North and Central Europe while Iran will ravage the South. Weapons of mass destruction will be used to inflict death and damage on millions in Europe, on French, Italian cities, England, and Central Europe. Rome and Paris shall be destroyed. England will be innundated under sea. Russia navy shall form a complete blockade of England causing a great stavartion. US and China shall fight many mortal battles. China will become a terror in Asia, will conquer most Russian territories. Many civil wars or civil unrests. Everyone seems to fight everyone else as Charity no longer reigns as men have become human beasts. World War III will last about 20 years or more ( its duration depends on us.) 

Close to the end of wars, a gigantic asteroid will collide with Earth by 2026AD causing great flood, and the most extraordinary event equivalent the Deluge will happen, which is Three Days of Darkness. In those three days, the earth will be covered with complete darkness, all man-made structures will collapse, all evil elements of the earth will be purged. Only individual homes blessed by God will be preserved. At the end, two out of three persons or more on earth shall perish. 

These calamities are the Divine Chastisement due to our sins, most notably loss of Faith, abortion, homosexual acts, divorce, adultery, and other sexual promiscuities. World War can take place any time, just a matter of years or months (2006? ). 

To shorten it: stop sinning against God, pray Rosary, 
and express our repentance or being sorry to God. 

 The above-mentioned summary is all I like to leave with you. If it came from my own foolishness, it would never happened. If the prophecies comes from the Divine inspiration, it will be fulfilled. And if it is fulfilled, REPENT before it is too late. YOU MIGHT LOSE YOUR LIFE, BUT NOT YOUR ETERNAL SOUL. 

Remember that these predictions have been made and published here for the most parts since April 1997, long before September 11th.  

Please spread the message of repentance as time is running short by creating a link for my page on your web site. You can copy my entire web pages on your pages or create a mirror page for my writings. Help me to spread the call for repentance like wild fire, hopefully together we can shorten the Divine chastisement. THANK YOU !!!!
(1)USA is devastated or weakened; (2)Iran acquires nuclear weapons; (3) China becomes military power; (4) Civil unrests in France amd Italy.
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Italian towns ravaged: Ravenne, Bresse, Turin, Verceilli.
Muslims (Lybia) captures Malta and other islands.
Southern France ruined: Tours, Orleans, Blois, Angiers, Reims, Nantes.
French fleet completely destroyed in Mediterranean Sea ( MedSea.)
France endures 30 years of war.
Armaggedon, the final battle with no apparent victor.
2025 AD, China conquers Russia.
France and Italy suffer most.
Feast of the eagle (US),the  invasion on Italy begins.
Christians incinerated alive.
Famine and starvation.
2026AD, large asteroid causes floods, sink many countries.
Muslims capture Gibraltar, Pisa, Avignon, Turin.
One million French killed or captured in Southern France.
Ruined are Bazaz, Lestore, Condom, Auch, Agen, Carcasone, Bordeaux, Toulose, Bayonne.
Ransack in Rome And Tuscan.
Spain attacks France.
NATO in disarray.
Eastern Alliance: Russia, Muslims (Iran), China.
French children in Southern France suffer much.
Muslims destroy all Med Sea coastlands.
Eastern submarines attack Italian coasts.
European prisoners starved to death on barren islands.
Korean war take place in 2006AD.
Devastations in Loire, Saone, Rhone region, Garrone.
Tessin, Ticino destroyed.
Weapon of mass destruction (WOMD)  in South France.
WOMD fired from Dalmatia.
Central Europe suffer.
Flood in Italy, Genoa.
Half English island will submerge under ocean.
Venice destroyed, their women raped.
Most part of mankind will perish ( two-thirds.)
Mass extermination by Muslims.
French navy is surrounded, sunk to sea bottom.
Geneva suffers starvation.
Russia attacks London.
French troop suffer great loss in Italy.
War foretold for Geneva.
Drought in Balkan and Italy.
WOMD (weapon of mass destruction) over the Mediterranean Sea (Med Sea).
Full-scale terrorist attacks on US soil.
Crazy mob burn down Vatican.
250,000 French will die in Southern France.
Israel and Palestine will fight.
Iran occupies South France.
China become terror in Asia.
Droughts, man-made earthquakes  around Med Sea.
Floods from Hebrus, Po, Tagus, Rhone rivers.
WOMD in South France.
WOMD on Italian soil.
Russia attacks Germany.
US take Milan with heavy casualties.
Paris destroyed, French capital moved.
France suffer great losses in Rome.
Military defeats for US.
Majority of Muslim populations will die at the end.
Spain becomes Iranian allies.
Great Britain suffers floods.
Naval blockage around England, causes starvation.
Marseilled attacked.
St. Quitin, northern France, overrun by Russia.
True believers burnt alive.
US-China conflicts in the 21st century.
Torture, sex slaves taken by Muslims in Italy.
Nuclear explosion in Geneva.
Russia over the Alps to France.
Italian wells poisoned with germs and chemical, new staph disease.
Rhine citizens incinerated in Malta.
Italian concentration camps contaminated with WOMD.
Mass exodus, widespread starvation in South France.
China dams destroyed, flooding.
Chemical weapons used, biological warfare, drought in Italy.
Iran drives deep into France and Western Europe.
Russia & Iran plan to conquer the world. Russia & Iran carve Europe into two halves.
Incineration, mass graves in Pharos and Rhodes islands.
Parma taken.
Iran controls Med Sea.
Muslim conquer Spain and Italy.
US will not help Europe at first. Russia occupy Hungary and Czech.
Central Europe, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria will be leveled. Major battles there.
Muslims betray, destroy Greece.
Russian navy attack North Europe, nuclear bombs inducing earthquakes and floods.
Russia and China suffer mutual destruction at the end of WW III.
Muslim occupiers force Islam conversion, transport prisoners overseas, install antipope.
Italy covered with blood.
No winning side, war dragged on.
Only few Russian and Muslim soldiers come home at the end.
Paris, London, Rome are the modern Tyre, completely destroyed, uninhabitable.
Artificial weather, nuclear explosions over Med Sea, sinking many ships.
Russia, Iran navies set sail form Black Sea to Italy.
Muslim/Russia in the West; China/Korea in the East.
Iran-Muslims defeated around 2025AD.
Savonna, Albenga slaughtered.
Pavia, Milan, Geno taken by Muslims easily.
Same fate for Ticino, Loire, Garonne, Saone, Seine, Tain, Gironde.
China, Russia, Iran, Muslims, Europe all chase death, one-thirds left.
Brutal and merciless Russians and Muslims occupy Geneva, Britain, Genoa.
Slaughter of clergy.
Russia occupy and brutal in Belgium.
South & East France stained with blood.
Entire Italy will be ravaged.
Missile with WOMD in Nicene.
Muslims loot Vatican treasures.
Russia Iran created September 11th to trap US.
Chemical biological attacks in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Mass grave in Jerusalem.
WW III , more than 20 years. (2006 -2026?)
Spain invades France.
Cardinals slaughtered, Rome, Rimini, Prato, Colonna being attacked and suffer.
The False Crusade. US help comes too late.
Major battles in Rochelle, France.
Muslims overrun Avignon.
Nuclear explosion in Geneva.
WW III is the expiation for sins.
WOMD dropped on Muslim homelands.
Narbonne, Bayonne, Foix devastated.
Christians, Jews put to death.
European children transported overseas, mass extermination.
Eastern Alliance: Russia, Iran, Muslims, Spain, Greece, Central/Eastern European countries.
Manhattan sink to ocean due to terrorist attack.
Clergy and civilians sent to concentration camps.
Hungary and Central Europe forced to convert to Islam or die.
WOMD on Hungary and Central Europe.
Being attacked: Rome, Venice, Milan, Lucca, Florence.
If you use Internet Explorer Browser to view Page#22 and #23 (Lady of All Nations ) and copy and paste the images of Our Lady onto MS Word document, you will see the change on the facial expression from gentleness (original) to sterness or seriousness (present.) Also watch the face on the image change as soon as the download is completed. Time is close!!!
Prophecies on Popes
The Pope of The Third Secret of Fatima
I have finished my book on Nostradamus prophecies. Here are three chapters out of the total of ten:
The entire Chapter I of Nostradamus prophecies
 The entire Chapter VI of Nostradamus prophecies
The entire Chapter X of Nostradamus prophecies
Please check back when WW III is about to begin as I will post the informations helping you to be steadfast in your faith and for your physical survival. Please download and save my pages on the ancient prophecies as the day will soon come that you will not be able to access this web site due to the heavy traffic.
Mirror sites are:

( I believe God gives us the prophecies concerning our future for ONE purpose only: To bring about the Fear of the Lord, the awareness of our sins and their consequences in order for us to amend our lives as God does not want to punish us unless it is the last resort to save our souls. )

We are living in the end times, we are witness the decisive spiritual battle.

The mistrust or miscalculation between Western and communist countries will lead to WW III.

US’s sole superpower of the world will be short-lived, so is the world peace. When American influence declines, WW III will take place.

Combats between Muslim and French troops on French soil will be a long enduring one.

Paris shall be destroyed, uninhabitable.

Muslims shall attack France, Italy, and Spain.

Weapons of mass destruction shall be fired on France, Geneva, and Italy.

Lybia shall capture Malta and surrounding islands.

Rome shall be destroyed, many clergy will be murdered, for their heresies and apostasy.

Muslims and Russians shall attack Europe with swiftness.

WW III shall occur some time at the end of the 20th century.

France shall pay very heavy price in blood for supporting Muslim countries.

French navy originated from Marseilles shall be completely destroyed in Mediterranean Sea.
Spain shall surrender to Muslims quickly, shall attack France.

WW III shall occur when France and Italy lose their Catholic Faith, become paganistic.

Southern France shall be annihilated. Italy shall be immersed in fire and blood with no leadership, shall become major battle ground between East and West.

Two world leaders shall be gunned down before WW III, one during the day, one at night.

After Muslims attack NewYork towers, China and US shall involve in deadly conflict.

The great battle Armageddon shall take place with no apparent victor at the end deciding the outcome of WW III. Many will lose their lives.

Radical Muslims shall take over Turkey and Egypt. Arab Pact shall cause great instability in Wall Street and world economy.

For three straight nights, the sky of  Southern France will be illuminated with unknown light or fire prior to WW III.

WW III will take place in earnest after the Pope  is martyred.

Muslim force shall dominate the war for twenty years ( 2006-2026 AD ?)

Russia shall occupy Belgium, attack Germany and Austria, occupy Central Europe.

Russia shall use nuclear weapons in North Sea, Mediterranean Sea.

China shall fight Russians on European soil.

China shall occupies Central Asia on the way to Europe, shall occupy most Russian territory around 2025AD.

When the world is lost in sexual pleasures, WW III shall take place.

This war shall be bloody, brutal with no respect to human lives with numerous atrocities committed.
Westerners have no will to fight, peace accord shall never be achieved. They shall swim in their own blood.

When we witness the modern medical technologies, WW III shall take place. Muslim shall invade Italy on US’s holiday.

Pope shall flee from Rome and be marytyred.

Christians and Jews shall be mass-murdered and incinerated in Malta and surrounding islands.

WW III shall take place after long period of peace after the first two world wars.

Enormous casualties on civilians probably due to the fact that weapon of mass destruction is fired into French and Italian cities.

France shall be attacked from five fronts: Russia from North & Eastern Europe; Muslims from the south, from Spain, and from the sea.

NATO shall become FATO with French general in charge.

Putin will be instrumental in creating WW III, or the conflict between Muslim and Christian countries.

US Supreme Court become the institution from hell.

Many civil unrests and chaos, floods, droughts before WW III.

Austria and many parts of Europe shall suffer wildfires before WW III. Unknown light shall be seen many nights.

Muslims and Russians shall ransack all Italian properties, kill many civilians including clergy in Rome.

When the eclipse between moon and sun makes rusty-red moon, WW III shall take place and last a long time.

WW III will put an end to modern feminism which is the cause  for moral decay and loss of faith, therefore, the cause for WW III.

Spain shall attack southern France which suffer greatly with flood.

Iran shall attack Greece and many islands.

WW III is the consequence of a spiritual battle, a manifestation of the divine Justice.

Iraq casualties amount to one-thirds of one million, dead or captured.

French children in Southern France shall suffer greatly.

When US and Russia become friends, terror from the Eat (Muslims, China) shall come.

US domination shall be short-lived, weakened militarily, not occupying Middle East for long, shall not rush to assist Europe, probably due to the current friction between US and Western Europe and due to the fact that European countries bring these sufferings upon themselves.

US forces shall be divided into two due to the Russian threat to Britain and Northern Europe, lose an opportunity to save Italy in the south.

London and half England shall sink under sea level.

North Korea shall attack in 2006?

Italian government prepares to draft a proposal for an international dispute, then Russian and Iran navies shall set sail from Black Sea for Italian coast, beginning an invasion upon Italy.

Many more ….


 WorldNetDaily: Israel plans strike on Iran nuclear plant

 Prophecy Central: World War III

( posted in April of 1997)

Chapter I:   The Great Babylon which adores the Harlot.
Chapter II:  The Divine Chastisements, the Beast hates the Harlot.
Chapter III:The Abandoned Vineyard and the Great Apostasy.
Chapter IV: The Labor of the Sun: Pope John Paul the Second.
Chapter V:  Charlemagne of our modern time: King Henry of France &
                     The Golden Period of Peace.
Chapter VI: The False Crusade, the Reign of the anti-Christ &
                      the End of the World.


***The other day I prayed to the Lord in His very Presence in the Eucharistic Adoration. I wanted to offer Him my heart but I wondered how my small heart could fill the Infinite Heart of my God. And He said, " You have given Me much consolation for many ungrateful and indifferent sinners."

***I always wonder when Putin would make a move to consolidate his grip on Russian people to become a Hitler of Russia and yesterday he just did, he asked the people to change the political landscape to deal with terrorism. The new political system will give Putin an absolute power, just as Hitler once had. You can see the ancient prophecies are fulfiled quickly.

***In 1997 I was given about an understanding about 10% of Nostradamus prophecies, in 2002 about 25%, and now about 80-90%. I am now writing the final book on the prophecies of Nostradamus. Many prophetic detailes are revealed to me which I could not see before. I do not know what the future holds but my stirring spirit dictates me to write once more.

***( I just received an email from one of my readers who wondered if I contradicted myself  while considering Kerry as an ungodly man while insisting on the use of weapon of mass destruction (WOMD) in the coming world war as he thought WOMD would ungodly as well. He meant how God could let it happen.

And here is my answer: )

We create our own punishment, we are the one who make WOMD and God will let us using them on ourselves. Just as we punish or discipline our own children to bring them back in line, to be better persons later, God will punish us for our wrong-doings. He rather sees us suffering physically than suffer in eternal damnation. He has said that to lose one's life to gain the eternal life and we should take His words literally in this case.

Just read the Bible, how many times did God use the former Muslims meaning the Egyptians, the Chaldeans, the Persians, the Merdes to punish the sinful Israelites, His beloved chosen ones. God will do the same to us, the much more sinful world.

Get ready my friend. Remember the FRAMED summary I put at the top of my homepage. The prophecies are being fulfilled right in your eyes. Be watchful and pray.


Thank you and may God bless you,

My Commentary Page created on 02/25/03

Prophecies of Our Century

This work on Nostradamus 's prophecies is served as a call to repentance as one shall see that the coming global events are occurring according to the Divine Design, not by chance or world politics. It is also served to honor Nostradamus as one of the greatest prophets given particularly for our century alone.

Five hundred years ago, Nostradamus prophesied that World War III would occur on July 4th of 1999, the feast of the "eagle" or USA, with Russia and Iran launching nuclear and chemical assaults upon Western and Southern Europe. And China shall attack Russia and Asia around 2025 AD. American troops shall pay a heavy bloody price. This World War shall last about thirty years and one-thirds to two-thirds of mankind shall perish.

This work on Nostradamus which touches about three hundred quatrains is being organized into six chapters. Each chapter is consisted of many related quatrains of which each is described using Nostradamus 's original French text, an English translation, notes, and my own further interpretation. Based on my notes, an average English-speaking reader should be able to translate Nostradamus 's prophecies himself.

" Quo de futuris non est determinata omnino veritas." ( For the future, none can be determined with an absolute truth ). Only time will tell whether my works are consisted of my own understandings or they are truly the knowledge given to me from above.

May God bless you in your understanding Nostradamus prophetic work and in preparation for the difficulties ahead.


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Catholic Prophecy of Daniel

 Twenty five hundred years ago, the Prophet Daniel already prophesied that Eastern kings    (Russian and Muslims) would attack Western kings (NATO, Europe) in 1998 AD.   The prophet said that the Divine Chastisement would come after the Church had been rebuilt for 62 weeks or 434 years (62  x 7 = 434 ). The rebuilding of the Church has begun after the Council of Trent (1564 AD) and will end in 1564 + 434 = 1998 AD. The period of 56 years of peace will follow the Great Chastisement or World War III. His prophecies also describes the Antichrist in great details and extends to the End of the world.

The Apocalypse or The Book of Revelation

The interpretation found here will reveal the mysteries of the number 666, the Divine Chastisements, World War III, the Harlot, the Great Babylon, the Antichrist, and much more. The number 666 symbolizes the great evils: 666 x 1=666, the Islamic emergence and subsequent Christian persecution; 666 x 2 = 1332 AD, the Black Plague and corrupted Medieval Period; 666 x 3 = 1998 AD, the evil 20th Century and World Wars.

Chronology of the Whole Human History

A prophetic summary on the whole human chronology based on various sources of ancient prophecies, Marian apparitions, and my own understandings.
Nobody seems to care about what I wrote. World peace will not be realized through diplomatic efforts, but only through repentance of nations. When you see the Russian nuclear missile being dropped on Europe, it is TOO LATE!!!
 Third Secret of Fatima
A version of the much debated Third Secret of Fatima circulated on the Internet is copied and explained here. Its authenticity was seemingly confirmed based on the fragmented quotations within the authoritative hierarchy of the Catholic Church including Pope John Paul II himself, and also based on its prophetic accuracy and confirmation toward Nostradamus 's prophecies.

The Secret of Marian Apparition at La Salette

These apparition messages from our Blessed Mother touched many subjects including the duration of 35 years of World War III, the present Loss of Faith, the Martyrdom of Pope John Paul II, the Antichrist, Three Days of Darkness, and many more. I was astounded to find this additional confirmation to Nostradamus.

The Complete Account of Marian Apparition at La Sallete

The complete report by Melanie, the seer and shepherdess at La Sallete, to whom Blessed Virgin appeared in 1846 and to whom the  prophetic Secret on the coming events was given.

Apparition to Ida of Amsterdam

Another confirmation to Nostradamus. England, France, and Italy shall be devastated. The invaders shall come from the East . Rome shall be overrun. Floods and then nuclear, chemical, and germ warfare shall destroy Europe. Peace shall come only after many wars and bloodshed ...

The Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate

The last Marian Dogma to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary and her role in the redemption of mankind and also to bring peace to the whole world. The more detailed presentation of the apparition given to Ida Peerleman of Amsterdam revealing the coming world war, natural calamities, the martyrdom of Pope John Paul II, etc.  A detailed confirmation of Nostradamus  prophecies.

The Last Marian Dogma

The theological presentation on the Last Marian Dogma based on the Teaching from the Blessed Virgin Herself.
The Last Message from Blessed Mother to Father Gobbi
Marian Movement of Priests
One by one, Marian apparitions came to an end. Here Our Mother said farewell to her beloved son and to us her other children. Does anyone heed her calling or it is treated like an echo in a cemetery, a cemetery full of dead souls.
 Mary; The Lady of All Nations.
The complete account of Marian Apparitions, the Lady of All Nations, to Ida Peerleman of  Amsterdam, based on which my above-mentioned web pages were written.

The Prophetic Dreams of St. John Bosco

The Triumph of The Immaculate Heart  and  The Church in Exile

The Prophecies from Sr. Anne Emmerick (Emmerich)

Pope John Paul II shall leave Rome in the eve of the invasion of Rome. Another source on the prophecies about the Church in Exile.

More Catholic Prophecies

Catholic prophecies about the pope's martyrdom, World War III, Period of Peace, the role of Blessed Virgin Mary, King Henry, the comet, the Antichrist, etc.

Consecration to the Immaculate Heart

 Would you like to join OurLady Rosary Prayer Group on the Internet of which each member will offer his or her Rosary every Wednesday to the intention of Our Blessed Mother and the  intentions of each member of the group. We will all benefit from each other's prayers without any extra effort and we all will be protected from the devil's daily assaults, under the maternal protection by the Mother of God.

Lord Jesus Christ on the Coming Chastisements

While revealing His Love and Agony toward this present world, Jesus Christ also talked briefly about the Coming World War which will be initiated from Middle East.

Divine Message for Priests

Messages from God to His Little Souls
Read these Divine messages to know Him and to love Him. Nothing else really matters.

 Carcinogenicity of Birth Control Pill, RU-486, Morning-After Pill, Estrogen

The natural level of estrogen in human body is about 20 parts per trillion (ppt); 2000 ppts to cause cancer in clinical rats; 800 ppts to increase 50% the risk of developing cancer in Western women; 600 ppts in US beef grown with hormones which was banned in Europe in 1989; up to 300,000 ppts in daily intake of birth control pill; and about 30,000,000 ppts in one dose of RU-486. Do you get the picture?
American Medical Association confirmed Carcinogenicity of Synthetic Hormones
Synthetic hormones, estrogen and progesterone,  present in every birth control pill, were finally confirmed by American Medical Association to be the cause of increased risk of developing breast cancer, according to their 1/25/00 report on JAMA.
Medical Study on Side-Effects of Birth Control Pill

Pope John Paul II on Marital Conjugal Love and Contraception

Contrary to the common misunderstanding, family- planning is permissible in the Catholic Church, but only through the natural means, called "Natural Family Planning", and only after a prudent discernment, and not motivated by selfish materialistic reasons.

Abortion Counseling, Procedures, Fetal Development, Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Is abortion freedom or slavery, a sacred right or most inhuman murder? Confront yourself with facts and pictures and form your own conscience.

Links on Marian Apparitions and Catholic Faith

Comprehensive links to more information's on Marian apparitions, Bible search engine, the Bible itself, Catholic catechism, pontifical encyclical letters, the complete site on the Papacy, ancient writings of early Fathers of the Church and much more.

 Vision  of  Hell

Nobody mentions Hell any more. Every body goes straight to Heaven these days. Did you ever get burned accidentally. Well, in hell, souls physically get burned all over for eternity!!! By the Grace of God and prayers of many, I myself witnessed my own hell once. Please read this page to avoid falling into the bottomless pit.
 A True Testimony From Hell
A chilling, terrifying account about hell from a condemned soul herself reveals the nature of hell, of the damned and their sufferings. Catholics will be judged most harshly as they are the most blessed. Read this as you do not know when you have to face the Eternal Judge.
What the fuss over the Eucharist is all about
What the Holy Eucharist means to an evangelical.
 Illustrated Catechism by Rev. D. Chisholm
Easy but fascinating readings for both youngsters and adults. This book is so essential for your family's spiritual life as the catechism of the Catholic Church is now seldomly mentioned or explained to the faithfuls.

The Summary of The Catholic Catechism

The summary of the teaching of the Church is copied here to guide the new Catholics, falling-away Catholics, and Catholic youngsters. I myself found it very helpful. Teach your children the Faith and they shall walk in the way pleasing to the Lord.
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Can a non-Christian be saved?
During a short period of dialogue with my viewers via email, many of you asked me if a non-Christian or a person of no religion could be saved or entered Heaven with God. I  find this question  quite significant and deserved an answer as for this very reason (reaching the secular world) that my web pages were created.
Is there hope? Can the Divine Chastisements be averted?
  God's Chastisements seems imminent and near at the door. Can they be averted or lessened? Can we, the Nineveh of this modern age, which has lost the sense of goodness and love, has abandoned and rebelled against its Creator, be able to repent and ask God for forgiveness? Is there any hope? Let us now recall the story of the Old Nineveh...
 Catholic Apologetics on the Internet
The Teaching of Catholic Church on various issues such as contraception, the Holy Mass, papacy, abortion, unmarried sex, Protestantism, and so on.
  Conversion Stories
Sins many Catholics no longer consider as sins

Are you a true Catholic? Read my testimony as a soldier of Christ

Myself and How I started this work
Our Lady's Hand on My Prophetic Work
"Do This in remembrance of Me."

1973 - 1998

35,000,000 DEATHS

Now you see why the Divine Chastisements are near.

There is no medical justification for killing the late-term unborn
       to save the life of his mother using the  Partial Birth Abortion  while
a simpler, safer, and quicker cesarean surgery could be used to preserve
both the mother and the child. The unborn is a human being as much as
           premature newborn if the viability outside the mother womb is the defining          criterion.
 This page is not created for the merely curious as I am about to tell you something unpleasant.

If you are neutral on the abortion issue, you are just as guilty as the abortionists as to do nothing you yourself condemn the innocent to death. If you vote for pro-abortion candidate, your hands are already stained with the blood of the unborn. Some day all of us will have to face the Eternal Judge, He will ask us angrily: " Where were you when they killed the least of my brothers? ". You might ask me what you can do. You can pray for the unborn. You can attend prolife rally. You can vote for the prolife candidate, can contact your national and state senators and representatives via email ( see my page on Abortion ), can write newspaper article, create web pages, support the national and local Right-to-Life or other prolife organizations. You can educate your children and speak out to defend the unborn. Do nothing, you not only condemn the innocent unborn but also yourself.

Do not be a modern Pontius Pilate, who fears of offending Ceasar, washes his hands and let the innocent unborn being condemned to death.  Is a soul worthed more than all the combined wordly riches to your Redeemer Whom you claim to love so much? He would die for even one of the lost souls. This is not a political issue. It is a spiritual and moral issue, one  violates the Catholic Church's Teaching and is detrimental to eternal life  of a soul. Go on speaking about the physically poor and sick while neglecting the spiritually poor and sick. Go on speaking about social justice, love, and forgiveness while Satan is having a field day in harvesting souls.

Urge your spiritual leaders, pastors, bishops and priests to speak up against abortion, excommunicate all pro-abortion political officials and parishioners. Pro-abortion Catholics should be reminded that they should not receive the Lord in the Holy Eucharist unless they want to receive the eternal damnation for receiving the Lord unworthily. Catholic senators or members of Congress who are voting for killing the unborn should be excommunicated from the Church immediately.
Ecco Homo - Deny the truth no longer
Aborted by suction  at 10 weeks
Abortion by salt poisoning at 19 wks
Abortion by prostaglandin (RU-486) at 16 wks
Abortion Photo:Results from one-day clinical abortion practice
  Dead Baby Parts Business Booming
Livers up to eight weeks old: $150(discounted 30% if fragmented)
Brain up to eight weeks old: $999 ( similarly discounted if fragmented);
Gonads: $550  Spinal cord: $325
(Lucrative business, isn't it? No wonder Planned Parenthood want to hang on to partial birth abortion by which second to trimester unborn babies can be slaughtered for their body parts as the more developed, the more expensive the body parts will be to the "researchers" and "doctors". Shame on them, the murderers!! And also shame on those who are associated with Democratic Party which supports the murderous procedure in Congress and to which Planned Parenthood donates money to. Shame on all Catholics who consider themselves Democrats as their hands are also stained with the innocent blood.)
  A new abortion procedure reported to be performed in Chicago in which the fully-formed babies were prematurely born by inductive labor, then left unattended, grasped for air, and died. Is it a right or outright infancide?
Black Market Sale of Human Body Parts from Aborted Babies
Partial Birth Abortion
                                1.Baby is positioned for                  2.Baby is delivered feet first
                                 delivery into birth canal.                  leaving head in womb.
                             3.Incision is made into base           4.Baby's brain is suctioned out,
                                of skull for suction tube.               leaving baby dead.

Partial Birth Abortion is the abortion procedure in which a four-month or older unborn was delivered vaginally feet first, up to his neck, and the abortionist then sucks his brain out to collapse his skull for an easy removal of the tiny body. It is a safe but long abortion procedure, convenient for all parties but deadly to the unborn baby and the souls of all involved.

On September 18 of 1998, The US Senate failed again to overturn the veto of our immoral President who refused to sign the bill which would ban of this barbarous and evil murdering method. Followed are the names of his accomplices in US Senate by whose votes the partial birth abortion is allowed to continue in killing fully-formed, 21-week or older, unborn babies:

Names of the US Senators who approve Partial Birth Abortion
The Victims of Hell
Comprehesive Reference Source on Abortion
 An appeal to prolifers for the unborn
 Crisis Pregnancy & Assistance
  A Page for Working Mothers
Sex Education
The informations about sex-ed programs that our federal government subsidies and promotes, published by Cincinnati Enquirer Newspaper. Below is the small excerpt:
 Here are excerpts from CDC sex education (labeled “Programs that Work”) that the Ohio Department of Education   wants to use in middle schools and high schools:  • “How to Make Condoms Fun and Pleasurable”  “Activity C: Once you and your partner agree to use condoms, do something positive and fun. Go to the store
                  together. Buy lots of different brands and colors. Plan a   special day when you can experiment. Just talking about how  you'll use all of those condoms can be a turn-on.” (From “Reducing the Risk: Building Skills to Prevent Pregnancy, STD& HIV,” ETR Associates, 1996.)
  Stop the stealth attack on parents and schools
 Experimenting with children
Stop the POISONING of your children's mind and soul in many schools with sex education or "diversity" program in which enticing details of lovemaking and homosexual lifestyle are encouraged even to kindergartens!
"Ninety-eight percent of parents out there have no idea what's going on in their schools," a Florida mother Jodi Hoffman says. "We know we've got a problem when they prosecute if you talk about God anywhere near a school, but it's OK to teach students that anal sex is an acceptable method of birth control."
Mr. Clinton "distorts the concepts of 'tolerance' and 'diversity' ... when he seeks to equate sexual conduct with benign characteristics like race, handicap or gender," says Family Research Council President Gary Bauer ( from ).
A SHORT NOTE: Nostradamus means Our Lady in Latin. Nostradamus obviously consecrated his life, work, and even his  family name to the Mother of God. Click on the words CHAPTER in the Table of Content to review this book.
The prophetic works of Nostradamus has never been approved by the Church. My writings that you are reading here only reflect my own opinions or observations. I do not claim any private revelations of divine origin nor I claim that they completely reflect the teaching of the Church. Therefore, please read them with a great discernment. You can copy any of my pages or images in any form for non-commercial purposes. Please do not try to contact me as I do not have time to reply your email. But I will appreciate if you pray for me.
Where my Lord is laid, where my heart is.
Adore the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.
Visit Him Who is waiting for you in the tabernacle of every church.
Love Him and implore His Mercy and Forgiveness.
(Yesterday my wife told me that one of our friends would not receive from "the Cup" anytime she was pregnant because It was alcoholic. Our five-year-old son who overheard our conversation said:" God's Blood will never make anybody sick." We should all have a faith of a child!)
What should you do now as the Divine Chastisement draws near?
 The Wanderer Newspaper - The Defenders of the Church
 The Veil of Veronica, True Image of Christ?
 The Incorrupt Bodies of Saints
  Download Virtual Rosary
 Coming Home: Network of Former Protestant Pastors Who return to the Church
Opus Dei - Finding God in Work and Ordinary Life
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