IV.34   King Henry of France shall be victorious.

Mene (menr): to guide, lead; terre: land; or: gold; enchaine: chained; Chyren: the anagram of Henryc, the Great King of France; offert: offered; Ausonne: ancient Bordeaux; Milan: Italian city; perdra (perir): to be be ruined, lost; guerre: war; ost: army, camp; feu: fire; fer: iron, sword.

COMMENT: The leader of the Eastern Alliance, probably an Iranian shall be captured. King Henry of France shall become the Victor and he shall come from Bordeaux.

III.37  Henri shall pray at Mass before the assault or decisive battle.
            Americans shall capture Milan.

Avant: before; oraison: speech, prayer; pris:taken; Aigle: eagle or USA; embusche: ambusg; deceu: deceived; muraille: wall, partition; enfoncee (enfoncer): to push down, thrust; peu: few, little; receu: received.

I.24   French King Henry gives Thanksgiving to God.

Nevue (neuf , neuve): new; pentif: pensive, thoughtful; condamner: to condemn; Loisel de Proie: the anagram of Roi de soleil , King Henry of France; offrir: to offer; Cremona: commune N. Italy in Lombardy, on River Po; Mantua: commune N.Italy in Lombardy WSW of Venice; maux: (plural of mal) evil, wrong, bad; ouffert (offert): presented.

COMMENT: The term "Cite Nevue" was mentioned once more in a quatrain which described the great earthquake in Sans Franscico of California. Thus this city might be buried due to earthquake and lava after the World War.

V.6   Henri, the Emperor of the world.

Augure: augur, prophet, clergyman, here the pope; main: hand; mettre: to place, prier: to pray; paix: peace; gauche: left; pacifique: peace time.

COMMENT: The pope shall annoint King Henry of France as the Roman Emperor of the Christian world, a title similar to the one of Charlesmagne of old.

VI.70  King Henry of France, the Victor of the world, the modern Roman Emperor.

Chyren: anagram of Henry; outre: scandalized, indignant; plus: more, most; ayme (aimer): to love; craint: fear; redoute: redoubt; bruit: noise, thunder; los: reverse of sol or soleil, bightness; cieux: heavens; seul: sole, single, titre: title; content: content, pleased.

COMMENT: King Henry of France shall become the world leader after defeating Muslim and Russian invaders. He shall receive the unique Title of Victor from the holy Pontiff.

II.69   The Roman Emperor of the world.

Roy Gaulois: King of France; Celtique: English or American; dextre: right hand; sur: upon; fleurir: to flourish; cappe (cape): the pope.

COMMENT: King Henri of France shall be the leader of the world including Europe after the World War. He shall have strong support from USA. And in turn he himself shall be the temporal counterpart who are completely obedient to the Holy Father.

IV.77  Henry of France, the Christian Emperor of the world.

Selin: (Greek, la lune) moon, (fig.) Marian; unis:united; Chrestien: Christian; monde: world; mourant: dying; voudra (vouloir): to wish; coucher: to lay down; blesique: blessed, Terre blesique means Holy Land; chasser: to chase; onde: sea.

X.75   King Henry of France is the descendant of Empreror Charlemagne.

Tant: so much; attendu: expected, awaited; reviendra (revenir): to return; jamais: ever; ne....jamais: never; dedans: inside, within; apparoistra (apparaitre): to appear; ligue: line, rank; Hermes: Greek mythical deity, messenger of the gods, here Charlemagne the Great; sur: over; croistra (croistre): to grow, to increase.

COMMENT: The first line means that the Second Coming of the Lord is not yet happening. It is not yet the End of the world even how horrible the World War III will be. King Henry of France, the descendant of the ancient Emperor, shall defeat Muslim and Russian (Orient) and shall rule over all Europe and Muslim countries.

V.41   King Henry of France, the Roman Emperor of the modern world.

Nai (nais or naitre): born; sous: under, below; umbre (ombre): shadow, obscurity; journee: day, daytime; nocturne: nocturnal, nightly; bonte: goodness; souveraine (souveranete): sovereignty, dominion; renaitre: to be reborn, restore; urne: urn; renouvellant: renewed; airain: bronze, here bronze serpent or the unbeleived, hard-hearted.

COMMENT: King Henry the French leader shall defeat Eastern alliance, shall renew the Faith, restore the Church, Papacy, and world peace. He is the descendant of the ancient Charlemagne. He shall be the modern Catholic Emperor of the world.

V.61   The Victor over the Eastern forces coming from a humble background.

Estant (estimer): to value, appreciate; naissance: birth; subjuera (subjuer): to subjugate, master; haut: haughty; ceux; those; ceux de la balance: those who carry out the Divine Justice, here Muslims, Russians, and Chinese; feux: firing, flaming; jusques: till as far as; Cenis: Monte Cenisio, mountain on alps between France and Italy.

COMMENT: The French military commander, King Henry, was born in a humble background but he actually is the descendant of the Great Charlemagne. He shall defeat Eastern alliance who are served as the wrathful Army of God to punish the sinful Western Babylon.

III.100 Henry's humble origin.

Entre:among; dernier: last; homme: man; terrior (terrier): earth, territory; en moment: at the moment; coup: blow, knock; trait: dart, arrow,bolt; envieux: jealous.

COMMENT: King Henry of France who comes from a humble background shall conquer the Muslim territories.

IV.93  The Birth of King Henry.

Veu: seen; proche: near; lit: bed; chien: dog; abayeront (aboyer): to bark; lors: then, thenceforth; naistre: to be born; tant: so; venu: coming; verront (voir): shall see.

COMMENT: Great King Henry of France was sent and anointed by God to lead His people back to Christ and defeat the wrathful armies.

V.75   The limping Henry shall conquer Muslim territories.

Montera (monter): to mount, go up; haut: high; bien: good; dextre: right hand; assis: seated; pierre: rock; carree: square; vers: toward; midy (midi): noon, the south; pose: posing; fenestre: window; baston (baton): stick, staff; tortu: crooked; bouche: mouth; serree: tight, closed.

COMMENT: The French commander Henry is described here right before he is about to embark a major campaign to conquer the Middle East or Muslim territories. He is prophesied to be limping and has to walk with a cane.

II.80   Henri , the holy King, shall walk with a limp.

Leffe: crippled man; tramme (tramer): to lay; repos: rest; admet (admettre): to admit, accept; point: not at all, not any; propos: purpose, resolution; a propos: in good time, at the right time; remiser: to store away, shelf; on: one, people.

II.79   Henry liberates all captives under Marian banner.

Barbe:beard; crespe (crepele): fizzy (air); engin: device, weaponry; subjuguer: to subdue, overcome; aster (oter): to take away, liberate; longin; ( not known); Seline: (Greek) belonged to the moon, here Marian; baniere: banner.

COMMENT: Consecrated his life to our Lady, King Henry of France shall be assisted by her to liberate all occupied terriotries from the brutal Muslim occupying forces.

VI.42  The Ogmion consecrates himself to our Lady.

Ogmion: King of France; laisse (laisser): to entrust; Selin: here means Marian protection; qui plus: more than...; fait: action, feat; etendre: to spread out, extend; enseigne: mark, ensign; contrefait: here means adversaries or controversies.

COMMENT: The reign of the temporal Christian affairs shall be entrusted to the King of France. This quatrain might also describe Pope John Paul II who also consecrated his life and service to our Lady and who leads the Church despite much opposition. Nostradamus used the word Ogmion to indicate both the holy Pope and great King.

IV.20  King Henry is deserted.

Paix: peace; Dieu: God; louera (louer): to praise, bestow; desert: deserted; Fleur de Lis: Lily, symbol of French Monarch Henry; mort: death; apportera (apporter): to bring, supply; aperant: apparent; heur: good fortune; etre: being; ensevelir: to shroud, bury.

COMMENT: A long peace shall be given under Henri's leadership. He shall be controversial figure due to his steadfast obedience to the Holy See, conservative viewpoints and radical social reforms. He shall die in Marseilles.

VI.71   The dying moments of the beloved Henri.

Parenter (parente): kinship, affinity; avant: before; ame: soul, spirit; rendue: rendered; verrai (voir): to see, view; tost (tot): quickly, soon; apparenter: to arrange iinto a marriage, to have mcuh in common with; aigle: USA; lion: England; Crois: the cross, the church, couronne: crown, wreath; vendue: sold, corrupted.

III.86  King Henry's birth-place, death-place, elevation to Sainthood.

Ausonne: Bordeaux; ira (irai , aller): to go, travel; arrest (arret): to stop, rest; dedans: inside; avant: before; languir: to languish; verra (voir): to see; merveille: marvel, miracle.

COMMENT: The great leader of France was born in Bordeaux. He shall visit Spain and stay in Marseille where he shall breathe his last. He shall be venerated as a saint.


VI.2     World War I and World War III.

An: year; cens: one hundred; octante: eighty; plus et moins: plus or minus; on: one, people; attend (attendre): to wait for; siecle: century, age, period; etrange: strange; trois: three; cieus: heavens; tesmoins: testimonial; plusieur: many; regnes: kingdoms; un a cinq: one out of five.

COMMENT: Nostradamus, on several extraordinary occasions, had used the liturgical reference of 325AD, the year on which the Council of Nicea was convened. Thus the year of 1580 plus or minus is actually 1580 + 325 = 1905 plus or minus or 1914 AD, the year of World War I. And 1703 should become 1703 + 325 or 2028AD, the year on which World War III shall end. One out five countries on earth shall be demolished by this long war.

X.89    Fifty seven years of peace.

Brique: brick; marbre: marble; mur: wall; reduit: reduced, reconstructed; sept: seven; cinquante: fifty; an: year; pacifique: peaceful; renove (renover): renovated, restored; sant : health; melifique: mellifluous, rich with honey.

COMMENT: The period of peace shall last for fifty seven years.

X.99   Isaic Golden period of peace.

La fin: the end; loup: wolf; boeuf: ox; asne (ane): ass; dama: (latin) deer; mastin (matin): mastiff, large watchdog, (fig.) ugly brute; plus ne...: no more...; charra (cherra, cherir): to nurse, nourish; eux: them; douce: swwet,bland, soft; manne: manna ; vigilance: vigilance, wakefulness; custode: (latin = custos) guard, guardian, watch.

I.43   Upon the Heavenly pillar, the Commandments of the Lord shall be engraved.

Changement: change; adviendra (advenir): to occur; cas: case, event; merveilleux: marvellous, miraculous, supernatural; champ: field, open space; mue (mouvoir): to move, propel; pilier: pillar; Porphyre: porphyry, a rock consisting of felspar crystals embedded in a compact dark red or purple ground mass; mis: placed; translate: moved, rocher: rock, cliff; Noileux: anagram of loix-neu meaning new laws.

COMMENT: Before the period of peace or before World War III, the heavenly permanent Sign shall be given to mankind in the form of a sky-high pillar of beautiful stone on which the Commandments of the Lord are engraved. This Sign shall be with us till the End of the world according to the Marian apparitions in Garabandal of Spain.

VIII.97  New players in the world arena after the WW III.

Fin: the end; var: mispelled of the English word "war"; pempotans: (not known); pres: near; rivage: beach, coast; beaux: beautiful, naitre: to be born; competans: competent, here well- developed or once-prosperous (countries); pays: nation, land, region; charger: to burden, load, charge; croistre: to grow, increase.

COMMENT: Taxing shall be too burdensome to citizens. Ruins shall come to the developed countries. After the War, the world power or political arena shall change. Three countries near the coast shall emerge as powerful countries. These three might be France, Greece, and Egypt.

VIII.4  France shall become the world leader while US fades away.

Monech: Monaco; Coq: cock or france; receu: received; apparoistre (apparaitre): to appear; Logarion: anagram of Dragon; deceu (decevoir): to deceive; faiblesse: weakness; force: power.

COMMENT: The King of France shall bring peace to the world. French cardinal shall become the holy pope during the period of peace. He will rebuild the Church and abolish all heretics. US shall lose the world super-power status to France. The whole world shall look toward France for leadership.

V.80   King of France chases away Islamic league. Christianity shall win over Islam.

Ogmion: Nostadamus used this title for King Henry or Pope John Paul II; Barbarique Ligue: Muslim league; loix: law; laschera (lacher): to loosen, liberate; brigue: conspiracy.

COMMENT: King Henry shall defeat Muslims. Christian Faith shall be evangelized over Islamic faith. France and Muslim nations shall be constantly engaged in conflicts or confrontation.

V.53   The Holy Spirit is at work. The Orient shall join the Church.

Loi: law; Sol: the Sun, (fig.) the Lord Jesus; Venus: goddess of sex, the Harlot, (fig.) the sinful world, the Babylon; contendans: contend, dispute; esprit: spirit; apparopriant: appear; prophetie: prophecy; ne l'un ne l'autre: neither one or another; entendu: competent, understood; tiendra: shall hold, possess; Messie: Messiah.

COMMENT: Asian countries shall join the Church.

V.93   After the Marian Age, the Age of Mercy, the Chastisements shall come. Scotland and            England shall become Catholic.

Sous: under; terroir: territory; rond: round; lunaire: lunary, here Marian; lorsque: when; dominateur: ruler; Mercure: Mercury, (fig.) God's chastisements; Escosse: Scotland; luminaire: light; Anglois: England; mettra (mettre): to place, put; deconfiture: moral defeat, failure.

COMMENT: Scotland shall return to the Church first and then shall help England to join later.

VIII.96  Isrealites the chosen ones shall join the Church.

Sans: without; nul: non,nil; receu: received; entre: among; fille: daughter, girl; persuit: pursuited; misere: miserable; triest (triste): sad; lui: him, her; trenchera (trancher): to cut, sever; aisle (aile): wing.

COMMENT: During the period of peace, Jews shall convert to Christianity among others. Harlotry, the sin of flesh in the present world shall be curtailed or forbidden.

VIII.99  The Holy See shall move to another location.

Puissance: power; temporel: temporal; autre: another; Saint Siege: Holy See; ou: where; esprit: spirit; remis (remettre): to put back, remit, reconcile; receu (recevoir): to receive, admit; vrai: true siege: seat, papacy.

COMMENT: The papacy shall be moved to another city as Rome was completely ruined and shall be supported and obeyed by three temporal kings, probably USA, England, and mostly France. The Church shall be renewed, shall be the truly Eucharistic Church once again.

VI.8   Scientific and humanistic knowledges shall be discouraged, spiritual learning           encouraged.

Ceux: those; estoient (etoiler): to shine as stars; scavoir (savoir): knowledge, learning; deviendront (devenir): to become; appauvrir: to impoverish, exhaust; pris (priser): highly esteemed, praised; exilez: exiled, banished; appui: support; or: gold; n'avoir: have not.

COMMENT: The worldly knowledges such as humanistic, scientific learning, and the likes shall be disregarded and discouraged after the World War III by the new leaders of the Christian world which shall be led by the Christian King of France. Only moral and spiritual learning shall be encouraged.

IX.66   Changes during the period of peace.

Paix: peace; bas: low; haut: high; bien: very; dresser: to set up; voyage: here means missionary work or evangelization; premier: first; cesser: to cease; proces: civil lawsuit; debat: debate.

COMMENT: After the World War, many social changes shall take place with many offices which are now considered esteemed shall be debased or abolished ( scientific, social, judicial activities to name a few). Missionary works shall be numerous with many shall join the Catholic Church and Christian Faith for the first time (first fruit). However, there shall be much hardship (torment) during this period of peace. Disputes shall be settled peacefully through the court of law instead of war.

VIII.100  Great hardship and lack of resources after the War.

Respandue: widely distributed; haut: high; bas: low; trop: too, too much; foi: faith; jeu: sport, play; par jeu: for fun; vie: life; perdue: lost, ruined, wasted; soif: thirst; mourrir: to die; defaut: want, default, need.

COMMENT: After the World War III, heavy burdens of carrying large arm forces and the devastation of war shall present great deal of hardship compounded with the natural disasters such as drought and plagues. Social values and structure of society shall be turned upside down for the better with more emphasis on moral, spiritual education, simpler life styles and so on. Life shall be rougher but Faith shall be very strong.

IV.21   More about the period of peace.

Fort: very strong; gain: gain ,success; coeur: heart; chasse (chaser): to chase away; lui: him, to him; habile: clever, cunning.

III.97  The Middle East shall become the occupied land.

Nouvelle: new; loi: law; neuve: new; vers: towards, around; corruer (latin = corruo): to fall; avant: before; Phebes (Phoebe): Diana or lune, sister of Phoebus, the sun, here indicating Blessed Mary.

COMMENT: Middle East shall become the occupied territory, controlled by the Western countries. Muslim force shall be defeated before the Marian era is over.

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