I.55 The whole world has become the great Babylon.

Sous: under; opposite: hostile; sang: blood; terre: land; mer: sea; ciel: sky; inique: unjust; faim: famine; regne: reign, peste: plague.

COMMENT: The present world has become universally a great harlot or Babylon which adores the sinful flesh and which was prophesied in the Book of Revelation . The Divine Chastisements shall be measured out to us all in the above-mentioned forms.

IV.33 The Babylon of the modern time.

Jupiter: (fig.) mankind; Venus: (fig.) sex, sin of flesh; plus... que: more... than; Lune: Moon, (fig.) Blessed Virgin, appraroissant (apparaitre): to appear; blanche: white; cachee: hidden, concealed; sous: under; Neptune: (fig.) Devil; blancheur: whiteness; Mars: (fig.) wars; frappe (frapper) to strike; branche: branch.

COMMENT: Sinful behaviors are being concealed in such terms as freedom, pro-choice, reproduction, self-gratifying, tolerance, and so on. And the mankind ignores the pleading of the Mother of God.

II.70  Mankind turns beasts, expiation needed for a renewal.

Dard: dart; ciel: sky; estendue: scope, range; mort: death; parlant: speaking; pierre: rock; arbre: tree; fiere: fierce,haughty; gent: people, race; bruit: beast.

X.55  The corrupt world of flesh.

Mal'heureuse: unhappy; nopces: nuptial, fleshy union; celebreront: celebrate; mais: but; fin: the end; Mary: Blessed Mary; mere: pure; Nore (noire): black, sinful one; desdaigneront: disdain; Phybe: Phoebus, surname of Apollon, god of the sun, (fig.) the Lord Jesus; mort: dead; plus piteuse: most pitiful.

COMMENT: Many marriages today are not pleasing and blessed by God.

V.72  The sensual world brings about the loss of faith.

Pour: for; plaisur: pleasure; edict: edict, decree; voluptueux: sensual; melera (meler): mix; loi: law; Venus: (fig.) sinful world of sexual desires; en cours (encours): again, in the course of; vertueux: virtuous; obsuquera: to make obscure; aloi: degree of finness, quality, de tout aloi: completely; soleil: sun, (fig.) the Light, the Truth.

COMMENT: Harlotry shall be concealed or disguised under fanciful and humanistic terms. The loss of the Eternal Truth shall be the result.

I.86  The Harlot manifests in the form of feminism and sin of flesh.

Roine: queen, (fig.) the Harlot; verra (voir): to see; se: herself; vaincue: defeated; excez: to exceed; courage: spirit, enthusiasm; sur: upon; cheval: horse, fleuve: large river, river of blood; toute: completely, all; nue: nude; suitte: relying on; fer: iron, sword, (fig,) combatting attitude; foi: faith.

COMMENT: The great harlot mentioned in the Book of Revelation seeing her allotted time running out, shall push forward an extreme agenda of feminism based on sex, abortion, pornography, and armed with modernistic affront toward the Church's Tradition and Teaching.

I.54   The liberal world which tolerates all things.

Fait: action, (adj.) made, shaped; malin: malicious, evil; falcigere: (latin: falciger) symbol of death; siecle: cycle; permutation: change of order; son: his, her; endroit: place, spot; right or left wing; ingere (s'ingerer): to interfere, meddle; esgaux (egalaux): equal.

COMMENT: Twice mankind had revolted against God in the Enlightment of the eighteenth century and with the liberalism of the twentieth. One's viewpoint becomes socialized and unclear. Moderation or centrist views become popular.

III.98  The divided society: the battle for life and control.

frere: brother; si: so much; fort: strong; guerroyerront (gueroyer): to raise war; entre: between; eux: them; guerre: war; mortelle: mortal; chacun: each; fortes: high places; occuperront: to occupy; regne: reign; vie: life; leur: their; querelle: quarrel.

COMMENT: The society shall divide into two camps which shall fight for governmental control and the matter of life and death (abortion , euthanasia).

VI.19 Aborted unborns are offered as the holocaust.

Vrai: true; flamme: flame; engloutira: shall engulf; dame: lady; mettre: to place; innocens: innocent, unborn; a: in, at; feu: fire; pres: near; exercite: overly excited, fanatic; enflamme: to inflame with passion; quand: while; dans: in; Seville: (anagram of) evil, hell; boeuf: ox, bull; veu: seen.

COMMENT: The sin of abortion is described here with its consequence. Like Minotaur, the Greek mythical monster which was half man and half beast, the Devil also demands the sacrifice of the innocent unborns.

V.36  Euthanasia or assisted suicide.

Soeur: sister; frere: brother; simulte: simulated, artificial; faintise (fraticide): an act of killing one's own brother or sister; meler: mix; rosee: dew; placente: plate; donne: given; vieille: old; tardif: tardy, awkward; muert: murder; goustant: taste, drops of medicine.

COMMENT:Euthanasia or assisted suicide was described here as a legalized way to terminate an aging relative.

V.83  A hypocritical leader from a powerful nation who loves to quote from the Bible.

Entrepris: enterprise, scheme; subvertir: to subvert; nonpareil: non-parallel, unequal; puissant: powerful; advertis: advertise; lire: read.

COMMENT: ( Let the reader himself figure out whom this quatrain implies.)

VIII.14 An immoral leader.

Aveuglera: shall blind; libide (libido): sexual desire; cogneu (cogner): to hit, knock; adultere: adulterer; parviendra (parvenir): to obtain, reach.

COMMENT: Do this quatrain and the previous one both describe someone that we know?
                       More to come.

VI.13 A dubious US president shall be impeached.

Dubieux: dubious, shady; plus: most; plus grand part: by majority; soutenir: to support; captiole: an anagram of the word "capitol" or Capitol Hill; point: point, mark; pourra (pourrir): to become rotten, decay; maintenir: to uphold, defend.

COMMENT: This president shall be impeached by Congress even he gains a majority of approval from his people. The English word " chair" indicates that this event shall occur in an English-speaking country. And the word "Capitol" clearly indicates US Congress.

IV.28 God's Chastisements for the Sin of flesh.

lorsque: when; Venus: the Harlot; Sol: the Sun, (fig.) God; couvert: covered; soubs: under; esplendeur: spendor; Mercure: Mercury, (fig.) God's Chastisement; descouvert: de-covered or exposed; bruit: noise, resounding; bellique: war-like; insulte: insult, affront.

IX.65 Man lands on the moon.

Dedans: within; coing (coin): corner; ou: where; pris (prendre): taken; mis (mettre): placed; terre etrange: strange land; immeurs (immeuble): immovable, fixed; esclandre: misadventure, disarray; vitupere (vituperation): contempt; louange: praise.

COMMENT: Man was prophesied here landing on the moon. Space exploration program is the great waste of human resources which illustrates the human folly.

I.81  US Supreme Court: The institution of destruction.

Troupeau: pack, crowd; neuf: nine; leur: their; sort: destiny; divise: divided in judicial judment; depart: separation by vote; Kappa, Theta, Lambda: Greek alphabets, (fig.) human artificial technicality; mort: death; bannis: banished, abolished; egarez: misleading, going astray.

COMMENT: The destructive role of US Supreme Court toward social order and morality especially in the twentieth century.

XII.55 Influence of lobbying special interest groups.

Triste: deplorable; consiel (conseil): counsel, advice; desloyaux: disloyal; cauteleux: deceitful; aduis (advys, ancient French): advice, opinion; meschant: wicked, evil; trahie (trahir): to betray, deceive; esmeu (emeute): rioted, violent; farouche: wild, savage; querelleux: quarrelsome; tant ... que: as well as, both; bourg: market-town; ville: city; paix: peace; haye (hair): hated, loathed.

X.71  The First ThanksGiving ( Some quatrains pertaining to USA only).

Terre: earth; geleront (geler): to freeze; eau: water; lors: then; viendra (venir): to come; Jeudy: Thursday; venerer; to venerate; ce qui: that; jamais: ever; feut: done; beau:beautiful; quatre: four; le: Him.

COMMENT: On a snowy day, the pilgrims came to honor and give thanks to God.

I.50  USA's Thanksgiving is on Thursday.

Aquatique: aquatic; aquatique triplicite: three seas; naistra (naistre): to be born; Feudy: Thursday; feste: feast day; bruit: noise, fame; loz (louer): to praise; puissance: power; croitre: to grow, to increase; tempeste: tempest, turbulence, tumult.


VI.20 The present false peace shall not last.

Feinte: feigned; peu: few, little; duree: duration, lasting; caisseaux (vaisseau): ship; endure (endurer): bear, endure; lors: then; aura: aura; leopart (leo): (fig.) the pope.

COMMENT: The world shall submerse in wars as the present peace is unstable. People shall be captured and deported by Muslims by ships. A new pope shall be elected after Pope John Paul II flees from Rome.

XII.59 The sad condition of the world in the twentieth century.

Pache (pacte): pact, agreement; rompue: broken; amitiez (amitie): friendship; polue (polluer): to pollute; haine: hatred; envieillie (vieillie): aged, deep-rooted; foy: faith; corrompue: corrupt, esperance: hope, expectation.

I.18   France's negligence in exporting arms to Muslims.

Gauloise: French; Mahomet: Muslim; ouvert: free, unconditional; trempe: wet, soaked; Senoise: Italian, Phocen: Marseilles; voiles: sail; nef: ship; couvert: covered.

COMMENT: Through negligence and national belligerence, France unwisely exported advanced military technologies to Muslim countries including the extremists such as Lybia and Iran. The latter shall start a military aggression in southern Europe. France shall pay a bloody price for her past mistakes.

III.27 France is enchanted by the Arabian world.

Lybinique: Lybian; puissant: powerful; Occident: Western (Europe); tant: so, so much; enflammer: to inflame, to kindle with desires; scavant (savant): leraned man, scientist; condescendent: superior, condescending; langue: language.

COMMENT: France has been a good ally to Arabian (Muslim) world especially with Lybia. She is the main exporter of modern weaponry including nuclear to Muslims. What a tragical mistake!

II.34  French political unrest.

Ire: wrath, anger; insensee: insane; luire: to shine, glisten; departir: to depart; blesse: wounded; curieux: curious, (n.) on-looker; fier: fierce; nuire: to harm, hurt.

COMMENT: Political and civil unrest in France shall create lawless society and much violence which shall weaken France and pave the way for foreign invasion.

VI.40 Civil unrest and dispute over water supply from River Rhine during a great drought.

Magonce: Mianz or Mayence, the city in W. Germany, on Rhine; soif: thirst; eteindre: to quench or extinguish; prive: private, unofficial or belong to common class; dignite: dignity, honor; Cologne: city, W.Germany, north of Rhine; fort: strong, violent, plaindre: to complain, to grumble.

COMMENT: Due to the great drought, people shall behave irrationally in fighting for the river water.

V.85   Switzerland shall have a dispute over water supply with neighboring countries due to
           a great drought.

Sueve: Switzerland; lieux: places; circonvoisin: adjacent, neighboring; nuees: clouds; marin locusts: shrimp, loster...; Lake Leman: Geneva; faute: fault, scarcity, lack; bien: very; denue: destitute.

COMMENT: Switzerland and neighboring countries shall engage in war or dispute over the water supply originated from Lake Leman in Geneva due to prolonged drought in Europe.

I.14  Communism in Russia

Gent: race, people, nation; esclave: ancient Russia; chanson: song; chant (chanter): sing; requeste: request, demand; seigneur: lord; advenir: happen; sans: without; tete: head; receu: received; oraison: speech, prayer.

COMMENT: Nostradamus prophesied the atheistic communist regime in Russia. Communist leaders replace God and impose political and religious oppression on their people.

IV.14 The return of Communism & military aggression in Russia.

Mort: death; subite: sudden; mis: placed; autre: another; tost (to); quickly, soon; tard: late; venu (venir): to come; haut: high; bas: low; terre: land; mer: sea; il faudra qu'on le craingne: one must fear him; craindre: to fear.

COMMENT: Yelsin shall die so suddenly and power shall be transfered to a very young leader who just joins the political scene for a short time. He shall be very aggressive and finally declare war against Europe and NATO over NATO's expansion issue. He might be Yelsin's premier or prime minister.

II.89 The end of the Cold War and the end of the super-powers.

Amis: friends; maistre: master; leur: their; pouvoir: power; augmente: augmented; nefue (neuf): new; ses: his or her; estres: lay-out of building; sanguinaire: the blood-thirsty; nombre: number; racompte (raconter): to tell , report.

COMMENT: US and Russia shall become friends and then their power shall be declined after the World War III. The meaning of the last line is not clear. Blood here might mean the blood of the innocent unborn.

V.78  The friendship between USA and USSR shall last only for thirteen years.

Unis: united, here USA and USSR; tiendront (tenir): to hole, tenure; longuement: long, at length; trez (treize): thirteen; satrappe: governor of a province under ancient Persian monarchy ( ancient Iran ); costez (cote): side; tel: similar; perdement: loss, perdition; benira: to bless; barque: small fishing boat, (fig.) the Church; cappe cape, (fig.) the pope.

COMMENT: In 1987, Gorbachev became the President of USSR, began the democratic reform, and eliminated the Cold War between two countries. But the friendship shall last only for thirteen years to the end of this century. Then Russia shall become Muslim ally and together they shall start the WW III or European war, similarly but larger in scale and length than the previous two WW's. The Holy Father, John Paul II and the whole Church shall suffer greatly.


III.5    The unexpected lunar eclipse shall occur between March and April shortly before the
           World War III .

pres: near; loing (loin): long, far away; defaut: defect; deux: two; surviendra (survenir): to come suddenly; qui: who, that; entre: between; Avril: April; Mars: March; quel: what; cherte: high price; mais: but, yet; debonnaires: good-natured, bland; par: through; terre: land; et: and; secourront (secourrir): to assist, support.

COMMENT: An unexpected eclipse shall occur between March and April before the World War breaks out in Europe by Russian and Muslims. The recent eclipse took place unexpectedly on March 23, 1997 along with the comet Hale-Bopp and Mars on the same night. And Mars in Nostradamus's prophetic language means wars.

III.4   Lunar eclipses shall coincide with unusual frost and drought in North America and          Europe.

Quand: when; proche: approaching; deffaut: defect, (fig.) eclipse; l'un et l'autre: one after another; grandement: greatly; froid: frost; sicite: drought, vers: toward; meme: same; ou: where; oracle: wise man, here, Nostradamus.

COMMENT: When lunar eclipses occur twice in a short time, there shall be unusually late frost and severe drought which shall wipe out many crops in North America and Europe.

II.17 The great flood shall occur as the dams near Lourdes shall break.

Vierge: virgin; vestal: chaste; esloigne: distant; conduit: duct, passage; cache: hidden; dans: inside; mur: wall; getez: (geler) freeze; fleuve: river; vigne: vineyard; mastinee: mingled, mixed.

III.3  Extreme drought in southern Europe & earthquakes in Corinth and Ephesus before
          World War III.

Argent: silver, money; Mars: (fig.) wars; Mercure:(fig.) chastisement; ensemble: together; midy (midi): south; siccite: drought; fond: bottom; dit (dire): talk; lors: then, afterwards.

COMMENT: An unusual planetary line-up between the planet Mars and Mercury before the drastic changes in season taking place. Figuratively, Mars joining Mercury means the Divine Chastisements in the forms of wars. Great earthquakes shall happen in Corinth and Ephesus.

II.84 Severe drought preceding WW III, Russia invading Europe via Austria.

Entre: between, among; Sienne: Siena, 100 miles north of Rome; Flora: Florence, close to Siena; mois: month, neuf: nine; pleuvera (pleuvoir): to rain; goutte: drop; estrange: strange; langue: language; Dalmatie (Dalmatia): ancient Austria; courira (courire): to run over, chase; sus: upon; gastant (gater): to damage, to foil.

COMMENT: Severe drought shall occur in the southern Europe and then the invasion or the WW III shall begin with Russian troops amass Italy through Austria.

V.94  Germany signs a treaty with Russia who later still occupies them.

Translatera: to translate; Brabant: old duchy of W. Europe now including part of Netherland and Belgium; Flanders: W. Belgium and N. France (East and West Flanders); Gand: City located NW of the center of Belgium, E. Flanders; Bruges: NW of Belgium; Bologne: Northern Italy; treue (treve): truce; sainte (feint): probably a mispelled word, pretended, feint; duc: duke; Armenie: Armenia, the southern state of the former Soviet Union; assaillir: to assail, attack, Vienne: Vienna, city of Austria; Cologne: city, north of Germany.

VI.41 Danish Vice President shall try to get out of Italy before the WW III breaks out.

Dannemarc: Denmark; Frise: Friesland, the old region of N. Europe bordered by North Sea, North of Netherland, despendre: to depend rest on; cent: hundred, large number; mille: thousand; exploiter: operate, exploit; en: in, into.

COMMENT: The World War shall break out about the same time a Danish leader visits Italy. He shall be trapped in Italy. He might be the last audience received by Pope John Paul II.

IV.38 Before the WW, Turkey and Greece shall involve in a regional conflict.

Pendant: while; duc: (latin=dux) chief of army; roi: king; roine: qeen; Bizantin: Turkey; Samothrace: coast of Thrace, Greece; avant: before; manger: to eat; rebours: wrong side, opposition; ferre: bound or tipped with iron or weapon; suyura: mispelled of suyvra (suivre) means to follow.

COMMENT: While the major players are occupied with each other or with Russia in the matter of NATO expansion, Turkey and Greece shall engage in a regional conflict which shall spread into the European war or WW III.

IV.39 Conflict between Greece and Turkey shall expand into the WW III.

Rodien: Rhodian or Turkey; demanderont: to ask, demand; secours: help; hoir: heir; delaisse: forsaken, neglected; revaler (reveler): to reveal; Hesperies: Occidental, Western; cause: cause, motive, reason; radressed: addressed.

COMMENT: Turkey shall ask the Muslim world for help but they shall be slow in assisting but eventually they shall come to help in fighting against Greece. Greece's Western allies in turn shall debate whether to be involved or not. This quatrain is the continuation of IV.38.

IX.55 The Divine Chastisements men cannot avoid.

Guerre: war; appreste (appreter): to prepare; ensuivant: following; jeune: young; vieil: old; beste: beast; sang: blood; feu: fire; Mercu: Mercury, (fig.) God's Chastisement; Mars: war; Jupiter: (fig.) mankind.

COMMENT: One year after NATO prepare for war, the WW III shall start. Another meaning: one year before or after the WW, a horrible plague shall break out in France and Europe.

X.58  In the time of mourning, Muslims shall attack....

Dueil (deuil): mourning; Selin: (Greek) moon, (fig.) Muslim; guerroyera (guerroyer): wage war; Aematrien: anagram of American; Gaul: French;bransler (branler): to nod, to shake head; perecliter: to be in jeopardy, to jeopardize; barque: boat; tenter: to attempt, to tempt, venture; Phossen: Marseilles; ponant: west; entretien: maintenance, support.

COMMENT: Muslims shall attack Europe while USA has a new inexperienced leader who shall replace a fallen leader. French navy shall be in danger in Mediterranean, exposing Marseilles which shall seek the western France for help.

XII.56 Civil unrest in France.

Contre: against; Duc: duke; haine: hatred; entre: between, among; iceux: these, the aforesaid.

COMMENT: Civil unrest, violence, demonstration, strikes, political confrontation and so on shall bring about the state of anarchy in France before the World War starts at the end of this century.

I.46   The great light in the European sky before the War.

Aupres: nearby; Auch, Lectoure, Mirande: French cities; feu du ciel: fire from the sky; tombera (tomber): fall; chose: event; adviendra (advenir): occur; bien: so, so much; stupende: (latin = stupendus) marvelous, supernatural; mirande: (latin = mirandus) miraculous,; peu: little, very shortly.

COMMENT: Great fire ( meterior showers) shall be seen above French sky shortly before the WW start at the end of this century.

I.79   Riots in French farming communities before the WW III.

Bazas, Lectoure, Condon, Auch, Agen: all French towns or cities, south of River Garrone; Bourd: Bordeaux; Tholouse: Toulouse; Bay; Bayonne; esmeus (emeute): riot, disturbance; car: because,as; renouveller: to renew; leur: their; tauropole: bickering politics, fiercely polarized politics.

I.70    Natural disasters in Iran before the World War.

Pluie: rain; non cessee: non stopped; trop: too much, too far; trahir: to betray; augure: omen, prophecy; estre: being; parque: imprisoned.

COMMENT: Iran shall suffer great deal with different disasters then shall attack Europe.

V.32   The Apocalypse or the Seventh Revolution of Saturn.

Tout: all; bon: good, well; Soleil: Sun, (fig.) Western or Occidental; Lune: moon, (fig.) Eastern or Oriental; vanner: to exhaust, to wear out; etat: state, condition; meme: same; septieme: seventh; roch: rock, (here) revolution.

COMMENT: Occidental is the Western allies and Oriental the Eastern troops which include Russia, Muslims, and China. Their destructions are destined by God as the Apocalypse is approaching. The number seven in the prophetic language stands for a completion. The seventh revolution in Nostradamus's terminology means the end times or the Apocalypse. This last period of human history begin some time in our own century and shall end at the End of the world, a period of about two thousands years.

III.64 The blockage of Persian Gulf by Iran and the emergence of Iran as a world military

Perse: Persia, ancient Iran; remplira (remplir): to fill, crowd; Olchades: (Greek) vessels; trieme: warship; class: fleet; contre: against; gent: race, nation; Mahometique: Muslim; Parthe: Parthia, ancient tribe in Minor Asia or Near East; Piller: to pillage, loot; Cyclades: group of islands in Aegean Sea between Greece and Turkey; repos; rest; Ionique: Ionie, portion of Mediterranean Sea near Middle East.

COMMENT: Iran shall pressure other Muslim countries by exerting its military domination, promote anti-Western policies and extremism, implant pro-Iranian insurgents. They shall block Persian Gulf and disrupt the oil supply for the West and Japan before starting their invasion into Europe.

II.39   A tragic accident shall happen one year before the WW III.

An: year; devant: before; fort: strength, powerful man; cherra (cherir): cherish; nurse; escole: school; maison: house; hors: outside; suffoquer: to suffocate.

COMMENT: One year before the invasion on Italian soil, Germany, France, and Spain during an international conference or summit in oder to save the European Economic Community from collapsing or to inaugurate a research center, European economy shall collapse or the conference site is sabotaged by terrorists, killing most the attendants. A difficult prophecy shall be obvious when the event actually happen.

V.86   Turkey in turmoil by natural and political disasters.

Teste (tete): head, chief; trois: three; bras: arm, here, part of the country; eaux: water, sea; vexes (vexer): to annoy, provoke; entre: between; esgare (egare): wandering, distraught; Bizance: Turkey; presse: pressured.

COMMENT: Turkey shall be in political turmoil and civil war due to strong influence of Muslim extremist faction and ethnic Turks who are loyal to Iran. Turkey shall be forced to become Iranian ally.

II.52   Earthquakes in Corinth and Ephesus, then the WW III shall begin.

Plusieur: many; nuit: night; tremblera: tremble; printemps: springtime; suitte: following; aux: at, in ; nager: to swim; s'esment (emmancher) to begin; vaillant: valiant, spirited; luitte (lune): moon, (fig.) Muslims.