Destruction of Rome


Le mouuement de sens, cœur, pieds & mains
Seront d'accord, Naples, Leon, Secile.
Glaiues, feux, eaux, puis aux nobles Romains
Plongez, tuez, morts par cerueau debile.

The movement of sense, heart, feet, and hand
Shall be in one accord, Naples, Lyon, Sicille
Sword, fire, water, then the noble Romans
Drowned, killed, dead because of their weak brain.

The first line means everything is done in a perfect coordination and swiftness. Russia and Muslims shall attack Europe, most notably France and Italy with great surprise and swiftness. They shall kill many including the clergy. They shall destroy Rome. The noble Romans bring this tragedy upon themselves because of their heretical and false thoughts or religious teachings.


La gent estrange diuisera butins
Saturne & Mars son regard furieux,
Horrible strage aux Toscans & Latins,
Grecs qui seront à frapper curieux.

The foreign people shall divide booty
Saturn in Mars shall gaze furiously
Horrible foreigners in Tuscan and Latins
Grecians shall be reluctant to strike.

The Divine Chastisement by war or “Saturn in Mars” will take place. Muslims and Russian invaders will ransack the properties and kill many Italians (Tuscan) and clergy in Rome ( Latins). Greece will take side with Russia reluctantly as she is also cautious of Muslims. However, Greece later will be destroyed by Iranian troops anyway.


Bien pres du Tymbre presse la Lybitine,
Vn peu deuant grand inondation :
Le chef du nef prins, mis en la sentine,
Chasteau, palais en conflagration.

Near the Tiber, the goddess of death threatens
A little before the great flood
The master of the ship being taken, put in a well
His castle and palace being burnt down.

Libitina is the Latin for the goddess of death. Near River Tiber is where the Vatican is located. The master of the ship is the Pope who will go into hiding or being confined by a crazy mob who will burn down Vatican at the onset of WW III.


Mont Auentine brusler nuict sera veu,
Le ciel obscur tout à vn coup en Flandres :
Quand le Monarque chassera son neueu,
Les gens d'Eglise commettront les esclandres.

Mount Aventine shall be seen burning at night
Heaven darkened suddenly in Flanders
When the monarch expels his nephew
Then churchmen shall commit scandals.

Mount Aventine is one of the seven hills in Rome. The phrase “ the monarch expels his nephew” might mean when the Lord decides to save His Church by purging out the evil elements, the modernistic clergy. In the original French text, either the word “ nep-veu “ or “ Neveu “ was used, and both sound like “ new view ”  or modernism. Anyway, the City of  Rome and other Italian cities will endure looming disasters when the Catholic clergy commit scandals such as openly defiance against the Papacy and the Teaching of the Church, and molesting children. With many American catholic priests and bishops are homosexual, the sexual child abuse with more than 95% victims are young boys will not go away soon.
Amas s'approche venant d'Esclauonie,
L'Olestant vieux cité ruynera :
Fort desolee verra sa Romanie,
Puis la grand flamme estaindre ne sçaura.

A mass ( troop ) shall come from Slavonia
The Destroyer ( Olestant ) shall ruin an ancient city
He shall see the Roman territory desolated
After that, he shall not be able to quench that great flame.

Slavonia is the ancient name for Russia. “Vieux cite ” or the ancient city together with the name “ Romanie ” indicates the city is Rome. Russia intitially is half-hearted ally to join with the Muslim countries to invade Europe.  They shall participate in the destruction of Rome, but later have a change of heart, but cannot extinguish that flame of WWIII spreading rapidly through the hands of radical Muslims and atheistic ambitious China.


Tout à l'entour de la grande cité,
Seront soldats logez par champs & ville,
Donner l'assaut Paris, Rome incité,
Sur le pont lors sera faite grand pille.

All around the great city
Soldiers shall find lodging in fields and towns
Paris shall be assaulted, Rome incited
Their great plundering shall be done on the pontiff.

Paris and Rome will be destroyed with many major urban battles. Pope  will be murdered in France.


Par chappeaux rouges querelles & nouueaux
Quand on aura esleu le Sabinois,
On produira contre luy grands sophismes,
Et sera Rome lesee par Albanois.

Red hat quarrel, a new schism
When one Sabine being elected pope
Great sophism shall be produced against him
And Rome shall be damaged by Albanians.

The cardinals will not be united in selecting a Sabinian to be the new pope. Sabine is the region near Rome. Albanian Muslims will attack Rome at this time. Albanians might not be the foreign invaders, but the Muslim immigrants. Thus, the burning of Rome might be caused by civil unrest or terrorist acts.

Many more quatrains mention the destruction of Rome and Italy.