Chapter 1:

 The Lord had been very angry with your fathers. He said: “ Turn to Me, and I will turn to you.” Do not be like your fathers whom many prophets of old had lamented. They told them to turn away form their evil ways and wicked thoughts but they did not listen and they did not heed what the Lord commanded. And where were your fathers or your ancestors now? Did they perish? Did they always murder the Lord’s prophets? But yet, the Lord’s words and warnings which He commanded to His prophets had always been fulfilled to your forefathers who after all had confessed: “ The Lord had done to us according to our evil ways and wicked devices. He had done to us as He had said through His prophets.”

 At night the prophet Zechariah saw a man riding a red horse, he stood among the trees, and behind him were horses, red, speckled, and white. Zachariah asked: “ What are these, my Lord?” And the angel said: “ I will reveal to you what this vision means.”  Then the man riding red horse, stood among the trees, said: “ These horses are those the Lord had sent to walk about the earth.” And they reported to the angel: “ We have walked around the earth, and the earth is inhabited and at peace.”

 And the angel of the Lord cried out: “ Oh Lord, how long will you withhold mercy from your Church or Jerusalem and on the faithful remnants of your people who live in “Juda”, those countries which once were Christian stalwart ones and which now invoke Your holy anger? ( just as Jesus the Messiah was prophesied as the Prince of the tribe of Juda, His followers were mentioned in the prophecies of Old Testament as Juda ) They have done evils in Your sight for the last seventy years (since 1930’s ).And the Lord answered the angel with good and comforting words. And the angel said: “ Thus said the Lord, ‘ I am zealous of My Church and My people ( Sion).

And I am very angry at wealthy nations because I had been angry at them somewhat; however, they continue to pursue their evils. Therefore, I will turn to My Church (Jerusalem) with mercies. I will rebuild My Church and reside with them.’ “

 The angel then said: “ Even the Lord has yet comforted His people (Sion) or chosen another site to replace the new Jerusalem or Rome where His temple dwells, He has promised to overflow His cities with His grace.”

 The prophet Zachariah again had another vision in which he saw four “horns” and he asked the angel about them. The angel explained: “ These are the temporal powers which devastate the Faith in all Western catholic countries such as France, Italy, Germany, etc who once were the pillars of the Church as Juda to the old Israelites, devastate God’s chosen people or Christians the new Israelites, and His Church or the new Jerusalem.” Afterwards, the prophet was allowed to see a vision of the other temporal forces or “four smiths” that the Lord will use to punish all countries mostly European who once were staunch Christian ones but now have become practically atheistic and carnal, who not only abandon the Faith of their forefathers but also attack the Church and punish or persecute all those who steadfastly hold on to their Faith.

Chapter 2:
  The prophet lifted up his eyes and saw a man holding a ruler or measuring stick in his hands. The man said he was going to “ measure Jerusalem” meaning that the Lord will measure the state of the holiness of the Church at the present time.

 The angel of the Lord (Gabriel? ) said Rome would be destroyed with all her walls crumbling down due to the mingling of men and beasts or due to the penetration of Satanic influence to the Holy Temple. The Lord said He would restore His Church, protect her with a wall of fire and she would once again glorify Him.

 The Lord says that you should flee from Europe or the land of the north as He will scatter you from the surface of the earth. Whoever lives in sin or dwell with the whore of Babylon should flee from Europe as the Divine Chastisement is coming.

All nations who have become atheistic and carnal in denying the Faith of their fathers, attack the Church shall be punished as they have angered the Lord. They shall become prey to the approaching menacing armies. Then they shall know the Lord has warned them.
  Juda here signifies such countries as France, Italy, Sweden, Germany, etc who once were stalwart or “ big brothers” Christian countries who have gone astray, have turned away from God and their Christian roots. The Lord shall possess His remnants from those countries and gather them in  a sanctified land, and He shall select a new city to replace Rome or Jerusalem, and rebuild His Church or Jerusalem.

Chapter 3:

 We are witnessing a spiritual battle between Jesus and Satan, between the Lord’s followers and Satan’s followers, between good and evil.

 The Lord showed the prophet Zachariah Jesus as the high priest standing opposed to Satan as two adversaries. The Lord has crowned Him as His high priest, as the Lord of hosts, by putting a miter upon His head and removed all iniquities from Him because He was obedient to His Father even unto death. Therefore, He is crowned as the King of all, the Judge of all. All kingdoms shall belong to Him. He shall conquer all evil forces. He is the true servant of the Lord Most High, the Orient just like the rising Sun from Eastern sky. That is the reason why all altars in all Catholic churches all face eastward. The Lord Jesus has become the corner stone upon which the foundation of the Church and Truth is built upon.

 Just as the Lord, God Most High, bore the iniquities of us all in one day on the Cross, He shall wipe away all iniquities or evil from the face of the earth in one day signifying a short period of time. He shall cleanse the earth from all filthiness. Afterwards, all men shall live in peace and in fraternal love or “live under the vine and under the fig tree.”

Chapter 4:

 The angel probably the archangel Gabriel came to wake up the prophet Zachariah who did not appear to be sound asleep.

 The prophet was given a vision of the holy altar of the Lord at which His spirit dwells, with candle stick of gold, with lamp, and two olive trees. The seven lights signify the Holy Spirit. Two olive trees on both sides of the golden lamp signify two significant God’s anointed ones who are destined to carry out the Divine Plan at a particular moments in human history. For example, Pope John Paul II and President Reagan can be considered as such a pair.

 The seven-light golden candle stick and two olive trees signify the blessing and anointing Zorobabel, the temporal or political leader God chose to lead His people. The modern Zorobabel is the Western military leader anointed by the Lord to lead His people to the final victory. He assures “Zorobabel” that the victory is assured, not by the strength of the western armies but by the Spirit of the Lord Whom this leader trusts and obeys. Even the enemies can be insurmountable as a great mountain, they will be leveled to the ground by the will of God as there is no one can be equal to God. This leader will be the French general Henry who will command Western Christian armies to defeat their Islamic enemies who are much mightier than them.

 This leader shall  fortify the suffering Church or “bring out the chief stone”, shall strengthen once more the Faith of the devastated western nations who once were strong Christian kingdoms. He shall implore the Divine grace on the remnants of the Church , “ shall give equal grace to the grace thereof.”

 “The hands of Zorobabel have laid the foundations of this house and his hands shall finish it “ means that just as the temporal leader in Charlemagne who had established the Christendom of the entire Europe, the new leader King Henry of France shall rebuild the entire European Christendom by restoring the Faith of their forefathers after winning the World War defeating the Muslim forces. One shall know it is the Divine Design through the Hand of God when one compares the similarity between the two leaders, Charlemagne and Henry, between their missions and their tasks, and their devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ.

 They shall despise Henry of his humble origin and stature and of his simple Faith. They shall despise him because of his youth and the miserable state of the defeated demoralized military force that he inherits (“despise little days.”) His task to defeat the Muslim invaders seems so hopeless and suicidal. But all shall rejoice when God leads him to victory, to the final steps of rebuilding the Church by rebuilding European Christendom just like the builder holding the tin plummet to finish his building project. This is certain as it is the Divine Plan which is being carried out by the holy Spirit of God or “ seven eyes of the Lord” who governs everything on earth. The Providence of the Lord will see to it that “ Zorobabel” would win in the battles after many early setbacks and will fulfill his difficult and improbable missions.

 The two olive trees standing on both sides of the Spirit of God or “candle sticks” signify the two Anointed Ones. One is Henry the Commander who will defeat the Muslim invaders and liberate Europe, restore the Church and Faith, unify Europe once more, strengthen society and morality. The other olive tree is the contemporary spiritual leader, the holy Pope, probably a Frenchman who is anointed by the Lord to be the spiritual counterpart of Henry, to lead the Lord’s faithful remnants back to the former pristine state of Faith and Tradition. He is prophesied by St. Malachi around the 11th century as the “ Glory of Olive” or the Pope of the period of the Golden peace after the world war, after the conflict between Western and Muslim civilizations.

Chapter 5:

 The prophet then saw the vision of a flying scroll or volume. And this gigantic scroll is 30 feet long and 15 feet wide, which signifies the Judgment of God, in which all actions of all men were recorded. The Lord will judge everyone according to his actions and thoughts during his lifetime. All the wicked ones shall be punished starting with thieves or those who are greedy, unjust, worshipping idols, proud and materialistic. Next will be judged are those who “swear falsely” in the name of God or those who deny and abandon their faith, those who now believe in no God and worship Satan and all evil-doers. But how will God judge and punish the evil-doers? The Judgment of God will consume them in their dwellings with fire and brimstones. The Lord shall burn all evil-doers and their man-made structures and possessions which they love so much and which are not dwelt with the blessed faithful ones.

 Afterwards, Zachariah was allowed to see another vision, a flying vessel flying over the whole earth. This vessel is the “eye of all the earth” meaning it controls and directs all human activities and behavior. On this flying object a block of lead is placed and a female figure is sitting on it. The angel of the Lord declared this vessel and everything on it were wickedness. The woman figure signifies the sin of flesh, fleshy desires and passions, feminism, prostitution. The woman is a harlot worshipping idols and flesh. The Lord shall punish the sinful generation like pouring lead into the woman’s mouth and casting her into a sinking vessel.
  Afterwards, the prophet saw a vision in which two female figures carried away the vessel with the condemned woman on it to the “ land of Sennaar “ which was where Babel and Babylon were once built, the city of wickedness.

This whole chapter shows us that when the wickedness stemmed from sexual desires reaches a climax, the Lord shall punish all evil-doers and shall purify the face of the earth.

 Feminism has the very significant role in promoting this sexual sinful behavior. This rebellious, fanatic idea precedes pornography, abortion, contraception, adultery, materialism, and divorce.

Chapter 6:

Zachariah saw four chariots coming out of brass shining mountains signifying a grand beginning of Heavenly command. The red chariot horses signify the motion of the Divine justice set upon the whole earth. The black horses signify the armies ( Muslim and communist ) which shall destroy the north or European countries. The white horses signify the Christian army commanded by the French general Henry who will defeat the “ black horses “ to liberate the Christian remnants of the Lord in Europe, restore the Western Christendom and the ancient Faith. The “ black horses “ or the Muslim and communist armies were used to carry out the Divine Chastisement to  punish the Western countries for denying God and abandoning their Christian roots, and for living in sins. Finally, the grisled horses will be the armies or strong elements who will carry out the Divine chastisement with all its devastations in Middle East, Asia, in southern hemisphere, in Africa, Australia, and South East Asia. This element predominantly will be consisted of Muslims and Chinese. At the end, all the Muslim and atheistic or communist countries shall be annihilated including Iran and Egypt. The punishment measured out upon Europe shall appease God’s holy anger or shall “ quiet” His spirit in the land of the north or Europe. The wicked shall punish the sinful.

 After the Divine Chastisement being carried out, the faithful remnants “ who came out of Babylon “ or who had endured the wickedness and immorality of those who rule and live among them, shall rebuild the Church, shall worship the Lord Jesus, “ the Orient” as the Rising Sun shall be His Name. And all the people of the earth from far off shall make pilgrimage to the temple of the Lord to worship Him.

 This is the Glorious peacetime the Lord had promised.

Chapter 7:

Just as the Lord instructed before Jesus came to die for us, before the Church was born that he wanted no burnt offering or fasting or all the ceremonial rituals but contrite and merciful hearts, He has commanded again through His Son Jesus Christ and His Church that we all should be just, compassionate, and merciful to one another. But we choose not to hear His message, harden our hearts into stone, plug up our ears not to hear. Therefore, the indignation has come from the Lord of hosts. Thus, when they suffer and cry, the Lord shall not hear them. Furthermore, He shall disperse them as the captives into foreign lands eventually to be exterminated or enslaved by their Muslim captors. The land they leave behind shall be ruined and uninhabited for a long time. These shall become wilderness. All modern cities will become wasteland.

Chapter 8:

 The Lord has been indignant and impatient watching His people, the faithful Christians, suffer in the hands of their enemies and of the surrounding immoral societies that they live in. The Lord says He will return to rebuild His Church and to protect His remnants. Everyone shall know the Church is His Church, the only religion of the true God and of Truth. After the World War, peace will be granted. People shall live to old ages and children shall be desired and born, unlike the present world in which elders and infants are considered burdens.

All the evil done are hard to watch in the eyes of the remnant of the Lord, it is more indignant for the Lord to watch Himself. Therefore, He says He will save His remnants from Muslim and atheist invaders who come from the land of the East and from the evil influence in pornography and Godless materialism from US and from the Western societies. They shall be His people, shall be His new Jerusalem or His Church.

 But before this, the Lord shall bring about the tribulation in which there will be no job, no peace, and no brotherly love.

 The Lord then shall rebuild His Church or Jerusalem and His Temple or new Rome. But He will not shepherd His people the same way as he does now meaning through priests, pastors, or human institutions ( Zach 8:11) He will shepherd His people spiritually and directly Himself. He shall sow the “seed of peace” in His followers who shall be able to comprehend the Truth in entirety. They shall be very blessed and very good, similar to the early Christians who did not have any human instructions or well organized, established churches for the most parts. And the ones who deny Him on the other hand will be very wicked and very bad (Zach 8:12) Just as now the Christians or “the house of Juda” and Jews or “the house of Israel” are the curse to their atheistic, carnal, and liberal surroundings, these new Christians will become a blessing growing in holiness and the Lord shall strengthen them.

 The Lord warns us that He will impose afflictions on the whole world because the sins of the whole world and he will have no mercy while doing so. But He will do good to His faithful servants even during the tribulations as long as they live the Gospel daily, speak the Truth, have judgment of peace, and bear no evil to their neighbors in their hearts.

 Only then the Lord shall accept our fasting which comes from the heart and it will be the source of joy, gladness and solemnities or feast days of the Church. And both Jews and Gentiles shall become Christians, shall come to the house of the Lord to seek the face of the Lord. All believers shall belong to the only Church, the Catholic Church as She herself believes one can seek the Face of the Lord upon His Altar where He dwells day and night.

Chapter 9:

 The Lord shall subdue and destroy all the wise and the proud and the mighty nations. They shall be sorrowful. Middle East shall be in ruin. Afterwards, all will come to worship the King of kings, our Lord Jesus Christ Who is holy and humble. The Christian (Juda ) and Western (Greece ) force shall be God’s army who shall forward as lightning against their enemies. The Lord shall protect them and shall defeat their enemies.

 And then He shall become “ the corn of the elect “ or the Bread of Life to nurture them ( Zach 9: 17).

Chapter 10:

 The Lord shall not bless them with rain but He will give them snow or cold weather. All those who worship all idols, everything but God, will be unprofitable., many religious leaders acting as diviners or false prophets have spoken lies to their followers, and all those who have cloudy heads ( dreamers ) have been blinded, followed vanities instead of Heavenly riches. Those above-mentioned shall all be afflicted and the fault lie in the lack of the true shepherds, priests and pastors, who are supposed to guide them to the Truth.

 The Lord will punish the shepherds, priests or religious leaders severely, many will be killed or persecuted by the Muslim invaders. But after the bloodshed of the religious in Europe, the Lord shall “visit the buck goats” or destroy the Muslim countries and their cities, defeat their armies as He promises to save His flock, restore the Faith in Western countries or the “House of Juda” and lead them to the final victory ( “the horse of His glory in battle”).

 They shall be as mighty men, treading under foot their Muslim enemies. They shall fight ferociously as they know the Lord is with them and the Muslim invaders shall be confounded and run in terror.

 The Lord shall strengthen the Christian countries and save Israel. He will bring them back because He has mercy on them, and they shall be as repentant and grateful as when they were pleading for His mercy at the darkest moments suffering under the hands of the Muslim invaders. And the Lord shall multiply His remnants and Christians shall grow as numerously as they once were.

The Lord shall liberate the prisoners from Muslim lands, shall annihilate Muslim countries, shall strengthen the faithful to walk in Jesus’s Name.

Chapter 11:

 “Open thy gates, O Libanus, and let fire devour thy cedars.” Libanus is used to describe the temple of Jerusalem as it was built with the cedars of Libanus. Rome or the new temple of Jerusalem, which was built upon the holy soil soaked with the blood of Christian martyrs, shall be destroyed and shall be burnt to ashes as “the smoke of Satan” has entered the holy Altar of the Lord.

 The “shepherds”, priests, bishops, cardinals shall be murdered under the hands of the Muslim invaders for their sins because of their vain glory and their apostasy. The Lord shall say: “ Feed them to the coming flock of slaughter.” And they shall be slaughtered. The streets of Rome will be covered with the blood of the religious as the Lord has no need for them. They have allowed their sheep to become a flock of slaughter devoured by the Evil One, an unrepentant bunch who dwell on earthly riches and pleasures, neglecting their God and spiritual lives, and their shepherd “spared them not” or just let them tumbling head down into the pit of hell.

The Lord shall not spare the European Christian-like pagans. He shall deliver them into the hands of the Muslim invaders and they shall slaughter them and destroy their land. The Lord shall not recognize their pleading and shall not deliver them out of the hands of their enemies as they have committed so much evil.

 The Lord shall deal with them using two rods meaning two ways of discipline: Beauty and the Cord. The Beauty Rod stands for the Divine Grace and Blessing ; the Cord stands for the Divine Justice or punishment.

 First, the punishment shall be measured most severely upon the religious especially priests, “three shepherds killed in one month.” And that shall satisfy the Divine Justice or “His Spirit is straightened out in their (priests) regard.”

 The Lord shall not feed His rebellious flock, shall let them be killed, cut off, devoured by the human beasts. The sinful shall be slaughtered by the wicked. To satisfy His holy Anger, He shall break another rod, the Beauty, as He shall break His covenant that he made with the Christians, the covenant as long they are His people, He shall be their God. And they have sold the Lord their God “thirty pieces of silver “ just as Judas the betrayer, they have trade away their Faith and their souls for materialistic gains which at the end shall be looted by their enemies.

 And the Lord shall break up the second rod, the Cord, as he shall not grant the eternal life to those unfaithful Christians from Western countries. Juda shall no longer to be His chosen people or Israel. They shall receive their eternal damnation separating from their God. The Lord says: “Take away the teaching of the foolish shepherds” as he will raise up in their place a new kind of shepherds, a new kind of priests and religious. They shall ignore the lukewarm, the heretic, the rebellious, the evil doers. They shall not try to compromise or be inclusive nor shall they nourish the indifferent, the “standing” lukewarm, nor they care for the “fat” or greedy materialistic so-called Christians.

For the current “shepherds” or rather “idolaters” who betray their God for their self-indulgence on the vain glory, the sword of Justice shall fall upon their arms and their eyes, their arms for being lazy and inactive servants, their eyes for being blinded to the Truth.

Chapter 12:

The burden of the Word of the Lord upon His chosen ones: the Christians, the baptized, the new Israelites.

 “Behold, I will make Jerusalem a lintel of surfeiting”, or the door which they shall seek to enter to glut themselves with blood, but they shall tumble and fall like drunkards. The Lord shall allow Jerusalem or His Church to become a laughing stock, to be a vomited pit, to be a cesspool so there is no beauty left in her to look at. The members of the Church are so decayed, so corrupted, so sinful that they make His Church on earth at the present resembling Himself on the Cross, the Divine Being so completely covered with spits, dung, dust, blood, bruises and cuts, and all other vile the evil doers had laid upon His sacred Body nailed to the Cross.

Chapter 13:

There shall be an universal purification of the earth with all its inhabitants and the purification of the earthly Body of Christ or the “inhabitants of Jerusalem.” There will be a purification or “washing of sinners”, there will be an abolishment of idol worshipping in false religions and cults, the destruction of false prophets, religious heretics or fanatic cultist leaders. There will be no more sexual promiscuities, pornography, feminism in an “unclean woman”. Following the truth Faith, worshipping God will be the utmost duty of fathers and mothers, placed even above the love for their children. All men shall see the Truth, shall no longer be deceived by deceitful tongues who use God’s Name or the names of religions to gain materialistic riches. Wisdom will not be given to them.

 And the sword, persecution and destruction shall strike religious leaders, priests and pastors who have failed in their duties to shepherd the Lord’s sheep. He Himself will turn His hands, shall guide His little ones Himself.

 The Purification shall be great and thorough as two out of three inhabitants of the earth shall perish, shall be wiped away along with all evil. The remaining remnants of the Church of Christ shall be put through trials, shall be refined as gold through fire, but they shall grow in their love for their God and in the true Faith.

Chapter 14:

The Day of the Lord, the Judgment Day shall come and all your treasure, your spoils that you live for, that you adore, shall be destroyed or taken away in front of your eyes. The Lord shall gather all nations to “Jerusalem”, the new Jerusalem or Rome to do battles, and the entire city shall be captured by the Muslim invaders, houses shall be ransacked, women shall be defiled, half of Rome residents including clergy and religious shall be put in jail or sent into exile and eventually perish in Nazi-styled mass extermination. And the other half of Rome residents shall be murdered or remain there.

 Later, the Lord shall gather nations for battles again this time He shall destroy the Muslim armies as He did in the ancient past. Their homelands shall be devastated and occupied. The Lord shall divide the world powers into Eastern and Western camps, from countries in the North and countries in the South. Eastern forces will include Muslim and atheistic or communist countries such as Iran, which is most notable, Egypt, Russia, and China. Western forces include US and former NATO European countries. The great war shall break out when the weather is unusually cold without much sunlight or the sun.

And on one day, known to the Lord only, the war shall break out and people shall not be able to distinguish day or night due to the smoke of the battles, wartime destruction and lootings. There will be light shining in the twilight evening meaning when all things seem hopeless to the children of God, the Divine providence shall come to assist the Western troops to defeat the advancing Muslim enemies turning the tide of the War and leading to the eventual victory. Like Egyptian army of old, they will run in terror for they can see the Hand of God is in it.

During the period of the Glorious Peace, the “living waters” or the Lord’s blessings in the forms of Sacraments, of the Gospel Teaching shall be given to all mankind by the Church or the new Jerusalem. His mercy also covers the “East sea” or those countries which once denounced Christ such as former Muslim and Asian ones. The Lord shall be worshiped as the Universal King of all the earth. There shall be one God and one Church, one religion on earth.

 “ All the land shall return” meaning even nature shall be renewed, free of pollution, man-made destruction by modern technology and viles. Even nature is now crying out for man’s sinfulness. The innocent blood stains her.

 Jerusalem shall sit secure or the Church of Christ shall be glorious and revered.

 But first  the Divine Punishment …

 All nations who once were stalwart Christian countries but now punished severely. Those countries now not only abandon their Christian faith but also turn into the enemies of the Church. The Divine Punishment shall be carried out in the hands of the Eastern forces, most notably Muslims with weapon of mass destruction, the weapon they have forged themselves such as nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons which shall cause human flesh falling off from their bones, their eyes shall be destroyed inside the eye sockets by the blast or diseases, and their internal organs such as tongue shall disappear. The living shall envy the dead.

 On that day, the Lord shall allow evil men run rampant on earth, hell shall be emptied of its residents to loot and to kill the inhabitants of the earth who have invited them. Charity or brotherly love will be vanished. One shall kill  another, commit all indescribable forms of brutalities at will with uncontrollable rage. On that day, even “Juda” or countries like France, Italy, Sweden, Germany, etc who once were strong Christian nations shall turn against the Church, against her authority and her teaching. They have abandoned their God and in place of Him, they idolize the worldly riches and they become quite rich in so doing while being spiritually starved with a decaying death. However, on that Judgment Day, their idols or their worldly treasures shall be confiscated or destroyed by the Muslim invaders. Total destruction or scorch-earth tactics will be employed by the advancing troops. Everything shall be set ablaze, every human beings besides Muslims shall be brutalized or murdered. Muslim armies will resemble the Mongolian warriors of old.

 After the World War, all the survivors from rebellious European and American or Western nations shall officially make  the yearly pilgrimage to the new Rome or new Jerusalem to pay homage to Christ the King, the Lord of hosts, to attend the Holy Mass or the new “ feast of tabernacles.”

 Any countries who do not adore Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour  and not obedient to the Church shall not receive the Lord’s blessing in term of good weather and harvest. And if the ‘ family of Egypt” or the former Muslim countries denounce the Christianity after their defeat, they too shall be punished. And countries who do not revere the Holy Mass or the new feast of tabernacles shall also be punished. The Lord shall withdraw His Grace from them.

 On that day, HOLINESS TO THE LORD shall be proclaimed with bells rung, with noise and cymbal. All the pots in the house of God shall be filled with burning incense as those upon the altar of the Lord. Every bowl with burning incense at churches and Western (Juda) countries shall be sanctified to the Lord of hosts with all sacrifice which will be reverently offered up to Him. And all those pagans and evil doers shall not be permitted in the house of the Lord of hosts.

Finished 07-22-04