I have been withdrawing from writing on the Internet for a while as it has become a burden for me due to my other daily duties, but today I am compelled to write this page because something inside of myself is driving me to do it, maybe because of the surest knowledge that the day of Judgement is drawing near and that so many souls are falling daily into hell without anyone warning them about the hidden dangers and the snares of the cunning devils.

Today many live in the sinful modern societies, go about with their daily life but cannot distinguish right from wrong as they have been indoctrinated by the media, movies, by spiritual, political, and intellectual leaders, and without any guidance from their parents who are more concerned about acquirring as much physical goods and comfort than educating their young ones. Just like a frog which was lying in a water bath eventually could be killed if the water was warmed up so gradually without realizing the danger of burning water, the people these days are immune to evils as their conscience had became dead or deformed some time ago. They no longer see any immorality, any sin, any injustice, any compassion, only his own self-interest and animal satisfaction.

I am really upset at those who claim themselves pastors or clergy but remain silent on this matter while they know quite well where their followers are heading. They constantly insist that they are saved, Heaven is guaranteed, that the merciful God cannot do evil, therefore cannot meter out punishment, that hell is simply an eternal separation from God, no more and no less. My friends,  hell is more than an eternal separation from God. Hell is the place that you will spend your life eternally with the likes of Clintons, Hilters, Jeffry Dalmers, Pol Pots, and worse yet,  with their masters whose evil is thousand times more advanced. When a sinner is alive, he was still uder the protection of  law, of his guardian angel, of the Merciful God who restrain all evil spirits, but the same sinner, after death, will be under the reign of the evil ones who never knows any mercy,  who will exert all forms of physical tortures and crueties beyond any description and any boundary. Worse yet, these punishments will be eternal.

Hell is the best kept secret because the devils and their followers do not want anybody knowing about it. It has been camouflaged with fanciful ideas and justifications. Ironically, hell is very universal and described very similarly among different cultures. For example, I grew up in the East but I saw no difference in the description of hell from Eastern and Western worlds, from Occidental or Oriental cultures.

My friends, I recently came across with the translation of an ancient document called the Apocalypse of Peter. Based on the writings of the early Christian fathers,  the Apocalypse of Peter did exist and used to be as popular as the Apocalypse of John or the Book of Revelation. For some reasons, it had disappeared from the teachings to the faithful for many centuries, but at the turn of the twentieth century, it was re-discovered. You can go to the web site ,  the site from which I reprint the material on hell, to get the detailed references on the Apocalypse of St. Peter.

The punishments in hell are very related or relevant to the sins committed. For example, the punishment for pride will be humiliation, punishment for murder will be something related to inflicting pain on physical body, punishment for gluttony or greed will be buring charcoal on tongue, and so on. After all, this scheme of punishment does make sense. I consider my self a decent catholic who goes to Mass and Confession frequently but I am still fearful of eternal damnation after reading the Apocalypse of Peter. Anyone who is about my age, 40 something will be familiar with the rock singer named Alice Cooper whose style of performance might be considered as sinister or satanic. And Alice Cooper recently ( February 2002) has turned christian, believes in God, studies Bible, mentions the reality of Satan and the danger of hell in his lyrics. The reason for his conversion is his fear of the eternal hell, he did not feel good spending his eternal life with those whom he had tried to mimick on stage for many years!!

The sins and punishments that St. Peter mentioned more often in his writings amazingly are the sins of abortion and fleshly impurities. My interpretations or notes will be kept to minimum, in headings (in red), in parenthesis and in italic style. May God bless you with a full understanding of what you are about to read,  a deep contrition for your sins and the fear of eternal damnation, but also a true hope of salvation based on a deep sorrowful and contrite heart, not on presumption that salvation is guaranteed.


1 Many of them shall be false prophets, and shall teach ways and diverse doctrines of perdition. 2 And they shall become sons of
perdition. 3 And then shall God come unto my faithful ones that hunger and thirst and are afflicted and prove their souls in this life, and
shall judge the sons of iniquity.

4 And the Lord added and said: Let us go unto the mountain (and) pray. 5 And going with him, we the twelve disciples besought him that
he would show us one of our righteous brethren that had departed out of the world, that we might see what manner of men they are in
their form, and take courage, and encourage also the men that should hear us.

6 And as we prayed, suddenly there appeared two men standing before the Lord (perhaps add, to the east) upon whom we were not able
to look. 7 For there issued from their countenance a ray as of the sun, and their raiment was shining so as the eye of man never saw the
like: for no mouth is able to declare nor heart to conceive the glory wherewith they were clad and the beauty of their countenance. 8
Whom when we saw we were astonied, for their bodies were whiter than any snow and redder than any rose. 9 And the redness of them
was mingled with the whiteness, and, in a word, I am not able to declare their beauty. 10 For their hair was curling and flourishing
(flowery), and fell comely about their countenance and their shoulders like a garland woven of nard and various flowers, or like a
rainbow in the air: such was their comeliness.

11 We, then, seeing the beauty of them were astonied at them, for they appeared suddenly. 12 And I drew near to the Lord and said:
Who are these? 13 He saith to me: These are your (our) righteous brethren whose appearance ye did desire to see. 14 And I said unto
him: And where are all the righteous? or of what sort is the world wherein they are, and possess this glory? 15 And the Lord showed me
a very great region outside this world exceeding bright with light, and the air of that place illuminated with the beams of the sun, and the
earth of itself flowering with blossoms that fade not, and full of spices and plants, fair-flowering and incorruptible, and bearing blessed
fruit. 16 And so great was the blossom that the odour thereof was borne thence even unto us.

17 And the dwellers in that place were clad with the raiment of shining angels, and their raiment was like unto their land.

18 And angels ran round about them there. 19 And the glory of them that dwelt there was all equal, and with one voice they praised the
Lord God, rejoicing in that place.

20 The Lord saith unto us: This is the place of your leaders (or, high priests), the righteous men.


Punishment for the likes of Clintons:

21 And I saw also another place over against that one, very squalid; and it was a place of punishment, and they that were punished and
the angels that punished them had their raiment dark, according to the air of the place. 22 And some there were there hanging by their
tongues; and these were they that blasphemed the way of righteousness, and under them was laid fire flaming and tormenting them.

23 And there was a great lake full of flaming mire, wherein were certain men that turned away from righteousness; and angels,
tormentors, were set over them.

Punishment for adultery, having sex outside of marriage:

24 And there were also others, women, hanged by their hair above that mire which boiled up; and these were they that adorned
themselves for adultery.

And the men that were joined with them in the defilement of adultery were hanging by their feet, and had their heads hidden in the mire,
and said: We believed not that we should come unto this place.

Punishment for murder:

25 And I saw the murderers and them that were consenting to them cast into a strait place full of evil, creeping things, and smitten by
those beasts, and so turning themselves about in that torment. And upon them were set worms like clouds of darkness. And the souls of
them that were murdered stood and looked upon the torment of those murderers and said: O God, righteous is thy judgement.

Punishment for abortion:

26 And hard by that place I saw another strait place wherein the discharge and the stench of them that were in torment ran down, and there was as it were a lake there. And there sat women up to their necks in that liquor, and over against them many children which were born out of due time  sat crying: and from them went forth rays of fire and smote the women in the eyes: and these were they that conceived out of wedlock (?) and caused abortion.

27 And other men and women were being burned up to their middle and cast down in a dark place and scourged by evil spirits, and
having their entrails devoured by worms that rested not. And these were they that had persecuted the righteous and delivered them up.

Punishment for flase witness, lying, gossiping with malice:

28 And near to them again were women and men gnawing their lips and in torment, and having iron heated in the fire set against their
eyes. And these were they that did blaspheme and speak evil of the way of righteousness.

29 And over against these were yet others, men and women, gnawing their tongues and having flaming fire in their mouths. And these
were the false witnesses.

Punishment for the likes of Uncle Scrouge , materialistic and selfish:

30 And in another place were gravel-stones sharper than swords or any spit, heated with fire, and men and women clad in filthy rags
rolled upon them in torment. [This is suggested by the LXX of two passages in Job: xli. 30, his bed is of sharp spits; viii. 17, on an heap
of stones doth he rest, and shall live in the midst of gravel-stones.] And these were they that were rich and trusted in their riches, and had no pity upon orphans and widows but neglected the commandments of God.

31 And in another great lake full of foul matter (pus) and blood and boiling mire stood men and women up to their knees And these were they that lent money and demanded usury upon usury.

Punishment for homosexual lifestyle:

32 And other men and women being cast down from a great rock (precipice) fell (came) to the bottom, and again were driven by them
that were set over them, to go up upon the rock, and thence were cast down to the bottom and had no rest from this torment. And these
were they that did defile their bodies behaving as women: and the women that were with them were they that lay with one another as a
man with a woman.

Punishment for worship idols or idolizing oneself:

33 And beside that rock was a place full of much fire, and there stood men which with their own hands had made images for themselves
instead of God, [And beside them other men and women] having rods of fire and smiting one another and never resting from this manner of torment....

Punishment for all others who forsake goodness:

34 And yet others near unto them, men and women, burning and turning themselves about and roasted as in a pan. And these were they
that forsook the way of God.

Another version of Apocalypse of St. Peter

Then shall men and women come unto the place prepared for them. By their tongues wherewith they have blasphemed the way of
righteousness shall they be hanged up. There is spread under them unquenchable fire, that they escape it not.

Behold, another place: therein is a pit, great and full (of . . ) In it are they that have denied righteousness: and angels of punishment
chastise them and there do they kindle upon them the fire of their torment.

Punishment for aldultery, fornication or men and women living together outside of marriage:

And again behold [two: corrupt] women: they hang them up by their neck and by their hair; they shall cast them into the pit. These are
they which plaited their hair, not for good (or, not to make them beautiful) but to turn them to fornication, that they might ensnare the
souls of men unto perdition. And the men that lay with them in fornication shall be hung by their loins in that place of fire; and they shall
say one to another: We knew not that we should come unto everlasting punishment

Punishment for the murderers:

And the murderers and them that have made common cause with them shall they cast into the fire, in a place full of venomous beasts,
and they shall be tormented without rest, feeling their pains; and their worms shall be as many in number as a dark cloud. And the angel
Ezrael shall bring forth the souls of them that have been slain, and they shall behold the torment of them that slew them, and say one to
another: Righteousness and justice is the judgement of God. For we heard, but we believed not, that we should come into this place of
eternal judgement .

Punishment for the sins of abortion:

And near by this flame shall be a pit, great and very deep, and into it floweth from above all manner of torment, foulness, and issue. And women are swallowed up therein up to their necks and tormented with great pain. These are they that have caused their children to be
born untimely, and have corrupted the work of God that created them. Over against them shall be another place where sit their children
[both] alive, and they cry unto God. And flashes (lightnings) go forth from those children and pierce the eyes of them that for
fornication's sake have caused their destruction .

Other men and women shall stand above them, naked; and their children stand over against them in a place of delight, and sigh and cry
unto God because of their parents, saying: These are they that have despised and cursed and transgressed thy commandments and
delivered us unto death: they have cursed the angel that formed us, and have hanged us up, and withheld from us (or, begrudged us) the
light which thou hast given unto all creatures. And the milk of their mothers flowing from their breasts shall congeal, and from it shall
come beasts devouring flesh (breast cancer?), which shall come forth and turn and torment them for ever with their husbands, because they forsook the commandments of God and slew their children. As for their children, they shall be delivered unto the angel Temlakos (i.e. a care-taking angel: see above, in the Fragments). And they that slew them shall be tormented eternally, for God willeth it so.

Ezrael the angel of wrath shall bring men and women, the half of their bodies burning, and cast them into a place of darkness, even the
hell of men; and a spirit of wrath shall chastise them with all manner of torment, and a worm that sleepeth not shall devour their entrails:
and these are the persecutors and betrayers of my righteous ones.

And beside them that are there, shall be other men and women, gnawing their tongues; and they shall torment them with red-hot iron and burn their eyes. These are they that slander and doubt of my righteousness. Other men and women whose works were done in
deceitfulness shall have their lips cut off, and fire entereth into their mouth and their entrails. These are the false witnesses (al. these are
they that caused the martyrs to die by their lying).

Punishment for greed and being materialistic:

And beside them, in a place near at hand, upon the stone shall be a pillar of fire, and the pillar is sharper than swords. And there shall be
men and women clad in rags and filthy garments, and they shall be cast thereon, to suffer the judgement of a torment that ceaseth not:
these are they that trusted in their riches and despised the widows and the woman with fatherless children . . . before God.

And into another place hard by, full of filth, do they cast men and women up to the knees. These are they that lent money and took

Punishment for worshipping idols of man-made subjects or cults:

And other men and women cast themselves down from an high place and return again and run, and devils drive them. [These are the
worshippers of idols] and they put them to the end of their witst (drive them up to the top of the height) and they cast themselves down.
And thus do they continually, and are tormented for ever. These are they which have cut their flesh as [apostles] of a man: and the
women that were with them . . . and these are the men that defiled themselves together as women. (This is very corrupt: but the sense is
clear in the (Greek.)

And beside them (shall be a brazier ?) . . . and beneath them shall the angel Ezrael prepare a place of much fire: and all the idols of gold
and silver, all idols, the work of men's hands, and the semblances of images of cats and lions, of creeping things and wild beasts, and the
men and women that have prepared the images thereof, shall be in chains of fire and shall be chastised because of their error before the
idols, and this is their judgement for ever. (In the Greek they beat each other with rods of fire: and this is better.)

And beside them shall be other men and women, burning in the fire of the judgement, and their torment is everlasting. These are they
that have forsaken the commandment of God and followed the (persuasions ?) of devils.