Weapon of Mass Destruction

Laict, sang, grenoüilles escondre en Dalmatie
Conflit donné, peste preste, de baleine
Cry sera grand par toute Esclauonie,
Lors naistra monstre pres & dedans Rauenne.

Milk, blood, frogs shall be prepared in Dalmatia
Conflict fought, pestilence near Balennes
A great cry shall be through out Sclavonia
The a monster shall be born near and within Ravenna.

“Milk, blood, frogs” stands for nuclear, chemical, biological weapons of mass destruction, fired from the Eastern side of Adriatic Sea (Dalmatia) to the other side. The Slav nationalities or the Central Europe will suffer much under the Russian control. Russia will occupy many nations in the region such as Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, and Austria.


Apres grâd trouble humain plus grâd s'appreste,
Le grand moteur les siecles renouuelle,
Pluye, sang, laict, famine, feu & peste :
Au ciel veu feu, courant longue estincelle.

After a great period of human suffering, appears another one
The great motor of centuries shall be renovated
Rain with blood, milk, famine, weapons and pestilence
In the air a fire with a long sparkling trail shall be seen.

WW I and WW II and then comes WW III. Mankind will destroy itself with their modern technology, with weapons of mass destruction. Milk together iron or fire often used by Nostradamus to imply the weapons of mass destruction or chemical and biological warfare. A fire with a long trail is a missile.


Naufrage à classe pres d'onde Hadriatique,
La terre esmeuë sus lair en terre mis :
Egypte tremble augment Mahommetique,
Heraut se rendre à crier est commis.

The wreckage of the fleet near Adriatic Sea
The earth trembles, emitting through air, then fall back to earth
Egypt trembles due to the Muslim extremists
The Herald surrendering shall be allowed to cry.

Around the Adriatic Sea or Mediterranean Sea, Iran or Russia  will drop nuclear bombs in the air to cause earthquakes and tidal waves to flood the coastal areas and destroy all warships and submarines belonging to France, Italy, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, and Greece. WW III will begin with Russia and Muslim navies dominating Mediterranean Sea and Middle Eastern regions. Egypt will surrender her pro-Western government to the radical Muslim factions who are loyal to Iran.


Apres la pluye laict, assez longuette,
En plusieurs lieux de Reims le ciel touché,
O quel conflit de sang pres d'eux s'appreste!
Peres & fils, Roys n'oseront approché.

After a rather long rain of milk
In many places of Reims the lightning shall fall
O what a  bloody conflict near them prepared
Fathers and sons, kings, shall not dare to approach.

After suffering nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons, the southern France around Reims will suffer missile strikes. And then the final blow is being prepared for those who survive. No one will dare to come to assist them. The term “ milk ” was used by the prophet frequently to describe the weapon of mass destruction, chemical or biological , or industrial pollution.


En Luques sang & laict viendra pleuuoir,
Vn peu deuant changement de preteur,
Grand peste & guerre, faim & soif fera voir,
Loing ou mourra prince & grand recteur.

In Lucca blood and milk shall rain
A little while before the change of governor
Great plague and war, hunger and thirst shall be seen
Far away from where their Prince Ruler shall die.

The continuation of Quatrain 3.18. Again the rain of “ blood and milk ” stands for chemical, nuclear, and biological weapons which will be used also on the Italian soil right before the Muslims occupy Italy. Italy is far away land from Iran or Middle East which later will be completely leveled and their rulers being killed.

Pau, Veronne, Vincence, Saragousse,
De glaiues loings, terroirs de sang humides :
Peste si grande viendra à la grande gousse
Proches secours & bien loings les remedes.

Pau, Verona, Vicenza, Saragossa
By the sword of the distant lands shall be moist with blood
So great a plague which shall come with great scabs
Relief is near but the remedies shall be far away.

France, Italy, and Spain will suffer by WW III.  French and Italian populations will also suffer from the chemical and biological weapons of which one of the symptoms is sores all over a victim’s body and affecting his heart. The cure can be found locally by drinking tea made with Hawthorn leaves which grow wild in many rural areas. Unfortunately , many will not be aware of this fact or will consider the remedy as nonsense.

Deux grands freres seront chassez d'Espaigne
L'aisné vaincu soubs les monts Pyrennees :
Rougir mer, Rosne sang leman d'alemagne,
Narbon, Blyterres, d'Ath, contaminees.

Two great brothers shall be chased out of Spain
The elder one will be overcome under Mount Pyrenees
Bloody sea, Rhone, bloody Geneva from Germany
Narhonne and Beziers contaminated with gases.

Muslim and Russian troops will be driven back to sea, out of Spain.  The older one is Muslim force.  Chemical weapons of mass destruction shall be in Narbonne and Beziers.
Leman is Lake Leman, standing for Geneva. Agath is the anagram from gas or chemical weapon.

Le fort Nicene ne sera combatu,
Vaincu sera par rutilant metal,
Son faict sera vn long temps debatu
Aux citadins estrange espouuantal.

The Nicene fort shall not see combat
Shall be overcome by shining metal
This action shall be long time debated
For its citizens, strange and fearful.

Muslim invaders will eliminate Nicene the Italian city without firing a shot as it will be demolished with missiles carrying a weapon of mass destruction. “Shining metal” is aluminum, the metal of choice for long-range missiles. Due to the use of weapons of mass destruction, this kind of unconventional and inhuman assault will be debated for a long time.


Lœil par obiect fera telle excroissance,
Tant & ardente que tombera la neige,
Champ arrousé viendra en decroissance,
Que le primat succombera à Rege.

The eye because of the object shall excreet
So much and bright burning shall make snow fall
The field with water shall be decayed
So that primates shall fall down at Rege (Reggio.)

A powerful explosion of atomic bomb shall alter the climate of the earth, blind the human eyes. And the climate changes in turn will cause much flood and great deal of environmental damages in Italy.

There are few more quatrains on WOMD but I cannot find them now, but these posted here should be sufficient to convince you the atrocity and devastation in term of the loss of human lives and sufferings. Pray my borthers and sisters as you never prayed before.