(My own notes are underlined)

A Bohemian orphan who traveled with gypsies throughout the Holy Land, the Orient, Italy, and Europe before settling down in her old age in Prague. Her prophecies were made while in trance and written down by her gardener "In the Fog-land [England], a Virgin girl will become Queen [Victoria] and will bring her land Empire and Greatness. These blessing will remain for a long time. However, the coming Race will not be worthy of their Pay, and they will marry each other; following relationships within the Family will not make it possible to sustain this wealth, and this will then end after about 300 years, after which the Land of Fog will sink into the Ocean... (England will submerge under sea)
"In Germany speaks a Man, whose sign is a strange Cross with Arms , and he speaks to his Folk and promises them Might and Dominion. He aligns with the Axe-Bearer of the Eternal State, but this will bring him no luck (Hitler).
"His Soldiers with steel Horses that move on Tracks ( tanks) will come to Prague. The people of the Moldaustadt [Prague] are guilty of greed. The Cross-Bearer feels sure of himself and looks with Pride over the City.
"But he feels he does not have enough power and moves further into the World. He gives the order and his Officers and Soldiers move thousands of miles to the North, South, East and West. They will melt under the black Sun [Africa], and freeze in the Snow blizzards of the Bear-Land [Russia]. The War will have no end for some time and from the Sky will fall Pitch and Sulfur. Great Cities will go up in Flames.
"Mankind is partially annihilated. They want to overcome God Himself. With bad hearts they will sow a Mushroom (Atomic bomb), whose Seed will fall from the Sky to Earth. Great is the Fear, for the Mushroom reaches to the sky and overshadows much of the land. Through this Poison Thousands will die a horrible Death.
"The Cross-Bearer also will find an End and for a Thousand Years they will try to find his Body.
"A small Box with round knobs will bring Mankind Joy and Desire into the smallest Rooms ( TV or radio). Music, frolic and laughter come from this remarkable Thing, and people shall listen to the good and bad words.
"Darkness has entered into the Heart. The people are so strange. All knowledge is mischief that threatens the World. Everyone knows the Unholiness that moves through, but everyone hates, nobody wants to believe in God. They are building a Tower of Steel, filled with Water (space-launcher filled with liquid hydrogen), and believe with this to rule the Stars. Because of their Boldness, Men will become carried away with presumptuousness and will have grief in difficulty. The People will come to suffer very heavily, because the Human Spirit feels it has conquered over the all, and the Nature is changed (global warming).
"I see a small cornered thing in their hands, which will give them information about everything they wish to know (cell phone or Palm PC). On a white Surface (TV or computer), there appears a small box in which we can see People, Animals, Mountains and Valleys. Beautiful Music accompanies the Figures, and the People are happy over it. But all their joys will mean nothing.
"Tears will flow out of their Eyes and they will flow in a torrential Stream. God's Voice will sound from the Sky, and the People will fall to their Knees shaking (Worldwide simultaneous Warning from God).
"A Ball, propelled from Water, rolls over the Earth. It could bring Blessings, but it brings only Need (petroleum oil exploration from sea?).
"A colored Box will help Mankind, to open the Womb of the Earth (petroleum exploration). But Poison and Fire will be their harvest and it will be difficult for them to close the Womb. Glowing Air  (heating gas) itself will become useless, and the Ice of the North (Artic ice) will melt and the Land will become prosperous (flooding, more fertile land as the consequence).
"A small Land will become large and then again a Man will be born, who will be great with the power of the All. Millions will applaud him and raise their Hands to him, and he will be strong, the trouble to banish. But even him a dark power will bring to an End, and a Plate made of heavy Steel will crush this Worm (Sadam dies in steel bunker?).
"Yet all at once Mankind will realize that they are fighting a desperate War, but somehow an unjust War will become a holy Quest (Iraq war will lead to World War III, war between Christians and atheists&Muslims). Later, but later than ever they will attain the Judgment of it all. Joyous and freer will men then be but also a great deal poorer. The Sheep of the world will learn in their Spirit, and they will ban Lies and Dogma, and the Work of their Spirit will take first place over Work with their Hands. Because of this the Fields will yield many times what today is thought to be great Blessing, and Mankind will a Day of Work in four hours (Golden period of peace after WW III).
"They will hold Rod in hand (playing golf), which will bring joy with skillful use. It can also delay Death. Balls will be formed of the Food (process food), which they will eat when they are hungry. But they will not become satisfied and full because the Bean makes their bodies even hungrier. Again there will be surprises, and they will think of totally remarkable things to help Mankind. On the Streets there will be Wagons (cars), which are faster than anything else but which possess no Wheels. Out of Glass and Earth garments will be woven, and these will last a lifetime (synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyesters). The Night they will make to Day, and out of blown Glass pipes will come bright daylight (electrical light-bulb).
"They will again mock God. Their crimes will disgust God, because they will be able to manufacture People artificially (human cloning). These artificial Humans, however, are poor in Spirit, because they have only small brains, but they will be strong and resilient, so there will come a new Time of Slavery (Clone human being does not have a soul as he is not created with the Breath of God,he does not know right from wrong or can reason. He will behave with no higher intelligence than a monkey. He will practically be a human beast.)
"New Religions will come, and there, where today stands the Statue of Holy Wenzel, a high Tower will crown a new Temple. Splendid will this Temple be, built with Gold and Silver (New Age worldwide cults).
"Again there are dark Times. In the Year in which two Fives are across Nineteen, on the Day of holy Veronika [Feb. 4] will Mankind Scream in Fear out into the World, and the End of Prague will certainly happen. The Earth will be raped and God will hold a horrible trial (The timing of World War III ).
"Nothing compares previously to anything like this. Out of East (aggressors will come from the East  of Europe) there comes a Dragon, who looks gross. Out of his 9 Tongues and 99 Eyes there will shoot deadly lightning and out of his open Mouth there will blow a poisonous Breath. Prague, my dear Prague, you will find a unique but gruesome End. One Breath dissociates your Walkways, sweet and warm. The people will feel amazed. Thousands of People will lie to rest with horribly twisted Faces, and will freeze in spite of the Warmth (biological weapon of mass destruction). The End is at Hand. Ten dampened blows to the Church are in the air. Yellow dust clouds and poisonous Dusts (Chemical weapon of mass destruction or the angel of Death during Three days of darkness) will take the Breath of Man and Animal. In the City there is Fire everywhere. The Earth moves, deep Crevices open and draw into them the Dead and the Living. The Cemeteries open themselves and the Skeletons laugh a gruesome laugh. Everything sinks into the black depths (Three days of Darkness?).
-"From Vysehrad comes a Fireball, Blunders fly through the Air and everywhere there is screaming, and a Fire Ocean. Everything that was the result of Men, lies in Disarray and Ashes. Life is wiped out. I only see pieces and Skeletons. Slowly the Clouds move away. There, where the Dome once stood, I see only a bloody Fireball. It is over, Prague, your destiny has fulfilled itself." "Strange times, strange humans will fill the world. Nobody is indeed lucky. The nature will be violated and humans' spirit will feel to be above the universe It is over! Prague, your fate has fulfilled! Where are your houses, proud city?"....."Why do gloomy tides flood the coasts or the heath? Horrible worms makes body and spirit frightening. Weeds and sump, full of poisonous air, charcterizes the countryside. Is this the harvest of the human seed )? " (She wondered if it was the End of the world )

According to the “Schwarzer Brief”, a German-language newsletter for Clerics, of November 4, 1998, Bernadette wrote a letter to Pope Leo XIII. Just before she passed away in 1879. In this letter, she revealed five prophecies for the 20th century. The first three were probably identical with the “three secrets”, the other two were possibly revealed during another apparition. Bernadette´s letter remained in the Vatican Archives until 1997, when it was discovered by the French Father Antoine LaGrande who searched for material and correspondence on Lourdes. According to LaGrande, the letter consisted of five sheets, which were found in a metal box in the vaults of the Archives. On each sheet, a revelation was written down. Sheet 1 described the development of the Lourdes sanctuary and predicted that it would become an important place of pilgrimage after Bernadette´s death. Many people would be healed by the water from the spring. Sheet 2 mentioned important scientific discoveries including “the use of electric energy” and the invention of several types of machines. Sheet 3 predicted the rise of an evil dictator in Germany (Adolf Hitler) which would cause “something horribly evil”. His rule of terror would end in a war in which “nearly all nations participate”. Sheet 4 announced that man would fly into Outer Space and eventually land on the moon in or around 1970.

On Sheet 5 was the most detailed text:

“Your Holiness, the Holy Virgin told me that with the end of the 20th Century the end of the age of science would follow. A new era of the Faith will begin everywhere on Earth. Eventually the evidence is found that it was God who created the Earth and Man. This will be the beginning of the end of the sciences; the people will not believe in them any longer. Millions will turn back to Christ…”

The Church, Bernadette said, would play a new, important role. The loss of trust in the Sciences, so the seer, was caused by the “haughtiness of the physicians who used their knowledge to create a monster, a creature which is neither man nor beast (human cloning).”

This would cause a public scandal. The people would realize that the scientists went too far - and “chase them like you chase a rapacious wolf.”

Furthermore, Bernadette warns that a new, big war could break out at the turn of the Millennium.
“On the eve of the year 2000 a final clash between the followers of Mohammed and the Christian nations will happen. In a horrible battle, 5,650,451  (more than five millions , the Armageddon? ) soldiers will loose their life and a bomb with great impact will be thrown onto a city in Persia.”
“At the end, the sign of the Cross will conquer and all Muslims will embrace the Christian Faith. Great wealth will follow and the Lord will pour out His blessings over the faithful.” Poverty, disease and hunger have an end, every tenth person will have the power to heal. “The 21st Century will be known as the Second Golden Age of mankind”, the seer concluded.