Autour des monts Pyrennees grand amas,

De gent estrange, secourir Roy nouveau :

Pres de Garonne du grand temple du Mas,

Un Romain chef le craindra dedans l'eau.

Around the Pyrenean mountains great mass of people

Foreign people who help the new king

Near Garonne by the great temple of Muslims

Roman chief or the Pope fears those coming by sea.



“Amas” can mean either “mass of people” or “belonging to Muslims”; “roi nouveau” is the new king or here the leader of Muslim invaders; Mas is Muslim, temple of Mas is the great Muslim mosque in Rome. Pope JP II worries seeing the Muslim naval force approaching Italy as he is watching them from Garonne, away from Rome.




En l'an cinq cens octante plus & moins

On attend le siecle bien estrange :

En l'an sept cens & trois (cieux en tesmoins)

Aue plusieurs regnes un à cinq feront change.

In the year five hundred eighty more or less

One attends very strange century

In the year seven hundred and three Heaven shall witness

Many kingdom, one out of five shall perish.



Henry Roberts, a Nostradamus commentator, pointed out that the prophet subtract 325, the year of the Nicean Council , the first Council held in 325 AD, out of the actual year of some very significant events or periods in human history. Thus, the year of 580 is actually the year of 1000 + 580 + 325 = 1905 AD, the beginning of the 20th century in which we witnessed many radical changes or uproots from the traditions and moral standards. We have witnessed many world wars, genocides, and alos technological advances. And the year of 703 is actually 1000 + 703 + 325 = 2028 AD, the year the East Alliance most noticeably the Muslim forces will be defeated in Europe and Middle East. These dates according to the prophet himself are merely the approximations as only God the Almighty controls all things, and men can delay or advance, prolong or shorten  the Divine Chastisement by their conducts. The method of dating the future events beginning with the year of the Nicean Council was also used in several other quatrains.





Fleuve qu'esprouve le nouveau nay Celtique,

Sera en grande de l'Empire discorde :

Le jeune prince par gent Ecclesiastique,

Ostera le sceptre coronal de concorde.

When the new born king of France christened in river

The great empire or powers of the world in discord

The young prince (of France) through ecclesiastic leaders

Universally his Scepter coronated.



The legend says that once a new-born heir to the throne of France was put in the River Rhine to see if the new-born babe was actually lawfully begotten or not. When the young French general emerges as the leader of the armies of the Western Alliance to fight off the Muslim invaders, the world is in shamble without an “Empire” or  true leading world power or enforcer. Every one is fighting every one else. The young Henry of France is the universal choice to lead the Christian nations, approved or annointed, and supported by the ecclesiastic authority of the “true” Catholic Church which will be the Church in exile, away from Rome.




Si grand famine par unde pestifere,

Par pluye longue le long du pole arctique

Samarobryn cent lieux de l'hemispere,

Vivront sans loy, exempt de politique.

So great Famine caused by pestilent wave

Through long rain, as long as the Artic pole

Samarobin one hundred leagues from the hemisphere

They live without law and indifferent to politics.



The prophet used the word “politics” many centuries before it was invented. We now know the global warming causes unusually severe raining seasons or floods at some regions of the earth and causes droughts and famines in others. One other manifestation of the natural changes is the damage of the ozone layer high above the hemisphere of the planet Earth. “Samarobin” might stand for ozone layer. The changes in climate caused by the global warming can be seen in the disruptive changes in the flowing pattern of the jet streams in oceans going from the Equator to the Arctic Poles and back. Amazing very accurate and detailed description of the climate changes by someone who lived 500 years ago.




Apparoistra vers Septentrion,

Non loing de Cancer l'Estoille cheueluë :

Suse, Sienne, Boece, Eretrion

Mourra de Rome grand, la nuit disperuë.

The Serpent King appears near

Not far from the bearded star

Susa, Sienna, Boetia, Eretria

The Pope shall die in an unusual night.



Septentrion is the angram for Serpent-n-Roi or Serpent king or Satan; Rome grand is the great Pope or JP II; bearded star is Halle Bopp; Susa and Sienna represent Italy; Boetia and Eretria represent Greece. When Satan reigns at the second half of the twentieth century,  around the time the Comet Halle Bopp appeared, Italy and Greece will suffer with wars, and Pope JP II will be martyred.




Norneigre & Dace, & l'isle Britanique,

Par les vnis freres seront vexees :

Le chef Romain issu du sang Gallique,

Et les copies aux forests repoulsees.

Norway, Denmark, British Island

Through the united brothers shall be troubled

The Roman chief issued from French blood

While the forces withdrawn into forests.



The coastal countries of Northern Europe will be attacked and suffered by the naval blockages from Russia and Muslim navies. During WW III, the Pope of the true Catholic Church which opposes Rome will be selected from the French clergy. The true Church will be in exile and operate undeground.




Ceux qui estoient en regne pour sçauoir

Au Royal change deuiendront appouuris

Vns exilez sans appuy, or n'auoir,

Lettres & lettres ne seront à grand pris.

In those kingdoms, those hungry for knowledges

Shall be impoverished due to the ruling (governmental) changes

The exiled (true believers) shall live without (social) approval and without gold (materialism)

The (spiritual) learning and the learned shall not be appreciated



Royal changes are the immoral liberal laws decreed by the ruling class of the governments of this modern world. Often these laws are contrary to the natural laws and the commandments of God, against Charity and human life. They shall impoverish the souls of many, degenerate the entire generation of human race, and lead many of them to the eternal damnation. Only a few will remain the true believers who adhere to the Teaching of the Church and of the Gospel. They are called here the “exiles” as they deem they are completely detached their life from this temporal world and all its vain riches. They consider their life simply a spiritual journey toward their true home in Heaven. Due to their simplistic lifestyle, conservative thoughts, and unwavering Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, they will be ridiculed by the world. This is why the entire present world do not hold a favorable view to the last Christian Western country on earth, the USA.




Aux temples saints seront faits grâds scandales,

Comptez seront par honneur & loüanges

D'vin que l'on graué d'argent, d'or les medalles,

La fin sera en tourmens bien estranges.

In sacred temples scandals be committed

Counted as worthy of honor and praises

Are those engraved in silver and gold, in medals

At the end, these shall be tormented in very strange way.



The first line describes the sexual scandal of the Catholic clergy. The rest indicates the Godless materialistic world of the present time. “The first shall be last”, many of those who are now adored in society will be tormented in hell at the judgment Day due to the lack of charity and due to their atheistic immoral lifestyle of neo-pagans.




Vn peu de temps les temples de couleurs,

De blanc & noir les deux entremeslee :

Rouges & iaunes leur embleront les leurs,

Sang, terre, peste, faim, feu, d'eau affolce.


In the short time, temples of many colors

Black and white shall become mingled

Red and yellow take them away and their treasures

Blood, earth, plague, hunger, fire, thirst for water.



The Truth and True Faith will become blurred, unclear, not clearly black or white due to the colorful different theologies and secular theories from hell, influenced by human rationalism and lifestyle which values sexual pleasure beyond all bounds, causing many compromises in the matter of Faith, morality, life or death, spiritual matters, and sins. “Red” is Russia and “yellow” is China, two former allies will fight one another for a world domination, destroy one another and take away their opponent’s territorial gains. A mutual destruction during WW III.




Vn dubiteux ne viendra loing du regne,

La plus grand part le voudra soustenir

Vn capitole ne voudra point qu'il regne,

Sa grande charge ne pourra maintenir.

A dubious one shall not reign long

Majority shall wish to support him

The Capitol shall not want him to reign

So great charge that it shall be hard to maintain.



Clinton is the dubious President. But the majority of the American public was willing to overlook their leader’s immorality for the sake of a strong economy. However, the “Capitol” or the US Congress would impeach him but could not succeed in stripping the Presidency from him.




Loing de sa terre Roy perdra la bataille,

Prompt eschappé poursuiuy suyuant prins,

Ignare prins soubs la dorée maille,

Soubs faint habit & l'ennemy surprins.

Far from his territory a King shall lose a battle

Quick escape, being pursued and captured

The ignorant taken under golden chain

Disquised with false clothes, his enemies surprised.



The commander of the Muslim forces will be captured in Europe at the end of WW III.




Apres les limes bruslez les asiniers,

Contraints seront changer habits diuers :

Les Saturnins bruslez par les musniers,

Hors la pluspart qui ne sera musniers.

After the penance burnt by the ass-riders

They shall be forced to change into different habits

Those of Saturn shall be burnt by millers

The greater part shall not be covered.



The French word “limes” means penance, “asiniers” are the ass or donkey riders, indicating Christian or Christian clergy, referring to Christ who rode a donkey upon entering Jerusalem. Those of Saturn are Christian as Saturn stands for the Lord Jesus Christ. A mass extermination  of Christians by the Muslim invaders who will conquer Europe.




Par les phisiques le grand Roy delaissé,

Par sort non art ne l'Ebrieu est en vie :

Luy & son genre au regne haut poussé,

Grace donne à gent qui Christ enuie.

Through physicians the great King deserted

Through fate the art of Hebrews is not alive

Him and His people put on the high place

Grace given to those Christ loves.



The great King here is Jesus Christ. Doctors today destroy life through abortion, euthanasia, stem-cell research, human-cloning, instead of saving lives. “The art of Hebrews” is Judaism which has become a dead or staganant faith slowly dying since the Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ as the Old Covenant between the Lord and Abraham had been replaced by the New Covenant made by the Body and Blood of Our Lord. The fact that the Jews deny Christ is destined and the Divine Grace therefore is withdrawn from them, given only to those whom the Lord loves.




La vray flamme engloutira la dame,

Que voudra mettre les innocens à feu,

Pres de l'assaut l'exercite s'enflamme,

Quand dans Seuille monstre en bœuf sera veu.

The true flame engulfs a lady

Who would place the innocents in flame

Before the assault the exciter inflames her passion

In Seville an ox monster can be seen.



The true flame is the hell-fire. Innocent is the aborted unborn babies. The exciter is an evil spirit. Seville is S-evil-le or the place of evil or Hell. An ox monster is a beast in hell. Human passion is exploited and aroused before a carnal sin of flesh is committed.




L'vnion fainste sera peu de duree

Des vns changes reformez la pluspart :

Dans les vaisseaux sera gent enduree,

Lors aura Rome vn nouueau Liepart.

The false truce shall last a short duration

Some changed, reformed for the most parts

In vessels people endure

Then in Rome a new liepart installed.



The Muslim occupying force who rule Rome will change civil laws, abolish religious practice and tradition, forbid public worshipping. Many local residents, Christian and Jewish prisonners will be transported overseas by ships probably to distant islands for a mass-extermination and incineration. Muslim authority in Rome will install a “ lie-part” or a puppet antipope.




Quand ceux de polle artique vnis ensemble,

En Orient grand effrayeur & crainte,

Esleu nouueau soustenu le grand temple,

Rodes, Bisance de sang barbare tainte.

When those of arctic pole united assembled

In the East great terror and fear

New leader elected, the majority support tremble

Rhodes and Byzantium both stained by Muslim blood.



Those of artic pole or northern countries, here are Russia and US. The East is Muslim in Middle East. Rhodes is Western Europe. Bisance is the Eastern Europe. Babaric is Muslim. When US and USSR become friends and make peace, Muslim force will become a threat, will raise war and invade Europe, concentrating in the Southern Europe such as Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, and France.




Dedans la terre du grand temple celique

Nepveu a Londres par paix faincte meutri

La barque alors deviendra scismatique

Liberte faincte sera au corn et cri.

In the land of the heavenly temple

A nephew of London shall be murdered through a false peace

The Church then becomes schismatic

False liberty shall be propagandized.



The heavenly temple is Jerusalem. A London diplomat will be murdered in Jerusalem probably while he is working on the peace treaty between Israel and Palestine. Afterwards, an antipope will be installed in Rome and the Catholic Church will split with the true Church will become the exile Church in France, operating underground and being led by the holy French Pope. The Muslim occupiers will propagandize a false freedom in occupied territories.




D'esprit de regne munisememens descriees,

Et seront peuples esmeus contre leur Roy,

Paix, fait nouueau, sainctes loix empirees,

Rapis onc fut en si tresdur arroy.

Spirit of reign undermined by (unjust) decrees

So people protest against their King

Peace, new facts, religious laws regulated

Paris (Rapis) shall never been so aroused.



“Rapis” is the anagram for Paris. French population are very unhappy with their government due to the unjust laws and regulations especially those concerning with religious matters. There will be much unrest in Paris. I think  this happens right before WW III.




Mars & le sceptre se trouuera conioint,

Dessous Cancer calamiteuse guerre :

Vn peu apres sera nouueau Riy oingt,

Qui par long temps pacifiera la terre.

Mars and Scepter shall conjoin

Under Cancer calamituous war

Shortly after a new King shall be annointed

Who for a long time shall pacify the earth.



“Mars and Scepter” means wars destined by God. Cancer stands for calamity or disasters. Calamituous war is WW III. After WW III breaks out, General Henry from France will be appointed to be the commander of the Western Alliance to fight against Russia-Muslim Alliance. He will bring a long period of peace to Europe after defeating the Muslim forces and liberate Europe.




Par Mars contraire sera la Monarchie,

Du grand pescheur en trouble ruyneux :

Ieune noir rouge prendra la hierarchie,

Les proditeurs iront iour bruyneux.

Through wars, adversity to the monarchy

Of the great fisherman in troubled ruin

Young black caridnal (red) shall take over the hierarchie

The predators shall arrive on a misty day.



The great fisherman is the successor of St. Peter or the Pope. “Rouge” or red is a cardinal. Predators or Muslim invaders will come to Rome on a misty day. They will appoint a “black” cardinal to be pope who might be an antipope. The adjective “black” might simply means “bad” , not necessarily implying the dark color of the person’s skin. This antipope is being mentioned again in the following quatrain 6.26.




Quatre ans le siege quelque peu bien tiendra,

Vn suruiendra libidineux de vie :

Rauenne & Pise, Veronne soustiendront,

Por esleuer la croix du Pape enuie.

Four years the holy See shall do some good

He subverts a libidinous life

Ravenna, Pisa, and Verona shall support him

To elevate him to the Papal Cross is their wish.



The first four years, the new pope under Muslim siege is mediocre but non-controversial. Afterwards, one will learn about his luscious sexual lifestyle. Some Italians catholic circles still support the antipope but the rest of the Catholic world will split off to create a formal Schism in the Church.




Dedans les isles de cinq fleuues à vn,

Par le croissant du grand Chyren Selin :

Par les bruynes de l'air fureur de l'vn,

Six eschappez, cachez fardeaux de lyn.

Within the islands of five rivers into one

Under the crescent of Muslims is the great Henry

Through the mist in the air the fury one

Six escape, hidden under the pile of linen.



The first verse indicate the region of the South-Eastern France where General Henry cannot hold back the Muslim invaders. “Croissant” is the crescent; “Selin” is the Greek word for moon or Muslim. “Chyren” is the anagram for Henry, the French commander. He and his comrades will escape capture.




Le grand celtique entrera dedans Rome,

Menant amas d'exilez & bannis :

Le grand pasteur mettra à mort tout homme

Qui pour le coq estoit aux Alpes vnis.

The great Frenchman shall enter the vicinity of Rome

Ahead of a mass of the exiled and banished

The great pastor (antipope) put to death all men

Who for the French troop (coq), clim over the Alps to be united.



General Henry, the leader of the Western Alliance, will defeat Muslim occupiers and  liberate Rome. Before the arrival of General Henry, the antipope will order to kill all those who colaborate with French troops.




Par l'apparence de saincte saincteté,

Sera trahy aux ennemis le siege,

Nuict qu'on cuidoit dormir en seureté,

Pres de Braban marcheront ceux du Liege.

By the appearance of the false sanctity

Betrayed to the enemy is the Holy See

The night one thinks to sleep in security

In Barbarian (country) march those of the League.



The sanctity of the Holy Church is compromised by the falsehood and the apostasy of the clergy. That will bring about the Chastisement in which Muslim troops will march onto Rome.




Sa main derniere par Alus sanguinaire,

Ne se pourra plus la mer garentir;

Entre deux fleuues craindre main militaire,

Le noir l'ireux le fera repentir.

His hand finally through the bloody Alus

Cannot provide by sea a guarantee

Between two rivers shall fear military hand

The irritated black people shall make him repent.



Alus might be Allah, the god of the radical Muslims. Two rivers are Euphrates and Tigris or Middle East. “Irritated black” are the angry Muslims, full of hatred for the West. The defeated Muslim leaders at the end of WW III facing the incoming Western force from their own shores, will be dealt with by their own angry mob.




Pres de Trion, & proche à blanche laine,

Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, la Vierge :

Mars, Iupiter, le Sol ardra grand plaine

Bloys & cités lettres cachez au cierge.

Near the Bear and close to white wool

Aries, Taurus, Cancer, leo, Virgo

Mars, Jupiter, Sun burning in great plain

Wood (countryside), city, letters hidden in candle.



The perfect illustration of Nostradamus’s intended use of astrology to mislead the “fool” and “astrologers.” “Trion” in Latin stands for Triones, the Bear Constellation here with white wool is the polar bear or the Northern country or the modern Russia. Aries stands for Heaven. Taurus (the opposite of Virgo) stands for China. Cancer for calamity, Leo for Pope or JP II, Virgo for US, the country ruled by law and order, Mars for wars, Jupiter for Satan, And Sun for God. “Bois” in French for wood or countryside. The word “letters’ stands for the Truth hidden in prayers or candle. Only through the prayers of repentant hearts that God will reliquish His just indignation to reduce the Divine punishment we are all deserved.




Ne bien ne mal par bataille terrestre,

Ne paruiendra aux confins de Perouse,

Rebeller Pise, Florence voir mal estre,

Roy nuict blessé sur mulet à noire housse.

Neither good or bad through land battle

Not reach the confines of Perugia

Pisa rebels, Florence see bad existence

King at night wounded on donkey to black house.



Niether side can move through battles on land. The force cannot reach the parameter of Perugia where Rome is. Pisa will put out a tough resistance, Florence will suffer large casualties. Their leaders at night will be wounded and captured to the Muslim headquarters.




L'œuure ancienne se paracheuera,

Du toict cherra sur le grand mal ruyne,

Innocent faict mort on accusera,

Nocent caché, taillis à la bruyne.

The ancient work shall finish

From roof shall fall upon a great man evil ruin

The innocent dead deed they accuse

Guilty hidden in the woods of the mist.



The destined work will be accomplished. From the roof a deadly object will fall on a great man. They will accuse the innocent for comitting the murder while the true guilty ones will run hiding in the forest. I think this describes the murder of the Holy Saintly Pontiff, Pope John Paul II. They kill him even they know he is innocent and holy. They kill him even though they know they will commit a monstrous act which will stir up Heaven with anger and the terrible Divine Justice will fall upon them.




Aux profligez de paix les ennemis,

Apres auoir l'Italie supperee :

Noir sanguinaire, rouge sera commis,

Feu, sang verser, eau de sang coloree.

To proliferate the enemy of peace

After seeing Italy suppressed

Black one blood-thristy, red one committed

Fire, bloodshed, water colored with human blood.



The enemy of peace will proliferate the weapon of mass destruction. Italy will be oppressed by foreign invaders by the “black” or bloody-thirsty Muslims and communist “red” Russians. Fire, bloodshed, seas and rivers will be covered with blood.




Grand de Magonce pour grande soif estaindre

Sera priué de la grand dignité :

Ceux de Cologne si fort le viendront plaindre

Que le grand groppe au Ryn sera ietté.


The great one of Magog through great thirst quenched

Shall be deprived of grand dignity

Those of Cologne so hard complain

That great group into Rhine fallen.



The leaders of the Eastern Alliance thirst for world domination, therefore, they will invade Europe and elsewhere. But they will suffer the humility of defeat. Not many of Russian and Muslim troops will survive and return to their homelands. The Western troops in Cologne will put up a tough resistance and Muslim troops will be stalled there along with the Russians. They will suffer great casualties along the Rhine region or in German territory. If Chinese troops attack Russians on the Eastern front, this scenario definitely will become reality.




Le second chef du regne Dannemarc,

Par ceux de Frise & l'isle Britannique,

Fera despendre plus de cent mille marc.

Vain exploiter voyage en Italique.

The second chief of the kingdom of Annermarc

Because those of Frise and Britain Island

Shall spend more than one hundred thousand marks

Vain exploring a voyage to Italy.



“Annemarc” is the angram of “American.” “Frise” is Friesland or the ancient Frisia including Scandinavia, Holland, Belgium or here indicate the entire Northern Europe. The Vice President of US, the second-in-command, because of being occupied by the threat from Russia to Britain and Northern Europe, will divide his naval forces, troops, and attention into two hot spots especially to Germany. And because of the insufficient forces and indecisiveness, US wastes an opportunity to halt the Muslim force from invading the Italian soil. What happens to the Commander-in-Chief of US, President Bush? Will he die of a natural death or being assassinated at this time? I hope not but God has the plan for all of us.




A logmyon sera laissé le regne,

Du grand Selin qui plus fera de faict,

Par les Itales estendra son enseigne,

Regy sera par prudent contrefait.

To Ogmion given the reign

Thanks to great Selin he more shall accomplish

Throughout Italy shall extend his emble

Shall reign with prudent upheavals.



The leadership of the whole world will be placed upon General Henry who is destined to become the modern Charlemagne. Thanks to the intercession of the Mother of God, he will accomplish a great deal. The Italian people will revere him even he is a Frenchman for he will liberate them from the Muslim oppression. He will implement many unpopular or controversial social and cultural changes throughout the European Christendom. Ogmion is a great man, a term Nostradamus often reserved for King Henry or Pope JP II. Selin stands for  moon, Muslim or the Mother of God. Contrefait is the opposite fact or controversial change.




Long temps sera sans estre habitee,

Ou Seine & Marne autour vient arrouser

De la Tamise & martiaux temptee,

Deceus les gardes en cuidant repousser.

Long time not being habited

Where Seine and Marne meet, odor shall arise

At Thames soldiers stationed

The guards deceived as repulsion set up.



Paris where the River Sein and Marne join will become uninhabitable due to the devastation of WW III or rather due to the Divine Chastisement. It will receive the similar fate as Tyre which was completely demolished by Alexander the Great and never being rebuilt again for the crimes they committed. London also suffers the same fate as it will be set up as the defensive front, but actually it will be deserted and abandoned during WW III.




De nuict par Nantes Lyris apparoistra,

Des arts marins susciteront la pluye :

Arabiq goulfre grand classe parfondra,

Vn monstre en Saxe naistra d'ours & truye.

By night at Nantes rainbow shall appear

With marine art facilitate rains

Arabian Gulf great fleet sink to the bottom

A monster in Saxony shall be born from bear and pig.



Many unusual celestial signs will be seen in France and Italy prior to WW III even at nightime. Bad weather including rain and fog will be created artificially around the Persian Gulf and Mediterranean Sea to reduce the visibility to ships.  Nuclear explosion overhead, in the air over the seas will creat this kind of effect by chilling the ambient air and moisture. An explosion with such a magnitude also damage most opposing navies, paved the way for the invasions of the region by Muslim and Russian troops. Consequently, many warships from France, England, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and even US will be lost even before the main assault. The last line might indicate human cloning being created for military purposes.




La saincteté trop saincte & seductiue,

Accompagnée d'vne langue diserte :

La cité vieile & Palme trop hastiue,

Florence & Sienne rendront plus desertes.


The sanctity too false and seductive

Accompanies with eloquent tongue

The Old City and Parma too hasty

Florence ans Sienna more deserted.



The Church Teaching and tradition have been loosely adhered to or compromised. The spiritual devotion of both clergy and laymen have been neglected. This results in the degeneration of human sanctity and decline in morality. The Old City or Rome will join the other Italian cities and towns along the coast to be abandoned, surrendered to the incoming Muslims and Russians from the sea prematurely, leaving without putting up a fight. Pope JP II will be among the exiles or refugees.




De la partie de Mammer grand pontife,

Subiuguera les confins du Dannube :

Chasser les croix par fer raffe ne riffe,

Captif, or, bagues, plus de cent mille rubes.

By one party of Mars the great Pontiff

Shall be subjugated to the confinement of Danube

Chase the crosses bu iron bar not rifle

Captives, gold, jewels more than hundred thousand rubles.



Pope JP II will be harassed by one party involving in the world war. He will be confined by River Danube including all the clergy accompanying him. Their release is negotiated and paid for with a ransom. The term “rubes” or rubbles, the Russian currency indicate that Russian troops are the captors here. Mammer is the Sabine name for Mars meaning wars.




En lieu du grand qui sera condamné,

De prison hors son amy en sa place :

L'espoir Troyen en six mois ioint mort nay.

Le Sol à l'vrne seront prins fleuues en glace.

In place of the great one who is condemned

In prison outside his firend in his place

The hope Troien in six months joined, born dead

The Sun at Urne is held, river frozen.



While a leader of a country (Italian president?) is put in jail by the Muslim occupiers, his people and Western allies working out a plan or agreement to free Italy and to stop the Eastern aggression. Ten Western countries including US, England, and France hope to join force within six months but that plan has never been materialized as they cannot come to an agreement and  because Western nations no longer have a courage for wars. By the time they decide to rescue Italy by using naval forces, the weather has turned bad and the liberation mission by sea become unsuccessful. “Troien” is the anagram for Ten Roi or ten kings; Urne is the anagram for Neur, a tribe in Southern Sudan known for their fierce competitiveness but also great unity while facing an external threat. Obviously, this characteristics will not exist with NATO at this time of need, conforming to the Divine Design with the hearts and minds of the temporal rulers being hardened. The “Sun at Neur” will be held in check, therefore, they will not be able to come to any agreement.




Le grand Prelant Celtique à Roy suspect,

De nuict par cours sortira hors du regne :

Par duc fertille à son grand Roy, Bretagne

Bisance à Cypres & Tunes insuspect.

The great French Prelate as the King suspect

By night on the run shall leave his country

As a duke loyal son to the great King

He shall travel to Britain, Turkey, Cyprus, and Tunisie unsuspected.



The leader of the “schismatic” Catholic Church in exile, a French Pope has to leave his country as being wanted by the occupying Muslim authorities. He will lead his faithful in secret as the true Church will go underground. As a faithful servant to his King, he serves the Lord well and he will be protected wherever he goes by the Divine Providence. He will travel extensively to encourage his flock especially to the territories controlled by Muslim and Russian forces during World War III.




Au poinct du iour au second chant du coq

Ceux de Tunes, de Fez, & de Bugie :

Par les Arabes captif le Roy Maroq,

L'an mil six cens & sept de Liturgie.

At the beginning of the day and second crowing of a cock

Those of Tunis, of Fez, and of Bougie

Among the captive Muslims is the King of Morocco

The year one thousand six and seven humdreds, based on the Liturgy.



All the above-mentioned are Muslim cities and the King of Morocco represents Muslim leaders.Based on the Liturgy means basing the date on 325 AD, the year of the Nicean Council. This prophecy indicates that Muslim will be defeated and Iranian or Muslim leaders will be captured around the year of 1700 plus 325 or 2025 AD.




Au Chalmé Duc en arrachant l'esponce,

Voille arabesque voir, subit descouuerte

Tripolis, Chio, & ceux de Trapesonce,

Duc prins, Marnegro, & sa cité deserte.

By a calm Duke, being drawn a response

Arab sails seen, sudden discovered

Tripoli, Chios, and those of Trebizond

The Duke captured, the Black Sea and its city desert (deserted).



The Italian leader does not anticipate that certain dispute or incident will lead to war and he is about to draft a response. However, the Muslim naval forces led by Iran will suddenly set sail to Italian shores. Ships and troops will be drawn from those stationed in the Black Sea and desert indicating that both Russia and Iran will orchestrate the assault. And they will succeed in their military campaign rather surprisingly fast. One wonders how serious the dispute is or it is just an excuse for the Eastern Alliance to start the world war. In the recent years, Russia has spent great deal of money to modernize their naval facilities and bases including submarine docking around the Black Sea even when their hard foreign currency is tight. Chios is Aegean Sea, Trebisond is Mediterranean Sea.




Celuy qu'estoit bien auant dans le regne,

Ayant chef rouge proche à la hierarchie :

Aspre & cruel, & se fera tant craindre,

Succedera a sacree monarchie.

He who does well advance in reign

Having a red chief close to the hierarchy

Harsh and cruel and make himself greatly feared

Shall be the successor of the sacred monarchie.



The AntiChrist will maneuver well to advance himself to the very powerful position in the government. He has befriended himself also to high-ranking clergy of the Church hierarchy. To advance in power both in civil and religious hierarchies, he will be cruel and relentless, and all will be fearful of him. He eventually will appoint himself to be the supreme leader of the Church besides being the Emperor of the world. He will untilize the outlawed deadly weapon of the past including guns and bombs instead of bows and arrows of his time for his conquering quests (all modern weapons will be destroyed and forbidden after WW III.)




Entre les deux monarques eslongnez,

Lors que Sol par Selin cler perduë :

Simulte grande entre deux indignez,

Qu'aux isles & Sienne la liberté renduë.

Between the two monarchs distant (from one another)

When the Sun by the Moon its light lost

Great quarrel between two indignant ones

Shall make at the Island and at Sienna liberty rendered.



Muslims and Russia in the West; China and North Korea in the East shall attack their respective neighboring countries, starting the World War III which will be so brutal and calamituous with the use of weapons of mass destruction that one wonders if Heaven covers Its eyes from the sorrowful mankind. Finally, due to the mortal battles between Russia and China (two indignant ones) and the Divine Help, the Western Alliance gain more advantages and finally be able to liberate Britain and Italy.




Le prince hors de son terroir Celtique,

Sera trahy deceu par interprete :

Roüan, Rochelle par ceux d'Armorique,

Au port de Blaye deceus par moine & prestre.

The Prince outside of his French territory

Shall be betrayed, deceived by the interpreter

Rouan, Rochelle through those of Armorique

At port of Blaye deceived by monk and priest.



“Armorique” or “armour and morique” or “love and Moorish” or Muslim sympathizers. King Henry, the leader of Europe if not the world, during an overseas trip, will be betrayed by his closest associates. The religious figures and also Muslim sympathizers will betray him. The number 6.60 of this quatrain indicates a great evil tragedy, meaning the beloved Henry will be assassinated.




Le grand tappis plié ne monstrera,

Fors qu'a demy la pluspart de l'histoire :

Chassé du regne loing aspre apparoistra,

Qu'au fait bellique chacun le viendra croire.

The great carpet folded does not show

But by halves the greater part of history

Expand his reign far harshly he shall appear

Thus his warlike act everyone shall believe.



Just like the folded carpet, if one looks at the AntiChrist at certain moment, he will appear very charming by the charisma of the evil one. Only by examining his whole history and overall changes in his life, one will see the Anti Christ as a very wicked and untrustworthy leader. Especially when he conducts successfully  his brutal military conquests, people will start seeing his evil character but it will be too late.




Trop tard tous deux, les fleurs seront perduës,

Conre la loy serpent ne voudra faire :

Des ligueurs forces par gallots confonduës,

Sauone, Albinge par monech grand martire.

Too late both flowers shall be lost

Contracting the law, the serpent shall not want

By the leagues, forces by French confounded

Savona, Albenga by Muslim monarch great martyrdom



Because the European countries are blinded in supporting the Muslim countries and later respond slowly against the Muslim aggression, they will lose both  France and Italy. However, the Lord’s Omipotence shall defeat Satan the ancient serpent. Savona and Albenga, two Italian cities will be slaughtered by the order from a Muslim leader.




Gris & Bureau, demie ouuerte guerre,

De nuict seront assailliz & pillez :

Le bureau prins passera par la serre,

Son temple ouuert deux aux plastres grillez.

Cries and bureau semi-open war

At night they shall be attacked and pillaged

The bureau taken pass through iron lock

His temple open, two by plaster (wall) burned.



A new kind of war, torture and investigation bureau or intelligence are the tools, a covert war. The attack will be pinpointed at night with air power and Special Force scouting on the ground. Many urban battles will occur around worshipping temples or mosques. The word “plasteur” wall indicates a mosque. Gris is the misprint of Cris or Cries.




Au fondement de la nouuelle secte,

Seront les os du grand Romain trouuez,

Sepulchre en marbre apparoistra ouuerte,

Terre trembler en Auril, mal enfoüez.

At the founding of a new sect

The bones of a great Roman shall be found

Tomb in marble shall appear in cover

Earth trembles in April, poorly buried.



By the time the AntiChrist appoints himself  the Spritual Supreme of the whole world, a major earthquake will occur and the burial place of a great Pope will be uncovered.




Au grand Empire paruiendra tout vn autre

Bonté distant plus de felicité :

Regi par vn issu non loing du peautre,

Corruer regnes grande infelicité.

The great Empire attained by a totally different man

Distant from goodness, more so from happiness

Reign by decrees, not far from his bed

Corrupts kingdom so great an unhappiness.



After the great beloved leader of the world Henry passes away, a sinful and incompetent man will succeed him to lead Europe. Under his leadership, Europe will be corrupted again resulting in chaos and unhappiness, paving the way for the emrgence of the antiChrist.




La grand pitié sera sans long tarder,

Ceux qui dônoient seront contraints de prendre

Nuds affamez de froid, soif, soy bander,

Passer les monts en faisant grand esclandre.

The great pity shall not be late in coming

Those who used to donate now forced to receive

Naked, starving, frosted, thrist, bundle together

High mountains they shall pass causing a great scene



Soviet Union once was the second largest donor to the Third World countries, just right behind US. But now Russia economy was no longer robust and influential forcing Russia into accepting foreign assistance themselves for the first time. What a pity and drastic turn-around. The last two lines describe the scene in which Russian troops climb across the Alps to invade Southern Europe.




Vn chef du monde le grand Chiren sera :

Plus ovtre apres aymé, craint, redouté :

Son bruit & los les cieux sur passera,

Et du seul titre Victeur, fort contenté.

Chief of the world the great HENRY shall become

High above the rest, loved, feared, doubted

His fame and praise heavens surpass

And with the sole title Victor quite content.



After defeating Muslim and Russian invaders, ending WW III, bringing long lasting peace to the world, General Henry the leader of the Western Alliance shall become the leader of the world. He shall be both loved and hated as he will restore Christendom, just social order, and strict morality. He will rule with a rigid uncompromise adhering strictly to Catholicism. The Holy Pontiff who is also a Frenchman will bestow Henry the title of Victor or the Roman Emperor as he will become the modern Charlemagne the Great.




Quand on viendra le grand Roy parenter,

Auant qu'il ait du tout l'ame renduë :

Celuy qui moins le viendra lamenter,

Par Lyons, d' Aigles, croix, couronne venduë.

When they shall come to the great king, the fatherly figure

Before he has his soul almost rendered

Those who shall lament him less

Are Lion, eagle, cross, crown for sale.



King Henry is the beloved figure to France. But he shall not be viewed kindly at the end of his life by his former comrades, England and America. Even the religious circle will not have favorable view about him. The reason is that they find him too conservative and too rigid or just because the world will spiritually decay once again at the end of King Henry’s life and reign.




Le grand Pilot sera par Roy mandé,

Laisser la classe, pour plus haut lieu attaindre :

Sept ans apres sera contrebandé,

Barbare armée viendra Venise craindre.

The great pilot by the King mandate

Shall leave the fleet for higher place attained

Seven years later shall join contreband

Muslim army Venise shall fear.



A pilot named Henry will be promoted and at the destined time he will lead the French army to fight against the foreign aggressors, defeat Muslims, liberate Italy and France.




Crier victoire du grand Selin croissant,

Par les Romains sera l'Aigle clamé,

Ticcin, Milan & Gennes ny consent,

Puis par eux mesmes Basil grand reclamé.

The cries of victory by the great Selin crescent

By the Romans (clergy) the eagle is claimed

Pavia, Milan, and Geno shall not consent

Then themselves shall the great Lord (Basil) claim.



Muslim invaders will be successful at first when they attack Italy and Southern Europe. Seeing the Muslims coming from the sea, Vatican requests the American intervention, but the other Italian cities will not content to allow American troops on their soil. Later these cities will be devastated by Muslim troops. ”Basil” means lord or king.




Pres du Tesin les habitans de Loyre,

Garonne & Saone, Seine, Tain, & Gironde,

Outre les monts dresseront promontoire,

Conflict donné, Pau granci, submergé onde.

Near Ticino the inhabitants of Loire

Garonne and Saone, Seine, Tain and Gironde

Beyond the mountains build a headland

Conflict engaged, Pau seized, wave submerged.



French towns prepare for war, for the coming of Russian troops. They will build trenches and fortify the fronline of resistance. Pope JP II will be captured and the whole world will be inundated in blood or by tidal waves.




De Fez le regne paruiendra à ceux d'Europe,

Feu leur cité, & lame trenchera :

Le grand d'Asie terre & mer à grand troupe,

Quebleux, pers, croix à mort dechassera.

From Fez the reign shall stretch to those in Europe

Fire shall destroy their cities and sword shall cut

The great from Asia on land and sea and great troops

So that blues, Persians, Cross shall all chase death.



Fez is the major city of Morocco. The Muslim domination will spread to Europe by wars and much bloodshed will be between Muslims and Europeans (“blues”, the opposite of red, here implies Western Europeans.) The great in Asia is Iran. And Rome and religious will also shed much blood with cardinals, bishops, priests, and Christians being slaughtered.




Pleurs, cris & plaincts, hurlemens, effrayeurs,

Cœur inhumain, cruel, noir, & transy :

Leman, les Isles, de Gennes les maieurs,

Sang espancher, frofaim, à nul mercy.

Tears, cries, and wailing, howling and terror

Inhuman heart, cruel, black and cold

Lake Geneva, Britain Island, and majority of Genoa

Blood shed, hunger, mercy to none.



Russian and Muslim troops will be brutal and merciless toward the people in the occupied territories  including Switzerland, Britain, islands in Mediterranean, and Italy.




Par les deserts de lieu, libre, & farouche,

Viendra errer nepueu du grand Pontife :

Assommé à sept auecques lourde souche,

Par ceux qu'apres occuperont le cyphe.

Through the desert, in the wilderness

The nephew of the great Pontiff shall wander

Killed by seven with heavy club

By those who later occupy the Chalice.



High-ranking clergy under a great Pope ( Pope JP II or future Pope prophesied as “Peter the Roman” by St. Malachi) will be captured, transferred to Middle East deserts where they will be murdered by those who later take over the Church. Since the murder weapon is a crude weapon, I tend to believe this quatrain describes the killing of the clergy by the AntiChrist who later will name himself the Head of the Church.




Celuy qu'aura tant d'honneur & caresses,

A son entrée en la Gaule Belgique,

Vn temps apres fera tant de rudesses,

Et sera contre à la fleur tant bellique.

He who shall much honor and affection

Upon the entry into Belgian France

A while after he shall act very ruthless

And shall oppose the Royal French militarily.



Russia will occupy Belgium who poses no resistance to the Russian army. Later on, Russian troops will show their true color by being ruthless to the Belgians , using Belgium in the north as the launching pad to attack France in the south. “Gaule Belquique” or Belgian France is called as such because Belgium and even Germany were once parts of Frankish Empire and Franks were the ancient ancestors of the modern France.




La grand cité de Tharse par Gaulois

Sera destruite, captifs tous à Turban :

Secours par mer, du grand Portugalois,

Premier d'esté le iour du sacre Vrban.

The great city of Tarsus by Frenchmen

Shall be destroyed, captured all at Turban

Help by sea from the great Portugal

The first day of summer, the feat of Saint Urban.



French troops will attack Tarsus and capture many Muslim territories in the Minor Asia around Mediterranean Sea with the help from the Portuguese.




Le grand Prelat vn iour apres son songe

Interpreté au rebours de son sens :

De la Gascongne luy suruiendra vn monge,

Qui fera eslire le grand Prelat de Sens.

The great Prelate one day after his dream

Being interpreted opposite to its true meaning

From Gascony to him comes unexpectedly a monk

Who shall help to elect the great Prelate of Sens.



The Prelate of Sens will be chosen by God to be the leader of the true Church which breaks away from Rome, through the difficult time during WW III. He will the first French Pope ever. His selection was prophesied through one of his dreams which he refuses to accept its true meanings. This Pope is the one prophesied by St. Malachi to be the Glory of Olive as his Pontificate will last through the golden period of peace after the world war.




Entre deux cymbex pieds & mains estachez,

De miel face oingt, & de laict substanté :

Guespes & mouches fitine amour fachez,

Poccilateurs faucer, Cyphe tenté.

Between two boats feet and hands being attached

With honey the face shall be anointed and with substance like milk

Wasps and flies, Fatherly love invoked

The cup-bearer falsifies, the Chalice tempted.



The first two lines describe a torture similar to crucifixion in which a victim will be tied between two boats by his hands and feet. He will stretched out to the maximum and immobilized, agonized helplessly with his face being covered and bitten by insects. He will invoke the Love of the Heavenly Father to endure the suffering for the love of God as he refuses to deny his Catholic Faith. The cup-bearer is the priest presiding the Holy Mass. Due to the corruption of the clergy meaning the “smoke of Satan” has entered the Altar of the Lord, Christians and the Church will be persecuted. Ultimately, the AntiChrist will possess the Chalice. When one sees the “abomination of desolation” upon the altar of the Lord, the Chastisement is near.




L'honnissement puant abominable,

Apres le faict sera felicité :

Grand excusé, pour n'estre fauorable.

Qu'à paix Neptune ne sera incité.

The stinking abominable disgrace

After the act shall be congratulated

Great excuse for not being favorable

About peace, Neptune shall not be incited.



The “desolation of abomination” that the prophet Daniel had prophesied or the AntiChrist will enter the Temple of the Lord. After disposing the last Pope, “Peter of Roman”, and after instituting himself as the Supreme Spiritual  leader, he will be congratulated by the whole world. This comes about because the world has become a ripe fertile ground for the ultimate evil such as the AntiChrist to spring forward. The Church has remain silent and neutral on the matter of Faith and morality, will become timid and fail to lead the flock. Thus, when World War III breaks out, one will pray for peace and God will not hear our petitions. Neptune stands for the Devil who will not be restrained by God to give peace to the world.




Du conducteur de la guerre nauale,

Reuge effrené, seuere, horrible grippe,

Captif eschappé de l'aisné dans la baste

Quand il naistra du grand vn fils Agrippe.

Of the leader of the naval warfare

The Red afraid, severe, horrible gripe

Captive escaped from the older in battle

When it shall be born a son to the great Agrippe.



Once was the leader of the naval warfare, Communist Russia will be in sorrowful state of severely dismantled, fearful, dispirited and horrible disarray. Its crippled and outclassed navy will be defeated in the battle. Then the determined fearless younger naval force from Iran and other Muslim countries will emerge as the formidable ones. Russian navy will play a supporting role to Muslim counterpart. “Red” is communist Russia; “grippe” is “griped with fear”; “Agrippe” is the opposite of “gripped” or “the Fearless One.”




Prelat auare, d'ambition trompé,

Rien ne fera que trop cuider viendra.

Ses messagers, & luy bien attrapé,

Tout au rebours voir qui le bois fendra.

The greedy prelate by ambition deceived

Shall think nothing is too much for him

His messengers and him completely trapped

He who cuts wood shall see all in reverse.



The religious leaders of the Church will become corrupted, worship worldly treasures and honor, will be manipulated with bribes by the AntiChrist who will eventually eliminate the corrupted religious. Here the last line describes one of his method of execution, crucifixion upside-down. The wood cutter is the one who prepares for the crucifixion, “in reverse” means upside-down.




Vn Roy iré sera aux sedifragues,

Quand interdicts seront harnois de guerre :

La poison taincte au succre par les fragues,

Par eaux meurtris, morts disant serre serre.


One King irritated at the seat breakers

When prohibited are warlike weapons

The poison tainted with sugar in strawberries

Murdered by the water, death, saying heavy, heavy.



The AntiChrist as a military hero becomes angry at his spiritual leaders who invoke the law prohibiting the use of deadly firearms as after WW III, all modern weapons are destroyed and prohibited. The leaders of the Church at this time will be called “the Seat Breakers” as they will corrupt and weaken the Holy See or Papacy. The AntiChrist will begin a campaign to murder all religious leaders including poisoning them through the parties he organizes or edible gifts he sends them.




Par detracteur calomnié à puis nay :

Quand istront faicts enormes & martiaux

La moindre part dubieuse a l'aisné,

Et tost au regne seront faicts partiaux.

Through detractor, calumny upon the unborn

When the enormous warlike activities take place

The less (worthy) part and dubious shall belong to the elder (generation)

And soon in the nation there will be partisan acts.



Detractor can be translated as the divider or the Evil One. The French word “puis nay” literally means “born young”, being translated as the “unborn.” The devil  will entice mankind to commit abortion which will bring about the Divine Chastisement in the form of WW III. Ironically, the older generation (the baby boomers who was born after WW II) will be the most guilty one due to their selfish attitude and liberal thinking.




Grand cité à soldats abandonnée,

Onc ny eut mortel tumult si proche,

O qu'elle hideuse calamité s'approche,

Fors vne offense n'y sera pardonnée.

Great city abandoned to soldiers

Never there is a mortal tumult so close

O what a hideous calamity approaches

For one offense which will never be pardoned.



Modern cities will be abandoned into the hands of vicious Muslim invaders who will bring the horror of wars to civilians. The hideous acts of killing the innocent unborns will never be forgiven. Instead, the punishment will be metered out upon the sinful generation in full. They will suffer as much or more than their children who were murdered in the womb. The proximity or order of the two subsequent quatrains 6.95 and 6.96 indicate that they are related and both deal with the monstrous crime of abortion.




Cinq & quarante degrez ciel bruslera,

Feu approcher de la grand cité neuue,

Instant grand flamme esparse sautera,

Quand on voudra des Normans faire preuve.

Five and forty degrees the sky shall burn

Fire approaches the grand New City

Instantly great flame scattered leaps up

When one demands the proof from the Romans.



Located near 45 degrees are New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Rome, Paris, and Madrid. Fire will instantly burst out and spread rapidly the great New York in flames while the general population demand proof from the sinful clergy who are accused for sexual abuses. Instantly bursting flame does appear to describe September 11th terrorist attack or some other events in future. “Normans” is the anagram of N. Romans or Noir Romans or black (sinful) clergy.




Ruyné aux Volsques de peur si fort terribles,

Leur grand cité taincte, faict pestilent :

Piller Sol, Lune, & violer leurs temples :

Et les deux fleuues rougir de sang coulant.

Ruined are the Volsques with fear so powerfully terrible

Their great cities stained (with blood), plagued with pestilence

Plundered by the Sun, the Moon and violate their temples

And the two rivers shall redden with gushing blood.



Volsques are the people of Languedoc in Southern France. The Southern and Eastern France will be destroyed and endure much bloodshed. Their major cities will be ruined. The Divine Chastisement (the Sun) through the hands of Muslim invaders ( Moon) will piller and bring down many man-made structures especially churches because the Lord no longer makes His dwelling there. The two rivers might be Rhone and Saone or Loire where the Holy Father JP II will give up  his spirit. The river water will be stained with blood of the holy martyr and also of many grave sinners who abandon the God of their ancestors.




L'ennemy docte se tournera confus,

Grand camp malade, & de faict par embusches,

Monts Pyrenées & Pœnus luy seront faicts


Proche du fleuue descouurant antiques oruches.

The learned enemy shall be pushed back confused

Their great camp illness, and defeated by ambushes

Mount Pyrenean and Pennines of the Alps refused him

Near the river discovered the ancient urns.



French troop will be pushed back. In their camps disease will break down due to biological and chemical missiles. Their naval forces will be defeated by ambush. They will not be able to enter Italy across the Alps. The ancient artifacts of early Christians, the proofs for the biblical figures such as Caiphas the high priest, St. James the Apostle, St. john the Baptist, and so on, are being discovered during this time frame meaning in our time.






Qui legent hos versus, mature censunto;

Prophanum vulgus & inscium ne attrectato.

Omnesque Astrologi, Blenni, Barbari procul


Qui aliter faxit, is rite sacer esto.



Those who read these verses, consider them with maturity

Let not the profane, vulgar, and ignorant attracted

All astrologers, fools, and barbarians stay afar

He who does otherwise, subjected to the sacred rite.



Prophet Nostradamus had no liking or respect to astrologers or astrology, for fools or ignorant, for vulgar or uneducated and uncivilized, and for Muslims. Astrology or the knowledges thereof is not needed to understand his prophecy. As the matter of fact, the astrological knowledges can be very harmful if one studies his works. If they study his prophecies out of curiosity or sensationalism only,  the readers shall be cursed with the ancient curse (set by the prophet) in which the ignorant will remain foolish and ignorant.