Duration of  WW III

Several quatrains indicate that WW III will last more than twenty years. I will find them for you when I have more time, there are so many quatrains. Now I like to show you the approximate time at which WW III will end. Keep in mind that the date or prophetic timing is only approximations at best because God alone knows the exact time which He can alter if He chooses to do so, depending on His mercy and our repentance.



Montauban, Nismes, Auignon, & Besiers,
Peste, tonnerre, & gresle à fin de Mars :
De Paris pont Lyon mur, Montpellier,
Depuis six cens et sept xxiii. parts.

Montauban, Nimes, Avignon, and Beziers
Plague, lightning, and hail at the end of wars
By the Paris bridge, Lyon wall, Montpellier
Since six hundred, seven scores, three parts.

The towns in the southern France, Paris, Lyons, and Montpellier will suffer the hardest devastations caused by wars. There will three world wars ( three parts ) in the time span from 1925AD to 2065AD as six hundreds means 1000 plus 600 plus 325 AD ( the year of Nicean Council ) equals to 1925AD, and plus seven scores means 1000 plus 600 plus 140 plus 325, equal to 2065AD. WW I : 1914-1918 ; WWII: 1939 1945; WW III: 2006? 2036?



Le tiers climat sous Aries comprins,
L'an mil sept cens vingt & sept en Octobre,
Le Roy de Perse par ceus d'Egypte prins,
Conflit, mort, perte, à la croix grand opprobre.

The third climate under Aries concluded
In the year one thousand seven hundred, the twenty seventh of October
The Persian King shall be captured by Egyptians
Battle, death, loss: great shame to the cross.

The climate of Aries is war. The third climate is WW III. Nostradamus twice used the year of 325AD, the year of the first council ever Council Nicea, to date the very significant event in the human history. Thus, 1700 is actually meant to be 1700 plus 325 or 2025AD.  WW III will end by 2025AD with the Iranian leader being captured by an angry Egyptian mob. WW III is the manifestation of how far the world fall away from God and have become corrupted in sins. The graver the offense against the Almighty, the more corrupted the world is,  the longer the purification process will take. The number 3.77 of the quatrain also implies a significant meaning, 3 relates to WW III, 77 to a completion, here the conclusion of the war. 2025AD is also the year Chinese will migrate north taking over the vast Russian territory as being indicated in another quatrain.

Based on this we can conclude that WW III can end around 2025 AD, sooner or later than that year, again depending on our repentance and prayers.