Estant assis de nuict secret estude,
Seul reposé fus la selle d'airain;
Flambe exigue sortant de solitude
Feit proferer qui n'est à croire en vain.

Sitting alone in the secret study

 Soul resting upon la selle d’aerain

 Small flame jumps out of solitude

Task accomplished which shall not be believed in vain.


 I am not sure what “ la selle d’aerain” is, but it does not matter. It might mean a brass three-legged pot containing water or a brass censor containing incense. Gazing on it with deep meditation, the great prophet Nostradamus witnessed the prophetic visions. “Small flame” indicates the presence of the Holy Spirit or the divine inspiration. This is how the prophet composed the Centuries. He retired to his reserved study, was granted the prophetic visions, and was inspired to write down the prophecies concerning the future  of mankind which should not be discussed in vain.




La verge en main mise au milieu des BRANCHES,
De l'onde il moulle le limbe & le pied,
Vn peur & voix fremissent par les manches,
Splendeur diuine, le diuin pres s'assied.

The divine Scepter in hand the Lord holds

He blesses my limb and feet

Fearful I tremble and wait

The divine Splendor, the divine Presence nearby.


BRANCHES was written all in capital or in upper case in the original French text, as the prophet did in several quatrains, indicating an utmost reverence or significance. BRANCHES stands for the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ as written in the prophecies of Isaiah and of Zachariah.




Quand la lictiere du tourbillon versee
Et seront faces de leurs manteaux couuerts,
La republique par gens nouueaux vexee,
Lors blancs & rouges iugeront à l'enuers.

When trash is whirled around by strong wind

When they cover their faces with cloaks

Then the republic will be troubled by the new people

Then the white and the red shall misjudge each other.


Trash is only blown around in our modern cities due to urbanization. When the radical Islam become dominant and widespread ( the image here is women covering their faces with turban or veil ), then the republic or US will be troubled with a new kind of wars or enemies. Eventually, a mistrust and miscalculation between democratic Western countries ( white ) and Eastern communist ones ( red ) shall lead to WW III. This is the overall theme of the ancient prophecies, therefore, it was placed in the very third quatrain, out of the total 950.




Par l'uniuers sera fait un Monarque,

Qu'en paix & vie ne sera longuement,

Lors se perdra la piscature barque,

Sera regie en plus grand detriment.

In the whole world there shall be one monarch

Whose peace and life shall be short-lived

Then the Fishing Boat shall be lost

It shall be reigned in the greatest detriment.



USA has been the only world power since around 1980s, but her domination and world peace shall be short-lived and it probably will end around 2006 AD. The Papacy shall be in great peril, Rome shall be destroyed around this time. Then the holy Pontiff  shall lead the Church through the period of the greatest turmoil.




Chassez seront sans faire long combat,

Par le pays seront plus fort greuez :

Bourg & Cité auront plus grand debat

Carcas, Narbonne, auront cœurs esprouvez,

They shall be driven away  without a long combat

For the country-side are most grievous

Town and city will have great debate

Body without soul ,soul without goodness, their heart shall be stricken.



Carcas Narbonne can be interpreted as carcass or body-without-soul, and narbonne can mean the absence of goodness. Carcas and Narbonne are also the names of two French cities. Thus, this quatrain is applied to France, a country who has lost his soul. Thus they shall be punished. The combats with the Muslim troops will be long-drawn ones.




L'œil de Rauenne sera destitué,

Quand à ses pieds les aisles failliront,

Les deux de Bresse auront constitué,

Turin, Verseil, que Gaulois foulleront.

The eye of the raven shall be destitute

When his wings shall clip to his feet

The two beasts shall have constituted

Turin, Verceilli the French shall tread upon.



Ravenne, Bresse, Turin, Verceilli can be interpreted here as Italian towns, but also as birds or beasts. The two “bresse” or beasts are Muslims and Russia who shall be driven off from Italy by French troops at the end of WW III.





Combien de fois prinse Cité solaire,

Seras, changeant les loi barbares & vaines

Ton mal s'approche, plus seras tributaire,

Le grand Hadrie recouurira tes vaines.

How often you will be captured, O City of the Sun

You have changed your laws to barbaric and vain

When evil times grow near, you will become more dependant

The great Henry shall restore your veins.



The City of the Sun is Paris as France once was consecrated to the Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Sun or “sol “ in France stands for the Lord Jesus. During war-time, French people shall turn back to God. Their great leader Henry will lead this nation back to the Church and  the true Catholic Faith after WW III.




De l'Orient viendra le cœur Punique,

Facher Hadrie & les hoirs Romulides,

Accompagné de la classe Libique

Trembler Mellites, & proches Isles vuides.

From the East shall come African heart

To trouble Henrie and the heirs of Romanus

Accompanied by Libyan fleet

Malta and nearby islands shall be emptied.



Muslims from North Africa shall attack France and Italy. Libya shall capture Malta and all islands in Mediterranean Sea.




Serpens transmis dans la cage de fer,

Oú les enfans septains du Roy sont pris

Les vieux & peres sortiront bas d'enfer,

Ains mourir voir de son fruict mort & cris.

The Ancient Serpent shall be locked up in the iron cage

Where many children of the King being held

Their ancestors and forefathers shall come forth from the bottom of hell

To cry out seeing their dead fruits.



The ancient Serpent is Satan, the Devil. This describes the vision of hell. After the Divine chastisement or WW III, the Lord shall lock up Satan for a long period of time.




Le mouuement de sens, cœur, pieds & mains

Seront d'accord, Naples, Leon, Secile.

Glaiues, feux, eaux, puis aux nobles Romains

Plongez, tuez, morts par cerueau debile.

The movement of sense, heart, feet, and hand

Shall be in one accord, Naples, Lyon, Sicille

Sword, fire, water, then the noble Romans

Drowned, killed, dead because of their weak brain.



The first line means everything is done in a perfect coordination and swiftness. Russia and Muslims shall attack Europe, most notably France and Italy with great surprise and swiftness. They shall kill many including the clergy. They shall destroy Rome. The noble Romans bring this tragedy upon themselves because of their heretical and false thoughts or religious teachings.




De gens esclaue, chansons, chants & requestes

Captifs par Princes & Seigneur aux prisons.

A l'aduenir par idiots sans testes,

Seront receus par diuins oraisons.

In prison by their princes and lords

The Slavic people shall request for songs and books

In future they shall become idiots without heads

While they recite their divine prayers.



The emergence of communism in Russia which has become an atheist nation.




Mars nous menasse par sa force bellique,

Septante fois fera le sang espandre,

Auge & ruyne de l'Ecclesiastique,

Et plus ceux qui d'eux rien voudront entendre.


Mars threatens with the force of war

Seventy times he will cause bloodshed

Increase the ruin for the Clergy

And more for those who disregard the Church’s teaching.



Mars stands for war. Seventy times means many. Many priests and bishops and religious shall be killed. Countries like France, England, Italy who have abandoned their Christian heritage shall suffer most.




Faux à l'estang, ioint vers le Sagittaire.

En son haut auge de l'exaltation

Peste, famine, mort de main militaire,

Le Siecle approcher de renouation.

Scythe in the pond, joined close to Saturn

In haughty age of self exaltation

Plague, famine, death by military hand

The Century approaches its renewal.



Scythe joining Saturn indicates that the Divine chastisement is near. Due to human pride, men rebel against God, and the mankind will be punished with plague or diseases, famine or natural disasters, and wars. The human  miserable condition is about to be renewed.. The dawn of the new enlightenment is about to arrive. The last verse also means the Divine chastisement will occur at the turn of the devilish 20th  century. Saturn stands for Jesus , God, Day of the Lord or Judgment Day.





Par quarante ans l'iris n'apparoistra.

Par quarante ans tous les iours fera veu

La terre aride en siccite croistra

Et grands deluges quand sera apperceu.

For forty years rainbow shall not be seen

For forty years it shall be seen daily

Arid land shall become drier

And great deluges shall occur.



Great droughts and floods shall be seen the same time as the consequences of the climate disturbances due to the global warming.




Par la discorde negligence Gauloise,

Sera passage à Mahommet ouuert

De sang trempé la terre & mer Senoyse

Le port Phocen de voiles & nefs couuert.

Due to French discord and negligence

A passage to Mohammed shall be opened

Blood soaks the earth and Italian sea

And the port of Marseilles shall be full of ships.



With French support, Muslim forces grow stronger and the economic embargo is not effective. France shall pay a heavy price with their blood for their blindness when their navy is defeated in Mediterranean Sea by Muslim navy. French ships will depart Marseilles heading toward Italian coast and will be ambushed by numerous speedy boats or small ships equipped with anti-ship missiles in bad weather.






Lors que Serpens viendront à circuir l'are

Le sang Troyen vexé par les Espagnes,

Par eux grans nombre en sera faicte rare,

Chef fuit, caché aux mares dans les saignes.


When the Serpent encircles the altar

French blood shall be vexed by Spain

By them, a great number shall perish

The chief flees hiding in marshes in swamps.



When the Devil infiltrates into the interior of the Church meaning the present time we are now living in, or when France loses her Faith, Spain with a large Muslim population will surrender to the incoming Muslim invaders, and join force with them to attack France. French leaders will flee from the Southern France.




Tours, Orleans, Bloys, Angers, Reims, Nantes,

Citez vexez par subit changement,

Par langues estranges seront tendues tentes

Fleuues, dards, renes, terre & mer tremblement

Tours, Orleans, Blois, Angiers, Reims, and Nantes

Are the cities being vexed by sudden change

Tents shall be set up by foreign invaders

Rivers, missiles, Rhone, land and sea shall tremble.



Southern France shall be devastated by Muslim and Russian invaders both by land and sea suddenly.




Profonde argille blanche nourrir rocher

Qui d'vn abysme y stra lacticineuse :

En vain troubles ne l'oseront toucher,

Ignorans estre au fond terre arguilleuse.

A deep white clay-like substance sips out from the rock

From which clay shall break out from the deep like milk

In vain, people shall be troubled, dare not touch it

They do not know at the bottom of the earth there is milky clay.



Nuclear radioactive waste will one day contaminate the area on the surface of its burial desert. The prophet used the term “ milk “ very frequently to describe  deadly substances of which he was unfamiliar with such as chemical pollutants and weapons of mass destruction including nuclear, chemical, or biological.





Ce que viura & n'ayant aucun sens,

Viendra leser à mort son artifice.

Authun, Chaalon, Langres & les deux Sens,

La gresle & glace fera grand malefice.

Those live without ancient sense

Shall put their artificial life to death

Austun, Chalan, Langres and two towns of Sens

Hail and ice shall cause the great deal of damage.



The modern paganistic and atheistic France have forsaken the Faith of their fathers. They have lost the natural goodness, they have lived for comforts and natural instincts, only for what they can see and feel, can reason, but not for moral values, not for the natural goodness, and definitely not for the God they have forgotten. Their lives have become artificial just like their hollow humanistic phrases and literatures. They shall pay for it by their own blood and sufferings at the end.




A Cité neufue pensif pour condamner,

L'oysel de proye au ciel, se vient offrir

Apres victoire à captifs pardonner,

Cremone & Mantoue grand maux aura à souffrir.

A modern city considered to be condemned

The bird of prey shall offer himself to Heaven

After the victory, he shall pardon the captives

Cremona and Mantua shall suffer great hardships.



A modern city which might be Paris is condemned due to its total ruin. The “ bird of prey “ is the phrase Nostradamus used to describe King Henry of France, a greatly devout Catholic military leader.




Perdu, trouué, caché de si long siecle,

Sera pasteur demy Dieu honoré,

Ains que la Lune acheue son grand cycle,

Par autres vieux sera deshonoré.

Lost, found, hidden for a long century

A pastor shall be honored as a demi-god

As Marian period comes to an end

By others, the Ancient One shall be dishonored.



Lune or the moon can stands for Muslims or Blessed Virgin Mary. After WW III, Satan and his cohorts shall be restrained from tempting mankind for 70 –100 years. This is the period of  Golden Peace. Afterwards, a pastor shall be worshipped instead of the true God or the Ancient One. This pastor is the AntiChrist.




Le grand du foudre tombe d'heure diurne,

Mal & predit par porteur postulaire,

Suyuant presage tombe d'heure nocturne

Conflit, Reims, Londres, Etrusque pestfere.

The great man by lightning shall be struck down during the day

Evil predicted by the bearer of postulation

By the presage another one shall tumble at night

The conflicts in Reims, London, and pestilence in Tuscany.



Before WW III in France, England, and Italy, two major political figures shall be gunned down, one during the day and another one at night. The one who dies during the day has been prophesied by an evil curse. The Indian curse since early 18th century that every twenty years, a US President would die in office. This curse has been validated ever since. The last one was killed was JFK in 1963 and Reagan got wounded in 1985. If the curse was not broken, President Bush would die in office in 2005.




La tour de Bouq craindra fuste Barbare
Vn temps, long temps apres barque hesperique,
Bestail, gens, meubles tuous deux ferot grand'tare
Taurus & Libra quelle mortelle picque.

The tower of Book shall fear the Muslim fleet

For a time and a long time later Western fleet

Cattle, people, possession both receive great loss

Taurus and Libra, what a mortal quarrel !



The tower resembling an open book (Bouk) will fear the incoming Muslim aircrafts. Can this be the World Trade Center in NY? Afterwards, the Western fleet will arrive at Mediterranean Sea. Many people will die in WW III. Libra symbolizes a nation governed by law and order which the prophet used often to indicate USA. And Taurus, the opposite astrological sign to Libra symbolizes China here. China and US will engage in a bloody conflict probably over Taiwan or North Korea.




Quand le poisson terrestre, & aquatique
Par forte vague au grauier sera mis,
Sa forme estrange, suaue & horrifique,
Par mer aux murs bien tost les ennemys.

When the fish can travel on both land and sea

By a great wave cast upon the shore

Its shape is strange, smooth and horrible

By sea, the enemy shall reach the wall soon



This describes a modern invasion or landing by Marines on a coastal area, probably Mediterranean Sea such as Italian or French coasts.




La nef estrange par le tourment marin
Abordera pres de port incogneu,
Nonobstant signes du rameau palmerin,
Apres mort, pille, bon auis tard venu.

A strange ship because of the stormy sea

Shall approach an unknown port

Notwithstanding the signs of the palm branches

After death and pillage, good advice recognized too late.



Due to their overconfidence, basing their military decisions on the well-disguised intentions from their enemies (palm branches ), and ignoring all the warning signs, French aircraft carrier and ships will be sunk by the Muslim navies who will use much cruder means such as speed boats ambushing them near the Italian sea port. This strategy will work well in such a narrow area as Adriatic Sea . Nostradamus’s prophetic advice to his beloved France will not be heeded until it is too late.




Tant d'ans les guerres, en Gaule dureront
Outre la course du Castulon Monarque,
Victoire incerte trois grands courouneront
Aigle, Coq, Lune, Lyon, Soleil en marque.

So many years of wars, France shall endure

Outside the course of Spanish King

Even the victory is uncertain, three great ones are crowned

Eagle, Cock, Moon, Lion, Sun in the mark.



Gaule is France, Castulon is Spanish, an ally with Muslims reluctantly. Three great ones are Eagle or US, Cock or France, and Lion or England from the Western Alliance. Lune is the moon or Muslims, Soleil is the Sun or God. Many battles will take place on French soil for many years. The second line indicates about thirty years. France, Britain, and US will claim the final victory but it all seems as a loss due to the heavy casualties suffered by all sides. “ Sun in the mark “ means “ at the conclusion of the Divine Chastisement .”




Le grand empire sera tost translaté
En lieu petit, qui bien tost viendra croistre
Lieu bien infime, d'exigué comté.
Ou au milieu viemdra poser son Sceptre.

The great Empire shall soon change place

Into a small place which very soon shall grow

An interior place of a small country

In the middle of it, he shall come to lay down his scepter.



After WW III, France will replace US as the world leader even it is much smaller in size and power. French leader Henry will die in a small town.




L'oyseau de proye volant à la fenestre,
Auant conflit fait aux François parure.
L'vn bon prendra, l'autre ambigue sinistre,
La partie foible tiendra par bonne augure.

The bird of prey shall fly to the left

Before the conflict happens in France he shall prepare

Some consider him good, others consider him ambiguous or sinister

The minority shall regard him as a good figure.



General Henry is preparing himself to lead France and carry out God’s Will by being a devoted catholic. Many will not think much of him.




Tard le Monarque se viendra repentir,
De n'auoir mis à mort son aduersaire,
Mais viendra bien à plus haut consentir,
Que tout son sang par mort fera deffaire.

Too late a monarch shall repent

Of not putting his adversary to death

But he will consent to the One much higher

Through all, he shall shed his blood through death.



President Bush Senior regrets for not finishing Saddam Hussein. But it is a destiny designed by God as his son, Bush Junior has to invade Iraqis soil later as this second Iraq war is designed to weaken the sole superpower and to trigger the Last Crusade or in broader sense, the WW III which shall serve as the Divine Chastisement.




Vn peu deuant que le Soleil s'esconse
Conflit donné, grand peuple dubieux,
Profigez, port marin ne faict response
Pont & sepulchre en deux estranges lieux.


Shortly before the sun sets

Battle engaging great people in doubt

Proliferated, marine port shall give no response

Bridge and tomb in two foreign places.



Before the end of the Divine chastisement or WW III (the sun sets), a decisive battle will take place on land. This might be the great Armageddon battle in which no clear victor will emerge. Many will die in foreign land. This quatrain preceding the subsequent quatrain 1.38 indicating that it deals with the Final Battle.




Le Sol & l'Aigle au victeur paroistront,
Response vaine au vaincu l'on asseure,
Par cor, ne cris harnois n'arresteront
Vindicte paix, par mort l'acheue à l'heure.


The Sun and Eagle shall appear as victors

Vain response assured for the defeated (vanquished)

By no means arms can be stopped

Vindicated, peace only through death have to be achieved in time.



WW III will go on until the total destruction on both sides. Prayers by unrepentant sinners will go unanswered. But at the end, the victory shall belong to Jesus Christ (the sun) and His Gospel (the eagle.)




La trombe fausse dissimulant folie,
Fera Bisance vn changement de loix,
Hystra d'Egypte qui veut que l'on deslie
Edict changeant monnoyes & alloix.


The false trumpet plays with madness

Causes Byzantium to change her laws

From Egypt one shall go forth even he wants to withdraw

The edict affects money and gold standards.



The Islamic extremists will dominate all Muslim countries by bringing their revolution to the streets with loud speakers (trumpets). They will take over Turkey and Egypt will reluctantly join them. The Arabic Pact or the edict of United Muslim Conference will create a great instability in Wall Street or stock markets, eventually cause the inflation and economic collapse in many countries.




Les dix Kalendes d'Auril de fait Gotique
Ressuscité encor par gens malins,
Le feu estaint, assemleee diabolique,
Cerchant les os du d'Amant & Pselin,



The tenth of the Calendar of April of Gothic fashion

Resurrected again by the evil people

The fire put out, a diabolic assembly

Shall seek the bones of Demon and Psellus.



The 10th of April according to Gothic account is Good Friday. The Christian calendar and conventions might be abolished. Witchcraft, magic, diabolic cultism will make a comeback as Faith is weakened.




Auant qu'aduienne le changement d'Empire,
Il aduiendra vn cas bien merueilleux,
Le champ mué, le piller de Porphire
Mis translaté sur le rocher noisleux.

Before the change of the Empire comes

There shall occur a marvelous event

A field moved, and a pillar of porphyry

Shall be transported, placed upon a chalky rock.



Before France becomes the world leader, the Divine manifestation will take place as a monument being placed on a certain place by God.





En bref seront de retour sacrifices,
Contreuenans seront mis à martyre,
Plus ne seront Moines, Abbez, Nouices,
Le miel sera beaucoup plus cher que cire.

For a short time, idolatry sacrifices shall return

Who refuses shall be put to martyrdom

There shall be no monks, abbots, or novices

Honey shall be more valuable than wax.



Under the occupation of the foreign invaders, people are forced to worship idols or false gods.  The true believers who refuse shall be put to death. Materialistic gain which is encouraged over the spiritual life.




Secteur de sectes grand peine au delateur,
Beste en Theatre, dressé le ieu scenique,
Du faict inique ennobly l'inuenteur,
Par sectes, monde confus & scismatique,


The founder of sects, great pain for the Delateur

The beast in theater rehearses a scenic play

The inventor reinvents nobly the ancient act

Through sects the world becomes confused and schismatic.



There is a spiritual battle through the world manipulated by the devil behind the scene, controlling or influencing all our human actions. The Devil shall disguise his deceits to lure souls in more cunning ways which paints the immoral and evil into something with more noble and benevolent, fanciful terms.




Tout aupres d'Aux, de Lectore & Mirande,
Grand feu du Ciel en trois nuicts tombera,
Cuase aduiendra bien stupende & mirande,
Bien peu apres la terre tremblera.

Close to Aux (Auche), Lectore, and Mirande

Great fire from Heaven will fall for three nights

The cause for this is so stupendous and miraculous

Shortly after the earth shall tremble.



For three straight nights, the south-western part of France will be lit up with fire or light in the sky of which origin is unknown and appears miraculous in nature. At the same time when one sees these lights in SW of France, Pope JP II will be martyred. Shortly afterwards, WW III will begin in earnest.




Du Lac Leman, les sermons fascheront.
Des iours seront reduicts par les sepmaines,
Puis mois, puis an, puis tous deffailliront
Les Magistrats damneront les loix vaines.


The speeches in Lake Leman (Geneva) shall become agitated

Some lasts for days, then extending into weeks

Then months, then into years, and finally all fail

The magistrates shall lament their vain laws.



The international conferences held in Geneva fail to bring peace to the troubled regions or the World Court in Geneva fails to prosecute the war crime criminals.




Vingt ans du regne de la Lune passez,
Sept mil ans autre tiendra sa Monarchie
Quand le Soleil prendra ses iours lassez,
Lors accomplit & mine ma prophetie.

Twenty years the reign of Muslims to pass

Seven thousand years another shall hold the Monarchy

When the Lord finishes His days

Then it is accomplished and my prophecy is ended.



Muslims will dominate the world for twenty years, probably 2000 – 2020 AD. “Seven” is the prophetic term implying a completion or fulfillment, not taken literally as the numerical seven. Thus, “seven thousand  years” means the End of the world counted in thousands of years. At the End of the world beyond 3800 AD according to Nostradamus,  the human history will repeat itself as another dominating monarchy such as Islam extremism shall dominate the world again. The world shall endure another evil period. After that, the whole creation shall come to the End. The whole human history lasts about 8000 years, four thousands before Christ and four thousands after Christ.





Beaucoup, beaucoup auant telles menees,
Ceux d'Orient, par la vertu Lunaire,
L'an mil sept cens seront grands emmenees,
Subiugant presque le coing Aquilonaire.

Long long before these happenings

The Oriental thanks to the Muslims

In the year of 1700 shall drive many away

And shall subdue almost the whole Northern corner.



Thanks to the invasion and conquering Europe by Russians and Muslims ( lunaire or moon stands for Muslims, ) the Oriental or China will become more aggressive in Asia. They probably will attack Taiwan and neighboring countries such as Japan, Korea, South-East Asia, Australia, and so on. Nostradamus often dated several significant prophetic events beginning at 325AD, the year of the first Council, the Nicean Council. Thus, the year of 1700 actually is 1700 plus 325 or 2025AD. Russia cannot sustain the momentum as WW III will drain away her resources and she will expose herself vulnerable to Chinese attack, and China does not want to see Russia become the dominant world power as she had suffered Russian aggression in the past. Therefore, China will intervene in Europe on the behalf of European countries to confront Russian troops in Central Europe, the vicinity of Hungary, Austria, and Czech,  which will become major battleground as many quatrains also indicate. China will travel and conquer Russian land along her way to Europe. By the year of 2025AD, China will occupy most Siberia region and  Central Asia from Russia.




De l'aquatique triplicité naistra,
D'vn qui fera le Ieudy pour sa feste.
Son bruit, los, regne, sa puissance croistra,
Par terre & mer,aux Oriens tempeste.

By the aquatic triplicity, one nation is born

Thursday shall be his holiday

His fame, praise, reign, and power shall grow

By land and sea, he shall tempest the East.



USA surrounded by three seas had designated Thursday as the national holiday called Thanksgiving. This blessed country shall become the world superpower, controlling the aggressions from the eastern countries such as Russia, Muslims, Japan, and finally China.




Chef d'Aries, Iupiter & Saturne,
Dieu eternel quelles mutations !
Puis apres long siecle son malin temps

Gaule & Italie, quelles emotions.


Chiefs of Heaven , Satan and the Lord God

God Eternal, what mutations !

After one long century, his evil time returns

France and Italy, what emotions!



Aries is the anagram for aires or heavens; Jupiter stands for Satan and Saturn for the Lord or God. The long century  is the twentieth century, one hundred years allotted by God to Satan to tempt mankind. France and Italy will endure most sufferings caused by the coming WW III.




Les deux malins de Scorpion conioints,
Le grand Seigneur meurtry dedans sa salle,
Peste à l'Eglise par le nouueau Roy ioints,
L'Europe basse & Septentrioanle.


Two evil influences joined in Scorpion

The great Lord murdered in his room

Pestilence to the Church by the new king

The lower part of Europe and three belonging to the Serpent.


Two evil influences are Western atheistic paganistic Europe and communist radical Eastern Alliance consisting of Muslims, Russia, and China. The lower part of Europe especially around Mediterranean Sea and three countries , England, France, and Italy who are under the influence of Satan.

Septentrionale is the anagram for serpent-trionale or three countries under the Ancient Serpent’s dominion.




Las qu'on verra grand peuple tourmenté,
Et la Loy saincte en totale ruyne,
Par autres loix toute la Chrestienté,
Quand d'or, d'argent trouue nouulelle mine.

Alas, how much a great people tormented

And the holy Law in total ruin

By pagan laws, Christianity is governed

And the new source of wealth shall be found.




In our century, the Church’s Teaching is neglected, God’s commandments are trivialized and disobeyed. Most Christian countries are no longer governed based on Catholic or Christian principles while materialism through newly found wealth is emphasized instead. To be specific, the new source of wealth all come from petroleum oil.




Deux reuolts faits du malin falcigere
Du regne & siecles fait permutation,
Le mobil signe en son endroit s'ingere,
Aux deux esguax & d'inclination.

Two revolutions caused by the Death

Makes a complete permutation in kingdoms and centuries

Libra’s scale of justice is so meddled

Inclined equally to both sides.




The Devil enticed two major revolutions: French intellectual liberality  and communism, affecting all humanity for centuries. One of the consequences is the birth of the distorted justice system or democracy in which there are two extremes, left-wing and right-wing, which results in a “meddling “ compromise in everything including morality and Faith. They assign this a good thing with a fanciful term called “moderate” or “centrist.” What it truly is the devil in disguise as by this principle, everything can be rationalized, therefore, can be compromised and tolerated. Everything is governed by the majority rule, by the norm of society. There is no more moral standards and the absolute Truth or the Divine and natural laws.





Soubz l'opposite climat Babylonique,
Grande sera de sang effusion,
Que terre & mer, air, Ciel sera inique,
Sectes, faim, regnes, pestes, confusion,

Under the opposite Babylonian climate

There shall be a great deal of bloodshed

Heavenly mercy shall seem withdrawing from land, sea, and air

Sects, famine, kingdoms, plagues, confusion.





When the world becomes confused (opposites) and sinful with sexual pleasures (Babylonian), then there will be wars on land, sea, and air. The Divine chastisements shall be metered out in many forms: occults, famine, annihilation of countries, plagues, the loss of faith (due to the lack of the divine Grace), and so on.






Vous verrez tost & tard faire grand change
Horreurs extresmes & vindications,
Que si la Lune conduite par son ange,
Le ciel s'approche des inclinations.


You shall soon see, great change being made late

Extreme horrors and obsession

As if Muslims directed by their angels

Heavenly court shall hide her face.




Lune is Moon symbolizing Muslims. God will refuse to hear the pleadings from His rebellious creatures. The world will be completely ruined or changed when the Muslims led by their spiritual principalities to carry out wars with numerous atrocities and human loss. It would appear that God had abandoned mankind to themselves.




Par grand discord la trombe tremblera,
Accord rompu, dressant la teste au ciel,
Bouche sanglante dans le snag nagera,
Au sol sa face oingte de laict & miel.

With great discord the trumpet blasts

(Peace) accord broken, face lifted to Heaven

Bloody mouth swimming in blood

On the ground the face anointed with honey and milk.



With a great solemnity, the Sixth Angel of the Apocalypse shall blast his trumpet signifying the divine Chastisement in the form of WW III has begun. On earth, the peace accord is broken or cannot be reached. Men can only pray for God’s mercy. Many lives will be lost in the sea or swimming in their own blood. On the ground is the corpse of a well-to-do materialistic Westerner who once concerned only with his physical being and comfort, and he would have no will to fight with the vicious and spirited enemies.




Trenché le ventre, naistra auec deux teste
Et quatre bras, quelques sna entiers viura
Iour qui Alquilloye celebrera ses festes,
Fousssan, Thurin, chef Ferrare suyura.

Joint in the belly, it shall be born with two heads

And four arms, shall live for few years

The day the eagle celebrates its feasts

Fossan, Turin, the chief of Ferrara shall run away.




When we witness the wonder of the modern medical technology by which a Siamese twin can be separated, Muslims shall invade Italy while US celebrates her holiday (the Fourth of July?) the Pope or the chief of Ferrara will have to flee from Rome.




Les exilez deportez dans les Isles,
Au changement d'vn plus cruel Monarque,
Seront meurtris, & mis deux des scintilles
Qui de parler ne seront esté parques.


The exiles are carried to the islands

At the change of the more cruel monarch

They shall be murdered, and placed in two incinerators

Because they have not been sparing their tongues.




The “exiled” are the devout believers who have a strong Faith in God, who regard little of their human well-beings, consider their  earthly life as merely an exile or sojourn to their eternal home in Heaven. Thus, Christians, Jews, and Clergy who do not denounce their Faith will be sent to the concentration camps located in Malta and the neighboring islands for the mass exterminations after the Muslims capture the southern Europe and all the Mediterranean coasts. Muslims countries will be overtaken by the radical Muslims ( more cruel monarch.)




La grande perte laslque feront les lettres
Auant le cicle de laton a parfaict,
Feu, grand deluge, plus par ignares sceptres
Que de long siecle ne se verra refaict.

Alas what great loss to learning

Before the cycle of the Moon be accomplished

Fire, great flood, and more by ignorant rulers

So long a century, things shall not be seen restored.




Great deal of scientific and other learnings and writings during the twentieth century, but great loss of the spiritual learning. As the consequence, mankind shall suffer with natural disasters, wars, and immoral unjust laws from their governments. Fire and great floods were mentioned a great deal by the prophet. Will many countries suffer with worldwide or large scale wildfires and floods  of the unprecedented magnitudes?




Les fleaux passees diminué le monde,
Long-temps la paix, terres inhabitees.
Seur marchera par le ciel, terre, mer & onde,
Puis de nouueau les guerres suscitees.

The scourges passed, the world made smaller

Peace for a long time, land inhabited again

Everyone safely travels by air, land, and sea

Then wars shall be made anew.




There will be a long period of peace after the first two world wars, then there will be wars again.  We marvel at the prophecy about air travel, many hundred years before it was made possible.




De nuict soleil penseront auoir veu,
Quand le pourceau demy homme on verra,
Bruit, chant, bataille au Ciel battre apper ceu
Et bestes brutes à parler on orra.

At night they shall think they see the sun

When the pig half-man shall be seen

Noise, singing, battle in the sky seen fighting

And brute beasts shall be heard speaking.




The modern battles with flares at night lightening the battle-field, a pilot seen in the cockpit ( pig-half man). Brute beast speaking might be a radio device.




La grand famine que ie sens approcher,
Souuent tourner puis estre vniuerselle,
Si grande & longue qu'on viendra arracher,
Du bois racine, & l'enfant de mamelle.

The great famine I sense approaching

Turning one way or another, then become universal

So great and long one shall begin to pluck

Roots of wood and infant by the breast

( of their dead mothers.)




Worldwide starvation especially in Africa. God has provided more than enough to feed us all. Scientists estimated that the current entire population of the world could be fed comfortably  only if ten percent of the earth surface could be cultivated and the crops distributed fairly. Such a tragedy caused by greed and selfishness!




La grand montagne ronde de sept estades,
Apres paix, guerre, faim, inondation,
Roulera loing, abysmant grand contrades,
Mesmes antigues, & grand fondation.

The great mountain encompasses seven stadia

After peace, war, famine, flooding

Shall spread far, sinking many countries

Even the ancient landscapes to their foundations.




Seven stadia equals 4247 feet, however, “seven” here simply means great many stadia or great many feet wide. Anyway, a comet with a great circumference of several miles will fall into the earth. The words “spread “ and  “sink “ indicates that this comet will land in the sea, Mediterranean or Atlantic, wiping out many coastal areas and many nations. And you see later in one quatrain which indicates that Greece shall cease to exist due to great flood. The ancient landscapes might be Egyptian pyramids. The chronological order was actually written in reverse. First will be flooding, famine, then war, peace, and finally comet or asteroid striking the earth. After WW III ends around 2026 AD, an asteroid or comet shall arrive colliding with the earth.




Pluye, faim, guerre, en Perse non cessee,
La foy trop grande trahyra le Monarque
Par la finie en Gaule commencee,
Secret augure pour à vn estre parque.

Rain, famine, and war shall not cease in Persia

Too great trust shall betray the monarch

Ended there but conceived in France

A secret omen for one who shall die.




Natural disasters and wars continued in Iran. Ayatollah Khomeini directed a revolution overthrowing the Shah of Iran while be exiled in France. In 1978, Khomeini started the revolution. In 1979, Iran-Iraq war took close to million Iranian lives.




La Tour Mariue trois fois prinse & reprinse
Par Espagnols, Barbares, Ligurins,
Marseille & Aix, Arles par ceux de Pise
Vast, feu, fer, pille, Auignon des Thurins.

The marine tower shall be taken and retaken three times

By Spanish, Muslims, Italians

Marseilles and Aix, Arles by those of Pisa

Devastation, fire, sword, pillage in Avignon by the Turinians.




The strait of Gibraltar at the entrance into Mediterranean Sea by Spain will be controlled by Spanish, then Muslim, then retaken by the Italians. Marseilles will be taken after Aix, Arles after Pisa, and Avignon after Turin falls.




Du tout Marseille des habitans changee
Course & pour fuitte iusques pres de Lyon.
Narbon, Tholoze par Bordeaux outragee,
Tuez, captifs, presque d'vn million.

All the inhabitants of Marseilles will change

Fleeing and pursuing as far as Lyon

Narbonne and Toulouse outraged by Bordeaux

Killed and captured are almost one million.




Southern France shall be devastated by Muslim invasion. Enormous casualties on French civilians will probably be inflicted with the weapons of mass destruction. Reinforcement promised by Bordeaux will never come to assist Narbonne and Toulouse.




France à cinq parts par neglect assaillie
Tunys, Argiels esmeuz par Persiens,
Leon, Seuille, Barcelone faillie
N'aura la classe par les Venitiens.

Due to neglect, France shall be assaulted on five fronts

Tunis and Algeria stirred up by Persians

Leon, Seville, Barcelonia fallen

There shall be no fleet by Venetians.




Iran will stir up the Islamic extremists from Northern Africa including ones in Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt. France will be attacked from five fronts possibly as follows: Russians from the north and Central Europe and from Italy; Muslims from the south, from Spain, and from Mediterranean Sea. French navy stationed in Marseilles will completely destroyed in Mediterranean Sea or Adriatic Sea, therefore, they will never be able to return to protect their homeland. Italy ( Venetians ) will have no fleet either for some unknown reasons.




Apres seiourné vogueront en Epire
Le grand secours viendra vers Antioche,
Le noir poil crespe tendra fort à l'Empire
Barbe d'airain le rostira en broche.

After the retreat, they shall travel to Epirus

A great help shall come around Antioch

The curly-haired king shall try hard for the empire

The Muslims from Iran shall be roasted on a pit.




After a long series of defeats to the Eastern Alliance, Western Europeans finally turn the tide of battles by liberating Western countries, then come to rescue Greece from Muslim occupying forces. The Alliance commander will be a French general named Henry who has a black curly hair. During the pursuit of the retreating Muslims, they shall burn alive the supreme Muslim commander who probably gets fired upon directly.




D'vn nom farouche tel proferé sera,
Que les trois sœurs auront fato le nom :
Puis grand peuple par langue & fait duira,
Plus que nul autre aura bruit & renom.


By a fierce name, one shall be called

Three sisters shall have the name Fato

Then the great people with great language and deed

Shall say above any other man  are his fame and renown.



King Henry of France will have a fierce name. Three sisters – France, England, and Italy – will form the version of NATO led by France or FATO. General Henry of France will be the leader of the world after WW III.




Bazax, Lectore, Condon, Ausch, Agine,
Esmeus par loix, querelles & monopole,
Car Bourd, Thoulouse, Bay mettra enruyne
Renouueller voulant leur tauropole.

Bazaz, Lestore, Condom, Auch, Agen

Decimated by laws, quarrels, and monopolies

Carcassone, Bordeaux, Toulouse, and Bayonne shall be in ruin

When they want renewing the idol sacrifice.




The South Western region of France will be decimated by civil unrest, law, regulations, quarrels, etc. They will be ruined when they want to replace their Catholic tradition with idol worshipping.




De la fixiesme claire splendeur celeste,
Viendra tonner si fort eu la Bourgongne :
Puis naistra monstre de tres-hydeuse beste,
Mars, Avril, May, Luin, grand charpin & rongne

From the sixth bright celestial splendor

It shall thunder so strongly in Burgundy

Then a monster shall be born from the hideous beast

March, April, May, June great wounding and gnawing.



When the Sixth Angel of the Apocalypse blows the trumpet, the Divine Chastisement shall begin in earnest with WW III. An evil leader who will start the War and who was incarnated from the Devil, will emerge on the political scene after a political turmoil lasting several months up to July. This leader will be appointed to lead his country (Russia, Iran, or China?) some time after the month of June. Putin of Russia was officially appointed to be the Prime Minister after a long period of turmoil at the very beginning of August of 1999. Nostradamus actually spelled out this important event in Quatrain 10.72.




D'humain troupeau neuf seront mis à part :
De iugement & conseil separees,
Leur sort sera diuisé en depart,
Cap, Thita, Lambda morts, bannis esgarez.


Among the human flock, nine shall be set aside

Divided in their judgment and counsel

Their destiny is to divide and to depart

Kappa, Theta, Lambda, dead, banished, scattered.



This quatrain prophesies the US Supreme Court, a divisive institution which can only lead the American society and the world to death by sins through their legal mumbo-jumbo interpreting or inventing new laws based on the modern cultural norms or immorality, not based on the original spirit of the laws. An institution from hell.




Quand colomnes de bois grande tremblee
D'auster conduicte couuerte de rubriche,
Tant vuidera dehors vne assemblee,
Trembler Vienne & le pays d'Austriche.

When the columns of timber tremble greatly

By the strong wind and covered with fire red

Such a great assembly shall push forward

Vienna and Austria shall tremble.




Austria and many areas in Europe will suffer wild fires due to prolonged droughts or other unusual events before Muslims and Russians assemble armies to attack Europe. Austria itself will be devastated by Russian occupation  along with other countries in the same region of Central Europe.




La gent estrange diuisera butins
Saturne & Mars son regard furieux,
Horrible strage aux Toscans & Latins,
Grecs qui seront à frapper curieux.

The foreign people shall divide booty

Saturn in Mars shall gaze furiously

Horrible foreigners in Tuscan and Latins

Grecians shall be reluctant to strike.



The Divine Chastisement by war or “Saturn in Mars” will take place. Muslims and Russian invaders will ransack the properties and kill many Italians (Tuscan) and clergy in Rome ( Latins). Greece will take side with Russia reluctantly as she is also cautious of Muslims. However, Greece later will be destroyed by Iranian troops anyway.




Lune obscurcie aux profondex tenebres,
Son frere passe de couleur ferrugine :
Le grand caché long temps soubs les tenebres,
Tiendra fer dans la playe sanguine.

The moon obscured in the profound darkness

Her brother shall become rusty-red in color

The great one shall hide in a long time in shadow

He shall hold his blade in the bloody wound.




In the recent years, the fairly rare events have happened quite frequently, the eclipse in which the moon and the sun appeared to be rusty red or chocolate-like. When this happens, the Death in the shadow of darkness shall hold up  his bloody Scythe for a long time meaning human blood will flow for many years.




La grande Royne qaund se verra vaincue
Fera excez de masculin courage :
Sur cheual fleuue passera toute nué,
Suitte par fer, à soy fera outrage.



When the great queen sees herself vanishing

Shall exercise with masculine courage

On the horse, she shall pass the river completely naked

With a sword, she shall outrage her faith.


During the twentieth century allotted by God, feminism movement was emerged. Pornography and sex were used as their tools. Feminism leads to the cultural changes, social ills, immorality, divorce, break-up of families, adultery, teenage pregnancy, abortion, birth control, working women, pornography, and so on. This movement causes the moral decay and the loss of  Christian Faith.




Ennosigée feu du centre de terre,
Fera trembler autour de Cité neufue :
Deux grands rochers long temps ferôt la guerre,
Puis Arethusa rougira nouueau Fleuue.

Ennosigee, fire from the center of the earth

Shall tremble the tower of a new city

Two great rocks have been at war a long time

Then (Areth)USA shall cover with red river (of lava.)



Ennosigee or Ennosigaeus, a Greek word for earthquake. A great earthquake will occur in a modern city with many “towers” or tall modern buildings. The last verse indicates that it will take place in USA probably in California where the San Andreas Fault ( two great rocks) have been sliding over each other for a long time.




Le diuin mal surprendra le grand Prince,
Vn peu deuant aura femme espousee:
Son puy & credit à vn coup viendra mince,
Conseil mourra pour la teste rasee.

The divine wrath shall overtake the great prince

A short time before he meets his Spouse

Both (human ) support and merit suddenly shall become trivial

Counsel shall die because of the shaven head.



It will be the destined time for King Henry of France to leave this world to meet his beloved Espoused, the Lord Jesus. All human gain, credential, support he has tried to achieve suddenly will become meaningless. The religious, a close confidante       ( counsel ) shall be the one who betrays him.




Toust ceux de Ilerde seront dedans Moselle
Mettans à mort tous ceux de Loyre & Saine,
Secours marin viendra pres d'haute velle,
Quand l'Espagnol ouurira toute veine.


All from Lerida ( Spain ) shall be in Moselle

Putting to death all those of Loire and Seine

The sea current shall reach near high valleys

When the Spanish opens all their veins.


Spain will attack the cities in Southern France who are  suffering greatly at the same time with floods.




Les Dieux feront aux humains apparence,
Ce qu'ils seront autheurs de grand conflit.
Auant ciel veu serain, espee & lance
Que vers main gauche sera plus grand afflict.

The gods shall make it apparent to men

That they are the authors of the great conflict

Before the sky seen serene without swords and lance

The one on the left shall suffer greater affliction.



The world wars are the consequences of the spiritual battles between good and evil. Thus, they are the manifestations of the Divine Justice. Battles in the air with airplanes and missiles are prophesied here. The leftist meaning the liberal, atheistic, communist countries will suffer most. The last line concerning the leftist or communist indicates that this particular quatrain or prophecy is about the world war still to come or WW III. Men still believe they control their destiny as they do not believe in God, do not realize they offending Him with their sins, therefore, they do not recognize the Hand of God in all the world events.





Sous vn la paix par tout sera clamee
Mais non long temps, pille & rebellion
Par refus, ville, terre & mer entammee,
Morts & captifs, le tiers d'vn milion.


Under one man, peace shall be claimed to all

But not long before pillage and rebellion

Because of refusal, towns, land and sea be assaulted

Death and captives one third of one million.



Saddam Hussein acted like a supreme being who bring peace to his people. But because of his refusal to allow the UN inspectors in, Iraq was attacked by US troops. The Iraqi casualties will amount to around  one-third of one million.




Terre Italique pres des monts tremblera,
Lyon & Coq; non trop confederez,
En lieu de peur, l'vn l'autre s'aidera,
Seul Castulon & Celtes moderez.

Italian land near the mountains shall tremble

Lion and cock not too united

Due to fear one shall help the other

Only Spain and France relationship is moderate.



The region around the Alps in Italian side is trembling due to the advance of the foreign invaders. They do not receive the timely help from either France or England due to the disagreement or bitterness that England has for France who not only opposed the Iraq war but also assist the Muslim countries in acquiring advanced weapons and military technologies. However, they will eventually cooperate reluctantly in fighting the Russians and Muslims. Spain initially will try to be neutral and become the international mediator, but later will side with the Muslims. USA will be mostly absent at the beginning because of her indignant sentiment against the liberal continental Europe who bring their own tragedy upon themselves for opposing the Americans and support the Muslims who are now invading them.




Au port Selin le tyran mis à mort,
La liberté non pourtant recouuree
Le nouueau Mars par vindicte & remort,
Dame par la foere de frayeur honoree.

At the Muslim port, the tyrant shall be put to death

Liberty non given shall not be recovered

The new war due to vengeance and remorse

The lady through force of terror shall be honored.



At the end of WW III, the Muslim territories will be occupied. The tyrant , the Muslim leaders probably Iranians will be put to death for war crimes. The prolonged new kind of wars will be conducted in Muslim soil by the occupying forces through vengeance as their enemies were once merciless toward their fallen comrades and they had slaughtered their beloved family members. The Westerners will use terror as the tool to control the Muslim occupying territories. They will set up a female leader for the Muslim remnants.




Deuant monstier trouué enfant besson
D'heroicq sang de moyne vestutisque,
Son bruit par secte, langue & puissance son,
Qu'on dira soit efleué le Vopisque, Celuy

In front a monastery an infant twin is found

Born from the heroic blood of a monk and the Ancient One

His fame through the religious cult, speech and power

So that one shall say that the Vopisque is so high elevated.




Vestutique means ancient; vospique means the healthy survivor of a set of twins in Latin. The AntiChrist is long prophesied to be an illegitimate child of an abbot or monk and a prostitute. He is  begotten by the Ancient Devil himself. He will be adored through his powerful speech and occultic religion, and successful military power.




Celuy qu'aura la charge de destruire
Temples & fectes changees par fantasie,
Plus aux rochers qu'aux viuans viendra nuyre,
Par langue ornee d'oreilles ressaisies.


He who has the charge to destroy

Shall change churches and religion with fantasy

Shall do more harm to rocks than the living

By  a smooth tongue filling up ears.



This is the continuation of the previous quatrain. The AntiChrist is the arch-angel of the abyss, called Abaddon or Apollyon meaning the Destroyer (Rev. 9:11). He will destroy many cities but leaving the country-side or wilderness intact. The AntiChrist will turn heretic as he replaces the Church’s Teaching with the fanciful New Age thinking, worshipping nature instead of God.




Ce que fer, flamme, n'a sceu paracheuer,
La douce langue au conseil viendra faire
Par repos, songe, le Roy fera resuer,
Plus l'ennemy en feu, sang militaire.

What cannot be accomplished with gun or fire

Shall be done by a smooth tongue in a council

Through sleep and dreams, the king shall contemplate

Putting more enemies through fire and military bloodshed.



The AntiChrist will lead one-world government. He will communicate with the Devil, his master and father, through dreams and visions in designing their schemes of terror.




Le grand Monarque qui fera compagnie,
Auec deux Roys vnis par amitié,
O quel souspir fera la grande mesnie,
Enfans Narbon à l'entour quel pitié.

The great monarch shall form a company

With two kings united by friendship

O what a fight their troops create

Around Narbonne how pitifully children shall suffer.


Russia will form an alliance with China and Iran to fight the Western countries. The southern France or Rhone River valley will be devastated by the Muslim invaders who will enter through Spain and Marseilles. French children in this region will suffer much, probably due to the weapons of mass destruction, plagues, and missile bombardments.