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Marian Apparition to Ida Peerleman of Amsterdam

Marian Apparition to Ida of Amsterdam

Blessed Virgin Mary appeared and and gave through inner locutions many messages to Ida Peerleman who lived in Amsterdam, Netherlands since 1945 to 1959. She granted Ida total of 55 visions. She predicted the Council of Vatican II ten years before it was convened in October 1962, prophesied the death of Pope Pius XII, warned the Church about the resurgence of a modernist heresy concerning the Holy Eucharist, warned that the Great Apostasy would come from within the Church.

Blessed Mother came to us through Ida with the title of " The Lady of All Nations " . The Church shall honor her by proclaiming the final Marian dogma . Blessed Virgin shall be honored and recognized as the Mother of All Nations, the " Co-Redemptrix " in the human salvation, the "Mediatrix " between God and men, and " the Advocate" or the Defender of her children or the Church. This glorious event had been prophesied and predestined by God so long ago. Let us read the Prophecy of the Prophet Daniel.

" Seventy weeks are shortened upon thy people, and upon thy holy city, that transgression may be finished, and sin may have an end, and iniquity may be abolished; and everlasting justice may be brought; and vision and prophecy may be fulfilled; and the saint of saints may be anointed." Daniel 9:24

The fate of the human race and the city of God or the Church shall be summed up in "seventy weeks" or 70 x 7 = 490 years (Based on Verse 27, one week equals seven years). After this last period, transgression of men shall be stopped, sins and social vices shall end, and everlasting justice and peace shall reign on earth; and all vision and ancient prophecies shall be fulfilled; and the most blessed of all the faithful or "the saint of all saints" shall be honored. Where does this significant period of human history lie, the period which shall conclude with justice, peace, tranquility, and no more wars and evils? Who is that most blessed human being among the faithful if it is not the Mother of God herself. At the end of this period, her name shall be glorified throughout the Church among all who love the Lord. The veneration reserved for the Virgin Mother Mary, the Mother of God and the mother of all mankind shall be abounded among her children. The dogma of the Immaculate Conception and Heavenly Assumption had been proclaimed in this century. The last dogma about her which shall illuminate he role in our salvation shall be proclaimed by the Church at the end of this last period.

" Know thou therefore, and take notice: That from the going forth of the word, to build up Jerusalem again, unto Christ the prince, there shall be seven weeks, and sixty two weeks: and the street shall be built again, and the walls straitness of times." Daniel 9: 25

The period of 490 years is divided into two distinct periods of 62 weeks or 62 x 7 = 434 years and 7 weeks or 7 x 7 = 49 years. In both of these periods, the Gospel or the Word of God shall be evangelized ("the going forth of the word"), the Church shall be rebuilt ("to build up Jerusalem again"), and then the Coming of the Lord shall happen ("unto Christ the prince"). That exact sequence shall occur twice in both periods, the first one will be much longer than the latter as it is getting closer to the End, both Divine Mercy and Chastisement shall occur in much quicker paces. Besides the spiritual inheritance, the physical dwellings representing here as "street" and "walls" are also being rebuilt due to the destruction of calamities and wars given to us on the Day of Wrath or after the Coming of the Just Lord. The terms "straitness of times" indicated that the calamities inflicted upon mankind shall happen more than once as men shall continue to live in sins. As Babylon mystifies the evil world full of corruption's of the flesh, Jerusalem is the mystical metaphor which stands for the Church or the holy City of God which is consisted of all His chosen children. The term "Christ the prince" recognizes the Lord Jesus as the High Priest of God. This 434 years started right after the conclusion of the glorious Council of Trent (1564) and shall end at the end of this twentieth century. The Council of Trent was convened for this very purpose, to rebuild the Church which was devastated from within by its own corruption of human elements, priestly abuses, and from without by the errors of the Reformation. During this period, we indeed have witnessed Christianity being propagated to the ends of the world, we had seen the rebuilding of countries after the wars, but we have not yet seen the Coming of the Lord. The Lord shall not come until the End of the world and definitely shall not come back twice, once for each rebuilding periods. The Coming of the Lord most often means the Day of the Lord, or the Wrathful Day of the Lord, the day on which God imposes His Just Judgments upon His people. This Coming of the Lord had been mentioned numerous times in all prophetic books of the Old Testament.

Thus after 434 years of rebuilding, the Church is again devastated with apostasy, blasphemy, and corruption of flesh. A period of Great Chastisements shall come upon us in the forms of wars and natural disasters of unprecedented scales. Then another period of peace for rebuilding shall be granted but this time will be much shorter as it only lasts for "seven weeks" and "one week" or the total of 56 years. And finally, the antichrist shall come after this last period of "seven weeks plus one week" of rebuilding.

On February 11, 1951, during her twenty-seventh vision, Blessed Mother taught Ida Peerleman a short prayer:

Our Lady said: " This prayer is short so that it could be said by everyone in this busy modern world. It is given to invoke the true Spirit on the world."

On November 15, 1951, she pronounced:

" The Lady of All Nations is here, standing before the Cross of her Son; her feet are placed in the very mist of the world, and the flock of Jesus Christ surrounds her. It is as Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix that I come at these times. I was Co-Redemptrix from the moment of the Annunciation. This is the meaning: the mother has been constituted Co-Redemptrix by the will of the Father. Tell this to your theologians. Tell them likewise that this dogma will be the last in Marian history."

On May 31, 1954, the Marian Year:

" When the dogma - the last dogma in Marian history - has been proclaimed, the Lady of All Nations would procure peace, genuine peace for the world. But the nations must say my prayer in union with the Church. Then they will experience that the Lady has come as Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate. So be it."

Be it so. The Lord our God had ordained His Mother the maternal Protector and Mediatrix for this sinful and rebellious world only if they can humble themselves, get down on their knees to implore the Mother of God to stop the war ( World War III ) and to bring genuine peace. Peace shall come and her Immaculate Heart shall triumph only if she is recognized worldwide as the Mother of All Nations, as the Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate of the Church by a solemn proclamation by the Holy Pontiff . And all leaders of all nations have to consecrate themselves to her Immaculate Heart, and in unison recite the short prayer she had taught us together with their Holy Pontiff. Only then World War III shall be stopped and a genuine peace shall be granted.

This Marian Apparition at Amsterdam was not often cited or discussed in details as all the visions were very symbolic and difficult to comprehend. However, we are now attempting to understand them after having studied the prophecies from the Prophets Daniel and Nostradamus:

Based on her short prayer mentioned above, the Divine Chastisements shall come in three forms: moral decline and the loss of Faith, natural disasters, and wars. Blessed Mother also predicted a period of peace for mankind after all the Chastisements and after the final Marian dogma is proclaimed.

Blessed Mother appeared here to the visionary as the Mother of All Nations. This title given for a special purpose which we shall see later in comprehending God's Design for mankind. She prophesied that the Church would proclaim the last Marian dogma in honoring her at the beginning of the period of peace. She shall receive the Title of Co-Redemptrix which means " with the Redeemer " to pay tribute to her role in the redemption of mankind. She is the one who said "yes" to God's Will, who bore and gave Birth to the Saviour, who was scourged with every lash inflicted upon her Son, and finally nailed to the Cross with the Crucified Lord. Her prayer mentioned here is the Holy Rosary or at least the short prayer that she taught us. The whole world shall consecrate themselves with the Holy Pontiff to the Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ and to the Immaculate Heart of His Mother and our Mother. Only then the glorious period of peace of 56 years shall come.

Now let us discuss about some of the visions Ida was allowed to witness. These visions will give us astounding details concerning the fate of mankind. Ida saw a strange war and heard that " disaster upon disaster " due to natural causes. She saw a " hellish light " in Russia. She saw a heavenly protection over Ukraine and things would go well for a while, and then Blessed Mother pointed to the Eastern sky said, " That is where it will come from." Natural disasters shall affect the whole world " from north to south, south to west, and west to east". Ida saw a thick cloud over Europe and titanic waves. " They will first have to perish by the flood " and then the " desolation". She also saw political unrest's, currency crises, boycotts, and economic crises. Russia shall try to deceive other countries. Ida had a vision of " blue and white stripes intermingling with stars". She saw a hammer broken away from the sickle and then all things whirled together. Then she saw the crescent and the sun. These also mixed in with the rest. Finally she saw a mountain goat and ram hopping. She saw the globe turning through a circle and heard " the hand of the sun dial is turning in the opposite directions". She saw a flying torpedo which had an appearance of aluminum. It exploded and then she saw " swollen faces covered with dreadful ulcers, as if it were some kind of leprosy".

Ida saw Jerusalem surrounded by battles and "sword hanging over Europe and the East". She saw the multitude in the East. She saw Chinese crossing a line. Our Lady said, "There he will rouse, ... a great disaster will occur that will startle them. The Baltic is full ..." Ida also saw there was a war in Balkan region including Bulgaria and Yugoslavia. Our Lady said, "There will be a fierce struggle. We have not seen the end of this struggle yet (in Yugoslavia). Economic disasters will come. The empire of England is tottering ... Japan will be converted." Ida saw a heavy cloud over India, over St. Peter's in Rome. She saw the pope being inflicted with violence. Blessed Mother told Ida that realism and humanism become a new paganism and the diabolic attack was no longer directed against nations so much as "the mind of man". She saw "the degeneration of mankind as righteousness and brotherly love become rare. Blessed Mother said that all Christians must be united because " the gates (of hell) are opening ".

All of these details agree very well with Nostradamus ' s and Daniel 's prophecies. Natural disasters shall be universal, mostly with floods. England shall be destroyed by floods or hurricanes. Political unrest's are happening now and the economic crises shall happen shortly. Russia is still controlled by communists in disguise. China and Russia shall involve in a bloody conflict around the end of World War III or 2025 AD ( the hammer and the sickle). The wars shall draw in major players such as USA ( the blue and white stripes with stars), the crescent ( Muslim nations led by Iran), and Japan (the sun). The mountain goat symbolizes the NATO or " Western kings" and the ram symbolizes the Eastern Alliance including Russia, Iran and other Muslim states mentioned in the ancient prophecies of the prophet Daniel. The flying torpedo seen by Ida can be Silkworm missiles manufactured by China which shall be launched by China and Iran carrying nuclear and chemical warheads directed toward their enemies. Men shall not die by explosions alone but also by chemical burns and nuclear radiation. That is a slow agonizing death, therefore our Lady said in La Sallete that the one who survives shall envy the dead. Like Nostradamus, Ida saw the destruction of major or holy cities in the Middle East. She saw the Holy Father ( Pope John Paul II ) being martyred, the conversion of Japan into Christianity, the invasion of China into her northern border ...

The only vision which once puzzled me quite some times was the sentence, " the hand of the sun dial is going in the opposite direction". It is now believed that the "sun dial" symbolized God's " Calendar " or the Divine Chronological Design for human history. If we illustrate the complete human history of the Old Testament started with the Creation and ended with the Nativity of our Lord Jesus in a complete circle, the time of Noah shall be at the East end or at a quarter down from the top of the circle, or at ~3000 BC; Abraham at the South (bottom) end of the circle or at ~2000 BC; King David at the West of the circle or at ~ 1000 BC; and finally the Nativity of the Lord Jesus at the top (North ) of the circle or at 0 AD.

Thus we can divide the human history of the Old Testament into four "millenaries" if we borrow Nostradamus's terminology. At the beginning of each "millenary", the Lord God sent us one holy person or Person to carry out His Design for human salvation. And the final one He sent was His own Beloved Son.

Similarly, if we construct another circle to illustrate the human history of the New Testament proceeding from the Birth of our Lord Jesus to the Consummation or the End of the world, we shall see so many amazing parallel patterns in God's plan for us. Again we divide this AD chronological circle into four millenaries of which each will cover roughly one thousand years. We start with the Lord's Nativity at the North end or top of the circle or at ~ 0 AD; St. Francis or the likes ( rebuilding the Church) at the East end or ~ 1000 AD; our Blessed Mother at the South or the bottom of the circle or ~ 2000 AD, the future figure like King David at the West end or ~ 3000 AD, and finally the Consummation or the Second Coming of the Lord back on top of the circle or ~ 4000 AD.

We are now living in the era of the Divine Mercy in which God sent His own Mother to guide us to find the way back to Him, through her prayers, messages, her maternal love and protection during numerous apparitions through out almost two centuries and up to the present time. Like Abraham, the father of all nations, she was given the Title of the Mother of All Nations.

By convention, the hand of a sun dial is always designed to point toward the north, however, in her vision, Ida saw it now pointing in the opposite direction or the south ( 2000 AD on the New Testament circle).

Therefore, we also can predict the time at which all the chastisements that Ida of Amsterdam described through her visions shall take place. They shall take place in our lifetime, at the beginning of the seventh " millenary " or around the end of this century. The whole human history shall last about 8000 years according to this chronological design.

October 26, 1997


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