Our Lady's Hand in My Work
I began this prophetic work on the Internet at the beginning of 1997. At that time, I did not know how the world events or politics would shape up, I received many ridicules, unbelief, and indifference from my family, friends, colleagues, and from all the people I talked to including the people who specialized in prophecies.  In 1997, nobody would dwell in such a subject as weapon of mass destruction, nobody would believe that Russia, not alone Iran, would attack Europe.

Nobody took what I said seriously but I myself believed what had been prophesied one day would take place. I believed because many supernatural events had shaped my life, one of which I am about to share with you. The reason for sharing this is not boasting as each one of us is destined for a purpose, mine is not greater than any one's else, but the reason is to emphasize on the significant role of Our Lady in the salvation of mankind especially at the end times.

In 1991, I had a reversal of vasectomy ( see this page for more details,) my parents decided to come down to see how I recovered even though my Dad and I still had some friction. Before driving to my house, my mother revealed to my Dad and later to me the secret which she had kept to herself for more than thirty five years. The reason for telling my father now was to make him accept the fact that I became a catholic, that I did what I had to do, that I was born to be their son, but I was also born to fulfill a mission.

When my mother was a young girl of about early sixteen, one day she had a dream in which she was asked to run an errant for her mother, to collect a certain sum of money owed to the latter. On her return, she had to pass through a village cemetery, being scared my mother ran through it quickly. Suddenly she was stopped by a lady who stood by the road side, holding a baby in her arm. She dressed completely in black ( I asked my mother in details about the appearance of this lady because it was significant and my mother still remembered them well.) She was a beautiful young lady but she did not prepare her hair as other women in my mother's village did, instead her hair was simply covered with a black veil.

The lady asked my mother if she would want the baby whom she was holding in her arms as he was a beautiful baby. My mother replied that she was unmarried, therefore, she could not have a baby as the whole village would condemn her. The lady then told her just to hold the baby for a minute, and then gave him to my mother. With that, she woke up from her dream.

My mother then told her mother about this strange dream, and the latter congratulated her telling her that next year she would be married and had a first-born son. My mother was puzzled as she did not know any man who could possibly marry her. But by destiny, my father, who was a soldier stationing nearby, a complete stranger to the village and to my grand-parents' family, came knocking at their door one day, introduced himself and few months later asked to marry her.

My mother gave birth to me nine months later in September of 1954. Later on I learnt that 1954 had been declared to be the Marian Year by the Church. I believed the Lady dressed in black in my mother's dream was Our Lady, and the baby boy was myself who was to given to my mother to later carry out the prophetic work. The fact that she dressed in black and appeared in a cemetery signifies the sad time we live in.

God Bless,